tagLesbian SexWicked Game Ch. 04

Wicked Game Ch. 04


Shane found Beverly on the outside balcony of the dining area, quietly sipping a mimosa as the sun set over the glassy water. Her hair was down, gently waving over her shoulders and swaying in the soft wind.


She turned and gave him a tentative smile. “Hi.”

“You sitting out here by yourself?”


“Want some company?”

“Uh, sure.” Beverly was surprised that the handsome young man would want to sit with her, she wasn’t sure of how to act. “Pull up a chair.”

“Thanks.” Shane sat down and ordered a beer from the hovering waiter. “So what do you think?”

“It’s very beautiful.”

“No,” He laughed, running a hand through his dishwater blond hair. “I meant about this. The scavenger hunt.”

“Oh!” She giggled. “Honestly, I don’t know what to think. It’s all too surreal.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to agree with you on that.” Shane took a slug from his beer. “Are you married?”

Fear and shame struck Beverly’s heart. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Bev. I didn’t mean to pry. I just wanted to know what your other half thought of it.” He paused a moment. “My friend Jaime thought it was a hoot. He wanted to come along.”

“Why didn’t he?”

“Because he didn’t get an invite, of course.”

“He couldn’t come without an invitation?”

“Nope. Nathan didn’t ask to see mine but he knew who I was by name.” Shane stared at her for a moment. “Did you get an invitation?”

“Yes, but my mother burned it.”


Beverly sighed, her heavy breasts lifting and falling. “I’m not married, Shane. I live with my mother.”

“That’s cool. So do I.”

“But you’re not thirty-seven years old!”

Shane nearly choked. “You’re thirty-seven?”

“Why, is that a problem?”

“Not at all. I … I just never would have guessed you were that old.”

For a moment, Beverly forgot to breathe. He had just paid her a compliment! “H-How old did you think I was?”

“Around my age. Twenty-four, twenty-five.”


“You know, Bev, you have a beautiful face. You should be a model.”

She laughed at that. “A model? Shane, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m not exactly a size six.”

“No, but neither is Emme.”

“Emme? Who’s that?”

“You’ve never heard of Emme?” Beverly shook her head. “Emme is a model but she’s like a size 24 or something.”


“Yeah. She’s, no offense, fat! She’s a big girl!”

“They have fat models?”

“Oh, yeah! Didn’t I hear you say that you own a dress boutique?”


“Have you ever seen a Lane Bryant catalog?”

Beverly thought for a moment. Her mother got that catalog but she had never allowed her to see it. “No.”

“Hold on a minute. I’ll be right back.” Shane jumped up and disappeared inside the hotel, leaving just as James was arriving.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Fine.” She was feeling strange. First, Shane, now James, seeking out her company? Maybe they were both horny and pegged her for the easy fat girl who was desperate for attention. They didn’t know it, but she’d accept their attention, desperate or not. She hadn’t told Shane that she was a thirty-seven year old virgin.

“Where’s Shane running off to?”

“I don’t know. He just said that he’d be right back.”

“Oh.” James straightened his tie. “Do you mind if I sit down?”

“Not at all.”

He had no idea what had come over him. Every woman in James Weathers’ life had been skinny. Not rack of bones skinny, but thin, athletic or both. He had always hated fat women. They were disgusting blobs of stinking flesh, often with unkempt, stringy hair and dirty clothes. They were always eating, spilling food on themselves and talking with mouths full of food. And their bodies … he couldn’t bear to think about that.

But Beverly was different. She was fat but somehow, she was elegant. When they had first met in the limousine, she had been wearing a one-piece jumpsuit, an orange piece that reminded him of something that Pam Grier might have worn in one of her old movies. It hugged her big hips and thighs and accentuated her huge breasts but that wasn’t what caught his attention. It was her attitude. Beverly Johansson didn’t give a damn that she was fat.

And then at dinner last night, with her hair down, she had looked like a chocolate angel. Her deep brown eyes had a decidedly Asian tilt to them which made her all the more exotic and desirable and the dress … that dress was made for her.

“Want a drink?”


“I need another drink. Do you want one?”

“Sure.” He watched as she turned and caught the waiter’s attention, then ordered their drinks, including one for Shane. “You really like those mimosas, eh?”

“I can’t help it. They’re really good.”

“Well, let me order something else for you.” James caught the waiter before he walked away. When the waiter returned, James took the drink and set it in front of her. “This is called a melon ball.”

“It’s green.”

“Yes. It’s made with orange juice and Midori liquor.”

“James, it’s green!”

“I know it is. That’s the Midori. It’s honeydew liquor.”

Beverly’s beautiful eyes widened. “Honeydew? Really? How did they do that?”

