Widow Janice and Sam


"Lincoln is my favorite president. I come here every time I visit D.C."

On the bus ride back, Sam managed to sit next to Janice and told her:

"The junior class is a very good one; some of my favorite students are girls who are also active in athletics."

Wistfully, Janice said, "I enjoyed being a cheer leader, when I was in school; too bad, girls were not encouraged to play sports then."

Sam whispered:

"You had an interesting life; I would like to know you better. Would you have dinner with me?"

After a pause, Janice in a soft voice asked:

"Does it not bother you I'm older? I am going through menopause."

Sam whispered, "No bother. You are a gorgeous lady," and, after a pause, added:

"I'm looking for companionship. I've gone out with young women; they think either I'm too old or want kids. I certainly don't want another kid. Often, I don't understand what they are looking for."

After a long pause, Janice said, "I like you, but I need more time. I've been widowed twice; I lost two good men who cared for me."

Sam smiled and, without showing his disappointment, said:

"I am planning on staying alive for several years."

Janice laughed and said, "I'll remember that. Still, I need more time."


After returning home, Janice found in the mail an invitation from Ron and Jenna Jones to a late afternoon reception on Saturday at a large hotel. On the invitation, Jenna wrote that the firm: O'Malley & Jones was doing well and the reception was to thank all their friends. Next day, Janice received in the mail a photo of her admiring Lincoln's statue; it was taken from behind her. Attached to the photo was a note from Sam: 'I thought you would like to have this photo of you in front of our favorite president.'

Janice was touched with Sam's thoughtfulness. She also realized that life is short and that she should give Sam a chance to see if he cares for her. She reasoned: 'Sam is younger than me, but he is an adult and a single man.' She called Sam and after thanking him for the photo he sent, said:

"I have to attend a reception on Saturday. I would like you to accompany me. You will have to put on a tie and a jacket."

Sam said, "I'm happy to hear from you. I'd love to accompany you to the reception," and, after a pause added:

"I drive a pick up."

Janice said, "We can go in my car."

Sam put on a white shirt, a blue tie, a pair of gray slacks, and a navy blue blazer. When Janice opened the front door, Sam saw that she looked very elegant and beautiful in a long maroon skirt with slits to her knees, and a creamy white, silk, sleeve-less, blouse that showed her sexy cleavage and shiny shoulders. She had on a gold chain with a diamond pendant that hung above her sexy cleavage and diamond stud ear rings; her neck-length, blond, hair looked shiny. Janice had also put on white silk, lacy, demi bra and panties, thigh highs, and black high-heel shoes. When Sam hugged her, she smelled very nice. Sam said in awe:

"You look beautiful and smell nice."

Janice blushed and said, "Thanks. You look very handsome. I'll have to keep other women away from you."

Sam laughed and said, "I'm a loyal person."

Janice drove her sedan to the hotel where the reception was held. There were about 100 people at the reception. Sam brought a glass of Pinot Noir wine for Janice and a beer for himself. After they sat at a table, Janice looked around, and said:

"I don't know many people here."

A few minutes later, as Sam and Janice were talking, Jenna Jones came to their table. After Janice introduced Sam to her; Jenna said:

"Pleased to meet you, Sam," and added:

"After recognition of employees, go up to the penthouse suite with the sign, 'O'Malley.' You can see the city lights with a few close friends."

Later, a DJ started playing upbeat music and several couples began to dance. Janice got up swaying to the music and led Sam to the floor. Sam saw that Janice was a good dancer. Afterwards, when they danced to slow music, Janice pressed herself in to Sam and felt his stiffened cock. Sam made sure Janice felt his hardness by rubbing it against her lower belly to let her know that he was attracted to her.

Janice thought, 'Sam likes me and wants me. He has been stealing glances at my cleavage.'

Janice looked in to Sam's eyes and said:

"Let's go see the city lights," and, after she picked up her purse and light sweater, they went to the elevators.

Seeing that there was no one else in the elevator, Sam hugged Janice and French kissed her; Janice responded by kissing back and slipping her tongue in to his mouth.

In the penthouse suite, there were several people. One end of the room was dark and had a floor-length glass window; one couple was admiring the city lights. Janice led Sam to the window and, as she admired the city lights, Sam stood behind her and nuzzled her neck. When they were alone, he nuzzled her boobs with his forearms and whispered:

"You're lovely."

Mischievously, Janice pulled her blouse away from her body, and cooed:

"Look at my puppies."

