Widow Janice and Sam


Sam saw sheen of perspiration on her forehead and a big smile on her face. Janice hugged Sam's broad chest and French kissed him. From Sam's soft grunts, she realized he was delighted to have his cock in her snug, lubricated, pussy. Mischievously, she tightened her vaginal walls around his pulsing cock making him grunt louder. Realizing that Janice was comfortable having his cock in her vagina, Sam began to thrust his cock back and forth in her tight pussy.

The leaking precum from Sam's cock further lubricated Janice's pussy and, to Janice's delight, he was able to piston his cock as fast as he could. In fact Janice thought: 'Sam loves to fuck me. He does not seem to care that I am an older woman. I will let him fuck me any time he wants.'

Sam removed Janice's demi bra and grasped her pendulous boobs in his large hands as he continued to fuck her vigorously like a possessed man. He thrust his cock one last time deep in her pussy as jets of his cum erupted near her womb:

"Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Fuckkkk. Fuckkkk."

Several minutes after his climax, Sam's cock was still stiff. Softly, Sam asked, like a young boy:

"Can we do it again tonight?"

A thrilled Janice cooed, "Yes darling, after I freshen up and watch my favorite TV show at nine."

Sam asked:

"Can I have a piece of apple pie?"

Janice said, "Of course; I will fix a piece for you."

Sam replied, "I can do that; I will cut two pieces and microwave them for a few seconds."

Just as he was leaving the bedroom, Janice said:

"You can freshen up in the bathroom downstairs. You will find couple of bathrobes in the closet; pick one."

Janice put back the red demi bra and red robe, freshened up, and went to the kitchen. She saw Sam had put on a blue bathrobe of Bob, and fixed two pieces of apple pie and two glasses of milk. Janice smiled when she saw Sam had used her juice glasses for milk, but did not comment on it.

Sam pulled a chair back for Janice to sit at the kitchen table; after she sat in the chair, he discerned her freshly applied perfume and that she put on glasses. As he kissed her neck lovingly, Janice tilted her head to give him better access.

After helping Janice clear the dishes, Sam followed Janice to the den to watch TV, and sat next to her on the sofa. Janice switched on the large TV and found out that her favorite program was preempted. Giggling, she turned off the TV and exclaimed:

"My favorite program is not on, but I know what we can do," and, reaching inside his robe, she gently grasped Sam's softened cock with one hand and grasped his balls with the other.

Janice slid to her knees on the plush carpet in front of Sam and, while watching intently, she played with his balls and cock for several minutes. Sam gently grasped Janice's head and whispered:

"Suck it, please."

Janice opened her mouth, slowly inserted Sam's cock in to it, and sucked on it; within a short time, Sam's cock grew. Janice took out Sam's cock from her mouth and, holding it in her tiny hand, stared at it proud of her accomplishment. At that moment, Janice's body was hit with a hot flash; she stood up and, after removing the robe she had on, removed the silk red demi bra, collapsed next to Sam, and muttered aloud:

"Sorry, I'm having a hot flash. My face and neck feel hot."

Sam quickly went to the kitchen and returned with one wet towel for Janice to cool off, and a dry towel to dry off. A short time after recovering, Janice stood up, lifted her arms and locked her fingers behind her head, slowly pirouetted couple of times, and said:

"Here it is: my totally naked old body."

On seeing Janice's drooping boobs, pearls-adorned neck, and her beautiful face, Sam was more turned on. He stood behind her to grasp her naked boobs and push his stiff cock in to her meaty buttocks; he kissed her neck and shoulders, as his eager cock searched for her pussy. Janice reached behind and grasped Sam's cock in her small hand. He whispered to Janice:

"You're a lovely woman," and asked:

"Can we do it in front of the large mirrors in your bedroom?"

Blushing, Janice nodded her head. Soon afterwards, 34 year-old Sam Spenser began to make love to Janice in front of the same bedroom mirror she had masturbated many a time. He was seated comfortably in the same chair and, with Janice seated in his lap facing the mirror, he had his cock buried deep in her well-lubricated pussy. He kept a tight grasp of her large sagging boobs, kissing her perfumed neck, and mumbling:

"You're a gorgeous baby; love your ass in my lap."

Janice could feel his rigid cock head throbbing near her womb. Soon, as she pressed her right index finger on her slick clit, she had her second orgasm of the evening; she whimpered:

"Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Piiinch. Piiinch. Ahhhhhhhh."

Sam's cock was twitching all the time and with each twitch, a small amount of his sperm-laden-cum jetted in to Janice's pussy. After Janice's orgasm subsided, Sam gently put her left arm over his neck, and nibbled on her left boob and arm pit; Janice tightened her pussy muscle around Sam's cock and that triggered his climax:

"Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Fuckkkkkk. Fuckk."

