tagIncest/TabooWicked Game Ch. 08

Wicked Game Ch. 08


The receipt of the money at lunch surprised the others but everyone had learned that it was not nice to ask why, unless the information was volunteered. Shane and Kevin said nothing to anyone else but everyone noticed that the handsome quarterback was back to his old self, especially Beverly who had missed his enthusiasm. Kevin remained the same, joyously embracing his sister and her lover, but staring at her with puppy dog eyes. James seemed to pull away from the group, distancing himself from Beverly while watching her enjoy Shane's attention.

James decided that a hike in the fresh air would be the best antidote to the poison that he had created in his own soul. He climbed up into the hills, taking time to enjoy the fresh air and the scenery. He reflected on his conversation with Beverly, wondering why he felt so compelled to share so much of himself with her. He wanted children. If he had told anyone at the station, they'd laugh hysterically. Why? Because everyone knew that James Hawethorne Weathers was a womanizer.

His reputation had proceeded him and all the women knew that he was a good time. So when he'd landed the new assignment, he had a rainbow of women to choose from. White, black, tan, red, yellow... blonde hair, black hair, red hair, brown hair, white hair... no color of skin or hair mattered and no age mattered. The only thing that mattered was whether they could keep up with his sexual appetites. Only a few white girls had managed that. The Puerto Rican and Spanish girls had the next highest average of those that could last the night with him. He had discovered that only black girls could handle him. Now he knew why DeNiro preferred dark girls.

His first black girl had been in Atlanta. Her name was Chaquilla and she had skin the color of caramel, baked in the sun. She had teased him about his passion, making him realize something about himself. He loved black women. No. He loved black women. There was something mesmerizing about the sight of dark brown skin and his alabaster white skin. Watching his white/pink cock slide into her caramel/pink pussy would bring him to a level that he'd never been before.

But no matter how many times he came in black pussy, he couldn't make the black pussy love him. Chaquilla had only been interested in his Buckhead mansion. Others after her were either not interested in having a 'white boy' for a boyfriend or couldn't imagine themselves fitting into his high-class, highly-publicized world. Still others were just along for the ride: enjoying decadent dinners, commandeering limousines, and flying to exotic places on private planes. None of which involved loving him.

And so James learned to become a womanizer. He sampled every woman he could, enjoying the dark-skinned woman and shielding his heart from that insipid thing called love.

And then, there was Beverly.

And she was so perfect, that he was sure that she hadn't even realized what she'd done to him.

So now, James was faced with a dilemma of epic proportions. Beverly's presence had unleashed his heart and he knew, without a doubt and with the greatest of fearful respect, that he was in love with her. But he had to be honest with himself. She was fat. He couldn't take her to the talent mixers, to the networking cocktails, to the station socials. She was fat! Would she be able to hold her own against Grady Morrow, the six o'clock anchor and Grace Wilding, his acerbic co-anchor? Would she be able to remain objective about crimes in the black areas of town when a zealot was taking her to task over them? Why he was suddenly worried about her intellectual strength was a question he'd never asked himself before, about anyone. But why her and why now?

* * * * *

Ashley gave Kelly Jo a kiss and headed to the elevator, startled by Kevin's sudden presence. He stepped into the vehicle and gave her a soft, but quick smile. "I need to talk to you."

"Go ahead."

"What you said on the plane... that we could love her 'together'... what did you mean?"

"What do you think I meant?" Ashley leaned against the elevator wall, staring at Kevin. "Listen, Kevin, I know I've put a wrench in things... "

"That you have."

"But it wasn't my choice!" Ashley was surprised to hear the strong words coming out of her mouth. "Kelly Jo has given me a kind of love that I never thought I'd find. She's real. She gives me advice and helps me out whenever I need it. She's there when I need someone to talk to and she's there when I need someone to love. She's offered me the first real love that I think I've ever had."

"Do you think it will last?"

Ashley gave a hopeful grin. "If I have my way, yes."

"And you're not afraid of me?"

Her smile grew larger. "Absolutely not."

"Why not?"

"You're her brother, her twin, Kevin. Nothing I could give her could break through that bond." Her soft eyes connected with his. "Nor would I want it to." The elevator's door opened and Ashley stepped out, giving him a gentle smile. "If Kel and I are meant to be together, then we'll be together. I'm not the type to sabotage the competition." She touched his cheek. "Besides, I can tell that you really love her."

