tagInterracial LoveWhy White Women Love Black Men

Why White Women Love Black Men


Big macho Black stud walks into the bedroom of lusty blonde-haired White chick and fucks the hell out of her. He's looking all tough and manly while drilling his big Black cock into her and she's squealing in delight as he slams his dick into her cunt and asshole...right after she sucked his big Black cock. That seems to be the premise of most interracial erotic stories online these days. They're a reflection of online interracial sex films and these suck ass, man. My name is Steeves Volmar Cherenfant. A big and tall, twenty-something Black man living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. The City of Boston, Massachusetts, is the place I called home for ten years but a year and a half ago I moved to the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Donald Street near Saint Laurent Mall is the place I call home these days. I love the Vanier Park near my place. I attend Carleton University, and major in Criminology. I'm here because I'm a fan of online interracial erotica, I just want it revamped.

Recently, I had an unforgettable encounter with this tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, forty-something dominatrix in the suburbs of Ottawa. A professional dominatrix who answered my ad. You see, I am a brother with many fetishes. You name it, I've got it. My latest is a fascination for tall bossy older White women wielding strap-on dildos. I've yearned to get butt-fucked by such a lady for ages. For the longest time, I liked big and tall Black women with chubby bodies, wide hips, big legs and huge round asses. I used to say that the Black Goddess was my standard of beauty. Well, after a year and a half living in the City of Ottawa, my tastes have changed. The local Black women don't seem to like Black men at all. They cherish men of other races and loathe the brothers. Yet they get mad when they see a Black man with a woman who isn't Black. Welcome to Ottawa, folks. It's an upside down world where Black Love and Black Unity don't exist. As a Haitian-American brother hailing from the State of Massachusetts, which is Governed by a Black man, it took some time to digest all that.

During my first year in the City of Ottawa, I was fascinated by the diversity of the Black population. Lots of Black men and Black women from places like Trinidad, Somaliland, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Nigeria, the Republic of Haiti, Ivory Coast, the Republic of South Africa, the Kingdom of Swaziland, and so on. I wanted to get to know my brothers and sisters from far and wide. I grew up in America, where most Black folks I saw came from two different groups. Group One included the descendants of African slaves forcefully brought to North America by the Europeans centuries ago. These are the African-Americans, there are close to fifty million of them in the United States and they're as American as Apple Pie. Group Two included the Afro-Caribbean folks, meaning Black folks from places like the Republic of Haiti, the island of Jamaica, Trinidad and of course, Afro-Cubans from the island of Cuba. You don't really see folks who came directly from Continental Africa in the United States of America. The African-Americans and the Afro-Caribbean populations of America don't always get along but for the most part, relationships between the two are amicable. Black men and Black women in the United States of America see themselves as part of one family. We refer to each other as brother and sister.

I thought Black men and Black women living in the Confederation of Canada would share similar views. I was dreadfully wrong. Black Canadians don't believe in Black Love or Black Unity. Here there is a lot of infighting. They still have that backwards tribal mentality imported from their homelands even though they now live in the Continent of North America. Here are some prime examples. Nigerians don't like Somalians. Haitians don't like Somalians. Kenyans don't like South Africans. Nigerians don't like Ethiopians. See this madness? It grips the Black populations of the Confederation of Canada like an iron fist. And it's not letting go anytime soon. In the City of Ottawa, lots of Black folks from all over join the racist White folks in hating Somalians, who are considered a troubled group in Canada's capital region. I really wish Black Canadians would stop and think, man. I lament the fact that Haitians are just as eager to hate Somalians as the bigoted White men and White women who live in the City of Ottawa. Don't they realize that they're hating on their own African-descended brothers and sisters? You'll never catch any White person joining a non-White person in hating Europeans. No way. White folks unite against people of colour. They hardly ever fight among themselves. To do so would threaten their ideology of racial supremacy and Clobal White Imperialism.

All these things became obvious to me the moment I landed in the City of Ottawa. Why can't my fellow Blacks in Canada get it? I don't know. Black Canadians seem incapable of loving each other. I once asked a young Black man in Ottawa why he only dates White women. He told me that White women treat him good while Black women always act all bitchy to him. Hmm. At the time, I was a firm believer in the Black Love so I condemned this young brother's outrageous statements. I came from the America that elected Barack Obama to the Presidency, and saw a Black woman rise to the position of First Lady of the world's mightiest nation. I came from the America where Will Smith and Denzel Washington, two Black actors, annually rule the box office hits of hypocritical Hollywood. White male actors like Bruce Willis and Matthew McConaughey can't even hold a candle to the charisma and box office prowess of these Black superstars. Will Smith and Usher are sex symbols in America, adored by millions of women of all races. And they're Black men. Forgive me for not buying into the City of Ottawa's subtle nod to racism that encourages Black folks to loathe their own.

Well, in the City of Ottawa things are certainly different. Black women walking around the City of Ottawa with White men love showing off these White men whenever Black men are around. For the most part, Black men dating White women don't seem to be eager to show off their mates to anyone. They're into their ladies and their ladies are into them. Their relationships don't appear to be 'for show'. I've seen both Black men and Black women brag about their White mates and declare their loathing for their own race on more than one occasion. Apparently, Black Canadians of both sexes believe that once you go White, life is wonderful. The funny thing is I once heard the White wife of a Black man ( my uncle) making racist Black jokes in the company of her White friends. I also heard two White men who claimed to be attracted to Black women from East Africa refer to them as 'bug-eyed ladies'. Even when attracted to a Black person, the White Canadian remains a bigot at heart. Wow.

