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Why Write Incest Erotica?



A Writer's History:

By the time of writing this article I have published eleven stories for Literotica's Incest category. I have two more that are mostly written. And just like with every other erotic story I wrote, I sat at my desk straining in my pants and finding it very hard not to just whip out my cock and start pumping like a rampant sex fiend. That's just not my thing though!

I don't write them purely for a reaction or for self-gratification. I write them because I'm a natural psychologist. I'm drawn to the untypical, the shady, the provocative and the taboo. If there's anything that causes panic, hysteria, fear or hatred within society -- anything that triggers the fight or flight response -- then I'm that guy who puts on his Sherlock Holmes deerstalker, lights his pipe and wanders off into the murky night-time fog in search of truth. I need to know. The mystery excites me.

I am a writer. I live a writer's lifestyle. Even when I find myself in unemployment, I am still a writer and I write every day. I write to provoke thought and to welcome greater possibilities. I write to tease the mind of the reader, to offer adventure and experience to the imagination. I write to perform, too, and to make people laugh.

I also write to support my fellow scribes. Therefore Literotica may not be my priority, but I do enjoy contributing to it like I have contributed to other places in my lifetime.

Over the years I've written for most if not all categories/genres of erotic fiction from tales of heterosexual consenting couples, to gay, lesbian and trans.

But there's just something about that taboo genre that is so addictive to both reader and writer and I only know for certain that I don't have a complex. Maybe it's just that the reality of incest is surrounded still to this day by so much mystery and myth, therefore allowing for more daring suspension of disbelief.


Modern Society:

We're an unforgiving bunch! Imagine if you wrote a library's worth of incest stories for a website and one day it all came out into the open.

Starting on a lighter note, how many men will never live down being caught getting up to no good with another man, even if it's now socially acceptable? How many men will never live down falling face down, in the middle of a field, right into a giant pile of cow shit? How many kids will never live down their stupidity, caught on camera for all the Internet to laugh and howl at?

Then how many will live with the stigma of being a single parent or being long-term unemployed? How many will never live down a false rumour or accusation; a reputation destroying incident of slander?

Think of the shit we put each other through on the best days and therefore what a writer of erotic incest fiction will experience. I can imagine that a lot of authors here wouldn't fare well. They might be disowned by their families, divorced by their spouses or even investigated for abuse, leading to more drastic circumstances.

I've personally already lived through the kind of shit that has caused stronger men to commit suicide. For completely unrelated reasons, and long before I wrote erotic fiction, I lost my friends, I lost my identity, everything I had to my name, and I lost the ability to trust or to care for people for many years. I've done a lot of fighting and I've been very bitter in the past -- a hard series of life lessons to pass.

With that, and with little else, you could easily call me fucked up, mentally ill or at the least unreliable in terms of honesty or transparency if you had any reason not to believe me. You could suggest that I bear a grudge otherwise, that I tar all people with the same brush.

Well, no, but line a bunch of them up and I would be tempted to deliver a world record pimp slap human domino rally!

I am mentally ill to some extent. I'm over the worst of it, but I have been suicidal for over twenty years. I was very impressionable in my youth and open to suggestion before I learned to replace the constant need for approval and reassurance with wisdom and educated confidence. I was my own worst critic. Nobody punished or tormented me more than myself.

But in those twenty years I have learned so much about people. And one greatly relevant observation about people is that whereas all society is tribal, and will forever remain so, it has grown dependent on a vastly less reliable voice for approval in the things that we need to believe and for reassurance in the belief that we are anything but monsters.

It could simply be that television has replaced religion, whereas religion once replaced superstition, and superstition once replaced drawing mythological creatures on the shithouse cave wall. But we are programmed to conflict, to at least condone it, and so if we are not careful, we trust strangers all too easily when they turn to us for approval and then inevitably control.

In regards to the people so far removed from our homogenised cultures that the term "Outsider" is too small and too familiar to garner enough bloodlust -- they are demonised and dehumanised to fuel a common interest. Racism, ageism, classism and sexism aren't just small fish in comparison to how we treat Outsiders. They're plankton!

What we really need, according to the media and their political pals, is a common enemy that can't be protected by human rights. And because you're not bad people for enjoying your simple and legal pleasures, it is your human rights that protect you from being that common enemy; even though the average person believes that all instances of incest or consanguineous relations, and related sexual fantasies therefore, are nothing short of abuse and the desire to abuse.

Well that's bollocks! Absolute bollocks! If that's what you believe then fuck off and collect your Darwin Award on the way out, you insult to precious oxygen!

Readers and writers of Literotica can safely exercise their Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Thought here, protected by law against those approval seeking creatures of habit who seek to destroy the monsters that they create in their own minds.

But also never forget that those who shout loudest are often the ones trying to draw attention away from themselves and whatever it is they're hiding. Yep, it sure is funny seeing what makes people tick. These days they just love being offended more than anything!


