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Wicked Game Ch. 10


“Excuse me.”

The young assistant at the front desk turned and smiled at the handsome man. “Yes, can I help you, sir?”

“Yes, I’m looking for someone that might have a room here. Her name is Ashley Martin.”

“Hold on a minute, sir.” She gave him another shy smile and went to the computer, quickly typing and locating the information she needed. “Yes, we have an Ashley Martin registered here. She’s in room 510.”

“Great. Can you give me a room nearby?”

“Actually, sir, we don’t have any rooms left. We’re booked until the middle of next week.”

“What? No rooms?”

“No, sir.”

Matthew Martin felt his blood boil. That bitch had a room here and it was vitally important that he have one as well. He took a breath in an effort to calm his anger, plastering a smile on his face. “There’s absolutely nothing?”

“No, sir. Even our employee compound is full.”

“Employee compound? What’s that?”

“It’s where some employees live while we work here. That way, there’s someone that’s always here to serve the hotel guests. I got one of the last rooms.” She smiled again and he saw that her nametag said that her name was Megan.

“Well, I guess I’m out of luck, Megan.”

“It looks that way, sir. I’m sorry. I can take your contact information just in case a room opens up … “

“How about you have some lunch with me?”

Her brown eyes seemed to brighten at his attention. “Well … “

“Oh, come on. You’re not going to turn down lunch, are you?” He leaned forward, giving her a smoldering look and deepening his voice a bit. “Especially with someone who thinks you’re so cute.”

He watched the blood rush to her face and added a sexy grin. “I get off work in six minutes.” She said, checking the clock.

“That’s even better. How about we have lunch in your room?”

“R-Room service? No, I’ll have to pass.”


“Too expensive.”

“I’m buying, Megan, and you can get whatever you want.”

Matt knew that that had hooked her. “Whatever I want?”

“Yes. You can order a steak, lobster … whatever you want.”

She batted her eyes and touched his hand. “Hold on a minute.” She left the desk area, opening a door that said Employees Only. Seconds later, she came back out, moving around to his side of the reception desk. “Carmela’s coming out to take my spot. Let’s go.”

Her room was small but had all the amenities of a normal hotel room, Matt noticed as she welcomed him in and dropped her keys on the table, heading for the menu and the phone.

“What shall we order first?”

Matt didn’t give her time to scream. He clamped his hand over her mouth, grabbing her by the back of her head. “Don’t fight me or I’ll be forced to hurt you.” Her frightened eyes reminded him of a terrified horse. “When are you scheduled to go to work again?”

“Tomorrow.” She whispered against his palm.

“What time?”

“Two o’clock.”

“You’re going to call in sick for a few days. I need this room.” She nodded, tears escaping her eyes. “Now, I’m going to let you go and you’re going to do absolutely everything I tell you to do. If you try to escape or make any noise to attract attention, I’ll hurt you. You understand?” Again, she nodded. Matt removed his hand and she gasped in air. “Take your clothes off.”


“I said, take your clothes off.”

“But I … I’ve never had sex before.”

Matthew’s already rock-hard cock swelled even larger. “Well, after I’m done with you, you won’t have to say that any more.”

Tears streaked her cheeks and her bottom lip began to tremble. “Please. Please don’t do this.”

Matthew sighed. “I thought you were going to be fun, Megan. I thought you were going to be a good time.” He opened his carry-on satchel and extracted the items he’d brought to use on Ashley: thick masking tape and a few pre-cut lengths of rope. “But it seems that I have to treat you like her.”


A wide slice of masking tape cut off her words and Matt wrestled her to the floor, tying her wrists, then ankles. “You see, Megan, I like to have fun.” He unzipped her skirt and pulled it off, barely pausing as he ripped the hose and panties from her young body. “And my kind of fun always includes pain.” His cock sprung out as soon as he slid his pants and underwear down, dropping them on the floor. He picked her up and tossed her onto the bed, delighted at the sight of her tears. She landed on her stomach and he lifted her hips, her hairy pussy exposed to his eager prick. “And now it’s time for some pain.”

He pressed the head of his prick against her pussy and grimaced when the tight, dry hole didn’t welcome him immediately. He slid back and applied his tongue to her cunt, slipping into the untried folds. She whimpered, trying to get away from his labial attack but Matt grabbed her by the hips and speared his tongue into her hole. This time, her whimper was borne of arousal, a welcome sound to Matt’s ears. A little more spit and she was ready. His fat prick slid into her tight canal and he rammed himself home, feeling the thin membrane of her hymen split under his assault.

