tagMatureWidow Janice and Sam

Widow Janice and Sam


Sam drove home after visiting his son and his old parents; he was away from Janice for ten days. After he showered, he put on dress clothes: a long-sleeve shirt, Jacket, slacks, dress shoes, and went to the 35th wedding anniversary party of Jenna and Ron Jones. It has been just over two years since he and Janice have been together. As he walked towards Janice in the midst of a group of middle aged women, he saw she looked beautiful in a sheer, black, long-sleeve, caftan over a short, strap-less, black dress, high-heel sandals, and black stockings that barely showed her painted toe nails. She had on her new diamond jewelry: a necklace with a large diamond-encrusted pendant that adorned her cleavage, a ring, and a bracelet, and large stud ear rings.

Not wanting to openly show how much he missed her, Sam quickly kissed Janice on her lips and stood next to her holding her left hand. After the friends left and as a couple approached Janice, Sam whispered:

"Baby, you look ravishing. I missed you."

Janice whispered back, "I missed you too," and greeted the couple. While sipping tonic water with lime, Sam stayed close to Janice and talked to her friends. He was horny and wanted to be alone with Janice, but he knew it would be impolite to leave Janice's friends. Janice was also horny and rubbed Sam's crotch or buttocks surreptitiously. After about two hours and many guests had left, Janice and Sam left after congratulating and thanking Jenna and Ron. As Janice walked with Sam to his pick up, she said:

"Darling, Lorna and Jim gave me a ride here; I'm riding back with you," and added:

"Let's stop at the Best Western first and have a drink."

Sam knew the hotel was not too far and drove there. Soon after they were seated in the bar, Janice said:

"I need to freshen up. Give me couple of minutes," and left.

Several minutes later, as Sam wondered where Janice went, the bar tender called him to the phone; it was Janice:

"Darling, we are staying here tonight. I checked us in earlier. Come up. Your drink is waiting here," and gave him the suite number.

Quickly, Sam went to the room and was let in by Janice; she now had on the caftan, the diamond jewelry, as well as the black stockings, garters, garter belt, and high-heel sandals. After shutting the door, Sam stood speech less watching Janice walk to the dresser, and return towards him with a glass of wine; his eyes focused on her pendulous, unconfined, breasts jiggling as she handed him a glass of wine.

Sam whispered, "Wow, you look magnificent."

After clicking their wine glasses, Janice cooed:

"Darling, thank you for two wonderful years together."

When Sam approached Janice, she cooed:

"Take off your clothes and put on the brief on the sofa."

Soon, Sam got undressed and put on a tight, black, peep hole brief. Sam really wanted to eat Janice's succulent pussy, but he did not complain when she slid to her knees and sucked his cock to a raging erection. Then Janice got up, leaned against the back of the large sofa, and whispered to Sam:

"I missed you."

Sam French kissed Janice, and gently inserted a finger in her pussy and found it was dripping with her nectars; Janice blushed when he licked his pussy nectar-coated finger. To Janice's delight, Sam slid to his knees, rubbed her stockings-clad legs and thighs, and buried his face in her crotch to first inhale her perfume/nectar odor. Slowly, as Janice cooed with pleasure, mesmerized by the garter-decorated beautiful crotch of Janice, Sam licked her glistening slit with his tongue and sucked her pussy lips with his mouth. Gently, Sam nudged Janice to turn, and kissed her smooth and shiny buttocks.

With a big smile on his face, Sam stood up; his cock head was covered with precum.

"I see you're eager," said Janice and grasped her favorite baton.

Softly, Sam pleaded, "Can we do a sixty-nine?"

"Sure baby," said Janice blushing as Sam led her to the bed.

"Lie on your back; I'll get on top," cooed Janice and got on the bed.

After Sam got comfortable, slowly, Janice got in position for Sam to suck her pussy and for her to suck Sam's young cock. With her knees astride of Sam's head, Janice's nectar-laden pussy opened up like a flower in bloom, and Sam eagerly began to lick her open slit and suck her hairy lips. When Janice engulfed his cock with her warm mouth and started sucking on it, Sam doubled his attention to Janice's pussy and crotch.

It took several minutes longer than Janice imagined for Sam's cock to erupt as he grasped her voluptuous buttocks and sucked her pussy; Sam's moans were muted by Janice's pussy, but his thrashing body and pulsing cock were signs of his climax. Sam was pleased that Janice swallowed most of his cum and wiped the first spurt that dribbled out from her mouth.