Yep, it's in this madness-infested world of contradictory racial issues that your favourite Black Bostonian finds himself. At first I got mad at White racists but quickly replaced that with disdain for Black hypocrites and Black self-loathers. Like those Black women who show off their White male companions to whatever Black guy happens to be walking by solo but frown when they see a Black man and a White woman having dinner in a restaurant. Those same White guys who are with these Black women seem to get mad when they see a Black guy with a White woman. White women are considered the world's standards of beauty. It's not fair, it may not be right but it is what it is. Both Black women and White women know it. And White men know it too. That's why they get mad when they see a pretty White chick with a Black guy, even if the White man in question is married to a Black woman. The beautiful White woman is a prize in the eyes of the world. The Black woman knows this, even if she shares her bed and her life with a White man. Some things never change.

I spent a long time looking for my "Black Princess" in Ottawa. I wanted to find my Jada Pinkett, as Will Smith did. I wanted to find my Michelle, as Barack Obama found his. Unfortunately, the Black women in the City of Ottawa laugh at the idea of Black Love and Black Unity. They don't believe in the Black man. A Black man approaching a pretty Black woman in Ottawa will soon realize she's got an attitude problem, and any attempt to talk to her will be met with a look of scorn, annoyance or cold amusement in her eyes. As a Black man walking around in Ottawa, I see hatred more often in the eyes of the local Black women than in the eyes of the most die-hard anti-diversity rednecks. It's scary, and I am not making this shit up. I don't remember the exact moment I gave up, but it happened recently. The day I admitted to myself that Black Love only exists in Obama's America and perhaps in Africa and the Caribbean. In Canada, Black men and Black women worship Whiteness and hate their own. Every Black man in Canada craves White pussy. Every Black woman in Canada can't wait to get on her knees to suck a White man's dick. That's the sad world a proud believer in Black culture like myself ended up in.

I decided that I would live my life as best I could. I decided to focus on school, and work. I ignored everything else. Those Black women who hate Black men and worship White men as gods or supermen, I learned to ignore them. Those Black men who can't stand Black women and worship White women, I also learned to tune them out. My apartment became my sanctuary. My walls are littered with pictures of Black couples from MLK and his wife to Barack Obama and Michelle, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. And not just them. Pictures of Hollywood superstars Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, and regular Black couples as well. My disdain for the Black Canadians and their sell-out to Whitey mentality intensified. And I began hating myself as I found myself increasingly attracted to bossy older White women. I found myself searching for a very specific brand of online interracial erotica. The kind featuring dominant older White women and sexually submissive Black men. What the hell was happening inside of me?

I kept this emerging sexual fetish of mine to myself. I figured it was harmless enough. I told myself that there was nothing wrong with watching videos of White women spanking Black men online. One day, I came across someone who actually understood my strange desires. Desires which included interracial domination. Mistress Linda Shires. She was tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed. She said she dominated men and women of all races and body types professionally and didn't find me intimidating at all. And she lived in the City of Ottawa. I contacted her, and arranged for a meeting. And she absolutely rocked my world! Man, had I known it would be like this, I would have tried this stuff a long time ago! I honestly don't know what in hell I was waiting for. Let's just say that my visit to Mistress Linda Shires was...unforgettable.

Mistress Linda Shires showed me who's boss from the moment I entered her apartment. The tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, sexy older White lady looked hot in a shiny Black PVC outfit. And she was really eager to dominate my Black ass. Although she had clients of all races, she told me she didn't have any Black male submissives. Merely a Black couple where the wife submitted to her while the husband watched. Well, Mistress Linda Shires broke me in...and I loved it. First, she had me strip naked and kneel before her. Then she told me the rules. I was more than okay with that.

Mistress Linda Shires bound me hand and foot. Then she proceeded to whip me with her belt as she called me some terms I won't print here. Suffice to say Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wouldn't approve of my letting a White woman call me, a Black man, by those terms. Then Mistress Linda spread my ass cheeks wide open and shoved a gloved finger inside. She began lubricating then probing me, asking me if I'd ever been butt-fucked before. My answer was a resounding no. Mistress Linda told me she loved anal virgins, and continued probing my asshole. Then she replaced her fingers with a strap-on dildo. I shuddered with anticipation. Here was a moment of truth. I was really getting fucked in my Black ass by a dominant White lady with a strap-on dildo. This was a dream come true. Mistress Linda grabbed my hips and thrust the dildo into my well-lubricated asshole. I groaned as she penetrated me. It hurt but also felt kind of good. Mistress Linda took her sweet time as she fucked me in the ass with her strap-on dildo. I groaned. I screamed. I squealed. And still she mercilessly rammed the dildo up my ass. Then she pulled out and made me suck her dildo clean while I masturbated. I ended up shooting my cum all over her boots. She made me wipe it off with a cloth. I thanked Mistress Linda for a wonderful time. I can't wait to book another session!

Sometimes the universe is telling you a message and you're just too busy to listen. My name is Steeves Volmar Cherenfant, as I said before. I'm a Haitian-American from Boston, Massachusetts, living in Ottawa, Ontario, while attending Carleton University. I've come to discover that I like bossy older White women. This after years of being a staunch advocate of Black Love and Black Unity. I'm the Black guy who came up with the slogan the Black Goddess is My Standard of Beauty. However, living in a place like Ottawa where Black women seem to have forsaken Black men has taught me to look for love and happiness elsewhere. Nothing wrong with Black men loving White women. Let those Black women who love to show off their pale-skinned boyfriends whenever they see a single Black man walking nearby do whatever they want. They are lost to me and I am lost to them. I don't need them. I loved the Black Goddess for most of my life but she simply wouldn't have me. I don't miss the Black Goddess. I've found a new Goddess to worship. My new Goddess is tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed. The Standard of Beauty for all of God's Green Earth. And she's chosen ME. I'm lucky she's in my life.

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