Megan’s muffled shout went unheard as Matt began to plunge into her virgin hole, pumping as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her tender clit. Despite her efforts to remain detached, she was getting excited. The pain of his battering was slowly being replaced by the delicious friction of his hard cock and she found herself shuddering as magical sensations spread from her cunt to her nipples. Without warning, her pussy walls contracted and warm, wet liquid oozed out, accompanied by the most intense feeling of pleasure that she’d ever felt.

“You just came, didn’t you?” Matt slapped one of her ass cheeks. “Yeah, maybe we will have some fun.” He continued his thrusting, digging his hands into her hip muscles. “But right now, I’m gonna fill your pussy with my cum.” He grunted as his penis jumped inside her, his spunk spurting and coating the insides of her hot box. Matt took a deep breath and laughed, seeing that she’d passed out.

“Sleep now, little one. We have miles to go before I sleep … “


“Oh, shit!”

James looked up in surprise at the woman’s accented voice and quickly strode over to help. The breath caught in his throat when he realized that the woman was none other than singer and actress Julie Andrews. She had dropped her Versace bag and the contents were rolling around the lobby floor. He scooped up lipstick, mascara, compact and wallet and walked over to her.

“Excuse me. I believe these are yours.”

“Oh, thank you very much. I so hate to carry a purse.”

“Well, that seems to be a woman thing.”

“Yes, I know, but that’s why I hire an assistant.”

“To carry your purse?”

“Yes. That, among other things.” She did her best to stuff everything back in the case. “Thank you so much for your help.”

James smiled, trying to hide his nervousness. “You’re welcome, Miss Andrews.”

Julie Andrews graced him with her movie star smile, clasped his hand in a quick goodbye and headed for the hotel lobby. James stood for a moment, watching her elegant and trim figure depart, then turned to join the rest of the group who had been seated for lunch.

“Guess who I just saw?”

“Who?” Everyone asked at once.

“Julie Andrews.”

Shock registered on everyone’s faces. “The Julie Andrews?” Beverly breathed, awestruck.

“Yes! Isn’t that great?”

“Um, who is Julie Andrews?”

James turned to Shane with a half-smile on his face. “You don’t know who Julie Andrews is?”


“Ever seen The Sound of Music?

“No. Was it a TV show?”

“No, it’s a movie. How about Victor/Victoria?” Kelly Jo asked.


“Okay, I’ve got one. You had to have seen this one. S.O.B.”

Shane looked at Kevin as if he was an alien. “That’s the real name of a movie?”

“Yeah. That was a great movie!” Kevin gushed. “She showed her tits in that one.”

Julie Andrews showed her boobs?” Beverly exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah! That was the best thing in that movie.” James laughed. “I can’t remember all the details but I think her character did it to save her husband’s movie.”

Shane shrugged, offering a sheepish smile. “Sorry. Does she have any famous children?”

“Not in the business. At least, not that I know of.” James shook his head. “Damn, I feel old!”

The group erupted in gentle laughter and ordered lunch. And as if on cue, just when they’d finished eating and were having cocktails, Nathan arrived, drawing a groan from the tablemates.

“Why, thank you! And I’m happy to see you, too.” The driver spat jokingly, an envelope in his hands.

Shane said, “We like you, Nathan. It’s just that every time we see you … “

“Yeah, I know, but do remember, you are welcome to leave at any time.” His tone was still playful but hard reality was a palpable undercurrent. “Mr. Weathers, would you please come with me?”

James wiped his mouth and tossed his napkin on the table. Beverly caught his arm as he arose and gave him a smile of encouragement. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her mouth, surprising both of them. “Be careful.”

“I will.” He whispered with a wink.

Kevin, Kelly Jo, Ashley and Shane all watched James go, then turned to Beverly. “Well!” Kelly Jo grinned. “When did that happen?”

“Just now.” Beverly answered, still clearly surprised herself. “He did just kiss me, didn’t he? I didn’t dream that, did I?”

“No!” Kelly Jo laughed, her mirth quickly dying when Ashley put a chokehold on the hand she was holding. “Ash, you’re killing my hand. Ashley? Ash!

Ashley’s beautiful face was as white as a sheet, her eyes locked onto something across the room. “He’s here.”

“Who’s here?” Beverly asked, looking around.

“Matthew.” Kelly Jo supplied, also glancing around, her expression grave. “Her husband.”


James took the envelope from Nathan and read it over, stopped, then read it again.

