tagLoving WivesWicked Ch. 09

Wicked Ch. 09


First things first:

Sorry it took so long, life and [enter lie of some sort].

I'll use this stage to thank several people who read and did some editing, so I won't fall on my ass.

BGMISFUN and Cambria Rose. You guys totally rock.

Wicked Chapter Twelve

Ana and Dan's house in the suburbs.

"What's wrong with the lights?" Lin pushed the switch, on and off, several times.

"It's been like that for two weeks," Ana said. "A rat munched on the wires once and we had electricity problems in this part for years." She had actually taken off all the corridor's light bulbs earlier this evening. "I've been nagging Dan forever to fix it."


Great? The little woman hardly paid any mind to Ana's words. She was already in the room, making love to Dan. The thought infuriated Ana and she took a deep breath, telling herself that it would be over soon. "Lin, just remember what you promised."

"I don't like your rules, Ana."

"My husband, my rules."

"This is bordering psychotic."

"When I said in the office, 'I'm only willing to let you take my hubbie for a ride on my terms,' which part of 'my terms' didn't you get?"

"Total darkness?"

"And no talking, or kissing."

"I'm surprised you didn't add 'no touching'."

"Take it or leave it."

"How am I supposed to -"

"And no holding hands like in-love teenagers."

"Stop inventing rules, for fuck sake. Five minutes ago you did a kamikaze on Ethan's love pole, in front of ten strangers, but I'm supposed to do Dan under the covers in the dark?"

"There's a huge, huge, massive difference."

"There's a massive hypocrisy vibe in this room."

"If Ethan falls off a cliff and then gets flattened by a steamroller, I'll laugh; but there is more than physical lust between you and Dan."


"Because belittling what I say will get you far."

"I swear, whatever - Look, think what you want, but it's all in your head."

"Yeah, I've got this paranoid idea that some woman is after sleeping with my husband, weird. And it's not just you; it's Dan I don't fully trust."

"Oh," Lin had a little decency left to fake embarrassment. "Why'd you say that?"

"He was a little too hyped about this for my taste. It's not like we haven't done this before."


"But I never saw him so fired up about another woman. Did you two have a fling in high school?"

"You said he doesn't remember me. How could we have had a fling?"

"I lied about him not remembering you."


"For my defense ... Fuck it. I don't owe you explanations. He's Dan, my Dan. Did you or did you not have a thing with Dan in high school?" I think I deserve an Academy Award after tonight.

"He had a girlfriend in high school, Aviva Ben Tovim. I swear on my mother's life, he never looked right or left. That's the honest truth."

"The truth is, Lin... The truth is that if you weren't twisting my arm I would have never let you go a mile near him."

Lin touched Ana's hand in an almost comforting humane gesture. Ana didn't buy it.

"What are you afraid of? You think I'm gonna run away with him?"

"What?" Ana faked alarm. "Nothing so drastic. You know what? That's it. The deal is off."

"No! Kidding, kidding. Chill already. Okay, you win. No kissing, no holding hands, no talking and no light, okay? It's just two mature adults having fun. And don't worry about me twisting your arm. I just pushed you a little because you acted like a total bitch. I was never... I was never going to tell anyone about you and Nadav Fine."


"You think you might get over your paranoia, and maybe next time, I don't know, maybe let us do it with the lights on?"

"We'll have to wait and see."


Lin entered the dark room and Ana immediately shut the door behind her, extinguishing the little light that came in. The shutters were closed and the curtains were down; she felt lost. She tiptoed slowly, her hands extended, and then cursed softly when she bumped into a chair.



She laughed. "I know we're not supposed to talk, but where are you?"

No answer came.

"Okay, I can follow the smell of your Tommy Hilfiger. I'm allowed to smell you, right? Ana didn't say anything about not smelling."

She did a slow sidestep until she bumped into the bed. "Ouch!" His body was searing hot, and naked, waiting for her and she felt her own blood boiling. She took off her dress so quickly she heard it rip; then she stretched her tiny body beside him on the bed. She caressed his body; his powerful long thigh up to his chest. She had wet dreams about that chest for years.

"Well hello, my boxing champion. I'm not going to keep that nonsense 'no talking' rule."


"Suit yourself; I'll do the talking for both of us, I hope you don't like quiet sex, because everyone says I'm way too chatty. Oh, and I'm not going to follow the stupid kissing rule either." She leaned over his chest, found his nipple and started licking it and kissing it. In return she felt a hand cupping her tiny breast. "Ohhh, that feels so good. I just love your big hand, Dan."

