tagIncest/TabooWide-Hipped Cuckoo

Wide-Hipped Cuckoo


In our father's vocabulary, "Mother" was always synonymous with "cheater". Her image was a symbol of betrayal. When my brother was 3, and I was a year younger, mom cheated - father confronted her - and she left.

We always dreamt of bringing her back. Later, we dreamt of punishing her. Finally, when we were of age, we looked hard and long enough, and there she was, married to someone in a small town. When we were sure it was her, we discussed the particulars and went to confront her as adults.

Her house was boring and ordinary. My brother knocked.

"Is Helen Tait here?" he said to the lady who answered.

And she was our mother. I knew her at once. She was 37 now, still blooming, pretty in summertime clothes.

"You're speaking to her," mom said, looking over at us.

Then her eyes sparkled, chin started to tremble. She grabbed my brother and started crying, glancing wildly and trying to hold our hands.

"Let's talk inside," my brother said.

"Yes, yes... I..in the, of course, p-please... my boys..." she said, letting us in.

Then, having locked the door behind us, we picked her up and took her to the nearest couch. She was looking confused when we pinned her to it and forced her legs apart.

Mom kissed my hand. She was looking regretful and emotional. I told her what we were going to do. With her hair spread on the bed, breasts rolled apart, panties stuck unevenly between legs, mom stared at me breathlessly. I looked at her reddening eyes and the pink tip of her hose, wet from crying, and at her lips inflamed by emotion. I remembered her from my childhood. She was beautiful.

And I was going to punish her. I unzipped with a jerk and pulled out in front of her.

"Suck him off," said my brother.

He was also staring at our mother. His hand found it's way to her breast and squeezed through the shirt.

"I..." whispered our mom and closed her eyes.

My brother was holding her down. I crawled to her face and put the tip on her lips. Without opening her eyes and still breathless, mom gave up. She started sucking me off. My brother was watching.

"Suck better," he said, twisting her breast.

Mother slurped. I felt her tongue. Then she let go of it and nibbled on the ball sack. I took the dick with my hand and stuck it back in. My brother was taking his pants off.

"Let me," he said.

I backed off. He grabbed mom and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. Stepping off the bed, my brother stood over her and put his cock in her throat. He pushed, slowly, but relentlessly, until mom started coughing. He let her rest for a second, then pushed again. She grabbed at his thighs, but he kept sliding in, until her nose was touching his taint. Then my brother pulled out. Mom gasped.

Then I saw her reach around and put her hands on my brother's ass. She squeezed, then pulled his cheeks slightly apart. Her throat got noisy, it slurped, gasped and gagged, but mom kept caressing my brother's ass and balls in slow, careful motions.

"Is she good?" I said, disgusted.

"She's great."

"Let me," I said, getting off the bed.

He pulled out, leaving mom's mouth open, and I slid my cock in it.

"What a slut," I said to my mother.

I wanted to see her expression, but she was staring at my ass. My brother was visibly horny.

"Yeah, I'm going to fuck her," he said and got on the bed.

Mom stopped sucking. She didn't open her eyes or spit me out, but she was completely motionless. My brother pulled her white panties off her, spread her legs and slipped in.

The woman's whole body tensed. I felt her throat contract, and she started coughing again. But she wasn't pushing either of us away - she was taking it all. My brother's face was now covered in sweat, he groaned as he pushed in and out, holding mom's legs towards him so her crotch pointed slightly upwards. I went back for her throat. Suddenly, mom spit out my cock, leapt forward and embraced my brother. Sitting on his lap, she started kissing, licking and biting him, calling him her boy, lovely boy, her handsome your man, dear darling. She was moving on him - he didn't even need to thrust. I grabbed her hair.

"What the hell?" I said.

She tried kissing me, too.

"Were you kissing us after sucking cocks back then?"

"I'm so sorry," she whispered.

I pushed her away. Mom grabbed at my brother and clung to him. His fingers gripped deep into her soft behind. I saw mother's pussy opening up, stretching around the member, sticking to it and sucking on it when it pulled away. Watching the muscles on her legs tense, sweat collect on the back of her clothes, and her half-covered ass with red marks from my brother's fingers, I started jerking off. Still doing it, I walked onto the bed and stood over them.

"What a slut," I said.

Mom looked up and tried catching my cock with her mouth, but I slapped her instead. She looked me in the eyes. I slapped her again. Then she grasped for her panties, found them and wrapped my cock in soft fabric.

"Is this better?" she said, wetting the tip with her spit. "Am I too dirty?"

I didn't think of that. But her panties felt warm. I saw a barely visible yellow line on white fabric, but even that was fine. I made mom open her mouth and put my cock on her tongue. Still riding my brother, she washed my cock and balls with saliva-soaked cotton.