The Popularity of Incest Fiction:

The porn industry has boomed as of late with incest/taboo productions, even though scenes between step-family can't be considered actual incest. It's as close as they can get legally and people are lapping it up, regardless of what State or country they live in!

Who knows whether society has just exposed a megalithic Freudian Slip by buying into it, but incest has always been there right under our noses and we've always been fascinated. It's in mainstream culture, it's in literature, it's all over history. Nearly forty years ago Kirdy Stevens made actress Kay Parker a household name with incest porno series Taboo and that caused the subgenre to explode onto the scene. It was undeniably a phenomenon.

That's the tip of the iceberg for western society. The biggest porn sites are littered with incest porn and amateur porn clips claiming to be real cases of incest because of the hits they get. And fewer people are joking about the statistics. I do wonder why, sarcastically.

Go to Goodreads or Amazon and you'll see that people are buying the novels. I've yet to see a commuter reading one on the train but you must consider that the majority of readers worldwide, the bulk of any given genre, are female!

So when you come to Literotica and you see the ratings and the comments, compared to those of any other category, it's there in black and white for all to see. People really do go crazy for a hot slice of daring provocation. If the option's there, everyone will investigate it sooner or later. Give it time and it becomes one of those things -- love it or hate it!

So is it really a taboo, or are we just spring cleaning our deepest rooted impulses right now?


Why Write Incest:

Many of us write as a way of investigating the unknown by intuition and instinct on top of what we research. But I'd be lying if I denied it being one of the most exciting categories I've ever written in; especially with a great concept and a compelling approach at my disposal!

Most of us can relate to the sexual aspect, first of all. For some it's as easy as writing any other erotic coupling into reality and just swapping the names from boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, or husband and mistress etc. to mother and son, father and daughter, siblings, cousins, or aunt and nephew.

That's great if you can do well as a writer without exploring the impact of such a sexual act, but as a reader myself, I seek stories with a little gravitational pull. I seek characters that sense the impending explosion of one reality as it gives birth to another, knowing the risks of defying the laws of attraction and mainstream sexuality.

Additionally, we all learn that the emotional aspects, be they context or subtext in a story, are vastly different to that of any such encounter or affair between unrelated people. That is where the imagination strays from the beaten path, because this is a frontier that few have experienced and the effect of reading a good story can be a great emotional payoff if not just a means to get your kicks.

In other words, orgasms when you are turned on both sexually and emotionally come with a greater fuckload of intensity than a five minute wonder.

For me, the most enjoyable story to write was The Strays. I'd written it with a boner virtually from beginning to end and with my heart in my throat, because I had spent a few weeks researching everything I could find on Genetic Sexual Attraction, or to be clearer, instances where long-lost or separated family members actually consented to sexual relationships and sometimes full-blown relationships as healthy minded adults.

By the time I got to the big reveal I experienced quite a delicious heartache, something like when you fall head over heels for someone you know you shouldn't, but then they confess that they actually feel the same and that they want to pursue that feeling wherever it's headed.

Only a couple times since have I experienced that in writing and a few readers contacted me to tell me the exact same thing. The Strays has gone on to be my most successful series to date and I've enjoyed even the frustration of trying to reach further into that unknown world.

Why write for incest erotica? Because it can so easily offer all of the things that great erotica can be. It's all of the wrong and all of the daring. It's all of the danger and the mystery and adventure there need be in a great sex story.

And, you know, it's possible that as times change and even the unconditional love of family isn't a certainty, because we as a society just aren't the same as we used to be, maybe some of us are seeking in a lover what we never got at home.


Developing a Complex:

The Oedipus and Electra complex apply to all of us, because it's a huge part of our personal development as we grow up. So maybe you and I aren't delving deep into a hidden desire to love our parents, siblings or other relatives more than we should.

Fuck it! I'll say it another way, just to make sure nobody misses the point. Reading incest erotica doesn't affirm that we want to fuck our mothers, sisters, cousins etc. It doesn't make us want to either. What it does, from what I've gathered talking to my readers, is fill a void. Most of them admitted that they never even projected images of their relatives onto story characters, which is a hugely interesting reveal.

Maybe we're just lost without the love that we needed -- the love that society says we should have but never did -- and so a good pleasurable emotional and physical outburst is the best way to deal with that, especially if we don't have a loving partner or spouse; or on the other hand if we have a partner/spouse who is no longer loving.

And if I know people like I know myself, if you take away one complex, we just replace it with another. I don't see how writing about it and relating to somebody else's stories is unhealthy, providing that it establishes an intelligent dialogue and gives readers a chance to develop further.

Maybe there is much more to it than that. But goddamn it's a thrill ride. If people want to keep running scared, never knowing what it means, let them. But for us there is so much left to explore!

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by jorgenhenry09/29/17

Incest- mother and son.

Many boy's are dreaming about fucking his mother , aunties or his older sister, vhy because he not sure about himself and he is seeking love. Someone are Lucky like I was, I was 16 when I became my mothersmore...

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