tagRomanceWicked Game Ch. 19

Wicked Game Ch. 19


When the plane touched down, Beverly suddenly felt scared. No, she was terrified. What the hell have I done? Arletta’s voice popped into her head. I’ll tell you what you did. You got out of my control, you fucked a man, you participated in an orgy and now, you’re a kept woman! Beverly shook her mother free and smiled. Nope. I became a woman. But she was still petrified. James’ hand tightened over hers, giving her a gentle squeeze.

“You okay?”

“No, but I’ll fake it.”

James smiled, raising her hand to his lips and giving the back a tender kiss. “You’ll be fine, Bev. I won’t let anything hurt you.”

“I know that, James, but I have to fend for myself. I can’t always let you protect me.”

James glanced over at her, shaking his head. That omniscience once again. She was good at analyzing things. “No, but I always will.”

Beverly grinned. “So what are we going to do first?”

“Go home and drop the luggage off, visit the bank and get our accounts taken care of, then do some shopping.”

“Our accounts?”

“Yes. We have to deposit these cashier’s checks.”

“I know, but you said accounts. Plural.”

“Well, I thought you’d be happier with your own account. We can open a joint account if you’d like.”

“No, I don’t want, either, James. I want you to have my money.”

“What? No way!’

“James, it’ll pay for rent, groceries and other expenses.”

“Beverly, that’s your money. You worked hard for that money. It’s yours!”

“But James … “

“No. There’s no way in hell that I’d take your money.”

“James … “

“No.” Beverly sat back in the seat, looking at him. “Now, I think you should have your own account. Especially since you’ll be starting your own store. Don’t you think?”

She was well and truly terrified now. Her own account? She never kept the bills for the shop. Sarah did that. How would she manage? James would think that she was an idiot. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“And when we get a little time, I’ll show you how to use Microsoft Money.”

“What’s that?”

“An ingenious program designed for dumbasses like me. It handles your accounting for you.” Beverly grinned. “You have to enter the information but it pretty much does the rest.”

“Thank God for that!” James laughed with her, hugging her to him.

The disembark light came on along with the pilot’s announcement. “Time to go, Bev.”

Time to go, Bev. No truer words had ever been spoken. She just hoped that she was strong enough to live up to them.


James’ penthouse was gorgeous. When they’d first arrived, Beverly had felt as if she was in a museum with the marble columns and granite floors. She was very surprised to find that James hated it.

“You hate this place? Why?”

“It’s too cold.” James heard the words leave his lips and was inwardly surprised to have said them. When he’d first found this place, everyone swooned over its majesty and the women beat a path to his door, wanting to spend the night in a place meant for a sultan. “When I look at this place, I can’t see you being comfortable here.”

“Oh, but James, it’s so beautiful!”

“What’s beautiful about it?” Beverly couldn’t answer him right away. She was seeing the place in her head, filled with warm woods, glittering crystals and maybe some tribal art. The way it was decorated now, it was very dark, like an elaborate mausoleum. “I think I should sell it.”

“No, James!” She exclaimed, touching his arm. “Please don’t. I think it can really be wonderful.”

James looked at her for a long moment. “It can be?”

“Oh, yes!”

As if guided by an unseen hand, Beverly began to tell him what she’d do with the apartment and he was surprised that he could see her vision so clearly. Everything that she talked about from the floor coverings to the window treatments seemed to fit and would make the place spectacular. “Sold!”


“You’ve sold me, Bev. Our home is your first project.”


James nodded. “Just think. You do a spectacular job and you’ll have Seattle’s finest and wealthiest eating out of your hand. And then maybe, you should open a home decorating business instead of a clothing shop.” He put his arms around her from behind, tucking his chin into her shoulder as they looked out over the Seattle skyline. “And we can rule the city.”

Beverly smiled, pressing against him. Yes. We can rule the city.


James Weathers went back to work the following day. As he’d said, Chris had been able to handle his spot and the young man had done a good job, although there had been a faux pas or two but every career suffered those and he said as much to the young man. His co-anchor, Grace Wilding, was surprisingly subdued, but he knew that she was just biding her time and waiting for her opportunity to repay him for Beverly’s comments in Tahoe. He hoped that Beverly would be with him. Not to reply to her, but to give him her support.