The hand started massaging her nipple.

"Oh God, so good." She straddled him, her tiny body sitting somewhere below his chest. Then she leaned and licked his throat until she found his lips. "You know, making love in the dark isn't as bad as I figured it would be. One needs a little imagination and - Aii" She squealed happily as she felt the big hand slap her buttocks.

"Want to know a little secret, Dan? A confession, actually."

Both hands were now on her buttocks, cupping them and massaging.

"I had a little crush on you in high school. Okay, a major one. Do you remember biology classes with Mrs. Horowitz? I sat one row behind you, on the table to your left; you used to sit by the window."

The hands grabbed her tiny tits; they were so big that both buds could fit in one. Lin laughed happily.

"I used to stare at you, from the time the bell rang until it rang again. No wonder I flunked biology."


She lay down again on the bed, beside him and rested her head on his chest. She kissed his nipple. "I can do that till morning. You probably don't remember me; I had dental braces and huge glasses. My cheap parents wouldn't buy me contact lenses."

She kissed his chest between his nipples.

"Anyway maybe you remember, one time Tzvi and Max, them assholes nominated me to their victim of the day."

She started kissing her way down to his stomach.

"After biology class they snatched my bag and started taking shit out; so fucking mature. And they and their friends started throwing my personal stuff above my head, my box of sanitary pads. I thought I would die. You know how it is when you're sixteen, everything is so fucking dramatic."

She licked his navel.

"Nobody came to help, either they didn't care, or they laughed, or were too afraid to end up as victims themselves. But then you stood up to them. They were five and you were alone, but they knew who would be left standing if push came to shove; so the cowards folded their tails and went to pick on someone else."

She licked his bellybutton and then gave it a bite. She had planned it for a long time and was going to give Dan a night to remember. Ana's surprising confession even made her toy with the idea that Dan would actually fall in love with her; after all what was Ana so afraid of? Maybe, just maybe they'll end up together like in the sweet movies.

"I never told you how grateful I was. I was too shy and naive. But I'm going to remedy that mistake tonight." She searched his tool with her mouth and when her lips found it she burst out laughing. "Oh my God, Dan, you're huge, I never knew... Wow! No wonder Ana is so jealous, you're amazing all over."

She put her tiny hand over the semi-erect cock, then fondled the huge nut sack; her tiny fingers caressed the tender skin then closed lovingly. His cock heaved in response and a salty drop materialized where her lips were touching the cap. Lin thought her heart would burst; she licked it quickly and tried to extract more, encouraging his nut sack with tender squeezes.

She closed her palm over his lower head and dragged herself up until she found his ear and gave it a lick. "You know," she whispered, "when I was with my boyfriend I used to pretend that I was making love to you. Sometimes I did it with my husband too. But I don't have to pretend anymore, do I? I know you're excited about what's going to happen; Ana told me."

She crawled back again and placed her other palm on his cock. The shaft was so thick she could barely close her palm around it, and so long she couldn't hold the entire length, even with one hand on top of the other. It was rock hard, yet the skin was so soft. "God, I can't believe I'm finally doing this, I've been dreaming about this moment for so long." She parted her lips wide and took him into her mouth.


She tried hard as she could let only the head enter her tiny mouth. She fucked the slit on the cap top with her tongue, inserting it into the crevice and rubbing the soft tissue inside.


"There's a lot more where it came from, Dan. But I got to feel you inside me now. The next one will be slow and sweaty, I promise."

She aligned the bulbous head against her opening and closed her eyes in the dark. Her wet flower made a squelchy sound as the huge cock head connected with her wet spot. Lin giggled out of nervousness and happiness.

"Here we go." She panted when it started spreading her lower lips. "I haven't -- had -- something so big -- in a long -- time," she grunted between breaths as she mounted the love pole. "You're bigger than Ethan, and he's huge." She felt her pussy lips spreading and thanked God that she was already soaking wet downstairs.

Slowly, and with a little pain her lower lips spread further as the huge head pushed inside. She took a few seconds break for a breather and started lowering herself down again. It felt like stuffing a tennis ball into a Coca Cola bottle.

