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Wicked Little Girl


I woke up to the sound of you lightly moaning "Baby"; you were in a deep, restful sleep and your body was heavy with exhaustion. I didn't remember you coming home and sneaking into my bed, but it was a lovely surprise to wake up snuggled against my Daddy's naked body, my head resting on his broad chest, our legs entwined. I watched you sleep for a while, listening to your early morning sex dream, hoping I was the star.

Watching you asleep, so unguarded made me yearn to take you and make you Baby's good boy. I was enticed by the sight of the sheets, tented between your legs by your hard Daddycock. I traced my fingers across your chest and down your belly. My tongue snaked out between my lips and I dragged it across your nipple, drawing insistent little circles around and around, sucking it into my warm, greedy mouth, teasing it with the scrape of my teeth. My hand slid lower, past your belly, into a delicious tangle of hair, until I reached your cock, so hard, and big and ready to be fucked. I wrapped my fingers around the base delicately, jerked it softly and you moaned; your low, gravelly voice vibrated through my body. I pulled the sheets off of us, rolled on top of you and slid your big, stiff morning wood up and down my cunt lips.

I whispered sweetly in your ear,

"Daddy, wake-up, Baby wants some. Come on Daddy, wake-up and let your babygirl fuck you."

I sat up and slapped your cock against my pussy, opening my fuck lips with two fingers so I could whip that hard daddydick right against my yummy little cumbutton. I gasped and cooed with desire. Finally, you started to rouse; you were groggy at first, but soon enough I had your undivided attention. You smiled wickedly, reached for my round hips and sat up, pulling me tight against your chest. Uh, Daddy, you took my tit in your mouth and sucked so hard my pussy started gushing girlcum all over your naked lap. I tore my fingers through your hair, holding your head tight against my tit.

"What were you dreaming about, my nasty Daddy?"

You looked up from the quickly forming hickey on my tit and blushed a little.

"What else would I be dreaming about Princess? Fucking my littlegirl. Now come on Baby, push that tight, little fuckcunt down on Daddy's hard cock. Fuck me babygirl. "

Smiling coyly at you, I pushed hard on your chest, your back slamming against the head board. I gripped your dick and pushed your oozing head so lightly against my clit, circling my hips a bit. I slid your cock down to the entrance of my fuckhole and back up my slit, rubbing our juices up and down your rod with my fingers, making sure we were both nice and wet before such a big, thick cock, rapefucked such a sweet, tight pussy. Satisfied with our wetness, I slowly dropped myself onto you, sliding down the entire length of your hot, wet stiffness and I let out a contented gasp.

You jerked forward, grabbing me tight to you and grunted loudly. Your hands pushed up and down my back as you reared up ever so slightly, my fuckwalls rippling against your cock deliciously, pulling and holding you deep inside of me.

I draped my arms over your shoulders and looked into your eyes. I loved being on top, riding you, being able to see all the desire and need in your face; allowing you to so brazenly look at every part of me. I kissed you and you cried out softly, sucking my bottom lip into your mouth.

With a pleading moan you begged;

"Fuck me Baby. Please. Fuck your Daddy."

The needy way your voice cracked turned me on and I began sliding my cunt up and down your twitching, lurching cock, rolling my hips expertly against you each time I sunk deep onto your fuckpole.

"Oh, Daddy, yes, uh. You like this tight pussy Daddy? Huh? Tell babygirl how much you like getting fucked. Come on, slutdaddy, tell me how much you love my cunt. Tell me how much you want my babygirl pussy Daddy"

"Ohh, God, I love your fucking cunt on my dick. Uh, Baby, yes. Uh, fuck your Daddy, fuck your Daddy. Baby, fuck your Daddy!! Oh, I love your pussy so much honey! I need it so fucking bad!"

I began pumping up and down faster and harder, pulling almost all the way off of your slippery dick and then dropping down roughly until you filled me to the hilt, your balls pressing against my opened fucklips. I leaned in to bite your ear sharply, pinching your nipple between my fingers.

"Oh Daddy. Oh you feel so good. Come on big boy, fuck me harder, and drive that cock in me, grind those hips for your baby. Make me cum on that dick Daddy."