A month went by and then two and Beverly settled into her new life and took the house project by the horns. She was amazed to find out what she could do and as a result, the house became her soul. As it developed, she developed. As it changed, she changed. And after three months, the Beverly Johansson everyone knew had been replaced with the Beverly Johansson that she wanted to be: trimmer, more confident and absolutely in love.

“Are you nervous?”

“What do you think?” Beverly checked her makeup for the fiftieth time and James grabbed her hands. “You look like a million dollars, hon. You’ll be fine.”

“James, I’ve never done anything like this.”

James smiled into her eyes, his mouth watering over her appearance. The gown was peach with a large drape holding her ample bosom in and cascading to the floor. No one could imagine that this immaculately dressed woman had been sitting on his face a few hours earlier, howling like a rutting animal as she rode his tongue to glory. No one would imagine that she had then sucked his cock into her mouth and painted it like a picket fence, swallowing every ounce of his cum with a wicked smile.

“Barbara, you’ve done a fantastic job with the house. I couldn’t imagine living any where else now. You’ve made my house our home.” Tears sparkled like jewels in her beautiful eyes. “But something is still missing.”

“Missing? What’s missing?”


The world stopped.

Beverly hadn’t realized that she’d stopped breathing until her lungs started hurting. James lifted the 2 carat platinum ring from its satin and velvet box and sank onto one knee.

“You are what is missing.” James felt his throat constricting with tears. “You, Beverly.”

“Oh, James.”

“Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Oh, God, James! Are you sure?”

“Yes. I don’t want to live my life without you.”

Beverly crumpled into his arms as he slid the ring onto her finger, kissing her hand as he did so. It was all so perfect, so very perfect. “Oh, James.” She whispered, kissing his ear.

“Now, go have a great showing. I’ll be waiting for you.” James hugged her still-fat body to his. “And don’t lose any more weight, will you? I like you fat and sassy.”

She smiled at him. “I’ve just been busy with the house, James.”

“Well, it’s done now. So please … don’t lose any more.”

With a final kiss, Beverly left James in the kitchen and joined the group of sixteen of the area’s most influential designers and home builders. The tour took nearly an hour and a half and James followed, lending his celebrity to the credibility of the project without eclipsing her. And she did wonderfully. She explained every detail of the changes she’d had made to the place, showing the designers that she knew her products and the builders that she was aware of feng shui and the non-mystical way that it could be applied.

At the conclusion of the tour, James welcomed everyone into the kitchen and everyone mingled while nibbling on salmon canapés and crab dip. He was astounded when Solomon Brady, a designer, made him an offer of $1 million dollars on the place. The old James Weathers would have accepted the offer and looked for a new place to create a bachelor pad but the new James Weathers knew that this was his home. All because of Beverly.

Phil Hardestal, an old friend of his from way back, sidled up to him, begging a champagne refill, then gave him a nudge. “So you’re into black ones again?”

James was surprised at the ire that arose, coloring his face. “Phil, color doesn’t matter.”

“It did once upon a time and it certainly does with DeNiro.” Hardestal emptied his glass and poured his own refill. “Does she swallow?”

“Phil, at the risk of sounding ungrateful for your presence here, I am going to say this very politely: fuck off.”

“Geez!” Hardestal gave him a hard stare. “You don’t have to be so touchy.” He stopped for a moment. “Wait a minute. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for this one?”

“Lock, stock and barrel. Check out her hand.”

Hardestal saw the ring but could hardly believe it. “She must be one helluva fuck for you to give up your freedom.”

“Who said I was losing my freedom? Hardestal, being a tomcat is a lonely existence. I’m not losing my freedom. I’m gaining it.”

“You’ll be the only man on earth to ever say that.”

“That’s because they don’t know how to pick a good woman.”

“And pray tell, how do you do that?”

“You use your heart.”

Hardestal brayed in laughter, tossing his head back. “She’s sure got you snowed.”

James ignored his boorish friend and gazed raptly at his fiancée. “You’ll never know, Phil. You’ll never know.”


Beverly had made a momentous decision.

They’d married in Hawaii, James laughing during most of the ceremony because the outlandish hat that she’d insisted on wearing kept getting blown into the surf. After the fourth or fifth time, Beverly didn’t care any more. She held her hair back from her face as she accepted her first kiss as Mrs. James Hawethorne Weathers.