Sam looked down the gaping blouse at her bra-covered boobs and whispered, "They're lovely," and pushed his stiffened cock in to her buttocks.

At that time, Ron and Jenna Jones came to greet them, and invited them to a buffet dinner. After dinner, many guests began to leave. It was about 8 pm when Janice and Sam thanked their hosts and left.

Janice said, "I drank too much; please drive home," and gave him keys to her large sedan.

As Sam was driving, Janice thought: 'Sam is definitely attracted to me. I'm glad I showed him my puppies. I'm sure he is hooked on them. I'll let him play with them. If all goes well, I'll invite him to have dinner tomorrow.'

Janice invited Sam to come in to her home to have a cup of coffee. She also needed a favor and said"

"I need help attaching a new DVD player to my TV."

Sam asked, "Do you have the cables?"

Janice nodded showed Sam where the DVD and cables were. While the coffee was brewing, she freshened up, and changed in to a white, low-cut, sleeve-less, blouse and a short denim skirt. When Janice returned to the living room, she saw Sam was seated on the large sofa and watching a movie on a DVD. He said:

"It's working. Let me know if there is a problem," and turned off the DVD player and the TV.

Janice brought two mugs of coffee, sugar, and milk on a tray. As Sam began to drink his coffee black, Janice sat next to him and said:

"Let's visit for a while," and added:

"You know I'm a widow. I know you are divorced. What happened?"

Sam said:

"Mary and I began to date in high school; we grew apart after being married for 12 years."

Janice smiled and said, "Growing apart can mean many things."

After a moment, Sam said thoughtfully,

"Mary grew up in a conservative family. To be honest, she did not like sex as much as I did; she did not want sex for weeks. When we did, it was in the missionary position and she worried about getting pregnant. We tried counseling without success."

Janice moved close to Sam and, after he pulled her close to him, snuggled with him. In a short while, Sam began to rub her well-toned arms. Later, Sam leaned over and kissed her long neck. In response, Janice slowly moved to sit in his lap and put her forearms on his broad shoulders. When Sam saw Janice's sexy cleavage, he buried his face in it for a minute and, after she tilted her head back, he kissed it. He whispered:

"Lovely cleavage."

Janice thought:

'He likes my puppies; he gets hard so easily. He's poking me with his big rod and wants to plug me. He deserves a reward.'

Blushing at her sexy thoughts, Janice opened several top buttons of her blouse. After Sam pushed her blouse down her shoulders exposing her bare shoulders and top of her arms, she whispered sexily:

"Go ahead, touch them."

A delighted Sam eagerly palmed Janice's demi-bra covered boobs, making her nipples stiffen. Janice felt Sam's stiffened cock poking her buttocks. After several minutes, Sam said in a pleading voice:

"Please, may I suckle them?"

Janice giggled happily and said:

"You want to suckle my puppies, like a baby?"

After Sam sheepishly nodded his head, Janice slowly got off of Sam's lap, removed her blouse, and sat at one end of the large sofa. She then beckoned Sam:

"Ok, baby, come put your head in my lap and suckle my puppies."

After Sam stretched out on his left side on the sofa, he placed his head in Janice's lap and for a minute or so he rubbed her bare upper chest and tops of her smooth, shining, shoulders. Then he located Janice's protruding bra-covered right nipple with his lips and began to suckle it. Janice was surprised that Sam's suckling of her bra-covered nipple aroused her more. After a few minutes, Sam moved down the couch and began to suckle her left bra-covered nipple.

Sam knew he should leave and said:

"I would love to be with you some more time, but I should go. I had a great time."

Janice smiled and said, "I had a long day. Thank you for escorting me to the reception," and shyly added:

"Come for dinner tomorrow, about six."

Sam said, "Thank you. See you tomorrow."

As he was going out the door, Janice handed him a small gift bag, and cooed:

"This is something for you to think about me; I wore it to the reception."

Sam looked in the bag to find a white, lacy-bra, and blushing, said:


As Sam drove, he smelled Janice's bra and latter slept holding it in his hands.


Janice spent a part of the afternoon preparing dinner: baked chicken, mixed vegetables, bread rolls, and salad, and apple pie for dessert. She also took a long bath, shaved her legs and arm pits, and painted her finger and toe nails bright red. She sprayed perfume on her neck and cleavage, and put on a three-strand pearl necklace, and dangling pearl ear rings. She wore a long-sleeve, sheer, black shirt over a red halter top; a very short black skirt, black silk thigh highs, bright red silk panties and a lacy demi bra whose cups just covered the lower halves of her sagging boobs, and black high-heel shoes.

