tagLoving WivesWife Alters Husbands Drinking Habit

Wife Alters Husbands Drinking Habit


There are moments in life that are turning points which unexpectedly change dynamics in relationships sometimes for the better.

My name is Jillian but most people call me Jill, I've just turned 40, have two children and a wonderful husband. I work in the city which means an hour train trip each day to and from work but I enjoy my career and the money so have to sacrifice some time with the children. This is where my husband steps up with drop off and pick up of the children as well as taking them to sport and cooking dinner most nights.

I have kept my self fit with jogging, gym and circuit classes regularly so have a reasonable body for my age and enjoy a good sex life with my husband Joe.

When I married Joe he was so fit and lean but a few years back he had a health scare effecting his heart which has effected his ability to do exercise or work the way he used to.Luckily he was able to get back to part time work and at least play with the children who both play basketball for their school teams.

With the lack of exercise and a slowly worsening drinking problem Joe is now carrying a few excess pounds around the middle. I have had several talks to Joe about the drinking and his health generally but nothing has changed.

One day I was leaving work and just missed my train so decided to walk up the street to get a coffee when I walked passed a adult store, I don't know why but I went in and looked around nervously. After browsing for a few minutes around the obvious toys I noticed a bondage section had a life like model wearing something locked on its penis with a small padlock.

Just then a sales lady approached and asked if I needed help with anything.

I was a little over whelmed talking to her about the mostly naked model in front of me but her care free nature eased my tension. I asked what they were and how they worked and why someone would wear one. After chatting to the saleslady and browsing some more i left to catch the train.

I couldn't stop thinking about all the things i saw and wondered what Joe would think if he knew i went to a adult store. You see Joe has a very high sex drive, always wanting blow jobs, groping me constantly and sulks when i don't give him sexual relief each night.

Unfortunately in Joe's mind I'm not as kinky or enthusiastic as he would like. Don't get me wrong I occasionally give blow jobs but just can't get myself to swallow. When we first met things were different and exciting, we tried everything we could imagine, all sorts of positions, outdoors, oral, anal, toys, I even used a strap on dildo a couple of times on Joe which I have to admit gave me an incredible orgasm each time as he massaged my clitoris as I fucked him from behind.As the years went by the drive diminished with the boys and work becoming a large focus in my life.

That night we had sex a little more vigorous then in recent times but Joe didn't really comment probably due to the 4 glasses of red he consumed after dinner.A plan was starting to emerge in my head, what if i could use Joe's sex drive to help me get him to cut back the drinking and drop a few pounds as well.

After work the next day I went back to the store and purchased a chastity tube and was shown how the one on the model worked. I was nervous how Joe would react and if i could even get him to wear it but i had to try.

That night once the children were asleep I approached Joe, he was drinking a glass of red wine watching the basketball on the couch. I sat down beside him and started to talk about the drinking again knowing it would lead to an argument, which always led to him apologizing later so he could have sex, but not this time.

I said that I was not having sex with him tonight and the only way I would consider having sex again in the near future was for him to wear the chastity tube which I handed him. He looked at it and wasn't impressed or happy at all leading to more harsh words between us.I knew he would relent eventually as he loved me and could not go too long without sex.

He held out for 3 days before talking to me about the tube and how it would work. I said it was simple I had the key and would only let him out after two nights of alcohol free days. Reluctantly he agreed and the tube was fastened and locked in place. This is where things slowly began to change, I started to become aroused thinking of his cock all tucked away and under my total control.

When we went to bed that night it had already been 3 nights without sex and I was very horny so I got Joe to go down on me and had the most intense orgasm I've had in a long time. Joe was so frustrated which made me smile, this might actually work.

The next morning I woke early and just thinking of Joe in chastity got me going and I straddled Joe's face and got another wonderful orgasm before rushing off to shower. All day I was thinking about Joe and often looked at the key getting more and more aroused as the day went on and when he called I could tell he was so horny in his voice, I almost thought of letting him out when I got home.

That night was a Thursday so I left the key at work in my desk drawer as I didn't trust my self. Only one more alcohol free day for your reward baby I said as I hopped into bed beside Joe, I could tell he was uncomfortable struggling to keep still. I on the other hand was so horny I could scream.

I knew it was cruel but i remembered the strap on we used a long time ago was still in a box in the cupboard and the orgasms were so good for me I couldn't resist. I jumped up and grabbed the toy box and put it on, Joe was not to keen but after some pouting and pleading from me he relented. I was so horny I just went hell for leather in his poor ass until I screamed in orgasm falling on his back dildo still deep in his ass.

After getting my breath and composure I began to slowly thrust back and forth again, then started to ask " how's that feel baby, do you like my cock in your ass?" "I bet you are so horny those heavy balls of yours could burst. I'm starting to love having control of your cock it is soooo much fun, only one more day and I'm all yours" increasing the thrusting until slamming into his ass as hard as I can into another intense orgasm.

When I withdrew from Joe's ass the best thing happened that would reconfirm the future, he got out of bed and had a shower taking the dildo and washing it clean and putting it away while I just rolled over happily thinking I don't have to get up and empty semen out of me, content I went to sleep.

The next morning Joe was so horny after 5 days without cumming, being fucked with the strap on and going down on me several times he was so intense, so I began to tease him about how he would like to cum tonight, of course he asked for a blowjob which I can understand as I don't do them very often but I was hurt that he didn't want to make love to me after 5 nights without relief.