Earlier, Janice was pleased with Sam's sensitive nature when he asked her if he should wear a condom.

Lovingly, she told him, "No. I'm sure you are clean and I am past child bearing age."

After his two climaxes, Sam thought:

'It's been a long time since I ejaculated deep inside a pussy with out worrying about knocking up my woman.'

Sam wanted to spend the night with Janice, but she did not invite him to do so; also, he had to work at school that day. After a while, Sam thanked Janice for the dinner and the evening, and left.


Janice had muted her phone so that she would not be disturbed while entertaining Sam. While Janice was being loved passionately, Jessica called to talk about plans for her son's birthday and left a message to that effect; she was also surprised Janice did not answer the phone on a Sunday.

On Monday, Janice called Jessica to tell her she would be attending her grandson's birthday and spend couple of days with her. She then called Sam and told him about going away to her daughter's home for couple of days. Janice had a great time at Jessica's home and her grandson's birthday party. The next day, Janice shyly explained to Jessica that she was seeing a man. After Jessica expressed her support, Janice let her know that Sam was a younger man. Janice was delighted when Jessica teased her:

"You're going to make up for the loving you missed."

Janice was relieved that her daughter supported her seeing Sam, a younger man. After she returned home, she found an email message from Sam on her computer:

"Baby, I had to accompany the basketball team to a tournament. I'll be back on Friday evening and we can celebrate your birthday. Just let me know what I should do. I'll be checking my email every night. By the way, I think you look gorgeous in sexy lingerie. Love. Sam."

Janice replied, "I don't want to go anywhere over the weekend; let's stay home. I'll marinate chicken for grilling; we can have it with salad and rolls. See you Friday. Love. Janice"

Janice also stocked up on frozen snacks and dinners, and red and white wine. Later, Janice went shopping and bought lingerie to please Sam.


On Friday, Janice's birthday, Lorna called her: "I've not seen you in a while. I hope things are going well with you and Sam."

Janice said, "Great. I have been away for my grandson's birthday and Sam is been away with the basketball team," and, giggling, added:

"I'm sure it will be fun making up for the lost week."

Lorna said, "Jim has been gone over a week to do a job out of town. I miss him and I'm sure he's more horny than me," and added:

"Any way, come at about three for tea."

Janice said, "What if Jim returns before three?

Lorna giggled and cooed, "If you see his car in the drive way and the front door is locked, we will do tea another day."

Janice said, "I understand; see you at three."

Janice had to pick up laundry and pick up a few groceries, so she left early to do those chores before visiting Lorna. About the time Janice was done with her chores, Jim returned early and, to surprise Lorna, parked his car on the road and walked to Lorna's home.

After showering, Lorna wore a red sleeve-less blouse, a denim skirt, and red silk underwear. She was putting together a plate of cookies for tea with Janice when Jim walked in with a large bouquet of flowers. After hugging her in his big arms, he passionately French kissed her.

Finding the front door unlocked, Janice walked in to Lorna's home; she followed in the direction of Jim's whispers and Lorna's giggles. When she took a peek in to the well-lighted kitchen, she saw Lorna was in the strong arms of a tall young man, about 25 years old; she realized it was Jim. While kissing Lorna's wrinkled neck, Jim was pawing Lorna's large covered boobs and her meaty buttocks.

Janice froze watching the erotic scene being played out in front of her. A part of her mind said she should leave, but another, more persuasive part, said she should watch the two lovers make passionate love.

Jim whispered, "I missed you for ten days."

Lorna, who held Jim's head lovingly, whispered, "I missed you too," and added:

"Let's go the bedroom."

Jim groaned, "I want you now. It's been long time I loved you. I want a taste of your sexy pussy."

A pleased Lorna mumbled: "I missed you too; my pussy is tingling.".

Janice saw Jim French kissing Lorna passionately, and running his hands on her buttocks and outer thighs. As the two lovers kissed, Janice's passion began to build up in her pussy. She was turned on watching young Jim passionately kissing Lorna, an older woman.

Jim quickly slid to his knees, lifted Lorna's skirt, and began to kiss and lick up and down her well-toned thighs; soon, he was kissing her lacy panties-covered crotch. When she felt Jim's mouth and hot breath on her thighs and crotch, Lorna abandoned all caution. Lorna felt secure in the kitchen of her home; she tilted her head back, held up her skirt around her waist with one hand, and held on to Jim's head with the other,.