You grabbed my round ass cheeks and began pumping me up and down on your cock as you simultaneously and desperately shoved your hips upward. The incredible sounds of our juicy wetness, slapping fuck parts and your intense rhythmic panting intoxicated me. Your whole body stiffened underneath me and I could tell you were about to cum.

"Uh, god Baby I need to cum! Uh, yea I am about to cum."

"Naughty Daddy! You know the rules; Babygirl always gets to cum first! Don't you cum yet Daddy!" I demanded.

I stopped driving up and down on your daddydick, but my needy cunt still milked you pitilessly. It was too late, you were going to cum and you couldn't stop it.

"Uh! Baby I have to cum. Uh!!! God, Baby your pussy is just so fucking tight and hot and wet! Oh God, I wanna cum in you so bad my sweet little girl. Please let me cum in you my pretty fuckgirl"

I looked at you disapprovingly but wiggled against you kindly.

"Okay, Daddy you can cum in me now."

As soon as permission escaped my lips, you were shooting great streams of daddyjizz up your babygirl's tight, hungry hole. The force of your spurting cum gave me several, quivering little mini-orgasms but I resisted the urge to cum out loud for you; you needed to be punished for breaking our rule. Even as you shot your hot load, I continued fucking you, squeezing every last drop of your white wetness into me.

Finally you collapsed, exhausted from your tremendous cum. I laid flat on top of you, your softening cock still deep in me and I kissed you lovingly, stroking your hair behind your ear.

"Daddy boy needs to be punished for not allowing his Baby mistress to cum first, doesn't he? He was such a needy slut that he forgot his Daddy manners, didn't he?"

You nodded and kissed me back.

"Yes, Princess. Daddy needs to be punished for being such a dirty cumboy."

"Indeed, but first, your little mistress needs a proper cum."

I slid off of your dick, holding your cum inside of me until I was positioned over your face. I placed my hands behind your neck and lifted your face to my luscious cunt; our hot, mixed cum dribbled out of me and on to your waiting lips.

"Lick it clean Daddy. Suck up your own cum you bad, bad Daddy. Mouthfuck this cunt, like a good Daddy. Eat me until I cum all over your, hard, stiff tongue. Tell me how much you want your Princess to cum all over your face?"

"I want to suck that pussy so much honey. Cum on Daddy's face. Fuck my face with that delicious cunt Baby, please. I want to taste you on my tongue."

I pushed my softly curving girlmound against your face and you darted your tongue between my open lips tenaciously, holding my ass, pulling me to your mouth. I pumped my hips, crushing my cunt against your hungry lips.

"Oh Daddy, uh, mouthfuck that cunt! Oh, uh it feels so fucking good"

You slurped and sucked my babygirl pussy so devotedly as I rocked against your face. I whimpered and giggled, wiggling on your face.

"Oh, Daddy, slip your finger up my asshole Daddy! Uh, fuck me hard. Make your mistress girl cum on your face Daddy! Ah,uh fuck my asshole you dirty Daddy!"

You sucked your finger and pushed it inside my tight girlass gently.

"Cum on Daddy's face Baby. Cum on Baby, cum for Daddy, please sweetgirl, cum on my face. I want to make my little mistress cum. Cum for Daddy"

You flicked your tongue against my clit furiously and I shuddered, my body shaking as I came intensely, throwing my head back in ecstasy, your finger slamming my asshole as your tongue squirmed inside my drenched cunt.

My clit was so sensitive from the intense orgasm, that your continued nuzzling was almost painful, like electric shocks torturing my clit. I pulled off of your face unable to take it anymore and collapsed, lying in the crook of your arm. You put your mouth close to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe and whispered beseechingly.

"My sweet little, Mistress, Daddy needs to be punished. Please. Daddy has been so bad, honey, slap his cock. Slap Daddy's nasty cock. Please Baby, make me pay. I need it so bad precious- one. Slap my cock."