About an hour before Sam was to arrive, Janice became anxious about spending the evening with him. She worried that Sam may not like her sagging boobs, but told herself that they were still sexy and sensitive. She also worried that not having loved a man for a long time would make for an awkward evening, especially when it came to touching Sam's penis and fucking it; she decided to tell Sam to be patient with her and let him take the lead in love making. She also saw in a mirror that her short skirt and nylon-covered legs looked very sexy.

After showering and shaving, Sam wore a pair of beige pants, a blue golf shirt, and dress shoes. Sam decided to have a good time with Janice and to go as far as she would let him go in making out; deep down he hoped to at least fondle her large boobs. On the way to Janice's home, he bought a large bouquet of flowers, and arrived on time at Janice's home. When Janice opened the door and hugged him, he kissed her cheek, and said:

"You smell nice; look great," and handed her the flowers.

As Janice placed the flowers in a vase, she smiled and said:

"Thank you for the flowers. It is thoughtful of you."

Sam said, "You're welcome. Before I forget, I have to call my son at 7:30 tonight to ask him how he did in a soccer game. My watch's alarm will go off to remind me."

After Sam opened a bottle of Chardonnay wine and poured it in two glasses, he and Janice talked about some of the highlights of the field trip in the Lanai. Janice then led Sam to her flower garden where she explained her plans to plant more flowers. Sam said:

"I will be glad to help, but I don't know much about gardening. By the way, there's an orchid show in couple of weeks. If you're interested, I will go with you."

Janice smiled and said, "I would love to see orchids."

Sam said, "Great. We can have lunch afterwards and go shopping."

Sam helped Janice get dinner together; during dinner, Janice said:

"You are confident and well-mannered. Tell me about your parents."

Sam said: "I was adopted. My dad is a retired school teacher. My mom was a home maker; her family left her some commercial property."

Janice asked, "Do you know who your biological parents are?"

Sam said, "No. My mom and dad loved me very much; they took care of me. I never felt the need to find out who my biological parents were," and added:

"One time, mom said I was born to a young girl."

Later, much to Janice's surprise, Sam helped clear the dining table, rinse the dishes, and load the dishwasher. She was more pleased when, after the last dish was loaded, Sam gently pulled her in to his arms and planted several kisses on her long, wrinkled, neck.

Sam mumbled, "I love pearls on a lovely neck."

Janice giggled and, while leading him to her den, said, "Come see my grandson's photos."

Sam saw several photos of a young boy on the wall. Later, Janice pointed to a bust of Lincoln, and said:

"I bought that on my first field trip to D.C."

As Janice talked, Sam stood behind her and hugged her; in turn, she pushed her buttocks in to his stiffened cock. Emboldened, Sam moved his forearms to nuzzle Janice's covered boobs and Janice held them to keep them in place. When Sam saw Janice had a computer, he said excitedly:

"I'll send files of the photos I took on the trip; you can see them on your computer."

Janice replied, "That will be great."

Sam gently pulled Janice in to his arms and, after kissing her cheeks and neck, he French kissed her. Janice returned his kiss passionately. After the kiss ended, shyly Janice said:

"I'm so nervous; I have not been with a man for a long time."

Sam said, "I'm nervous too; I've not been with a woman in a while. I just want to love you. You're very attractive."

Gently, he turned Janice around and, while kissing the nape of her neck, grasped her large, covered, boobs. When Janice did not stop his hands on her boobs, Sam rubbed her protruding nipples. In the mirror on the wall, Janice saw young Sam loving her ardently and got more turned on. Boldly, she pushed her buttocks against Sam's cock lump and slowly wiggled them.

Janice told herself, "I guess the apple pie and coffee can wait," and, taking Sam's hand, led him to a sofa in the living room. Sam sat on the sofa and, after Janice removed her long-sleeve shirt, gently pulled her to straddle his lap. Sam was taken by Janice's sexy red halter top, and his cock stiffened even more and pushed into Janice's crotch. Again, Janice was thrilled that young Sam thought she was attractive.

Softly, Janice whispered, "You do like me," and French kissed him.

As Sam ran the back of his right hand lovingly on Janice's face, he whispered:

"Yes, I like you very much."

Sam then kissed Janice's cleavage, up her neck, and back down to her cleavage. He then whispered:

"Take off your top off, please."