As Janice anticipated, Sam's cock stayed stiff and did not shrink after his climax; she pulled her crotch off of Sam's mouth, scooted forward with her back towards Sam, and cooed:

"Prop yourself on pillows," cooed Janice.

After Sam reclined, Janice slowly impaled herself on his cock. She rocked on his slick cock and fucked herself for several minutes; Sam fondled her swaying boobs and pinched her nipples. Sam also fondled and squeezed Janice's jelly-like buttocks as he watched in fascination his stiff cock move in and out of Janice's pussy and just above it her puckered brown ass hole.

When Janice paused rocking back and forth to savor Sam's big cock pulsing in her juicy pussy, he gently pulled her by her shoulders to his chest and wrapped his arms around nuzzling her pendulous boobs. Janice raised her left arm and placed it around Sam's neck; he kissed her left boob and armpit that were close to his face.

A few minutes later, Janice whispered,

"Pinch my nipples; I'm close to cumming. Babyyyyy. Ohhhhhh. Oooooosh. Ohhhhhhhh."

For several minutes, as Janice went through her orgasm leaning against his chest, Sam held her boobs and felt her pussy pulse around his stiff cock and her crotch convulse.

After her pussy stopped spasming, Janice French kissed Sam and cooed:

"Baby, I need to freshen up," and carefully got off his stiff cock.

After freshening up, Janice removed the caftan and put on a black mesh bra that covered her sagging boobs sexily; she still had on her diamond jewelry and thigh highs. Janice thought Sam was waiting for her to return to the bedroom. Instead, she saw him enter the bathroom with his stiff cock protruding from the peep hole of his brief.

When Sam saw Janice's jutting boobs in the black mesh bra, he went crazy with lust; he hugged Janice at her waist and began to hump her crotch.

Giggling, Janice cooed, "Can't you wait till we are in bed?"

"No. Love the bra; I want you right now," said Sam and lifted her to sit on the spacious vanity.

After Janice leaned back on her hands, she lifted her legs and spread wide her black thigh-high covered thighs. After a long kiss on her succulent pussy, Sam plunged his cock in to Janice's juicy pussy. He grunted and groaned endearments, as he fucked her for a long time while dreamily ogling her face, neck, and jiggling boobs. Sam also watched intently their colliding crotches; he was turned on seeing his big wand moving in and out of Janice's pussy. Their mixed juices slowly seeped out of Janice's old pussy on to the vanity.

Janice realized Sam was close to his climax and tightened her vagina around his cock. With his cock buried deep in her gooey pussy, Sam stood still and held his climax at its peak for a several moments; he felt his jism trickle out in a stream before his clock exploded involuntarily and released jets of his semen-laden cum. After Sam withdrew his cock, Janice cleaned his cock and the vanity of leaked sex fluids; they walked to the bed and climbed on to it.

To keep Sam's jism, deposited at her cervix, from leaking on to the bed sheets, Janice's rested on her back. Sam hugged her lovingly and whispered:

"You're a great lover, baby."

"You too, darling," said Janice. She again wondered if Sam was Betty's son. As she dozed off, she felt Sam fondle her right boob; in turn, she grasped his soft cock in her small hand and all was well.


Janice's 56th birthday was in about two weeks; she did not want to spend another birthday without the company, if not love, of a good man. She had retired from teaching soon after she turned 55, two years after she was widowed for the second time. She changed her last name to her maiden name, Haarson, an altered version of her Scandinavian family name.

Janice was blessed with good genes. In addition, she walked two miles three/four times a week, worked out at home couple of times a week, and worked in her yard. At Bob's suggestion, she had cosmetic surgery on her lower belly. Janice had a full head of dense blonde-gray hair, light blue eyes, thin nose, sagging large boobs, and full hips. She liked her hair neck length in the back, and dense and medium long on the top. She was proud of her slim arms, long legs, tapered thighs, and that, over the years, she put on only a few pounds on her hips. At 5'4'' and 125 lb, she was still an attractive woman and, when she dressed up, she was a very sexy and desirable woman. In spite of noticeable wrinkles on her neck and arms, overall, she had the appearance of a woman in her forties.

