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He's such a little shit.

I bust my beautiful buns trying to create those all-important love connections. Just when I've lined all the stars up, that rascally imp slips in behind me, and with one fling of his nasty little 'arrows' the whole shebang is swirling down the crapper.

Take Rob and Wendy, for example. A match made in Mt. Olympus. Well, of course it is. I made it myself. Two more perfect souls I've never joined. He's a socially awkward geek with a decent bod and a simple optimism. I have it on good authority that my good friends, the Fates, are planning big things for him.

Wendy is an effervescent middle-school gym teacher with long, ginger hair and a trim, athletic physique that cousin Diana would kill for. She loves children, and wants a big family. Despite her perennial smile, she is full of self-doubt. She needs Rob's confidence, just as he needs her gregarious spirit.

Like I've always said, opposites attract. After doing this for over ten millennia, I know what I'm talking about. And before you make any snide comments about my age, unless you want to be turned into a goat, I'm forever eighteen.

So I managed to bring these two together at a mutual friend's party. They were drawn to each other like a pair of lodestones. They've hardly spent a night apart since. Rob has even been thinking about...

Well, I think I'll let them tell you...

][~][ ][~][ ][~][ ][~][

In the dawn's soft glow, Rob gazed down on the most exquisite face he could imagine. Her sensual lips hung open in sexual ardor, her eyes all dreamy with desire. Weak moans rose from her throat with each slow, steady shove of his cock. Her tight pussy was hot and slick for him. His patient mouth and fingers had already lifted her to two orgasms that morning, and he was sure he could pull another one from her.

"You're so beautiful," he sighed, enjoying the way her breath caught when he rolled her small, reddish-pink nipple between his fingers. He couldn't believe his luck, that such a splendid woman, someone so full of life, could be interested in a dull, shy programmer like him.

A smile came to those perfect, parted lips. "Fuck me," Wendy said, knowing full well what her dirty mouth did to him. She felt his cock swell inside her. "Do it, Rob. Fuck me 'til your come is dripping out of my nasty pussy."

Something deep and primal within him drew a growl from his chest. He grabbed her shoulders, jerking her downward as he lunged.

"Fuck!" Wendy squeaked, throwing her head back as the power of his thrust excited a fresh storm of exhilarating rushes rising up through her body. The feral sounds he made fanned the coals burning in her belly, and she felt the first tingles of yet another climax. How the fuck did he do that without touching her clit? Nearly every goddamn time?

Rob rammed his cock ferociously into her again. And again. He kept impaling her, driving his hard pubic bone relentlessly against her mound, measuring her pleasure by the sting of her sharp fingernails piercing his back.

Between ragged breaths, Wendy muttered a surprised, "Ohmygod!", shivering as the tingles started to spread like wildfire. With the single, squeaky inhale that Rob loved to hear, her lean frame jerked to a sudden, tensed stop. Pleasure coursed through her body like waves in molten glass, each surge rising from her incredible lover's cock pounding into her pussy.

Spurred on by the sight of her joy, Rob didn't slow down. She was like a warm, slippery glove throbbing around his shaft.

His balls began to tighten. A flurry of electrifying thrills raced across his skin, and pleasure gripped his spine, from his ass to his medulla. He slammed his cock once, then again. A throaty groan arose from somewhere deep within him.

Come gushed through his cock, billowing inside Wendy's pussy. She cooed sweetly with the warmth of his joy. From the first time they'd made love, she had dreamed of the day when she would accept this wonderful man's seed into her womb to start their family. If only he would give her a sign. Anything that would tell her that's what he wanted, too.

They collapsed together, side-by-side, cuddling and kissing softly among the twisted sheets.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Rob said.

Wendy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. For a while she thought he'd forgotten what day it was. Rob had never been a traditional romantic. He leaned toward the simpler, more honest expressions of his affection. Long walks together. A surprise picnic. Camping out on the rooftop of his apartment building. And his lovemaking, of course. Wow.

Still, this was a special day. A card would be nice. Maybe even a little candy. Flowers would be awesome. Especially roses.

Yes, even a single red rose would have been special, Wendy thought sadly as she kissed him.

But it was a Saturday, and Rob worked at his computer nearly every day. Today was no different than any other. After a small breakfast -- a bagel, some fruit, and coffee -- Rob plopped down, tapping at his keyboard while Wendy slipped into her satiny running outfit. She looked so sexy in those shorts, he thought. She gave Rob a quick kiss, and zipped out the door.

