tagGroup SexWicked Game Ch. 16

Wicked Game Ch. 16


Kelly Jo’s hands were shaking as she pushed the envelope’s flap open and tugged the card out. “You and the other six members of your scavenger hunt team have proven to be perfection. This is your final task; a task chosen for the three of you. Your task, task number fourteen, is to share your love and your bodies with each other. The reward will be $25,000 dollars for each of you. Proof will be not required. It is possible that you could lie to Nathan but your past efforts have proven your trustworthiness. And the fact that you are in love with each other will ensure completion. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Ashley beamed. “I knew it! I just knew it!”

“A threesome? Is that what I think it means?” Kevin smiled, kissing Ashley’s shoulder.

“That’s what it means, dear brother.” Kelly Jo grinned, stroking Ashley’s brow.

“Then what the hell are you waiting for?” Ashley whispered, reaching for her lover and moaning when their mouths kissed.

“Wait.” Kevin begged. “My battery needs charging. How about we all take a nice leisurely bath?”

“Sounds good.” Kelly Jo murmured against Ashley’s mouth.

“Cool. You two have a little fun and I’ll go get everything ready.”

Kevin’s departure barely registered on the two women but he did pause to unzip his sister’s gown and let his hands slide over her body as the gown pooled at her feet. He paused at the bathroom door for a long moment, watching the two women French kiss, their tongues touching and glistening in the light. He felt that familiar stirring in the bottom of his stomach and chuckled. The Energizer Bunny was alive and well in his cock.

“I want to eat my brother’s cum out of your pussy.” Kelly Jo whispered, licking the side of Ashley’s face. She smiled at the response of Ashley’s body and met her mouth in another long, deep kiss. “I want to suck your wet pink pussy until you’re cumming so hard that you can’t breathe.”

“God, I’ve missed you!” Ashley murmured against her lover’s soft mouth. “It seems like I haven’t been able to get enough of … “ The breath left her throat as Kelly Jo’s tongue dived into her loaded snatch, beginning a systematic cleaning of her aching cunt. She felt Kelly Jo’s tongue tenderly slide down her slit, separating the sticky lips and sucking on each one in turn. Ashley thought that she’d vibrate apart right then. Just knowing that Kelly Jo was sucking out her brother’s cum was exciting enough. But seeing Kevin … he was just a few feet away, stroking his lovely chunk of white meat … oh, God!

Kelly Jo pushed her tongue into Ashley’s weeping hole and held her hips as she laved the hole, swallowing every drop and lump of Kevin’s precious cum. She had seen Kevin behind them, enjoying the show and playing with himself. His cock looked impossibly large, sliding between his pre-cum slicked fingers and she was suddenly hungry for more of his cum. She bent to her work, making Ashley buck on the bed as she commanded another orgasm from her jizz-filled hole and hungrily licking the fluids that escaped her pulsing pussy. She quickly turned to Kevin, taking his blood-filled meat into her hand and jerking it hard. He groaned as he pumped his second load, coating the insides of her mouth and sliding silkily over her tongue and down her throat.

With a sexy smile, she grabbed both their hands and winked at her brother and lover. “Now it’s time to take a bath.”



“Hello, Mrs. Johansson. My name is James Weathers.”

“James Weathers? The anchorman James Weathers?”

“Yes, ma’am.” James intertwined fingers with Beverly, who kept her face buried in the soft flesh of his neck. She had begged James not to call Arletta. It didn’t bode well for her, no matter what James said. “I’m calling to inform you that Beverly will not be coming back to your house to live.”

“Wha – what?”

“You already knew that Bev wouldn’t be coming back. She called you last week to let you know that. I’m just doing a follow up call.”

“What? Mr. Weathers, I don’t understand. Why are you calling for Beverly?”

“Because Beverly is my girlfriend and as such, I am responsible for her. I just called to tell you that we will be coming by either sometime the end of this week or early next week for her belongings. We’ll make sure to call the day before so that you’re home and not inconvenienced.”

Inconvenienced? Is that all she has to say? That girl’s been a damned inconvenience all my life!”