They’d only been back for a month. It had taken Beverly that long to get an appointment with a gynecologist and have a complete check-up. Flying colors, Dr. Bennet had said. It’s your decision.

When James arrived home that evening, he was pleasantly surprised to find Beverly at the door, a frosty gin and tonic in her hand and a smile on her face. He had been happy to see her eating again and was pleased to see that she had gained a little of the weight back. This evening, she had dressed to seduce him. The lemon corset she was bound into pushed her huge breasts up until they spilled over the tops, fat black nipples begging for his immediate attention.

“Mmmm.” He bypassed the drink to suck one of those nipples into her mouth and thrilled to hear her moan of pleasure. “I think you missed me.”

“You know I did, baby.” The endearment morphed into another moan as his mouth found the other nipple. “I’m guessing that you like my outfit?”

“You guessed right. What’s the occasion?”

“Our one month anniversary.” James grinned and pulled her into a deep kiss, sliding the long grey box into her hand. “You remembered!”

“Are you kidding?” He touched her cheek, getting lost in her beautiful eyes as he always did. “I couldn’t be happier. Now open it.”

Inside rested a 5 carat diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet. “Holy shit!”

James laughed, slipping it onto her wrist with a soft kiss. “I have a bit of good news as well.”

Beverly threw her arms around him, kissing his face like an excited child. “What’s that?”

“I’ve been named National News Anchor of the Year.”

“You’re kidding!”

Beverly broke out the champagne and served it with the dinner she’d prepared: James’ favorite fried chicken, black-eyed peas with ham slivers, collard greens and fingerling pepper vinegar. James ate like a famished man, knowing by the look in her eyes, that it was going to be a long night. When she gave him a second helping of peas, she had reached down and had given his hard prick a squeeze. After the key lime pie dessert, she took the whipped cream can and decorated her nipples with two large dollops.

“Want a little extra whipped cream?”

James shoved his face into one mound of cream, letting his tongue search through and find her pebbled nipple. Her shudder told him that she was enjoying his ministrations and he moved to the other nipple, repeating his actions. While he ravaged her breasts, his fingers searched for the ties to the corset, loosening and allowing even more of her breasts to fall into his face. After a little more work, the corset fell away, leaving Beverly naked, except for a tiny thong and thigh-high stockings.

“Let’s go to bed.”

Beverly didn’t resist. Grabbing another bottle of champagne, she let him lead her up to the bedroom and made undressing him quick work. She almost laughed when she realized that she still got excited at his touch. Her pussy was already leaking when he slid two questing fingers into her hole.

“Jesus, you’re already wet!”

“I can’t help it.” Beverly replied, wrapping her fingers around his prick. “You’re such a turn on.”

James chuckled, licking his fingers. She pushed him onto his back and kissed her way down his chest, pausing a moment to nibble on his nipples, before slowly wrapping her lips around his cock. She never tired of sucking his cock. She loved the sounds he made, the guttural growls and helpless whimpers. She loved the musky smell of his meat coupled with the uniquely sweet scent of his cum. Beverly quickly took him to task, grazing him from time to time with her teeth and using her tongue whiplash his prick into submission. Pre-cum dribbled onto her tongue and she swallowed every bit, cupping his balls and giving gentle tugs in combination with her sucking.

“Oh, baby.” James could only gasp as needles of extreme pleasure pierced his cock wherever her teeth grazed. He shook, forcing himself to hold his control. He didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to bury himself in her wet, black pussy and let her suck his tongue into her mouth. Oh! Just the thought of that was making him harder. He gritted his teeth and growled, wrestling with himself as she sucked on the fat head of his prick, licking it like a lollipop.

Beverly sensed that he was getting near and pulled her mouth away, letting her hand slide up and down his spit-washed shaft, keeping the tension level high as she massaged the skin between his ball sac and his asshole and received a groan. Working in a circular motion, she let her finger move closer to his hole, then circled around it with a firm stroke. When she was certain that he was ready, she pushed her finger in, taking him back into her mouth at the same time.