“By now, you should have had a nice lunch and are ready to accomplish your ninth task on the scavenger hunt. The ninth task is to give a lady head, otherwise known as cunnilingus. Simple task? No. James must be chosen to accomplish this task and the lady chosen is Mrs. Blake Edwards. The reward will be $4,750 dollars, with $1,900 for the non-participants. The proof required is a phone call to Nathan from Mrs. Edwards as the act is in progress. If you follow the instructions, you will receive the money upon completion.”

“Do you know who Mrs. Blake Edwards is?”

Nathan shook his head negatively. “No, sir. I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Her stage name is Julie Andrews.”

“Wow.” Nathan breathed. “I understand that you spoke with her this afternoon.”

The older man stared at the driver. “How’d you find that out?”

Nathan just smiled and stepped forward, setting two objects in front of him. With astonishment, he recognized it as Miss Andrews’ wallet and her platinum compact. “I’m sure she’ll want these back.”

“She’ll think I stole them!”

“No, she won’t the front desk has already called and told her that they were found in the lobby. And that a patron is going to bring them up to her.”

“Well, that’s pretty smooth, Nathan, but we are talking about Julie Andrews here.”

Nathan threw his head back and laughed. “You think just because she’s such a goody-goody on TV, that she’s one in real life, too?” The driver grinned at James’ expression. “Let me let you in on a little secret. She’s as depraved as everyone else is. In fact, she requests special services from us all the time because she can count on our discretion. And I know I can count on yours.”

“Of course, Nathan.” James fingered the wallet. “So I take it that she’s waiting for me?”

“Yep.” Nathan pressed a condom into the man’s hand. “I have been authorized to offer you an additional $2,000 if you fuck her and bring this back full of your cum.”

James looked at the condom, a face swimming in his mind’s eye. Not that of the delectable Julie Andrews, but that of Beverly. If he did this, would she understand that he was doing it for the game?

God, he felt so strange! He’d never worried so much over a women, especially one that he hadn’t fucked yet. No, that was the wrong word. Fucking was not something he thought of with Beverly. He thought of lying in her arms, her bulk spooned behind him, enveloping him in warmth. He thought of seeing her face across from his at the breakfast table, listening to the sound of her voice and hearing her laughter. He thought of walking into an event holding her hand, her warm fingers intertwined with his as he faced the coldness of the professional world, knowing that she was not only at his side but in his heart. He wasn’t thinking about fucking. He was thinking about lovemaking, about love. About love.

“Okay.” He palmed the plastic-encased square and shoved it into his pocket. “What’s her room number?”


Matthew returned to the room in the employee compound. Megan was sleeping, her arms and legs still bound and her pussy hair matted with his spent ejaculate. After the third time, she’d quit crying and had really started enjoying his brand of fucking. She pushed back against his fat cock when he’d buried it up her ass and she endured a spanking that left his hand blazing with heat and her pussy dripping with cream. He was still amazed at that. He had licked every single bit of her cunt juice from his fingers and had decided to take her gag off. Immediately, she accepted his rough kiss, pressing her hips against him as he bit into her bottom lip and drew the sweet taste of coppery blood.

Now she stirred into wakefulness, her large eyes alighting on him and a needy smile curving her lips. “I fell asleep waiting for you to come back. I didn’t make any noise.”

“You’re a good girl.” He rasped into her ear, his fingers tracing the outlines of his bite marks on her breasts. “I might keep you.” Her eyes glowed with hope. “Would you like to be my toy?”

“Oh, yes, Matthew! I’d love it.”

She wasn’t too bad-looking maybe because she was only nineteen but she would grow into those doe-sized eyes and large teeth. Her breasts were certainly large enough and her cunt was tight enough. She had been a virgin so there was a pretty good chance that she would become pregnant. She was malleable and with a little prodding, could be imaginative in her own right.

“We’ll talk about it later. Right now, I need you to do me a favor.”


The door to Suite 1582 opened after his second knock and the absolutely breathtaking Julie Andrews stood in the doorway, her strawberry-blonde hair glinting in the fluorescent light. She smiled, warming him from ear lobe to cock tip. “Come in.”

James stepped into the room, his eyes sweeping over the actress’ figure, covered by a thick robe, her rosy nipples swathed in absorbent cotton. His mind was fighting with the images he knew of her from the silver screen. The sweet innocent from The Sound of Music, the brash flirt from Thoroughly Modern Millie, the talented coloratura from Victor/Victoria. Even the self-assured ruler from The Princess Diaries. None of these matched with the Julie Andrews he now saw before him.