“I don’t know how it’s made, but I know how it tastes. And it’s pretty darned good!” She bent to sip from the straw but James stopped her. “You have to stir it up first.” He mixed the green liquor into the orange juice. “Okay. Now try it.”

Beverly took a long sip and let the liquid bathe her tongue. The flavor was like nothing she’d ever experienced. Sweet and cold like a honeydew melon and paired with the sweet acidity of orange juice, the drink made her think of a cool mountain morning on a farm. “Oh, James!”

James felt his heart slam in his chest. Jesus, what the hell is happening to me? No woman had ever affected him like this. Just his name on her lips had his cock hard. That was unheard of. “You like it?”

“It’s wonderful!”

“Okay, why don’t we do this? Each day that we are on this hunt, I’ll pick a new drink for you to try and you can let me know what you think.”

Her smile warmed him through. “That sounds good.”

Shane came striding back, a goofy grin on his face. “Took me a little while but one of the desk assistants was able to find this.” He dropped a glossy catalog in front of Beverly. “Take a look.”

Beverly took another sip of her melon ball and gazed at the catalog. A large woman with a pretty face adorned the cover, dressed in a tasteful ensemble. The breath caught in Beverly’s throat as she opened the magazine and started leafing through the pages. Each sheet was covered with fat, beautiful women in wonderful outfits, lingerie and evening gowns. She had no idea that there was something like this. These women were fat and loving it. Fat and getting paid for it. Fat and being accepted for it.

Her bottom lip started to quiver and tears welled and spilled over her thick black lashes and onto her smooth brown skin. Shane’s large hands on her shoulders gave her warmth and a measure of comfort. James slid the catalog from under her fingers and turned to a picture of a black woman in a stunning indigo blue evening gown. He swiveled the magazine back to her.

“That could easily be you.”

His words touched her heart as did the sincerity in his and Shane’s eyes. She wanted to run back to her room and cry her eyes out. Her mother had never let her know about this. She had always harped on her weight. Yet here were large women flaunting their weight and being accepted for it!

“You have a lifetime ahead of you, Beverly. This is just one night.” Shane’s soft voice filled her ears. “I know that you’re upset but we’re in Atlantic City and we have some cash and I, for one, would like to go see the city with a beautiful woman on my arm. Whaddya say, James? Wanna tag along?”

“Most definitely.” James stood and offered his arm to her. Shane stood on the other side and offered his arm. Beverly found herself giggling through her tears. James held out a handkerchief for her and she giggled even more. “Shall we?”

Putting thoughts of her mother firmly behind her, Beverly arose and took their arms, a brilliant smile on her face. “Yes. Let’s.”


Kevin was sulking at dinner. He wasn’t used to having to share his sister with anyone on an intimate basis but Kelly Jo had taken to liking to Ashley and he had to watch them sharing private conversations while he sat just inches away, feeling as if he was invisible.

“Kevin?” He looked over at Ashley. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Just tired.”

“Oh, okay. I’m sorry for taking so much of Kel’s time but she’s been such a great friend to me.”

Kevin bristled at the word. Kel. That was his nickname for her. She had no right to use it! She hadn’t grown up with that awesome young woman seated across the table from him. She hadn’t listened to her cry over a broken heart or curse in frustration over a business deal. He alone had been there to take care of Kelly Jo. Only him!

“That’s okay.” He cleared his throat and slugged back most of his drink. “I’m sure there’s enough of Kelly Jo to go around.”

Nathan’s voice startled the threesome. “I’m sure she’d have something to say about that.”

“Good evening, Nathan.” Kevin nearly spat. “What brings you here?”

“The next task.”

“Well, where’s everyone else?”

“This task doesn’t involve anyone else.” Nathan almost caressed the envelope. “In fact, it doesn’t involve you.”

“Who does it involve?”

Nathan turned, hearing Kelly Jo’s voice. “You and Ashley.”

“That’s bullshit!”

“No, it’s not, Mr. Marcus. I must ask you to leave.”

“I’m not leaving!”

“Kevin, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Kelly Jo yelled, her eyes on the envelope in Nathan’s hands. “Nathan said to leave and you have to leave!”

“Maybe I should ask what the fuck is wrong with you! What happened to my sister?”

Kelly Jo stared at her younger brother. “Did I ever tell you about the time I fucked two men at once during the IBM conference?” Kevin’s handsome face visibly paled. “Or the time I masturbated in the President’s bathroom?”

“Kevin, I am your sister, true and your twin, but I am also a human being and a woman and I’ve had experiences that you would probably shit your pants over.” She hesitated, trying to read his face. “I’ve always been careful but I’ve always enjoyed the hell out of myself!”

