tagFetishWife: A Typical Saturday Morning

Wife: A Typical Saturday Morning


This morning on our queen sized bed my sexy wife is quietly sleeping beside me. She gives off an occasional soft snore. On her side, legs bent toward the outside of the bed, her naked ass radiates heat under the covers. Her fine auburn hair spreads across the rosy, smooth and silky pillow. I'm naked under the sheets, my cock stiff and balls aching. I reach down and grab hold. I slowly and slightly lift the blanket and top-sheet with my other hand, take half a breath, and savor the sight of my wife's full and creamy bottom, the unfettered peek of her lightly perspiring ass and caramel butthole, the backdoor view of her parted and moistened pussy. She is completely relaxed and her butt cheeks, anus and cunt gently expand and contract with each slow successive breath.

I come up from the blanket and start to quietly stroke myself. I don't want to wake her. I know we'll make love when she wakes up so I close my eyes and begin to fantasize about how she will suck and fuck me. I think about her lovely smile, ruddy cheeks, puffy lips and soft pale skin, her silky hair draped over my thighs and pelvis as she pushes her ass to my face and sucks my rigid cock-head. She is not thin, exactly, a little bubbly in the butt, but very well proportioned to her slim waist and big boobs. Her nipples are long and hard when cold or excited, widely encircled by fine textured light-mocha areolas. She can hardly stand the too-intense pleasure of my sucking mouth and rapidly flicking tongue tantalizing her pert and hardened nibs. I love to press my chest into her big tits. I sometimes imagine they are part of my body, my chest, as if I was the woman and they were my heavy breasts. I let go of my cock and reach to my left nipple, lightly circle, caress and pinch with my thumb and forefinger. I take my time and imagine what it's like to be my wife, to be in her hot lusty body, to have such voluptuous boobs and curves, ass and hips, silky stomach and hot creamy cunt to be rubbed and sucked and tongued and fucked. This is a fairly common fantasy, sometimes played out alone when she's away. Sometimes I can't resist the urge to put on her hampered panties and masturbate into her dirty undies.

From under my fluffy pillow I grab an old silky panty and press it to my face. My wife has several old pairs of undies that she lets me have when she's tired of them or they've become too stretched out. She tells me they are my "transitional objects," that it's "good for you" to sleep with them. This pair is a satin lacy lavender boy-short with a pink cotton-candy crotch-liner. I love to think about how the soft cotton lining has been smashed into my wife's sweaty and moistened pussy, how the back of the cotton pad has wedged between her lovely butthole for some sixteen hours a day. Another pussy-panty is a stretched out red cotton thong which I sometimes tightly wrap around my balls and cock. My wife has delightfully worn this sexy garment many times while fucking and she's even had me wear it during sex, often pulling up the waistband hard and high, working the thong well up the crack of my asshole. Sometimes the feel of the taught thong against my anus is the breaking point of pleasure, the final push to provoke a mind and cock-blowing orgasm.

Unable to await her affections as she sleeps into the long morning, my wife sometimes wakes to find me with a silky pair of panties wrapped around my cock. Too excited, she smiles as I stroke and ejaculate warm sticky semen into my hand and fingers and spurting into my wife's discarded panties and cumming onto my lower stomach and pubes. She may then sleepily reach for my cock and sigh, disappointed that I couldn't wait for her. She is seldom let down as I scoot my mouth down to her moist pussy, widely separate her thighs and make her cum with my hungry mouth and tongue.

This is a morning I'd like her to be my lesbian lover. I want her to indulge my fetishes and my femininity. She turns and starts to awaken.

"Mmmm. You sleep ok darling?"

"Pretty good," I reply, somewhat lamely.

She rolls onto her back and pulls the covers up over her shoulders. I notice it's 8:30 in the morning and we had planned to get up early and go to the farmers market for provisions. Still, I'm rock-hard under the sheet. I bring my hand down and gently roll and squeeze my balls, then a little harder until there's just a slight tinge of pain.

"Baby," I say, "I'm feeling kind of, well..."

"I know, horny, of course."

"Well, yea, but, well, in kind of a feminine way."

A quiet pause ensues, her pale blue eyes lock directly upon me.

"I see," she says, more awake now. "And what exactly do you mean by that?" She reaches and grabs my panty-wrapped cock and squeezes.

"I'm definitely hard, really hard, but I kind of feel, well, kind of soft and jelly inside, in a girly kind of way."

She looks up at me with a knowing smile. I turn onto my stomach and keep the silky panties at my crotch. I slip them under my cock, flat upon the smooth rosy sheets and slowly gyrate my pelvis and cock into them. My wife pulls the blanket from my back and starts to lightly scratch.

I begin to say something but she puts a finger to her lips and gestures me to hush. She reaches down and scratches my bottom and I continue to gyrate into the pretty purplish panties and rosy sheets. I turn on my side. My wife takes the panties in her hands and gently strokes my cock. She strokes them up and down the shaft, smoothly around the bulbous crown, stick-clear pre-cum blotting the lavender satin. She rubs my shaft with a few long hard strokes and I moaned quietly and raise my arms and hands toward the ceiling.

"That looked like an Indian dance pose right there, with your pretty arms and pointed fingers, very pretty."

I feel my face blush. I'm puzzled; I hadn't realized I made this effeminate gesture. My wife brings the panties up to my chest, circles them around a nipple, then up to my face. I part my lips and tongue the spotted pre-cum stained fabric. She slips two fingers into my mouth, knowing that I like to fantasize about a nice young man or even a pretty transvestite putting a cock in there. I'm completely in her control. She thrusts two fingers in and out of my wanting mouth.