It took a moment for Janice to grasp what was going on: there was Jim on his knees on a throw rug, and his head was bobbing up and down in Lorna's crotch as he was licking it; in turn, Lorna leaned back against the counter, her head thrown back, moaning and cooing softly, and vainly trying to hold up her bunched up skirt. Janice saw Lorna had on skimpy red silk panties that contrasted well with her meaty, alabaster, thighs; she realized Jim had firmly grasped Lorna's buttocks in his strong hands as he kissed her panties-covered pussy and he was not going stop soon.

Janice was aroused as she watched Jim performing oral sex on Lorna; she was surprised how much she got turned on as she watched Jim rubbing his face on Lorna's crotch; she also realized Lorna was really loving her panties-covered pussy being kissed and Jim was loving kissing Lorna's pussy. Janice recalled Sam sucking her pussy on their last date and made up her mind to have him suck her pussy as a birthday present.

Softly, Lorna cooed: "Ohhh. Babyyy. I'm so horny. You're mouth's good. Love it. Ohhhh."

Lorna and Jim did not know that Janice was watching them and was turned on. Realizing Lorna was aroused and he could make her cum, Jim quickly lowered Lorna's red panties to her knees, and started to lick her bare pussy and clit. Soon, Lorna's cooing became higher pitched as she came on Jim's sucking mouth:

"Ohhh. Babyyy. Love it. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhh."

Much to her delight Janice's clit became well-lubricated with her oozing nectar.

After Lorna's orgasm subsided, she pulled up Jim and French kissed him tasting her pussy nectar on his mouth. Lorna felt Jim hold her in a tight hug; she saw Jim's face had a determined, passion-filled, look; she cooed weakly:

"Let's do it on the sofa. Baby, your bucket of cum will be messy running down my mouth or legs."

Jim whispered urgently "I'm very horny. I'm close to blowing my wad. It won't take long. Raise your right leg," and quickly unzipped his pants, lowered his shorts and pants, and pulled out his throbbing, precum-covered cock.

With a mixture of resignation and desire, Lorna cooed:

"Guess, it's ok; I had my cum," and giggled as Jim was wildly humping her thighs probing for her love channel.

Quickly, Lorna grasped Jim's throbbing cock, and as she placed it at her pussy opening, and cooed:

"The head is slick; it's leaking cum."

Lorna gasped as Jim slowly snaked his young cock in to her well-lubricated pussy. Holding Lorna's voluptuous buttocks firmly, Jim pulled Lorna's body tightly against his, and pistoned his cock in and out of her pussy. Lorna closed her eyes and surrendered to Jim's passion, and cooed:

"Oh, baby. Cum in me, deep, deep."

Janice could clearly see Jim's cock going in and out of Lorna's pussy; she was thrilled watching their love making. It was clear to Janice that young Jim was enjoying fucking older Lorna while kissing her wrinkled neck. Jim lifted Lorna off the floor, shoved his cock deep in to her pussy, and thrust his crotch several times in to Lorna's. Jim grunted loudly as his young cock spurted several jets of pent up jism.

Lorna felt Jim's cum seeping out of her pussy; she cooed:

"Baby, take it out, slowly."

Jim growled, "I want to do it again."

Lovingly and giggling softly, Lorna wiped his face and cooed:

"Ok, baby; carry me to our bed."

Quietly, with her pussy pulsing, Janice walked out of Lorna's home to her car; she wanted to be fucked very badly by Sam. When she looked at her cell phone, there was a voice message from Sam:

"Honey, I am leaving home now; I should be at your place by about four."

Janice smiled knowing that she has enough time to reach her home and get ready for Sam.


After Janice went home, she freshened up, and wore a short black skirt, leather knee-length boots, black stockings, garter belt, open-crotch panties, and peek-a-boo bra. Sam was dressed in shorts, a tank top, and sneakers.

Wearing a black, silk, robe, Janice welcomed Sam in to her home. Sam saw that the black robe did not hide her sexy curves; he was stunned by her elegance and voluptuousness. He hugged her passionately and kissed her long, wrinkled, neck.

Janice asked, softly, "Would you like a glass of wine?"

Sam said, "I'm fine, thank you."

Sam thought, 'I want to drink your nectars.'

Sam stopped kissing Janice and said:

"Happy birthday, darling. You look lovely," and handed her a jewelry box.

Janice saw in the box a necklace of pearls interspersed with small gold-plated beads and was touched by Sam's generous gift. She whispered:

"This is beautiful."

Smiling, Janice slowly removed her robe, took out the necklace from the box, and cooed:

"Baby, hook this necklace, please," and held it at the back of her neck.