“Where was I?”

Kelly Jo smiled. “Sleeping in the hotel room or watching the Red Wings. You never cared. You were never interested in trolling for sex so …I had to go out and find it for myself.” She touched his cheek. “I’m a grown woman, Kev. I love that you are so protective of me but you had to have realized that it would come to an end one day.”

“I don’t want it to come to an end!”

Nathan, Kelly Jo and Ashley watched as Kevin smashed his beer bottle on the ground and stomped off. Kelly Jo looked distressed.

“Nathan … “

“I’ll take care of him.” He laid the manila envelope on the table in front of them. “This is your next task.” He also set an 8mm video camera on the table and silently stepped back.

Ashley opened the envelope and read the contents. “By now, you should have had a wonderful dinner and are ready to accomplish your third task on the scavenger hunt. Your third task is to make love to another woman. Simple task? No. Kelly Jo and Ashley must be the women chosen to accomplish this task. The reward for each participant will be $3,000 dollars, with $1,000 for the non-participants.” Ashley shyly met Kelly Jo’s eyes. “The proof required is a video recording of the act. This proof must be shown to Nathan and will be destroyed immediately afterward. If you follow the instructions, you will receive the money upon completion.”

Silence ensued. Ashley set the envelope on the table, her hands shaking. Kelly Jo had made no effort to move and that was bad. Obviously, she didn’t want to accept the task and Ashley’s innards quaked because she also knew that it meant that whatever she had thought they shared was just wishful thinking. Suddenly, Kelly Jo’s hand closed over hers and Ashley heard her soft voice.

“We accept, Nathan. Please see to my brother.” Nathan gave a small bow and disappeared into the crowd. Kelly Jo turned to Ashley. “Are you okay with this?” She moved close enough that she could smell the scent of lavender on the girl’s skin. “Or is that a stupid question?”

The breath caught in Ashley’s throat and she could barely speak, her heart was hammering that hard. “It’s a stupid question.’

Kelly Jo’s smile warmed her all the way down to her pussy. “Then let’s go to my room.”

Ashley could only nod. She was so excited and so aroused in anticipation of making love with Kelly Jo that she could barely breathe and a tremble rumbled through her body as Kelly Jo’s fingers intertwined with hers. The elevator ride to their floor was the longest of her life and the warmth of Kelly Jo’s flesh touching hers was almost overwhelming. Finally, they were in Kelly Jo’s room, the door closing and sounding as loud as a shot.

Kelly Jo made the first move. She knew that Ashley would be too shy so she stepped closer and cupped her face, gazing deeply into her eyes, letting one hand slide back through her hair as she pulled Ashley’s mouth to hers. Their first kiss was soft and tentative, Kelly Jo’s lips searching, Ashley’s quivering with emotion. Kelly Jo pulled back and surveyed Ashley’s face, then moved in for another kiss. This time, it was more passionate. Ashley’s mouth opened to Kelly Jo’s tongue and she felt her own pussy grow warm with juice.

Ashley wanted to be as close as she could to Kelly Jo. She let her hands travel around Kelly Jo’s waist, moving down to her ass and squeezing tightly. Kelly Jo moaned into her mouth, her tongue searching for Ashley’s and wrapping around it. Ashley broke the kiss, panting lightly.

“The camera.”

“Oh, yeah!”

While Ashley set the camera up, Kelly Jo locked the door between her and Kevin’s rooms and slipped off her shoes, crawling onto the bed. Ashley looked through the viewfinder and licked her lips at the delicious sight of Kelly Jo, shrugging out of her jacket. “Is it set?”


“Good. Come here.”

Ashley walked to the bed on shaky legs and lowered herself into Kelly Jo’s open arms, her mouth meeting hers. Sensations swept through her that were like nothing she’d felt before, even when she and Matt were first dating. Her hands tingled and her heart thumped like a bass drum, nearly stopping when she felt Kelly Jo’s fingers at her neck, softly stroking.

“Touch me.” Kelly Jo was momentarily startled to hear Ashley’s words and she looked up into her eyes. “Love me please.” She reached up and tucked her hand into Ashley’s hair and pulled her down. Ashley moaned, her hands roaming over Kelly Jo’s body, tracing curves of breast and hip. Kelly Jo’s fingers found the buttons to Ashley’s shirt and soon the shirt was open, her small pink-nippled breasts exposed. Kelly Jo sucked one of those puffy pillows into her mouth, her tongue laving until it hardened into a pebble.