James held the receiver to his ear, softly rubbing Beverly’s shoulder and feeling damned glad that she couldn’t hear her mother’s vicious words. “Well, Mrs. Johansson, I don’t know how Beverly was with you, but she’s been nothing but an angel with me.”

“It’s just an act, Mr. Weathers. She left without telling me and now it seems, she’s a whore.”

“No, she’s not a whore, Mrs. Johansson.” James sat up, anger warming his veins. “Maybe it’s you who is the whore.”

“What? How dare you!”

“Didn’t you sleep with five different men at the time Beverly was conceived? Wasn’t that why you had to do DNA testing to find out who Beverly’s father was?”

Silence flowed over the airwaves. “Who told you that?”

“I did a little research, Mrs. Johansson. I don’t think Beverly even knew that before now.” He glanced over at her and saw the surprise on her face. “Did you ever tell her who her real father was? Did you tell her about your rape?”

“James!” Beverly couldn’t believe what James was saying. Research? Rape? “James, what are you saying?”

“Your mother was raped when she was a young woman, Bev. She never reported it but she gave birth to a baby girl nine months later. She contacted the father but he told her that she was a whore and that was why she left Pittsburgh. Her community ostracized her, the church deserted her and that was the end of the world as your mother knew it.”

The other end of the line was silent save for the soft sobs of Arletta Johansson. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Mr. Weathers.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“I don’t have to tell you! I don’t have to explain anything to you! You’re nothing but a whoremonger! You took my daughter and turned her into a whore!”

James sighed deeply, his head dipping as the realization that he would never get through to her filled his head. Beverly still lay at his side, hiccupping as she silently sobbed in his arms. His cleared his throat, blinking past the tears that were threatening to fall from his own eyes. “We’ll call before we come for Bev’s stuff, Mrs. Johansson. Goodbye.”

The room was quiet for a long time with only the soft sounds of Beverly’s tears and James’ gentle words. He now knew the basis for Beverly’s journey towards becoming a woman. Her timidity at first, her defiance and her voraciousness now.

“Tell me.”


“Tell me what you found out.”

James wrapped his arms around her, pulling her even closer. “Your father’s name is Reverend Damascus Taylor. He was the pastor at the New Covenant when your mother was a young woman. By all accounts, your mother was an upstanding woman, very active in the church and someone that the others looked up to. Reverend Taylor asked her to help him with some accounting work and raped her that night. He told her that she was a bride of God and as such, was there for his exclusive use.

“When he finished with her, he told her that she was required to come back the next evening for another session. Your mother didn’t show up and for the most part, quit the church. When she became pregnant and she told people whom the father was, she was shunned. When she came to church, the good reverend pointed her out as an example of all that was going on with the world and called her a whore.”

“In front of all those people?”

“In front of all those people.” James pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Since then, she’s been celibate and she was training you to be celibate, too. To stay away from the sins of the flesh and to not become a whore. When you made the decision to have sex, in her eyes, you became a whore.” He paused for a long moment. “Either your mother is mentally ill or she just doesn’t want anything to have to do with sex. Whatever she is, is not what you are, Beverly. You’re not a whore. You’re a lovely young woman who enjoys sex.”

Beverly listened to his words, her mind swimming. Momma was raped. Just that revelation explained a lot about her mother. There were never any men at the house, only a few uncles that came by but didn’t stay long. She had one lady friend, Mrs. Armstrong, that came by on a regular basis to have coffee and cake but other than that, Beverly was the only constant companion her mother had.

And she never got over the rape. She never arrived at a healthy place where sex was a good thing with someone who loved you. Maybe she thought that no one could love her because of the rape. Maybe her mother truly was sick. Something else popped into her mind. Her mother was sabotaging her weight issues on purpose, keeping her fat to keep her ugly and unwanted. She’d harp on her to lose weight, then shove a package of cookies or bag of potato chips into her hands. Why didn’t I see that?

And then, sex. Beverly clearly remembered when her school had sent home information and a permission slip for the sex education portion of her health class. Arletta Johansson’s first answer was a resounding NO. Beverly didn’t need to know about sex. She wrote as much down on the permission slip and had Beverly take it back to school. Her health teacher, Mrs. Pinyon, gave her a sad look and called her mother later that day. Whatever she’d said changed her mother’s mind and she was allowed to attend.