"You feel even more incredible than I imagined, and I'd imagined way more than I should've. Oh God, wait." The man beneath her thrust upwards. She laid her hand on his stomach. "Let me start, and once I'm good with your size you can pick it up. I'm just as eager as you to get it inside me, baby, but I want our first time to be perfect. "

She felt stretched. His cock was massaging her walls from the inside. Her fantasies becoming reality made her lose control. "Oh, oh, Dan. Ammmm. I can't..." She puffed.

She lowered herself further and started humping up and down. The man beneath her eagerly joined, syncing his thrusts with her rotating hips.

The bed began to shake. Her firm ass then rang in the darkness like a snare drum as he shifted gears. She loved it; she stopped talking at last, and started moaning an ancient song of primal lust. She reached out her hands, almost a childish act of defiance, and grabbed his. The huge hand closed around her little palm and her heart leaped. "Oh my God, you're going to make me cum. I love you, Dan. So much."

Flash! Bright light blinded her. "What?" She closed her eyes. Someone entered the room, clacking on high heels, and she heard an electronic beep, followed by another and another. She slowly opened her eyelids blinking like an owl in the harsh light. "Who the fuck...? Ana? Have you lost it? Get the fuck out of here! What the hell you think you're doing?"

"I thought you liked filming yourself."


"You were doing great, go on. Jump a little; maybe tell him again how much you love him."

"Fucking bitch, you're dead!" Lin screamed.

"Come on, give a happier vibe to the camera; it's not every day that you get to star in a porn flick with a basketball star."


"Hey, tiny tits," Nadav Fine said. "Wanna finish?"

She finally looked down, and when she saw whose cock was impaling her, her scream went through the roof.

"Pipe it down, dummy."

Nadav Fine straightened himself on the bed, he looked disappointed.

Lin jumped off him and off the bed. "What the fuck is going on?"

"I'm no expert," Ana kept filming her, "but it looks like one of Amiram's lawyers is having great sex with one of Amiram's top clients. Tsk, tsk. This is so bad; I mean Nadav is going through rough divorce, and to think that someone would take advantage of him at such a vulnerable point of his life." She shook her head. "The word misconduct comes to mind, but again, I'm no expert."

"What?" Lin screamed. "You slept with him."

"I dunno," Ana mimicked a confused face, "the evidence is pretty compelling." She stopped filming and picked another camera that lay on the table, facing the bed. "This camera films perfectly in total darkness. Hmmm let's see." She ran the film. "Does this woman riding Nadav like crazy look like me? She looks a lot like some tiny weasel lawyer I know; she likes to threaten people with misconduct."

"You slept with him."

"Yeah, I heard that ugly rumor spinning in the office's rumor mill. I wonder who Amiram is going to believe? A rumor or his own eyes when he sees this flick?"

"Give me that!" Lin screamed.

Ana lifted the camera above her head. They looked like a tall bully lifting a toy out of reach of the short hands of some poor toddler.

"You... You..." Lin's eyes bulged.

"What? Gonna cry now? Maybe you want to tell me that it's just harmless adult fun? I love you Dan," She mimicked Lin's high voice. "I wanted to make love to you since kindergarten. Disgusting little bitch. Getting contact lenses and braces didn't help much; you should have gone for a nose job and brains implant."

"I'll kill you, Ana, I don't know how, but I'm going to kill you."

"No, you're not. But you're going to be a lot nicer from now on. Ask humbly for directions when I say jump."

Lin simply glared.

Ana knocked on the camera. "It's my way or the misconduct way. Now get the fuck off my house, you're standing on private property."


Ana took the offered glass and mumbled her thanks. She collapsed on the sofa in her living room and closed her eyes. The entire evening she ran on adrenaline, lust, and fear. Her plan could have failed and even backfired in too many ways. Now that things had fallen in place she felt like someone sucked the juice out of her batteries. Her head was pounding and she wanted to curl in some corner and sleep it off.

"Take this." Nadav offered her a white pill. "It will fix your headache."

"Going to fix me with permanent brain damage. Is that what I think it is?"

"No, nothing like that."

"Right. I need a Dexamol, be a dear and bring me two from the bathroom closet."

To her surprise he got up and returned a minute later with a glass filled with red looking liquid. "I melted it inside and added some strawberries for the taste."

"Do I look five year old? I can swallow a fucking pill." She grabbed the glass. "Are you sure you put Dexamol inside and not my birth control pills? It says Dexamol in English on the wrap."

"I'm not a complete retard, Ana."

"Yeah, well, that's yet to be established." She mumbled, but nonetheless gulped down the content, making a face.