Tingles shot from nipple to pussy, causing Ashley to moan even louder. She moved sideways, presenting her other breast and hissed in pleasure as Kelly Jo sucked it into hardness, her lips leaving a warm, wet trail down to her belly. Kelly Jo pressed her onto her back and unbuttoned her pants, sliding them down over her hips and following with her mouth. Ashley sighed deeply at the feeling of Kelly Jo’s mouth on her hips.

Kelly Jo smelled Ashley’s sweet pussy as she moved down her long legs, letting her tongue leave a glistening snail’s trail over her hip and down the insides of both legs. The younger woman writhed in pleasure, pressing her hips upward and begging for attention. Kelly Jo ignored her unspoken plea, moving between her legs and placing open-lipped bites up and down the insides of her thighs. Ashley groaned again. Kelly Jo moved up and let her tongue slide into the creases near Ashley’s pussy, drawing still more groans.

“Oh, God. Please.” Ashley felt as if she was going to explode if she didn’t cum. She felt Kelly Jo’s tongue greasing her leg creases and shivered uncontrollably. So close. Then, finally. Kelly Jo’s mouth found her mound, tonguing it through the cotton. A sweet orgasm burst through her pussy, the juices further wetting the panties. Kelly Jo pulled them down and off, lightly blowing on her pulsing pussy. “Oh, yes. Oh, Kelly Jo!”

Kelly Jo spread Ashley’s pussy lips apart and licked her cunt from bottom to top. Ashley’s body jackknifed in pleasure. Kelly Jo set about exploring Ashley’s juicy pussy, running her tongue over her hidden nub and stroking it until it swelled and arose. “Mmmm.” She gave it a gentle tug with her lips and listened as Ashley moaned through her second orgasm. Kelly Jo continued to lick her succulent pussy lips, moving down until she found the honey pot, brimming with cunt cream. She pushed her tongue in and began to drink.

Ashley came again when Kelly Jo’s tongue breached her hole, moving inside her and stroking deeply. She felt the tingles travel through her skin and down her spine, pooling in her sensitive pussy. She felt the sweet ache begin again, this time deep inside her cunt, making her asshole clench every time Kelly Jo’s tongue slid within her. “Oh, yes!” The fire kept building, leaping into bright relief when Kelly Jo removed her tongue and inserted a finger. “Oh!” She had never felt that before.

Ashley was shaking so hard when Kelly Jo slid the second finger in, that she thought she’d fly apart. Still, she pumped her fingers in and out, moving faster and searching for her swollen clit. As soon as she found it, she gave it a long hard suck and added another finger. Right then, Ashley came, screaming at the top of her lungs, her hands wrapped in her hair. The screams subsided, melting into whimpers. Kelly Jo removed her fingers, sliding next to Ashley and holding her as aftershocks ravaged her.

“Oh, Kelly Jo! That felt so good.”

“Did your husband ever do that for you?”

Ashley didn’t have to think long before answering that question. “No.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that any more.” Kelly Jo bent over her, stroking her face. “I’ll do it as much as you want.”


Kelly Jo looked into Ashley’s eyes, her heart leaping at what she saw in those lovely eyes but she was scared. She felt very strongly for the young woman but what if it was just a rebound relationship? What if she went back to her husband? What if she decided that she liked men again? “Really.”

Ashley couldn’t help the tears in her eyes. She pulled Kelly Jo down onto her, her hands stripping the shirt from her body and rubbing her fingers over Kelly Jo’s large breasts, tweaking the nipples. Kelly Jo moaned, a tremble snaking through her body. Ashley rolled Kelly Jo over, licking and sucking her beautiful globes, nibbling on the nipples until they hardened on her tongue. She didn’t wait as long as Kelly Jo had to find her pussy. Ashley unzipped Kelly Jo’s pants and pushed her hand in, sliding her fingers along her wet cleft. Kelly Jo gasped, holding onto Ashley’s shoulders, looking into her eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.” Ashley whispered against Kelly Jo’s luscious lips, slipping her tongue inside just as her finger found Kelly Jo’s clit, pressing in a circular pattern. Kelly Jo shouted as she came the first time, her cry swallowed by Ashley’s plundering mouth. Ashley felt her shake with the force of her climax and doubled her efforts. Her fingers pushed the thong’s fabric aside and found her hole, thrusting deeply inside.

“Oh, Ashley!”

“Feel me inside you?” Kelly Jo heard Ashley’s husky words and it sent a thrill through her body even as her fingers delved into her dripping cunt. “Feel me fucking your cunt?” She moaned, her body tingling and her pussy rippling with pleasure. “Oh, Kelly Jo. I wish you were mine!”

Kelly Jo came again, her answer on the tip of her tongue, swept away by Ashley’s soft lips. It took her several moments to recover but when she did, she was happy to see Ashley’s soft eyes. “Sorry I was so quick!”

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