When Janice was a year old baby, her father died, and two years later her mom remarried. Even after 50 years, she thought fondly of her half sister, Betty Harrison, and the games they played when they were young. Janice recalled that to tease her, Betty called her: 'Auntie.' Betty inherited her mom's big boobs and developed early in to a beautiful young woman. While Janice balanced school work and social life, Betty paid more attention to dating boys. Janice was a junior in college when Betty eloped with an older man and had a baby boy. Janice mailed to Betty two pairs of baby outfits and a money order for $200 from her savings; she received a thank you note from Betty in which she mentioned a large birth mark on the baby. Sadly, Betty died soon afterwards and her husband gave the baby up for adoption.

Janice's second husband, Bob O'Malley, who was ten years older than her, died of a massive heart attack while getting out of bed late in the morning while she was teaching at the high school. Bob co-owned an accounting business and had to lay off many of his employees after some of his clients sent most of their work to foreign countries. Bob became depressed and sold his business, O'Malley & Jones, to his associate, Ron Jones. After a year of very sedentary life, Bob suffered the fatal heart attack.

Janice mourned Bob's death for over a year. Her step daughter, Jessica, consoled her; six months after Bob's passing, her visits became infrequent. Janice immersed herself in her work as a teacher until she retired. Janice did not have children of her own, but she remained close to Jessica's family and they spoke frequently on the phone.

Janice was told by both her colleagues and her family to go out and have a good time. One evening, she was walking with her friend, Lorna, who said:

"You have mourned a long time for Bob. You're an attractive woman," and mischievously added:

"I'm sure many guys want to get in to your pants."

Janice blushed and mumbled, "You've a filthy mind," and asked:

"How's Jim treating you?"

Lorna said, "He's horny all the time," and added:

"Jim is so young and eager."

A week after that day with Lorna, Janice spent a miserable evening with a widower who complained about his illness and how he missed his late wife. Jenna Jones, wife of Ron Jones, felt bad that the man she introduced to Janice turned out to be a loser. After that experience, Janice was reluctant to go with another man. However, she had strong sexual urges, and longed for both male companionship and an active sex life. She has been using high-quality sex toys before going to bed at least once a week; sometimes she put on sexy lingerie, sat comfortably in a chair in front of the large bedroom mirror, and got herself off while reminiscing about Jack, her first husband.


Jack was the first real love in Janice's life. She married him when she was 24 YO, a ripe age for a bride in those days. When they got married, Janice knew more about making love than Jack who was raised in a conservative family; but, he became a willing student of Janice and became a good lover. She taught him to be a patient lover: to arouse her by petting and kissing, until she was ready to fuck.

On the first day of their honeymoon in New York, Janice dressed in a sleeve-less blouse, skirt, and sandals; Jack dressed in a short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and sandals. To increase anticipation, Janice purposely planned a half-day sight seeing tour on a bus during which she rubbed her boobs and touched Jack at every chance she got. When ever they got off the sight seeing bus and stood in a group with others, surreptitiously, Janice rubbed Jack's stiff cock. At the top of the Empire State building, Jack stood behind Janice and pushed his stiff cock in to her buttocks. Janice whispered to him:

"That feels good. I'm oozing."

Jack was eager to grasp Janice's boobs encased in an uplifted bra and shove his rigid cock in to her pussy. But, he waited patiently.

By the time they returned to their room, Janice was hornier than Jack; as soon as Jack removed his sandals, shorts, and underwear, she pulled down her panties, pushed him on to the bed, climbed on top of his crotch, quickly snaked his stiff cock in to her sopping pussy, and rubbed her aroused clit by rapid fucking movement of her pelvis. Janice collapsed on Jack and hugged him tightly as her orgasm wracked her lovely body:

"Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh."

After resting several minutes, Janice lifted her head, smiled, and, passionately French kissed Jack, Janice then continued to fuck until Jack embraced her in a bear hug to signal he was on the verge of climaxing and his cock released gobs of semen-filled cum:

"Ahhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Fuckkkkk. Fuckkk."

During that weekend in NYC, Jack not only fucked Janice's pussy at least ten times, but he was obsessed with her body. Lovingly, Janice let Jack examine all of her body; she noted he spent more time on her arm pits, thighs, pussy, and buttocks. One time when Jack was examining her pussy, he said admiringly:

"It looks so beautiful, I'm going to kiss it," and began to eat her pussy for the first time. Jack and Janice liked it so much that they did it as often as they could.