"You didn't have to be so cruel," Nadav said.

"What?" She was suddenly disgusted with the situation, with Nadav, and with the two naked strangers that were grunting like tortured bears in a dark corner of the room. Mostly, she was disgusted with herself. She really wanted to lie in Dan's arms right now, to feel clean again, loved, protected.

She had a mad whim to stop it all now. Take Dan and the kids, run away to a different country and start fresh in a place without Nadav Fine or Sean. She would do it right this time. I want this night to fucking end. Tomorrow Sean is coming, we'll have a last farewell party and then I'm ending this, all of it.

"Just saying, Ana. You could at least have waited till I have fun with that little bird, and you didn't have to rub it in her face."

"Who the fuck asked for your opinion?"

"Watch it."

"Me? Maybe you want to brag about us to some other people, you fucking retard? I had to piss on the fire that you started, you and your big mouth."

"What fire?"

"Could you be more stupid?"

"Sure, that's my jam." He started whistling an ethnic tune.

"Nadav Fine? What the ...? Wow! Nadav Fine." Ethan stood on the doorstep to Ana's backyard. He had a beer glass in one hand and fondled Danielle on the other. "Nadav Fine."


"I'm a huge fan. Man, what ...? I'm a huge fan." He left both the beer and the tit he was fondling, came over, and shook warmly the offered hand. "Amazing. Lin didn't say anything about you coming here. By the way, Ana, have you seen Lin?"

"She had to leave."

"Oh, Coral left with her?"

Ana shrugged.

"Hmmm... I should probably go too; she was pissed."

"Whatever," Ana closed her eyes and leaned back.

"What happened to the party animal from thirty minutes ago?"

"Stick around." Nadav gave him a wink. "I've got a good hunch that she's gonna make a big comeback in like twenty minutes or so. I took care of that."

"What did you say?" Ana mumbled; her eyes still closed.

"Oh, nothing, Anuchka; retard little me is going to bring you another glass of water, okay? We don't want you dehydrated."


Nadav had such a sexy aura. Okay, maybe the elevator doesn't go to the top floor and there's enough sawdust between his ears to bed an elephant size hamster; so fucking what? He emits such a positive vibe. She loved that smile. Everyone did.

Why was she foaming at the mouth a few minutes ago?

She gave him a kiss on his cheek to show she wasn't mad anymore. He inserted his hand into her cleavage and cupped her breast. Ana giggled. Ethan, to her right, was also a real darling; like a cuddly teddy-bear, well, a pumped up bodybuilder teddy-bear. She gave him a kiss on the cheek too, for the symmetry.

"You see, Danielle, there are three types of men, Alpha, Beta, and Omega." Ethan held Danielle's hand in an 'under the influence' philosophical pose. Danielle was too high on something to care. "I'm an Alpha male; every woman in a room full of men knows that Nadav is an Alpha. Ana is an Alpha female."

For some reason that made Ana giggle or maybe it was that unexplained wave of happiness that surged through her veins. She took a lungful of air and moistened her lips.

"You, Danielle, you're a Beta female."

"Fuck off."

"Ana's husband is an Omega male," Ethan said.

"Nah, he's just a wimp," Nadav said.

"That's what I'm saying. It's no wonder Ana can't resist Alpha males like me. She has to seek outside her marriage the rush she just can't get at home."

Ana giggled again. She compared Ethan and Nadav to Dan and couldn't think of a single attribute in which they overshadowed her husband, maybe in the overconfident hot-air pricks department.

"Probably good with the kids, doing house chores and shit, a nice guy; but when it comes to bed," Ethan shook his head with genuine sorrow, "like every other woman, Ana prefers a real man."

Nadav touched Ana's breast again, and like an over eager puppy, the nipple immediately stood at attention.

From the other side Ethan kissed her neck. Ana closed her eyes and gave a content sigh. He continued nibbling her neck, slowly going south to her other breast, and then he suddenly stopped.

Ana opened one eye. Ethan was kissing Danielle.

"Kiss me. I'm prettier."

Nadav started kissing her hand. She pressed her fingers to his lips and he started sucking on the index finger.

"Come on, Ethan, kiss me. Why ride a Beta when you have an Alpha?"

Ethan gave her a quick peck and went back to kissing Danielle.

"I have a buzz going on," Ana smiled happily. "Fucking strange." She giggled and sent her hand to explore Ethan's naked chest. Then her hand traveled south to his trousers and massaged his cock.

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