James arched with a shout; not of pain, but of pleasure. His prick throbbed between her lips, marching toward the edge as her finger rubbed his prostate. Then, as quickly as the ecstasy began, it stopped. She sat smiling down at him. “Not yet, big boy. It’s my turn.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

James had learned that Beverly adored being eaten out. All he had to do breathe on her cunt and she practically came. He approached her pussy the way she loved: pushing her legs apart like a conquering hero, licking and biting his way up each thigh and settling himself at her juncture before getting to work. He started with the tip of his tongue, reaching out and pressing just inside the top of her cleft, mashing her swollen clit down. She screamed in delight. He did it again, a slight smile creasing his face as pussy juice started to leak from her hole. Just two touches and she came.

Still using the tip of his tongue, he pressed past her enflamed outer lips, snaked through the inner lips and found her sweet, hot center, beginning a slow slide down into her weeping honey pot and pushing inside. Beverly gasped and shook as she came again and James rubbed her tongue up, targeting her clit, giving it a flick and sliding down again. She shook again. By the time he’d completed five circuits, from top of slit to bottom of hole, Beverly had cum seven times. He kissed her pussy before arising, holding himself over her.

Quivering with aftershocks, Beverly reached down and gave her husband’s thick cock a few loving strokes and guided him into her clasping hole. His handsome face contorted in pleasure as he sank into her warm, wet depths, a shuddering sigh escaping him. She raised her hips as far as she could and settled herself onto the pillows he tucked under her ass and wrapped her arms around his neck, moving with him.

“Oh, James.”

James always started out slowly, enjoying the feeling of friction on the sensitive skin. He looked down and bit his lip at the sight of his hard, white pole slipping past the pink lips of her brown pussy. It was so exciting. Fuck! Think about something else! It wasn’t working, especially not when she pulled her thighs apart, trying to wedge them back toward her ears and he saw more of her pink slit, with his prick swimming in cunt juice.

“Beverly, why do you do this to me?”

He knew the answer to that. Because I love you. That fired him up even more, sending tingles tripping up and down his spine and she shuddered to another orgasm. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down into a soul-stealing kiss that torched him down to the soles of his feet. Beverly, sweet Beverly. He felt the familiar tingles creeping up his spine and broke the kiss to look down into her eyes. My wife.

Beverly gazed up into James’ dark eyes, feeling his love pouring into her soul. She’d watched dozens of romantic movies but nothing compared to this. This is love. Tears pricked her eyes. This is really love. She closed her eyes, captured his mouth and groaned his name as she came again, her body vibrating.

James came right behind her, his heart speaking to her through his touch and his taste. His toes were still stuck in a stiff curl as he crawled off and cuddled beside her.

Beverly pulled him close, ruffling his hair and sighing in sated release, wondering if her decision would come to fruition.


“Our National News Anchor of the Year, James Weathers!”

The banquet had been a long affair but Beverly had worked her way through it. She’d never been to an affair like this and at first, she’d been overwhelmed by the attention lavished on her as Mrs. James Weathers. Of course, some of that attention had been negative, especially from Grace Wilding. She’d learned that Grace had still wanted James and was furious that he’d marry a black girl. That bit of negativity was buried under requests for her design services and compliments on taming the wild man known as Jack.

The after-party going full blast when Beverly took James out to the balcony to enjoy the bright lights of the city. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“It certainly is.” James was thinking back to the Beverly Johansson he’d met all those months ago and compared her to this edition. That Beverly was sloppy, depressed and had no self-esteem. This Beverly was elegant, well-spoken and had a smile that lit her smoky eyes from within. She was still heavy, but she dressed better and her gorgeous hair framed her dimpled face.

She graced him with the special smile that she reserved just for him. “Not me, knucklehead. The city.”

James stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pressing a kiss against her shoulder. “I’ve always loved Seattle’s skyline. I love it more now that I have someone to share it with.”

Beverly gave him a gentle squeeze, turning in his arms. “I have a gift for you.”

“You do?”

“Yes.” She reached into her purse, drawing out a long, flat case. “Can’t a wife give her husband a gift, especially since he’s National News Anchor of the Year?”

James laughed and accepted the case, lifting the lid and pausing in shock. He could barely hear her words, the blood was thundering so loudly in his ears. I thought this would be the perfect gift … Nestled in the soft folds of midnight blue velvet was a pregnancy tester with a huge plus sign in the center. “D-Does this mean what I think it means?”

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