Beverly felt enlightened after the class and entrapped the rest of her life. Graduation and college brought no one. If she did meet a guy who happened to call, Arletta would somehow make sure that he never called again. Then she opened the shop with her friend Sarah and became a businesswoman and was able to escape the smothering confines of her mother’s house. But she still ate, unable to escape the emotional confines.


She hadn’t realized that she was crying again. “I’m okay, James.”

“I still want you to come to Seattle with me.”

“Still? After all this?”

“I’ve known about this for a week now, Bev. If anything, it’s made me love you more.”

“Love?” Her voice was small, wrapped around such a big word.

“I think so.” He said softly, turning to face her and taking in the exotic slant of her eyes and the beauty that shimmered within. “It certainly feels like it.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’ve only felt it a few times.” He leaned closer. “And it was never as strong as this.”

Beverly closed her eyes and accepted his kiss, falling into the softness of his mouth and the tender caresses of his tongue against hers. She felt his hands sliding over her body, circling her nipples lightly and squeezing her buttocks, pressing her against his hardness. This is what love feels like.

As she gave herself over to James’ lovemaking, her tears dried quickly and Beverly Johansson broke the bonds that tied her to her mother’s grief and moved away from it forever.


The water was hot and smelled of roses. Petals of white, pink and red floated on the bubbly surface and swirled around Ashley as she stepped in. Kevin reached his hand out to Kelly Jo, as he’d done with Ashley and watched as the two women settled themselves in the oversized tub, then stepped in himself. He had never seen anything as beautiful as his sister and her lover. Kelly Jo’s honey-blonde hair was piled on her head as was Ashley’s dark hair, ringlets hanging around their beautiful faces. I’m in love with two women! His heart skipped a beat at the realization and he couldn’t help the silly smile that curved his lips.

Kelly Jo handed Ashley two glasses and poured the champagne, adding a third glass for herself and watched with lust-filled eyes as Ashley crossed the broad expanse of tub and gave Kevin the glass. She moved over as well, straddling his other leg and rubbing her already hot cunt on his thigh. Kevin smiled at her, grabbing her by the chin and pulling her in for a rough kiss. Ashley’s hot mouth scorched a path along the underside of her chin and neck as Kevin ravaged her mouth, sucking her tongue in and biting gently on it.

Ashley heard Kelly Jo’s whimper and dipped her hand under the water, gliding along her stomach until she found her pussy, parting the turgid lips and pushing a finger inside. Kelly Jo trembled, opening herself to Ashley. Ashley pressed another finger in, using her other hand to pinch her nipples and make them hard buds. Kevin’s fingers met hers on Kelly Jo’s breasts and she rubbed the backs of his hands, letting him have her skin.

“Let’s wash and get out of this tub.” Kelly Jo whispered and the threesome washed themselves and each other quickly, dried off and dashed for the bed, tangling together in a heap of hot flesh, open mouths and roaming hands.

“Fuck her first, Kevin.” Ashley was surprised to hear her voice so deep and husky. “She needs to be filled.”

“Let’s both fuck her.” Kevin winked saucily over Kelly Jo’s shoulder and Ashley arose, grabbing his robe and disappearing for a few minutes. While she was gone, Kevin went back to work on his sister, pressing her onto her back and resting his hard prick in her creamy cunt and sliding it up and down her wet trough. He took her mouth in a kiss again, moaning against her lips as the sensitive head of his cock mashed her swollen clit and her cunt juice coated the underside of his cock.

“Oh, Kevin.” Kelly Jo whispered. “I love you and Ashley so much!”

“Good.” He murmured huskily, glancing over her shoulder and pulling her back into a deep kiss, flipping onto his back in the process. “Sit on my cock, sis.”

Feeling lightheaded with passion, Kelly Jo pushed back onto her haunches and slowly lowered herself onto his slick prick, groaning as each inch of hard cock split her cunt open and buried itself in her warm, wet depths. Just as she reached the hilt, she felt Ashley’s warm hand on her back and the head of the strap-on nudged the pink blossom of her asshole. “Ash.” The plastic penis pushed gently and slowly slid into her ass. “Oh!” She felt so full that she shook with an unexpected orgasm. She rocked on Kevin’s thick spear, leaning back against Ashley and gasping as Ashley’s hands pinched her nipples.