"I do, Ash, but I don't want to interfere with what you have with her."

Ashley's smile was bittersweet and genuine. "Love is out of our hands, Kev. We can only hope to tickle Cupid's fancy. If not... " She shrugged. "I'll see you at dinner."

Kevin headed to his room, tired from the trip, his head filled with visions of Kelly Jo and questions about them. What am I going to do?

* * * * *

Kevin's questions were answered not four hours later with a phone call. He rolled over and picked it up on the sixth ring.

"Mr. Marcus?"


"This is your seven o'clock wake up call."

Kevin rubbed his eyes, staring at the red digital numerals of his clock. "I didn't order a wake up call. Who ordered it?"

"I don't have that information, sir. I just have the list. Thank you, sir."

The phone went dead and Kevin rubbed his eyes, struggling awake, focusing with confusion on a black tuxedo carefully lay on a chair, complete with a white pleated shirt and shiny black shoes. And propped against the clothing was an envelope with his name on it. He threw the covers off and grabbed it, ripping it open and scanning the message inside.

"By now, you should have had a nice nap and are ready to accomplish your seventh task on the scavenger hunt. The seventh task is to have dinner with and make love to a woman. Simple task? No. Kelly Jo and Kevin must be chosen to accomplish this task and Kevin must ejaculate. The reward will be $4,250 dollars, with $1,750 for the non-participants. The proof required is the woman's pussy filled with cum and viewed by Nathan. If you follow the instructions, you will receive the money upon completion."

Kevin's heart skipped a beat. This was the answer to his question. He would get to make love to Kelly Jo, his own sister. He wondered how she felt and how this would affect her relationship with Ashley.

* * * * *

Ashley finished reading the invitation, looking up to where Kelly Jo stood, fingering the soft material of the exquisite dress.


"That's what I thought when I read it." Kelly Jo took the invitation from Ashley's outstretched hand. "What should I do?"

Ashley laughed, her reaction drawing a look of confusion from Kelly Jo. "What, are you kidding?"

"Ash, it's not funny."

"Yes, it is." The young woman laughed again. "I see the way you look at each other. You should just admit it to yourself, fuck him and get over it."

Words stuck like glue in her throat. She knew Ashley was right. Despite the front that she put on and the nameless, faceless sex that she had had, Kevin had been the only one in her heart. She'd never looked for a permanent lover. She'd always known that Kevin was the only one for her and had resigned herself to a life full of sex, but not of love.

"Ashley, he's my brother."

"So?" Ashley slid off the bed, walking over to her lover and pushing the hair out of her eyes. "Are you going to let something like that keep you from having love in your life?"

"What about you?"

"Kelly Jo, do you really love me?"

Kelly Jo thought for no longer than a second. "Yes, I do."

A radiant smile illuminated Ashley's face. "Then, you can love both of us." She gave Kelly Jo a deep kiss. "Now, the invitation says that dinner is at eight and that he will be by to pick you up, so we'd better get started."

The magic hour arrived and Ashley answered the door at the first knock, feeling excited for her lover and nervous for her friend. Kevin stood outside, resplendent in tux and looking like a nervous bridegroom. He held a single red rose out to Ashley and accepted her kiss and embrace.

"You look wonderful, Kevin."

He blushed, much to his chagrin and she gave him a playful pinch on his cheek. "Uh, thanks."

"Give me the key to your room."

"The key?"

"Yes, fool! The key!"

He handed it over and watched as she pocketed it. "What are you going to do?"

"Just a little maid service." She gave a little smile. "Let me go get her Highness."

Kevin nodded and anxiously palmed the small bouquet of calla lilies and birds-of-paradise. This was it. The thing he had most waited for all his life. He felt like this was prom night and he was waiting for that first awe-inspiring sight of his date. And then she appeared.

Kelly Jo looked like a dream. Her honey-colored hair was piled on top of her head in a curly froth, a few loose tendrils hanging on either side of her ears and teasing her shoulders. The black-and-white dress matched his in style and fell in sweeping folds to her ruby-toed feet. Her light eyes leaped out from her face, gently limned in dark brown and lashed in black above pinkened cheeks and satiny cherry lips. For a moment, she wasn't sure that he liked what he saw and she stood uneasily before his devouring eyes, her bottom lip trembling in fear.