Rob ran through the code, debugging a little web and phone app that he'd come up with. It wasn't much, but it filled a gap in the financial industry that he'd discovered while working as a contract programmer. Maybe someday he could sell it.

He kept getting distracted, though. He loved Wendy so much. He hoped that she loved him. With any luck, he might find out tonight. He already had reservations at Le Maison, plus a few other surprises.

Opening his top desk drawer, he reached into the back for a small box. Inside was his grandmother's engagement ring. He could have afforded a larger stone, but the setting was so perfect. He hoped Wendy would like it -- and would like him -- enough to wear it. He'd already borrowed one of her rings and had it sized for her. He couldn't imagine what he would do if she said 'no'.

][~][ ][~][ ][~][ ][~][

And that's when the little shit decides to play his wicked games.

Everything's going perfect with Wendy and Rob, just the way I planned it. I'm ready to step away and let love take its course.

Then I see him, at the park. He's lying in ambush. Him and his damned golden 'arrows'. What is he up to? The devious grin tells me some poor schmo is about to have his or her world turned upside down.

I have to concede, he can be a powerful ally when I need to inflame a reluctant heart. I've learned that can be a bit dicey, though. Even with the best of intentions, one never knows who -- or what -- is going to show up at the wrong moment and become the unexpected object of someone's unquenchable desire.

Left to his own devices, however, my son is more likely to create havoc. He gets his malicious kicks inciting adultery and a miscellany of sordid passions. He seems to take particular delight in profaning the festival of that misguided Christian, St. Valentine.

My eye catches a familiar figure sprinting down the path.

No. He wouldn't. Not her! That little...

][~][ ][~][ ][~][ ][~][

The doubts had crept in before Wendy got to the street. When Rob sat down at that damned computer, it was like the rest of the world didn't exist. He ignored her completely while he was working.

Couldn't he have at least come up with a cheap Valentine's card from the drugstore? Even if he'd drawn a heart on a piece of paper, that would have given her something that she could hold onto. Right now, all she had were a few special memories and his come trickling down her leg.

Why did he have to work today? she wondered. We could have done something together, gotten out of the city, even just had a hot dog together. At least I could have stolen the menu as a keepsake of our first Valentine's Day.

As she turned into the park, her disappointment was evolving into anger. That translated into raw energy. She was running at breakneck speed.

He's so self-absorbed, he probably doesn't want kids at all, she grouched silently.

"Ouch!" A tiny, sharp sting hit Wendy's tight butt, just as she got to a blind bend in the path. It felt like the bite of a horsefly, or the prick of a rose thorn. Her hand flew back to rub the sore spot, and she turned her head to see where it had come from. She felt a little lightheaded.

Instantly, she collided with a runner coming around the corner in the other direction. They were both knocked to the grass, stunned.

Gradually, the groggy haze lifted, and Wendy started to recover her senses. She muttered, "I'm sorry. I got stung by —"

Then she gasped. A man was sitting on the ground next to her. But to call him a man was a disservice.

She had run into a god.

He was beautiful. She'd never seen such a perfect man. His face was chiseled, with a cleft chin, a strong nose, and deep, penetrating blue eyes deep set into a dark, Mediterranean complexion. Brawny, well-defined biceps grew out of a tight, sleeveless shirt that showed off firm pecs and a full six pack. His arms were matted with black fur. She'd never liked hairy men before, but he looked delicious.

Her eyes fell even lower. As she watched, his running shorts began to rise. Bigger and bigger, the bulge grew. The outline of a thick, heavy tuber formed. She couldn't stop herself from licking her lips.

"No, I'm the one who's sorry," the man said, his full lips smiling at her, amused at her interest in his anatomy. "I'm sorry I never met you before."

He was sorry. A sensitive and kind man, she thought. I'll bet he bought his girlfriend flowers for Valentine's

He sprang to his feet. His hairy, sinewy legs looked gorgeous. Her pussy lips tickled, seeping with dew as she imagined how much power those thighs could put behind that splendid cock of his. When he extended a hand to her, she took it, and he lifted her to her feet effortlessly.

She sighed.

"My name is Dante," he said, shaking her hand.

But she could barely take her eyes off the mighty trunk in his shorts.