“Feel me inside you, baby?” Ashley whispered in Kelly Jo’s ear, flexing her hips and driving the cock deeper into her bowels. “Feel Kevin’s cock inside you?” Kelly Jo’s body shook in pleasure. “We love you, Kel. We’ll always fuck you like this.” Kelly Jo’s head turned and Ashley took her tongue into her mouth, pressing against her back and helping her move up and down on Kevin’s pole.

Kevin gasped, feeling the head of the other penis through the thin skin of Kelly Jo’s body. Her pussy was soft and wet, welcoming him in and grabbing him tightly. He watched the byplay between his sister and Ashley and wanted to join but he couldn’t while on his back. He reached forward instead and pressed his thumb against her clit, rotating in a slow, heavy circle.

Kelly Jo exploded first, wrenching her mouth from Ashley’s and screaming as she came. Ashley came soon after, her own fingers working in her sore snatch and Kevin erupted in seconds, pumping his cum deep into his sister’s pussy. Kelly Jo reached back and kissed Ashley until the woman was gasping for breath. Ashley slid the strap-on out of Kelly Jo’s ass and both women lay down on either side of Kevin.

“This is the beginning of our new life together.” Kelly Jo said, intertwining fingers with Ashley over Kevin’s stomach. “I, Kelly Jo Marcus, take you, Ashley Swenten, as my lawfully wedded wife.”

“I, Ashley Swenten, take you, Kelly Jo Marcus, as my lawfully wedded wife.” Ashley whispered, looking into Kelly Jo’s eyes and smiling when they filled with tears. With hope in her heart, she turned to Kevin, her voice softer and full of uncertainty. “I, Ashley Swenten, take you, Kevin Marcus, as my lawfully wedded husband.”

Kevin took a breath and blinked against his tears, taking her hand in his. “I, Kevin Marcus, take you, Ashley Swenten, as my lawfully wedded wife.” As Ashley began to cry, Kevin took Kelly Jo’s hand in his other hand and pressed a kiss to the back. “I, Kevin Marcus, take you, Kelly Jo, as my lawfully wedded wife.”

“Oh, Kevin, I want you, too!”

The threesome lay together, sexually spent, emotionally effusive and for the first time in their lives, each seeing a future that they could have and be happy in. Ashley kissed Kevin deeply, her hand rubbing Kelly Jo’s stomach and Kelly Jo kissed her, squeezing Ashley’s hips.

“So where do we do go from here?”

Kevin gathered his sister close to him and both turned to Ashley. “Ashley has to decide to move in with us.” Ashley looked back and forth between their lovely eyes. “She has to decide that I’m her man and that you’re her woman and we all live in our house together.”

Ashley thought about her life before this contest. She thought about her step-father’s love and her mother’s disdain, the stint in the youth colony, meeting Matthew and now … Kevin and Kelly Jo’s love. “If I agree, can I leave whenever I want?”

“Absolutely.” Kelly Jo smiled, touching her cheek. “But you’d break our hearts if you did.”

Kevin’s reddened eyes met hers. “I kind of thought that you might like to marry me and we could have some kids … “ He saw the change on Ashley’s face before she realized that it had happened. “It’s completely up to you. I love you and I know Kel loves you and we wouldn’t want anyone else in our lives other than you.”

“Just you, Ash. Just you.” Ashley stared at them for a moment. “Nothing has to be set in stone. We can do things when we’re all ready.” Kelly Jo softly touched her cheek. “We just don’t want to lose you. We love you, Ash. Stay with us as long as you want,” The tears in Kelly Jo’s face were heartbreaking. “But know that we want you to stay with us forever.”

Ashley smiled faintly, her heart still reticent about truly trusting people. But deep inside, in her soul, she knew that she had found the answer to her problems. She knew that she had found her true loves.

“I love you both, too.” She wiped her tears away, bending towards Kelly Jo’s cum-filled snatch. “I love you, too.”

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