My brother was groping all over her body. Finally, sucking on our mother's breasts, he had an orgasm. When mother noticed, she left my cock, wrapped her hands around my brother's head and, still jumping, started kissing his cheeks, nose and forehead. He was done now, but she still sat on his cock. Finally, she smiled back at me and stood up, thinking something to herself, blushing like a virgin. She kissed me, but I was annoyed. Her favoritism made me bitter.

'I am going to fuck you in the ass," I said.

Mom bit her lip. Without a word, she got on all fours, pulled a pillow towards herself and stuck her her face into it, leaving her pussy and ass at my disposal. I knelt behind her. Mom's ass resisted, but not for long - it was wet, and I think my brother was fingering her as he fucked. On my second attempt I forced my way in and slid all the way to her colon. Mom screamed in the pillow. I got a better grip at her thighs and started fucking.

Every time I pushed, I called her names. I called my mother a bitch, a whore, a slut, a skank, a dog, a pig, called her everything. She was crying into her pillow throughout, caressing my legs with her hands. My brother was watching. I reached over and pulled her hair, forcing her face almost upwards.

"Does it hurt?" I said.

She started moaning.


"I love you..."

"Does it hurt, you whore?"

By that time, my brother was hard again. He was jerking off, then stood up and sat in front of our mom. She stopped screaming and dug her face in his crotch. He was cupping mom's breast, letting her suck him. She reached under and put a finger on the tip of her pussy; I grabbed the hand and twisted it behind her back. Mom lost balance, fell on the sheets, but snaked forward and sucked at my brother's balls. I pinned her down, sat over her ass, saw her spread her legs for me. I fucked her for two more minutes and blew inside.

When I was done, mom smiled at me and crawled on top of my brother. Pinning him down, she sat on his cock and bent forward. Now they were kissing like lovers. She was so beautiful, curvy and youthfully feminine, that I got another erection immediately.

"Let me fuck her cunt," I said.

Without saying a word, mom rolled off my brother and spread her legs for me, still kissing him. I sat between her legs, probed her pussy, and dove in. Her ass was nothing compared to pussy. Warmth and softness were overwhelming. I could feel brother's semen coagulated inside. Was she going to get pregnant? Or was she unable to? I watched her kiss my brother and jerk him off so fast her hand was a blur.

"Want my ass?" I heard her whisper.

He said "Yes." Mom caught me with her legs and rolled again, making my head spin. She smiled very close to me, then looked behind and offered herself to her first son. Brother pushed her down, and, through her cunt, I felt his cock expanding her anus. He bent forward to kiss her. For a bit, they were sucking on each other's lips. Then mom let go of his face and turned to kiss me.

She was very cautious at first, but the more I let her, the stronger her kisses became. Soon she was sucking my tongue and giving me hers, squeezing her breasts against me, always keeping one hand in my hair. When brother started to get rough, mom started moaning in my face. Her eyes were half-closed, cheeks flushing, lips burning from crying, sucking and kissing.

"I kind of get why you left," I said without meaning to.

Mom glanced at me with full eyes, moaned painfully and then threw herself at me. She bit and licked all over my face and held me in her arms. Her pussy was now like a pair of hands. I could not last long - I had an orgasm so tough I yelled like a woman. I was dizzy. My older brother, still fucking mom's ass, was looking at us from above.

And then a key turned in the door and a young woman walked inside.

She wasn't a stranger. This woman I knew really well.

It was our mom from the past.

The one pinning me to the bed was a woman fifteen years older, but this was the real deal. That's what I remembered from my crib - the woman that left us.

It was her daughter - a half-sister to us, spitting image of her mom.

The girl dropped the groceries, looking on at the couch. We stared back. She had long hair, breasts tentedher tee-shirt, black tights were betraying the shape of her underwear. I wanted her immediately, and, through the wall of our mother's vagina, I felt my brother's member inflate like a balloon.

"No, no-no-no-no, not her," said our mom.

We pushed her aside and jumped off the bed. Before the girl could collect herself, we grabbed her and dragged her to our messed-up couch. Unlike her mother, she was kicking and screaming.

"Who the hell are you?!" screamed the young woman.

"Boy's, let her go! Boys, I beg you, let her go! It's your brothers! Boys, no, let her..!"

The girl was now pinned face-down, hands locked behind her back, legs in my brother's grip.

"They're who?!" she screamed at her mother, shaking and trying to fight.

Mom touched our hands and spoke to us. She whispered different things to the three of us all at once, trying to calm the girl down while begging us to let go. To get closer, she stood on her knees - and a stream of semen leaked out of her pussy in sticky strings. I saw it, even my brother saw it, and the front row was the young woman's. She screamed so loudly my ears were ringing. We pinned her down, and I slapped her to make her quiet again.

My brother looked at me. "Well, she hasn't... it's not her fault," he said.