“Can’t figure where to put me, can you?”

James shook his head, an outer response to his inner turmoil. “I’m sorry?”

“I said, you can’t figure out where to put me. In your mind, I mean.” Julie picked up a fluted martini glass and took a long sip, fishing the pickled pearl onion out with the swizzle spoon and chewing it, watching him all the while with her beautiful eyes. “People that I meet seem to have that common problem.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that … “

“I know. I’m the Mother Teresa of film.” She laughed. “Or something as pious as that.” She walked over to the bar. “What would you like to drink?

“Vodka and tonic. Grey Goose, you have it.”

“I indeed have it.” She silently whipped up his cocktail, setting it in his hand with a wry smile. “I’m a regular human being, Mr. … “

“Weathers. James Weathers, but please call me James.”

“James.” She processed his name and continued. “I’m a regular human being, James. I, like most of the other human beings on this Earth, enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. And for some strange reason, you intrigued me this morning.”

“Oh, speaking of this morning … “ James fished the wallet and compact out of his pocket and handed them to her. “I believe these belong to you.”

She took them with a sensual smile, her eyes locked onto his as their hands touched. “Yes. These are mine.”

James watched as she turned, tucking them into her Versace bag. He wasn’t sure how to proceed so he fell back on his old tricks. He moved up behind her, resting his hands on her waist. “You are a very beautiful woman, Miss Andrews.”

“The name is Julie and thank you.” She half-purred, pulling his arms tighter around her. “I suppose you’d like to know what you’re here for.”

James took a risk and placed a warm, wet kiss against her swan-like neck. “I think I already know.”

Julie turned in his arms, her eyes dark. “Then let’s get down to business. I have an itch that needs a good scratching.” He leaned up to give her a kiss and she turned her head, then pulled out of his embrace, heading for the balcony. A padded lounge chair had been set up for someone to watch the approaching sunset and Julie sat down, snuggling into the padding and making herself comfortable. Then, she opened her robe, exposing a well-trimmed pussy and in her best stage voice, growled, “Start scratching.”

James knelt and spread her creamy thighs open, letting his fingers rub against her luxuriant skin as he gently kissed his way toward her fragrant pussy. At the first touch of his tongue, she let out a low, throaty moan. He let his tongue sluice down her perfumed cunt lips, enjoying the Elizabeth Arden scent on her stomach and the aroma of lavender soap and pussy juice thick in his nostrils. He sucked each lip into his mouth, laving them with a fat tongue.

Julie shouted at his ministrations, her hands balled into fists as she felt his tongue exploring her tender parts. “Oh, that’s nice, James. Mmmm, yes.”

He moved to the other side and sucked the other lip in, giving it the same treatment. She responded with ardor, pushing the robe farther open and cupped her breasts, her manicured fingers slipping around her nipples and giving them gentle, but firm tweaks. James pushed her thick pud back, uncovering her rapidly swelling clit and blowing on it. Julie gasped. He touched his tongue to the tiny bit of flesh, teasingly at first, then with more passion. Her body arched and her pussy quivered under his lips and a river of pussy cream flowed from between those pink lips.

Julie picked up a cell phone that was lying at her elbow and punched in a few numbers. “Uh, hello? … Hi, Nathan. … Oh, yes. He’s right here, between my legs … “ James gave her clit a tug and she nearly shouted into the phone. “God, he’s good, Nathan. He’s the best I’ve ever had … Mmmm, you want me to tell you what he’s doing?” James lengthened his tongue and lanced it into her honey hole. “Oh, Nathan! Jesus Christ, he’s fucking my … unh … my pussy with his … oh, yes … his tongue! Oh, yes, deeper!” He pushed her legs apart and pressed his tongue deeper within her. “OH!” James heard her gasp and added a little suction to his efforts. “Oh, Christ! Nathan! Oh, my God! I’m going to … to … to … OOHH!”

With a great cry of pleasure, Julie Andrews came, her body bucking against his mouth and depositing more and more cream. James lapped up every bit of it and stroked again, bringing her to another series of orgasms, one smaller than the other until like the sun, she was retreating into her house, retiring for the evening. When she’d stopped trembling, he closed her robe and carried her into the bedroom, tucking her in.

“He was fantastic, Nathan. I’d like to have him again next time.” She looked up at him with sleep-bleary eyes and handed him the phone. “Thank you for making an old lady feel good.”

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