It was then Sam saw that Janice was dressed to kill. Eagerly, Sam stood behind Janice and after hooking the pearl necklace, hugged her, and grasped her boobs in the peek-a-boo bra. Janice squealed happily, giggled, and moaned with pleasure as she felt Sam squeeze her boobs, pinch her nipples, and poke his stiff baton in to her ass.

Sam said, "Your look lovely, very sexy. Love your boots."

Shyly, Janice cooed:

"I know you like me in silk stockings, garters, and garter belt," and blushing, continued:

"I wanted you to enjoy my boobs; I know how much you love them. So, I bought this peek-a-boo bra."

Sam, fondling Janice's boobs, mumbled:

"They look lovely; they're lifted up sexily."

"I also put perfume in all your favorite places," cooed Janice.

Sam, mumbled, "Love this bra; it lets your boobs spill out," and continued to squeeze Janice's boobs and pinch her nipples.

Sam thought, 'I want to shove my cock in to Janice's pussy right now. But, it's her birthday. I'll let her be my guide.'

Janice led Sam to the sofa in the living room and cooed:

"Baby, it's nice and warm; take off your clothes," and, after he undressed, gently grasped his erect cock and cooed:

"I've been thinking of you all morning. I'm wet for you. Lie down."

As Sam watched her lovely face and jiggling boobs, Janice slowly removed her skirt and straddled his chest and then slid forward so that her open-crotch panties-covered pussy was within inches of Sam's face. Sam's nostrils discerned Janice's aroused nectar mixed with her perfume. He saw her glistening gash in her gray bush and his mouth was drawn to it like a moth to a flame; he lifted his head and began to lick her aroused pussy. He was pleased that Janice's pussy was full of her nectars and, grasping her meaty buttocks, he slurped as best as he could. Janice held on to the sofa's arm rest, and gently fucked Sam's mouth coating it and his nose with her sweet nectars; after moaning with pleasure for several minutes, she whimpered:

"I'm cummmming. Baaaaaaby. Cummmming. Ahhhhhhhhhh."

After Janice recovered from her orgasm, she reached behind her, grasped Sam's engorged cock, and cooed:

"Baby, I want to feel you explode inside me."

Sam asked, "What do you suggest?"

Janice got off of Sam and cooed, "You sit on that chair; I will ride you," and pointed to an upholstered chair with no hand rests a few feet away.

Eagerly, Sam sat in the low chair and watched in awe as Janice took charge of the situation. Smiling, Janice sat in his lap with her boots on the floor, and, as she kissed his pussy nectar-coated mouth, slowly inserted Sam's leaking cock into her well-lubricated pussy. She leaned forward and hugged Sam tightly crushing her boobs on his chest. She pulled her chest away, giggled, and said:

"I love this position. Your cock is deep in me, and I can rub my clit on it and grasp it with my pussy; we can kiss, and you can play with my boobs."

As Sam fondled Janice's boobs, she locked her hands behind her head and began to slowly fuck his cock. Sam moved his hands to rub her lovely arm pits and then licked them. She squeezed his cock intermittently with her vaginal muscles; each squeeze was accompanied by a sly smile. Sam's cock was rock hard all the time. It twitched every few seconds. Each time it twitched, some precum mixed with his sperm was ejected into Janice's pussy. When Janice sensed Sam was very close to his climax, she stopped her fucking motion with Sam's cock half way in her pussy. Sam hugged her tightly and groaned with pleasure:

"Baby, I'm at the peak."

With a big smile on her face, Janice further tightened her pussy wall around Sam's cock, and pushed down plunging Sam's cock fully in to her pussy. She felt Sam's cock pulse rapidly as it exploded and released his sperm-laden cum deep inside her pussy. She heard his whimpers:

"Babyyyyyyy. Ahhhhhh. Fuckkkk. Ahhhhhhh. Fuckkkkk"

After Sam rested several minutes, Janice French kissed him lovingly and slowly got off of him. After she freshened up and put on the black robe, she brought a warm wash cloth and lovingly washed his still stiff cock, and said:

"Baby, put your wand away for a while; we need to think of dinner. I've marinated chicken, a tossed salad, and a bottle of Chardonnay in the refrigerator."

Sam said, "It's your birthday; I'll cook."

After Sam put back his tank top and shorts, he went to the patio and grilled the marinated chicken. Sam saw Janice had set up the table on the patio for dinner; also, Janice had changed in to red shorts and a low-cut, white, tank top, and black sandals; Janice's nipples showed prominently and her sagging boobs were pressed against the tight tank top. Janice put on a fresh coating of bright red lipstick and granny glasses; she still had on the pearl necklace Sam gave her. In turn, Janice noticed Sam's erection created a tent in his shorts; she decided to let Sam fuck her after dinner.

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