Janice and Jack were adventurous on their honeymoon; they fucked in the elevator and on the roof top of the hotel. In fact, later, Janice let Jack fuck her anywhere he wanted in their home.

With all the fucking she and Jack did during the first year of their marriage, Janice was sure she would get pregnant. But, it did not happen; in fact, Janice did not get pregnant during her 20-year marriage to Jack and they did not attempt to find out who among them was sterile.

Jack died after a long illness due to a liver ailment. He was unable to find a suitable donor for a transplant. Janice worked hard to take care of Jack. After Jack's death, Janice immersed herself in her work as a teacher. In particular, she worked very hard on an annual spring field trip to Washington, D.C., to make it an educational and enjoyable one for the students; after she retired, Janice was asked by the new teachers to help as a chaperone.


Bob was a widower with grown children whom Janice met at a Christmas party. Afraid of spending another year alone, she agreed to go out with him. Bob came from a wealthy family, and he provided material comforts and financial security, including a nice home on top of a hill with a great view of the city below. He took her to many parties at a country club and on trips to Las Vegas. After going out with Bob for a year, she knew he loved her and that she would have a comfortable and entertaining life with him.

On their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Bob spent a lot of time gambling and going to shows. On the third night, Janice, who was very horny, seduced Bob in to making love to her. She had to work hard to stiffen Bob's cock, followed by Bob quickly mounting her missionary style and climaxing, and Bob lovingly using his fingers to bring her to an orgasm. During the rest of their married life, Bob made love to Janice about once a month.


After retiring, Janice worked as a substitute teacher occasionally to get out of her home and be with young students. She also went to selected events organized by the Retired Teachers Network. Janice signed up for a tour of the newly added wing of the high school building and a barbecue later at the baseball field. It was a cool, sunny, spring afternoon. Janice wore a conservative blue dress, black panty hose, and low-heel black shoes. Several parents joined the tour. She was in a group of about 15 people in the high school gymnasium listening to the teacher, a young man, talk enthusiastically about the new facility. Sam, the young man, explained that most of the equipment was donated by the PTA because the school district could not afford to spend money on some of the sports programs.

Sam was a well-built man, about 6' and 180 lb, with a clean shaven head and light brown eyes; he was dressed in a short-sleeve shirt, tie, and jacket. He looked older than his age of 34 years. Sam taught social studies one semester and served as an assistant coach of the basketball team. He was divorced from his wife, a pediatric nurse, who got custody of their son. As much as he loved his son, Sam realized that his wife should be the primary person to raise him. When his wife was offered a lucrative job at a large hospital in Pittsburgh, her home town, Sam moved from Ohio so that he could be within a few miles of his son.

Sam had not dated any one seriously as he was busy adjusting to a new job and new town. He saw Janice was the most attractive woman he had seen in a while; she looked more beautiful than several young mothers in the group of visitors. She reminded him of his ex wife's sexy aunt, Judy, who flirted with him at family gatherings.

Janice was flattered that Sam was eyeing her and smiled in appreciation. At the barbecue, after learning they both were social studies teachers, it became easy for them to talk to each other. When Sam was not talking to Janice, he was surreptitiously admiring her beautiful, smiling, face, and large covered boobs.

Janice thought Sam was cute, perhaps a tad young for her, and interesting to talk to. After the barbecue, shyly, Janice asked him

"Are you going on the field trip to D.C. on Friday?"

Sam said, "Yes, I am to watch over the boys. I heard that you used to lead this trip. Why don't you come with us? I'm sure we can use your help."

Janice replied, "I am going as one of the chaperones for the girls."

Sam said, "Great," and indeed he was delighted that Janice was going to Washington, D.C.

Janice saw Sam glance several times at her long neck and large boobs. She would have liked to take Sam home with her and fuck him silly, but she did not want to rush. That night, Janice selected her favorite dildo and, imagining that she was fucking Sam, gave herself a very satisfying orgasm; it was the first time she thought of a man other than Jack.

During the field trip, Janice saw that Sam was popular with the students, but he made sure all rules were followed. She also noted that Sam was taking pictures of the students with a digital camera. While he was near her many a time during the trip, due to a hectic schedule, they did not have a chance to talk much. On the last afternoon in D.C., Sam accompanied Janice and a handful of students to the Lincoln Memorial for the second time, where Janice said:

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