Janice blushed as she removed her halter top and said:

"Take off your shirt."

Janice stared admiringly at Sam's hairy chest; she was also pleased that Sam was admiring her black bra-encased, plump, boobs. Slowly, Janice rubbed Sam's entire muscular, hairy, chest with her hand. Mischievously, she pinched his nipples and giggled when they became stiff. As Sam fondled her bra-covered boobs, he said:

"They are beautiful; I love them."

At that moment, Sam's alarm on his wrist watch went off; it was his reminder to call his son. Janice laughed and got off of Sam's lap. After saying he was sorry, Sam called his son on his cell phone.

Janice went to the kitchen to make coffee. Seeing that Sam was still on the phone, Janice went to her bedroom freshened up and put on a bright red silk robe. As she combed her hair in front of the mirror, she wondered why Sam does not notice the wrinkles around the corners of her eyes, on her neck, and, to a lesser extent, at the top of her boobs.

As Janice was pouring coffee in to two mugs at the kitchen counter, Sam walked over to her. Excitedly, he hugged her from behind and said:

"Pete scored two goals in an important soccer match. Thank you for understanding."

Janice purred, "You're welcome."

Janice asked him, "Do you want a piece of apple pie with coffee?"

Sam mumbled between passionate kisses on her neck:

"I want your body."

Before Janice could reply, Sam pushed her robe off her shoulders and was kissing them. She also felt his stiff cock lump poking in to her buttocks and his hands fondling her bra-covered boobs.

Janice managed to mumble, "That feels good baby," and after a pause added:

"The coffee's getting cold."

Sam said, "Ok," and grasped one coffee mug with his right hand and quickly drank its contents. Soon he resumed fondling Janice's boobs and kissing her shoulders. Janice giggled and leaned over the counter, ostensibly to sip her coffee, but Sam saw her raised sexy ass and decided to fondle her meaty buttocks and kiss them. Slowly, he slid to his knees, lifted the bottom half of Janice's robe, and began to fondle her red panties-covered buttocks.

Janice squealed happily and decided to cooperate. After several minutes of fondling Janice's meaty buttocks, Sam slowly pulled down her panties; he maneuvered his head underneath Janice's robe and licked her naked buttocks. With Janice moaning softly with pleasure, Sam searched her thick bush with his mouth and easily found Janice's aroused pussy. Janice gasped when she felt Sam's tongue on her enlarged clit and was ecstatic that he wanted to eat her pussy. Subtly, Janice opened her thighs and crouched some more to let Sam lap and suck her pussy with his mouth; Sam also used his right hand to rub Janice's thighs and her crotch. Janice whimpered incoherently as she reached an intense orgasm:

"Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh."

As Janice was recovering, Sam stood up, hugged her, and whispered, "That was awesome."

Smiling, Janice French kissed Sam and, in the process, tasted her pussy juice. She cooed:

"Take off your clothes."

Quickly Sam got naked, hugged Janice, and taking her small hand put it on his raging hard on. Instinctively, Janice grasped it, and gently ran her hand on it back and forth. She looked down and shyly said:

"It's big. I've not done it in a long while," and, after a short pause, she said with determination:

"I want to do it, even if I have to use an entire tube of lubrication jelly."

Sam said, "I do not have a condom, but I promise I'm clean; just did not date since my divorce."

Janice said, "I trust you. Let's go to my bedroom and be comfortable."

As she walked with Sam to her bedroom, she saw his big cock swaying sexily and smiled happily. She thought:

'I already love Sam's cock. It will be fun to fuck it.'

On the way, Janice picked up a large beach towel and several hand towels, and said:

"These should help absorb our fluids."

After Sam was flat on his back on the large beach towel, Janice cooed:

"Save that baton for me," and went in to the bathroom.

Sam admired the feminine touch of Janice and her taste in decorating her bedroom all white. He also noted mirrors on the large closet doors and wondered if Janice would let him love her in front of them.

Later, Janice removed her robe and slowly straddled Sam's upper thighs. She saw Sam's cock was still throbbing and precum was leaking from its eye. As Sam held his cock like a short blunt pole, Janice placed its head at her pussy slit, and slowly pushed against it until the cock head penetrated her vagina. To Sam, Janice looked lovely in her pearl jewelry and red demi bra. She paused for several moments on her hands and knees with her pussy plugged with Sam's big cock, and then by pushing up and down eased most of Sam's cock in to her pussy.

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