"Oh, Kelly." Kevin felt overwhelming love for his sister wash over him, tears pricking his eyes. "I have... I can't... I don't know what to say. You're so beautiful!"

Kelly Jo beamed, her eyes sparkling with tears as well. "Thanks, Kev."

"Here." He placed the bouquet in her hands. "These are for you." He smiled at the look on her face. "I didn't forget."

Kelly Jo fingered her favorite flowers and gave him another warm smile. Ashley took the bouquet from her and with a gentle push, propelled them towards the door. "I guess we should be going."

"I guess so!" Kevin laughed and taking Kelly Jo's hand, tucked it into the corner of her arm. "Shall we?"

Kelly Jo nodded and smiled as Ashley pressed the purse into Kelly Jo's hand. "I'll see you later. Knock on your door when you get back."

Still unsure of Ashley's motives, Kevin gave a numb nod, letting himself believe that everything was well and walked out of the room with his breathtaking sister on his arm. Dinner was an intimate affair for the twosome. Jumbo shrimp cocktails, Caesar salads made with wild greens, clam chowder with sweet Maine clams and lobster medallions served with a creamy basil sauce and pecan rice pilaf.

During the entire courses of dinner, Kevin ate but didn't taste anything. His eyes were filled with the gorgeous vision of Kelly Jo, buttering rolls for him, handing him his silverware and making sure that his drink was full. She did the same thing she always did whenever they ate together but it was so much different tonight. Tonight, she was his. Her lovely eyes smiled at him all through the meal and her fingers lingered over his skin, giving an extra touch whenever she could.

Kelly Jo felt as shy as a virgin as she shared a slice of cherry-topped New York style cheesecake with her brother. To know that she was eating from the same fork that touched his mouth was almost more than she could stand. Her body burned with anticipation, with the thought that soon, they would be sharing each other. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, but decided that there would be time for that later. Sometime tonight, between dusk and dawn, she would tell him. No, better than that. She'd show him.

"You haven't said much this evening." Kevin was surprised at the feeling in her voice. "Are you having second thoughts?"

"No. Not at all. Kel, I've wanted this for so long that I'm just overwhelmed." His words seemed to bolster her confidence. "Every day since our parents died, I've watched you grow from a long-legged, brace-wearing kid to... to the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I couldn't stand the thought of someone else having you, of someone else being inside you but I knew I had no right to claim you so I just forced myself to be content with being near you as much as possible. Being your best friend was good enough for me." He took a breath, his fingers reaching hers. "But lately, I've been feeling restless and I was trying to figure out how to approach you without losing you."

"You never would have lost me, Kevin." Kelly Jo ran her hand along his cheek. "I always wanted you to be my first. I tried to ask you but I just never could get up the courage once you looked at me... " Her eyes connected with his. "With those eyes. Every time you look at me, I feel as if you can see down to the bottom of my soul. Like I'm naked."

"These eyes would certainly like to see you naked. God, I want to touch you! I want to kiss you!"

"Well, what's stopping you?"

"Because I'd cum in my pants."

Her eyes darkened at the passion in his husky voice. "Would you now?"

"Oh, yes. Just thinking about your mouth... " He released a shuddering breath. "I could spend hours just kissing you."


Kevin licked his lips, his eyes focused on her plump lips. "Hours."

A shiver ran through Kelly Jo's body at the sight of his tongue. She'd never had someone make love to her except Ashley. Never a man. And by the looks of her brother, he was all man and more than ready to make up for that deficit. His masculine scent was like a pheromone and she felt her nipples draw up and harden almost immediately beneath his hungry gaze.

"Are you ready to go upstairs?"

He might as well have asked her if she was ready to draw another breath. She had no choice. She wanted him so fiercely that she could barely hear past the beating of her heart. "Yes."

The elevator ride was torturous. Kevin pulled her close to him, finally allowing himself to touch her body. His thick, muscled hands started at her shoulders, slowly moving down her bare arms and luxuriating in her silken skin. A tremor snaked through her at his touch and that pleased him to know that he was the cause. Her small hands rested on his forearms, now sliding up his shoulders and resting around his neck, bringing them even closer. Her sweet lips parted and her eyelids drooped lazily as he swooped in for their first kiss.