If Rob can send me to heaven, Dante's cock will certainly open the gates of hell, she thought lasciviously. She had never felt such raw lust like this for anyone. Wendy decided that she'd wasted too much time on cruise-control with her geeky, unimaginative lover. This was as good a time as any to test drive a new muscle car.

"Are you hurt, Miss, um...?"

"Uh, yeah," she said, clearing her thoughts. Why did she still feel so dizzy? "Wendy. My name is Wendy. But no, I'm not hurt. I feel fine now. Are you running that way, Dante? That's where I'm going, too. Is it okay if I run with you?"

"It would be a pleasure to have you accompany me anywhere," he replied, his eyes taking in her luscious, toned body.

][~][ ][~][ ][~][ ][~][

"Cupid!" I scream, loud enough to awaken Pluto's Underworld. "Come here! Now!"

In a blinding flash, my mischievous, cherubic son appears before me, leaning casually on his bow with that devilishly innocent smile of his.

"What's up, Mom?"

"What do you think you're doing to that woman?"

"Just accelerating the inevitable," he shrugs.

"Don't be presumptuous," I scold him. "Even Jupiter can't predict the future."

My son laughs. "Mortals are all fickle. Of all the gods and goddesses, you should know about that, Mom. Give any one of them a chance and they will go for the goodies, every time. Especially if the goodies are as impressive as her new lover's."

"I can't believe I raised such a misanthrope. You have to stop her. Now!" I demand.

"Why?" he asks. "Do you seriously think her computer jockey ex-lover wouldn't dip his spoon into the first sweet honey-pot that comes along?"

"I think he's as fine a man as I've seen. He loves Wendy. He wouldn't dare betray her."

Cupid snorts. "You've been reading too many cheap romance novels."

"I'll prove it."

Rolling his eyes, he laughs. "You're not gonna' seduce another mortal, are you? Remember what happened when you did it with Adonis, and Aunt Persephone didn't talk to you until, like, the Renaissance?"

"That's not going to be a problem this time, because nothing's going to happen."

"And if it does happen?" he says with a sly grin.

"If it does, then..." I ponder suitable stakes. "...then I'll grant you open season on St. Valentine's for a century."

"And if Mr. Wonderful is somehow able to refuse the plentiful charms of the Goddess of Love?"

"Then for the next hundred years, you promise to spend this day alone with your wife." I would have thought the accident that put them together had taught him the dangers of playing around with his lust-filled 'arrows'.

He rolls his eyes again. "You know I love her like crazy. But she's so vain. She probably thinks this day is about her."

"Do we have a deal?"

"Sure," he says. "But no cheating, Mom. You have to put it on the line. I want to see full frontal Venus if that's what it takes. Two hours, minimum."

"Two hours? In that case, anything less than phallus penetratus doesn't count. I don't want another fiasco like we ran into with that president back in the 90's. As I recall, you had something to do with that, too." she scolds.

He smirks, "I seem to remember you enjoyed yourself."

Bashfully, I admit, "He denied it was sex. But he was definitely a silver-tongued demon." The memory brings a flush to my cheeks, and elsewhere. "Same rules here, Cupid. Regardless of what happens, you can't expect me to suffer through two hours of teasing without some reward."

"Fair enough," he agrees.

"And don't you dare get involved," I warn him. "No target practice. I expect you to keep Wendy safe until we settle this."

"Yeah, whatever." He snickers. "This is gonna' be fun. There's no way a mortal can resist you, male or female."

I'm afraid he may be right. I am incredibly beautiful. Oh, well. Worst case, I get a bellyful of man-meat. The last time my pussy had its walls washed down by a mortal, King Henry was inspired to create a new church. And if Wendy's obvious joy is any indication, letting Rob mount my saddle would be a ride to remember.

How in the name of the Titans did I let myself get drawn into my son's wicked games?

][~][ ][~][ ][~][ ][~][

Rob's phone rang, interrupting his modifications to a search algorithm. It was Wendy. He glanced at the time -- she'd been gone longer than usual.

"Hi, sweetie! Will you be back soon?" He was anxious to spring the surprise dinner invitation.

"Uh, no," she replied. "I, uh -- I sorta' fell while I was running. I went back to my place to, uh, to rest for a while. Yeah."

Something in her voice sounded strange. It was like she was drunk.

"Are you okay? Do you need me to come over and take care of you?" he asked with a suggestive tone.

"No!" she answered, a little too quick. "I mean, yeah. I'm okay. I just need to, uh, I need to be alone and rest for a while. You know. Alone. I think I'll just sleep here tonight. By myself."