"Do you like this my dear, when I put my fingers in your pretty little mouth?" Three fingers are thrusting now and I fervently suck them like a cock. "I like this," she says somewhat aggressively. "Do you want me to get out your little dildo man-friend?"

My wife isn't one to masturbate very often, and I'm quite sure she has rarely if ever used a dildo in her self-ministrations. I've seen her rub her clit at times when we fuck doggie style, or maybe slip a finger or two into her cunt while she sucks on my cock. The dildo is mine. I bought it at the local CVS pharmacy in the section where they sell condoms and scented lubes and little vibrating cock rings. My wife calls it my "little friend," sometimes my "little man-friend," although I never thought it was especially little when fully jammed up my ass. She reaches into the side drawer and pulls out the plum colored clothe sack that discreetly hides the dildo from obvious view. She pulls it out and turns the vibe on to the lowest setting. I continue my moaning and wonder how far she will take this.

"Now, her he is, your little friend."

She chuckles and holds the phallus up before my face. Only six inches long, sleek and shiny-white, about an inch and a half in diameter and alive with a low and gentle vibrating purr. She takes a condom out of the drawer, deftly puts it on the dildo and ties it off in the back. She rests the vibrating cock on my right nipple. She brings the pretty panties down to my cock and rubs them on my scrotum and ass. The slow vibrating dildo comes up to my face, against my lips, and into my parted mouth. I open and suck, relishing the feel and taste of the buzzing rubber sheath. As I drool saliva between my mouth and the cock, my wife slowly thrusts it in and out. She takes it out of my slurpy-wet mouth and sucks on the dildo herself. She again starts fucking my mouth, a bit harder than expected this time. I almost gag on the condom-sheathed cock, but I manage to suck harder as she fucks my face. Back and forth we go several times taking turns blowing the slowly vibrating cock. I relish the saliva-rubber-coated dick zinging against my tongue and teeth. She brings the dildo down to my shaft, then kisses me hard, our wet mouths lock together. I feel the slick wet cock slither between the crack of my butt and gently press to my anus, the buzzing vibes around and upon my asshole are almost enough to make my explode. I am completely in her control, my asshole quivers and I start to shake and thrust my hips up and down repeatedly. My wife grabs my throbbing cock, brings her head down and swings her legs up and over my face and chest. She straddles me backwards, ass-up. I reach behind and grab a pillow, somehow double it over and cram it under my head to give easy access to her fragrant ass and pussy.

"Ok panty lover-boy, knees up, legs out, stretch, stretch now." She has me part my legs, knees out, my asshole fully exposed. "Nice, now point your toes, point a little harder like a pretty prima ballerina."

She takes my sticky cock into her sloppy mouth. Her ass rises up, then down and back, thrusting toward my face. I place both hands on her cheeks and spread her butt wide, opening her asshole and cunt. I feel the dildo against my anus, the pressure begins to part my little pussy butthole. She presses her ass and cunt back into my face, raises her wet-hot cunt higher and further back, right into my open mouth. I lick and swirl and pulse my tongue into her pussy-hole then out and against her engorged and rigid clit. She raises her pelvis higher still, forcing me to address her clitoris, humping my face, panting. She is humping and grinding her clit into my mouth and moaning now, louder and with more force.

"Oh fuck, please, oh fuck, oh suck hard, faster, don't stop, faster, faster."

Her whole wet cunt is plastered against my face, pushing, pulsing, grunting and moaning. My face is pressed against her pussy and ass. More and harder and grinding and pressing. I suddenly feel the dildo plunge into my asshole. I feel my little man friend go deeper, stretching the rim of my anus and hurting a bit, but once inside, so full and buzzing and complete. She's pushes it deeper, then pulls it out almost all the way, then plunges again, the vibrations whirring, then out and in and out and in, all the while as she continues to fuck my face with her hot wet ass and swollen cunt. She writhes in ecstasy, breaths deeply and steadily climbs with pleasure, a low, long, drawn out purr, a short pant, a prolonged and guttural moan as she erupts in orgasmic joy.

She shouts uncontrollably, "Ahhhh . . . oh god, oh, oh oh, ahhh, fuck me, fuck ..."

I pull her butt cheeks apart even wider, open my mouth wide, her ass and pussy still grinding my face. Her pussy pulses and quivers, her asshole and pussy repeatedly throb and contract in rhythmic ecstasy, over and over and moaning and crying in pleasure.

I plunge my tongue into her sloppy cunt, holding her as her contractions subside. Almost a minute passes, the dildo still buzzing and sticking out my ass. She is relaxed in post orgasmic bliss and again takes my cock into her mouth. She turns up the speed of the vibrating cock and thrusts it all the way inside. In and out of my ass, she's sucking my aching cock harder and fast, the tension builds, I feel the warmth spreading through my loins, I hump, up and back, fucking her face, she strokes my wet cock, as she blows me, now thrusting the vibrating cock in and out of my asshole. I can't hold off any longer, my cock seems to get even harder, my balls tighten and, pow! I'm cumming and thrusting and spurting, the creamy ejaculate spurting into her mouth. I straighten my entire body and release with a long and deep moan, still thrusting, subsiding now but still fucking her cum filled mouth. She comes up for air, grabs onto my throbbing cock, twists up and brings her head toward me, semen dripping amply down her lips and chin. I open my mouth wide and she gives me a long and wet and sloppy cum-filled kiss. Our tongues press and swirl for a full minute. We finally break the messy kiss and roll onto our backs, exhausted, relaxed, satiated.

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