A thrill of pleasure drew a muffled gasp from Kelly Jo the moment her brother's lips claimed hers. The pressure was gentle until his hot tongue slid along the seam of their mouths and she melted into him, her passion overflowing into his mouth and into her pussy. She moaned and he immediately broke the kiss, deducing from the darkness of his eyes that he'd felt the same. Both had forgotten that they were in the elevator, in public with other people.

Kevin wrapped a trembling arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, taking her hand in his and rubbing it the length of his rock-hard prick. He was letting her know that just the touch of her tongue on his had caused his arousal. A deep blush crept up her cheeks and she smiled shyly. The elevator's doors opened and they stepped out onto their floor, heading for Kevin's room and knocking lightly.

A bright-eyed Ashley opened the door, a smile playing on her lips. She welcomed them both with kisses on the mouth, then silently departed. Wondering what she had done, Kevin and Kelly Jo moved farther into the room. Ashley had transformed the bedroom and bathroom into a love nest. Candles lit every corner and rose petals littered the floors. A basket of oils and bath beads sat beside the tub, which also had rose petals in its bottom.

"Oh, it's so beautiful!"

"I guess she loves you a lot." Kevin said softly, turning her in his arms. "And so do I."

"Oh, Kevin."

There was nothing to stop them now. Kevin grabbed her, pressing his tongue into her mouth and pulling her body against him. He wasn't interested in prolonging this torture. His fingers fumbled with the buttons and zipper of her dress, pulling it down over her freckled shoulders and exposing her lovely, unclad breasts. Without a second thought, he sucked a rosy nipple into his mouth, crushing her against him. She moaned loudly, her fingers threaded through his hair.

Then suddenly, Kevin broke away from her and dashed into the bathroom. He barely made it to the commode before he sprayed cum all over the toilet seat, grunting as each spurt splattered. He remained there for a few moments, then turned to her with an extremely reddened face.

"I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for?"

"Kelly Jo, there's something I didn't tell you." Kevin took a breath. This was the last hurdle. The last obstacle. The last step. "I'm a virgin."

Kelly Jo's eyes widened. "You're kidding?"

"No." His voice was soft, with a hint of tears. "I was waiting for you." Kelly Jo's heart burst into song in her chest. "And then I paw you like some teenager and I nearly came in my pants... "

She laid a finger across his quivering lips with a gentle shushing noise. "I am incredibly flattered, little brother. If I wasn't sure that I loved you before, I am absolutely certain now." She leaned forward and gently kissed the tears from his cheeks. "Would you allow me the pleasure of making love to you? Would you let me show you all the love I have for you in my heart?"

Kevin nodded, swallowing past the lump in his throat and sighed as she pressed her lips to his and gave him a gentle kiss, slowly leading him back into the bedroom. He watched as she crawled onto the bed, her tasty body clad only in a black lace thong and high-heeled shoes, using a finger to gesture to him. He stumbled toward her kneeling form and stood completely still as she removed his tie, slid the jacket from her shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt, running her fingers through his sandy chest hair. He trembled.

"Do you want to touch me, Kevin?" Kelly Jo laid back on the bed, one hand cupping a heavy breast while the other spread rose petals all over her body. "Do you want to taste me?"

"Oh, yes."

"Take my thong off."

Kevin knelt between her legs, reaching up to drag the fabric down over her body. Her pussy was sprinkled with the lightest of hair and her pussy lips were dark pink and glistening, like the inside of a fragrant orchid. He nearly forgot to breathe.

"Pull the lips open."

Her flesh was so warm under his fingertips and the scent of her arousal so thrilling that he felt his dick pulsing back to life. That had never happened to him before. He ran his thumbs down the slit from top to bottom, opening it as if he was separating an orange and pressed a kiss to her swollen clit. When she moaned, he repeated the action, this time adding his tongue and exploring the satiny pink pearl and grabbed her hips when she bucked against his mouth.

"Oh, yes, Kevin. That's it."

Kelly Jo felt his tongue tenderly rolling over her sex, stroking her clit, then moving downward in a slow slide to her creamy hole. The breath left her lungs in a long, low groan, her body reacting to his fat tongued licks and spear-like stabs. The feeling was exquisite. She felt the heat start deep in her pussy, building as he sucked her juicy snatch and screeching to a climax when he slid a finger into her depths. She had never cum so hard and fast before. He seemed to know what she liked. He held his hand still until the aftershocks began and then sawed his fat finger in and out.

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