When I got to work I checked the key and smiled ,thinking tonight will be fun but during the day I got a phone call about our son, he had broken his arm at sport and I dropped everything and rushed to the hospital. Luckily it was a clean break and would only be in plaster for 6 weeks. Joe arrived after I had spoken to the doctor and the look on my face must have given away something as he became worried. I reassured him Scott was fine but quietly whispered the key was still at work and I couldn't get it until Monday I'm so sorry and will make it up to you.He wasn't happy but there was nothing we could do until Monday.

That night Joe was so attentive to me I know how frustrated he was but he took it well, once the children were asleep, he sat down to watch the basketball but I was tense after a stressful day and asked for a massage. Joe being Joe agreed and began a wonderful massage on my neck and shoulders but as he massaged me I could feel the chastity tube bump into me and I started to become aroused, and for the second time ever I began to talk erotically to him.

" So babe you must be so horny, and you would have gotten a lovely blowjob for not drinking tonight, I'm proud of you but I wish you had said to make love to me instead of a blowjob. Do you know how it makes me feel that you prefer a blowjob, do you!, in fact I think you should find out."

With that said I went to the toy box put on the strap on dildo and walked up to my husband.

"Here's the deal if you ever want a blowjob from me ever again you are going to give one, so get on your knees now!". Reluctantly and slowly Joe complied.

Now babe I'm going to do the work for you, just stroke my clitoris and enjoy.

"Open wide", and I shoved the dildo into his mouth and began to thrust back an forth not to hard or deeply at first and asked "So babe how do you like being the one giving a blowjob, now make me cum".

Joe began to stroke my clitoris and as my arousal increased so did the pace and depth of my thrusts grabbing the back of his head causing him to gag slightly but I was to far gone and as my orgasm hit I shoved the dildo all the way to the base causing spasm after spasm into his throat, my god it was intense. I collapsed against his head dildo buried deep in his mouth and only slowly withdrew once the orgasm was finished.

" I think we will do that again you are a natural babe, lets go to bed."

Over the weekend each night Joe went down on me bringing me to incredible orgasms, I even fucked his ass a couple of time on Saturday night and his mouth again on Sunday, god I was enjoying this.

Monday morning Joe was very excited and gave me a quick orgasm before I had to rush off to get the train, he texted me during the day several times to remind me of the key which was annoying but made me wet at the same time.

Joe hadn't drank for 5 nights and hadn't cum for 8 so he needed a reward but I was enjoying this and wanted to continue with me in control.

When the children were finally asleep Joe was all over me and I couldn't blame him but had to slow him down, he wouldn't last long in this state and I was getting accustomed to these intense orgasms.

So I got Joe to lie on his back, and I straddled his face and got wonderful oral sex cumming all over his face.

"Wow that was intense babe now for your reward", I took the key and unlocked the chastity tube and gave Joe the best damn blow job i could manage. From the sounds Joe was making and the amount of cum I could tell he really enjoyed finally getting to cum. I cleaned up the cum with tissues, got up to brush my teeth, had a quick shower and then jumped back into bed to cuddle up and sleep. We were spooned together and I was starting to fall asleep when the closeness of our bodies was having an effect on Joe as he was becoming very hard. Joe rolled me onto my back and i could see the desire in his eyes as he entered me.

We made love face to face, i could see the pure delight as his orgasm built.He held me tight through an intense orgasm that lasted several long seconds, there was so much semen ejected I could feel at least three powerful squirts hitting the inside of my vagina. We held each other tightly, god I loved this man but i was cold and tired and couldn't be bothered getting out of bed again.

After several minutes we both recovered and as Joe slipped out of me I said "You know Joe i was starting to become used to not getting out of bed after my orgasms and I don't want to start again now.It's too cold and there was so much semen built up in those balls of yours that I will be up and down all night to the bathroom.

So here's the deal,"I didn't have get out of bed for the last 8 nights which I have enjoyed considerably so you have a choice.

Either the chastity tube goes on again for 4 days with same with no drinking rule. Or it goes on again on Wednesday for only two days if you clean up that mess you just made.

I was looking into his eyes the whole time, he looked scared and horny and confused all at once, I didn't really care as I pushed his head towards my semen loaded pussy and said "decision time".

Tentatively Joe extended his tongue and began to lick me, at first I thought it was a little gross myself but then I started to get aroused again thinking my man would lick his own cum out of me just to get two extra days of freedom. And god it felt good the licking on my freshly fucked pussy he was so hard tonight and the thought of the chastity tube going on again made it all too much, I came for the second time tonight.

Once the after glow of the orgasm settled I rolled over and smiled to my self as Joe got out of bed to wash all our cum off his face and brush his teeth. Mental note I won't swallow but Joe sure does so looks like the next blowjob will be interesting as I am planning on kissing him with a mouth full of cum and he better swallow it if he ever wants another one, in fact that's going to be the price of blow jobs for him from now on.

This chastity tube has been the best thing for our sex life and Joe's health as he only drinks occasionally now and has dropped a few pounds off his tummy.

I don't have to get out of bed after sex if i don't want to and god my orgasms are so so good. I have even began to initiate strap on play in both Joe's mouth and arse and continue to talk erotically when doing so , wow where did that come from, I'll never know.

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