You plied my neck with soft, devoted goodboy kisses, begging me to hurt you and I just couldn't deny my hot Daddy what he so obviously needed. I reached for your cock; the sound of my trembling babygirl cum and the sweet anticipation of your imminent reprimand had made you nice and hard again.

"Oh, you good, good cuntboy, you sucked Baby's pussy so nice and I know how much you love a nice cockspanking. Lay on your back for your Girl and get ready for your punishment you naughty whoredaddy."

You stretched out on my bed with your hands behind your head and waited, your breath tearing through your lungs raggedly as you attempted to be patient. I slid of the bed and you watched, drinking my body in as I glided across the room, my prettygirl ass wiggled temptingly.

I stepped into six inch, black stilettos, slipped my hands into a pair of black gloves that stopped at my elbows and completed my ensemble with pretty nipple clips attached on a shiny chain.

It was a simple, baby mistress outfit but it elegantly conveyed my intentions. I grabbed a pair of thicker, sturdier nip clips for you Daddy and just one other toy, a thick, hard leather strap.

You moaned deliciously, your deep, smooth voice sending shivers up my spine. Your eagerness drew me back to you. First, I leaned over you, applying the clips to each of your hard, tender nipples making you draw in sharp intense breaths. Then, I sat on my knees at the foot of the bed, the spikes of my heels pushing into my asscheeks wonderfully. I grabbed your ankles and pulled your legs apart roughly.

"Girl is going to slapfuck that bad, bad cock until you cum for me again Daddyslut. I wanna hear you cry out, beg me for it. Tell me how bad you need that daddydick whipped."

"Oh, my beautiful Babydoll. Daddy needs his little mistress to whip his cock so bad. Slap it for me my sweet. Please give it me. Teach me a lesson."

I was ready and willing to indulge your dark, need to be had, to be used and punished by your own little dominant girl. I raised the leather strap high above my head and railed hard against you, cracking the strap against your achy cock suddenly, sharply. You hissed and your back arched.

"Does it hurt Daddy?" I asked taunting you with my sweet little girl voice.

"Uh, give me more. Please again, again Mistress."

This time I leaned in and held the base of your cock with my gloved hand, the contrast of my black glove against your shiny, red member was breath taking. I brought the strap down against it harder, faster and steadier. Again and again and with each crack of the strap, your hips bucked frantically upward.

"You want me to beat your cock Daddy? Huh, tell Baby how much you need it you bad slut?"

Through clenched teeth and heavy breaths you pushed your cock up like a needy little whore each time the whip snapped and licked against your oozing head. Your voice trembled.

"Uh God, Baby, I need you to beat Daddy's cock. Don't stop. More. I need more!"

I steeled myself again and brought the leather strap down and across your cock powerfully until you erupted in an explosive, almost violent cum. Finally, I stopped and watched you writhe on the bed, thrashing as your body shook uncontrollably. Torrents of jizz surged out of your cock as it twitched and you moaned wantonly.

"Oh, Daddy, Mistress loves watching you cum. Dip your finger in that daddycum, taste it and feed it to your little Mistress."

You obeyed dutifully. The sight of you sucking your finger and lapping up your own cum, thrilled me. You dipped in the pool of cum on your belly and pushed your finger against my lips; I sucked your finger into my mouth tasting your yummy cum.

I crawled on top of you and put my mouth against yours, breathing you in holding your face in my hands as you gripped the small of my back. You pushed your head forward, planting sweet, appreciative kisses on my lips, your tongue probing my mouth urgently.

"Daddy loves you so much, my hot little fuck Mistress."

I luxuriated in your gentle, worshipful caresses.

"Oh Daddy, you have been such a good boy. You have pleased your wicked little girl amazingly well today. You belong to Baby, don't you my handsome whore Daddy?"

I think this little game of ours is beginning to suit me Daddy. Your devotion and adoration when I dominate and control you, satisfies a deep untouched need in me, washing over me, filling me with assurance and power. I think I am starting to understand the allure in being just a little wicked for you...

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Amazing work

Your submission was truly wonderful. You wrote an excellent piece which was not only very unique but also amazingly erotic. I couldn't have been more willing to believe in the babygirl character who wasmore...

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