Our sister was on the bed face-down in front of us. Her hair was a mess after the struggle, her tee-shirt rolled upwards and sideways. Edges of panties were showing from under her tights, and underwear was visibly rolled up under them. Her behind was a firm heart-shaped mound, fabric clung between ass-cheeks, with a small pad on her pussy, stained with a dot of sweat. My brother was still holding her long legs, bulging with shapely muscles; sandals fell off the cute little feet and lay on the bed beside us.

"She is like mom when she left," I said.

My brother looked and, I'm perfectly sure, felt the same. Slowly his hand slid up her leg and stopped at her butt.

"No!" said mother decisively.

"We should have tied her," I said, meaning mother.

"No, she'll help," said my brother, and then pulled our sister out of my hands.

He got on top of her and, holding our sister's hair, forced his mouth on hers. I looked at our mom.

"Don't do it," she said, not moving an finger.

I reached over and cupped mom's breast. Our sister was letting out muffled screams.

Meanwhile, my brother was pulling off sister's tights. Her panties rolled down, and the young woman's bare, ripe bottom was now rubbing at his tummy. But he was not going to play with her, he wanted to plow into her and taste her as soon as possible. The girl was still fighting. I glanced at my mother and saw the weirdest expression.

"Go hold her," I said, "Help us."

Mom got on all fours and crawled towards our sister.

"Emma, listen," she said to the girl who, out of sheer disbelief, stopped struggling.

My brother spread the girl's legs and with a long moan plunged in her pussy. At this moment I thought: was she a virgin? What if she was? My sister screamed out, and I felt so jealous. Then mom caught her arms and hugged her tight.

"What the hell..!" the girl managed before our mother covered her mouth.

"These boys are your brothers. They deserve us. At least me. I--" mom was now whispering.

My brother was groaning. He didn't last five minutes. Was our half-sister that good? I got behind her, watched over by my mother, marvelled at the shape of our half-sister's young bottom, and slid in her cunt. There was no blood - she was a skank like her mother. But her pussy clung to my cock like hot glue, it smothered me in it's soft, warmed-up texture. There was semen rolling inside again, but I didn't care. She was great. I let my mind wonder and ejaculated in what must have been half a minute. Having finished, I absentmindedly pulled her tights back on. Brother was leaning beside us, jerking his half-erect dick in a daze.

"You have nothing on her," I told my mother.

"I know," she said.

"Mom, what the hell," whispered the girl.

I looked over my sister - her hair, back, thighs, legs and bottom - and I lusted again. Mom gave the girl a kiss, took her by the shoulders and turned her over.

"No," said the girl, but mom covered her mouth.

My brother crawled towards them. He got on my sister, pulled her tights off completely, threw the panties away, and put her legs on his shoulders. Slowly, deliberately he took her. After a few minutes mom held our sister up and towards him, with the strangest expression, and my brother and half-sister kissed.

The slut was hereditary; she was scared, confused, grossed out immensely - and on it she was getting off.

"You crazy sluts, you're absolutely bonkers," I said - and, like witches, both turned their faces towards me. A sharp young and a rounded motherly face of the same woman was staring me down. My brother, in a lustful daze, wasn't himself anymore. Four hands were holding him, four legs were wrapped around him, there were two cunts, two anuses, a foursome of breasts - it was a double woman made for fucking, and she was plowing through lovers in constant search of new ones.

Then my sister sobbed, mom looked away, and the illusion was broken. All that was in front of me was the mother and daughter - the ones we were forcing for the crimes one committed a decade ago, and the other had no part in at all. When kissing stopped, my brother pinned our sister down, fished for her breasts under the tee-shirt and twisted them with both arms. Then he locked her legs in his armpits, pulled her off the bed and stood up. Turning towards me, he said, "Let's do this."

With out mother watching, we fucked her together. Then we put her aside and fucked our mother. The two of them sucked us off. Our mom held our sister while we took turns in their throats. I fucked mom's breasts, which were the softest things in the world, and we fucked sister's ass, which was tight as an ear. They stood on all fours, and we fucked them side-by-side. They cleaned each other out. They kissed to make us hard again. Mom let us do it all. Ours were the dirtiest bedsheets I've ever seen. In several hours hours, our dicks were raw, our sister and mother's four holes were gaping and oozing, their breasts were covered in semen and spit. Semen was on my mother's chin, half-sister's hair was a spunk-soaked mop, and we were all reeking of each other's fluids.

I was spent. Lying on the couch, feeling a puddle of semen or saliva under my leg but too tired to move to a clean spot, I said:

"Mom. Mom, why did you leave us?"

"I loved another man," she said, turning to face me.

"Dad?" said our sister.

"No... no, another guy."

Looking at my mother spread on the bed, I had an erection.

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