"Oh." His heart sank to his feet. "Are you sure, Wendy? I mean —"

"Yeah, I'm sure, Rob. I think it would be a good idea if we spent some time apart. I mean, you've got your important software thingy. This will give you an opportunity to work on it."

"Oh. Okay, sweetie. If that's what you want."

"Yeah. That's what I want. Well, okay. See ya' later."

And she hung up, leaving him in a stupefied daze. All his plans, smashed in an instant.

He turned back to his computer screen, but couldn't shake the suspicion that something was wrong.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Still trying to make sense of Wendy's behavior, he opened his door.

She was a goddess. The young blonde standing at his portal was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She couldn't be over eighteen.

"Hi," the girl said with a honey-sweet smile. "My name's Vanessa. I'm moving in down the hall."

He was enthralled. The melodious timbre of her voice had the purity of flutes.

She seemed coy, a little bashful when she said, "I'm all by myself. I don't know anyone in town. Do you suppose you could help me move a few things around?"

"Uh, yeah. Sure," he said, unable to tear his eyes away from her silky golden hair, her candy-pink lips, and the slender hourglass shape of her body.

He followed her down the hall, mesmerized by the smooth, side-to-side weaving of her perfect ass. Wendy's tight butt was ideal in its own way, but this girl's heart-shaped tail, barely contained in those close-fitting shorts, had just enough extra flesh to give it the barest hint of a wiggle at each end of its seductive swing. His mouth watered. He had an overwhelming urge to bite it.

She opened the door to her apartment. Boxes were everywhere. He hadn't even realized that his friend Wally had moved out of this unit.

They started moving boxes. Well, he moved boxes. The girl -- Vanessa -- mostly watched him move boxes, wearing a hungry look in her eyes. Even thought he had no designs on her, he sucked in his trim belly, standing straighter, making a show of his masculinity the way men do.

At every chance, Rob stole glances at his new neighbor. Her simple grace, the fair complexion of her face with those charmingly pink cheeks, those full lips, that exquisite hair, like pure honey poured over her scalp -- she was the model of feminine perfection.

And those breasts! Each time she bent over, his eyes fell into the deep, shadowed valley between her hefty mounds. Delicate blue veins lines the two porcelain-white globes. Her shirt was so tight, he thoroughly expected the buttons to pop open any second. The worn fabric provided clear evidence of the pinkness of her prominent teats.

He was hard. Faced with such an enticing woman, how could he not be? The scent of her didn't help. Every time he got close, his nose was inundated with a potpourri of fragrances. Cinnamon. Vanilla. Something vaguely fruity. And pussy. Definitely pussy. Vanessa's body exuded lust at every turn.

Despite his peacock-style showing off for his neighbor, Rob's thoughts kept returning to Wendy. For the first time, he was worried. She could be insecure sometimes. He knew that when she got like that, she made rash decisions. Her behavior on the phone sounded funny. It wasn't like her to want to be alone when she wasn't feeling well.

He was nearly done stacking the boxes where they belonged when Vanessa came to him. Gazing up at him with that same desirous look in her eyes, she laid her hand on his chest.

"I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing for me, Rob." Her voice had changed. The open, airy sound of flutes was now the low growl of a tigress in heat.

He couldn't recall. When had he told her his name? And when did those two extra buttons come loose on her shirt? He was salivating.

Her hand moved across his chest. Her palm circled his manly tit, her small, slender fingers caressing and squeezing the side of his pecs.

"My, Rob. You're so strong," she said, a sultry lilt in her voice. "I don't know how I'm ever going to repay your kindness." Her hand began sliding down his body. circling his flat belly, then moving lower.

His cock twitched in anticipation. He had never felt more desire for any woman.

Except Wendy. In his heart he knew she loved him, regardless of the way she was acting. And he loved her. As much as he wanted this woman, he couldn't let his passions run away with him.

As Vanessa's hand reached his belt, he took hold of her wrist, gently pushing it away. He was surprised to see a pleased smile.

][~][ ][~][ ][~][ ][~][

"C'mon, Mom! You're not trying hard enough. Start peeling. He's practically drooling over your tits."

"Cool it. I've got plenty of time left. I'm just getting warmed up."

But I can already see that Rob is even stronger than I had expected. Most mortals wouldn't have made it this far. Perhaps some lubricant will help.

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