tagLoving WivesWife Acts Out Ch. 1

Wife Acts Out Ch. 1


My wife Amy and I have been married for 13 years. I have always wanted to watch her have sex with another man. Although I have never come right out and told her this, I have skirted the issue a couple of times. Little did I know but this was already happening.

Amy used to work at Wal-Mart as an overnight customer service manager. She would go to work at 7 at night and would not get off until 7 the next morning. There were only a handful of people working the night shift at any given time. She was 1, there was 1 cashier running a register, a couple of stockmen and then the overnight manager. Pat was the permanent overnight manager meaning he worked the same hours Amy did.

On several occasions, Amy would say stuff like Pat had a nice looking ass and would also talk about how he would flirt with her at work. Needless to say, I got horny whenever she brought it up but I never said anything to her. I also never suspected anything was going on.

One night about 2 in the morning, I couldn't sleep, so I decided I would take a ride to Wal-Mart to pick up some things that I needed for the office. When I got there, the only people I saw were the cashier and the stockmen. I did my shopping and when I went to check out, I still did not see Amy or Pat. I asked the cashier where I could find the manager and she told me he was in the back of the store doing the nightly paperwork.

I wanted to surprise Amy, so I went looking for her. I knew where the office was and just went on back. When I got there, neither Pat nor Amy was there. I started to walk back up front when I heard some noises coming from the layaway cages. I walked up closer but before I called out, I realized who it was. I had found Pat and Amy but could tell they didn't want to be disturbed. They were locked in a passionate kiss and Pat was running his hands all over Amy's tits. I sort of melted into the shadows knowing that I was finally going to get to watch Amy with another man.

When they broke the kiss, Amy immediately dropped to her knees and released Pat's cock from his pants. She was saying how beautiful his cock was and that she enjoyed their "working together". She engulfed his sizable cock (about 9 inches) with her mouth. She was taking the whole cock in her mouth and then she released it and started licking the shaft telling him how good his cock tasted. She then proceeded to give him an expert blowjob. Her head was going up and down so fast, that it started looking like a blur. All of a sudden she stopped and pulled his cock from her lips and told him to cum in her mouth.

With that, she immediately sank her mouth over the head and really started working his cock. I could see him starting to get tense and knew it wouldn't be long. She must have felt it because at the precise moment, she took his cock out and started jacking the shaft with her fist. She held her mouth open and he squirted load after load of sticky cum right on her tongue. When he was done, she took the cock back in her mouth and licked him clean.

All of a sudden, an announcement came over the speaker needing Amy up front for a check approval. I watched as she hurried to her feet and Pat hurriedly pulled his pants back on. I moved farther back against the wall and deeper into a shadow so as not to be seen.

I had to wait until she was gone from the front of the store to make my way out. I never mentioned anything to her but have been blessed at being able to watch more of her in action without her knowing. I will save that for my next part.

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