tagLoving WivesWife and a Stranger

Wife and a Stranger


Joe and Betty tucked their two small children in bed, then decided to prepare themselves for bed. It had been a couple of nights since they had sex and Joe was horny. They took showers, dressed in their night clothes, fixed drinks and settled side by side on the living room couch. They shared a few sexy kisses while consuming drinks.

Joe lifted Betty’s nighty up over her head and took his pajamas off. Joe kissed her breasts, then assisted her to sit on his lap. She reached down to aim his hard cock so that she could slowly ease down. This was a general routine for them during their five years of marriage.

Betty raised up high enough for them to see his cock pull nearly out and then go back in.

Joe said, “I know this is a subject we’re talked about before. It would be very exciting for me to see another man’s cock in you like this.”

“Please don’t talk about that. Can’t you be happy for us to have our own sex in private?”

“I do like our private sex life, but we do it the same way all the time. Wouldn’t it be sexy to do something different to spice up our sex lives? I would love you even more if you would try it one time.”

“I love you too. But some guy might give me a disease.”

“Don’t worry about that, make him use a condom. You’re on the pill, so you can’t get pregnant.”

Betty didn’t say anymore as they continued to watch his cock go slowly back and forth in her. Joe had brought up the subject many times, but she was against the idea.

She finally responded, “I love you very much and if that is what you want me to do, I’ll consider it. Where would I find a guy?”

Joe’s face broke into a smile. He had talked about it long enough. Maybe now he had convinced her to do it.

“That should not be very difficult to find a man. You could go to the Holiday Inn cocktail lounge and meet a guy just passing through.”

“OK, sometime I might do that. I know I would be so nervous that I would not have an orgasm. In fact, I don’t want an orgasm with another man. You’re the one I love and I only want orgasms with you. I would just let him fuck me and end it. Would that please you?”

“Honey, you’re a wonderful wife and I love you so much to give it a try one time. Why don’t you get dressed right now and go to the cocktail lounge?”

“Right Now? We should wait to think it over. Also, we don’t have a babysitter.”

“Why wait. I’ll stay home with the kids. Go get dressed and I’ll call a cab for you. You will be safe going to the Holiday Inn.”

Betty was shocked to think a stranger would be with her so soon. She really wanted more time to be convinced that she would have sex with another man.

Joe got up, took her by the hand and tugged her down the hall to the bedroom. She reluctantly went with him. Joe opened her closet for a mini skirt that he knew would cling to her shapely body. He assisted her in getting dressed, then watched her comb her shoulder length hair. She looked very sexy to him. He visualized a stranger lifting her dress up over her head. His cock remained hard just thinking about what could happen this very night.

Joe was talking while she was getting ready, “There should be some nice looking guys in the cocktail lounge. Try for a guy with a wedding ring. Before you bring someone home with you, let him know that your husband will be in the same room with you. Also, he will have to use a condom. That way, there will be no big flap here at home if he doesn’t agree.”

Joe kissed Betty when she went out the door to get in the cab. Now he had to wait, but he didn’t know how long.

Sometime later a cab drove up in the driveway. Joe watched out the window and opened the door for them to come in.

Betty introduced the guy, “John, this is my husband, Joe. Come on in and sit down. I think we’ve had enough drinks already. Please excuse me.” The two guys watched Betty as she walked down the hall to the bedroom.

Joe looked the guy over. He was handsome. He was dressed in a sports coat and tie. Maybe he was a salesman staying overnight. Joe noticed his wedding ring. He decided to talk to John before any action could start..

“I want you to treat my wife like a gentleman, like you would want another guy to treat your wife. She is very nervous. This is her first time to do anything like this. No rough stuff and no bad language. While you wait for Betty, you might as well get undressed.”

John responded, “Your wife is beautiful and sexy. I’ll treat her nice. I’ve had one other experience like this in the past where a husband wanted me to have sex with his wife while he was in the room. I don’t mind doing this for you.”

Joe then excused himself. He joined Betty in their bedroom.

“What are you going to do? Are you changing clothes?”

“I don’t know if I can go through with this. I know you want to watch, but wouldn’t you like to send him away and we will have our own private sex?”

“Honey, please don’t change your mind. Do it for me. Try it one time and if you don’t like it, never again will I ask.”

“Alright. One time! As long as I’m going to do it, let’s get it over with. Then send the guy away. I think I’ll change clothes. Yes, I’ll put on my nighty and robe. Is that alright?”

“I had pictured in my mind that he would take off your dress, but taking off your nighty would be sexy too.”

She responded, “I’m very nervous. Are you sure you want to see him fuck me?”

“Oh yes, please do. Don’t do it here in our bedroom, but take him into the guest bedroom.”

“I can’t keep from being nervous. I’m so dry and he will be wearing a dry condom. I don’t know if he can get it in. I’ll be embarrassed to get the KY jelly out when he is with me.”

“Let’s do that now. Lie down on the bed.”

Joe squeezed a liberal amount of lubricant on his fingers. He made sure a goodly amount was inside her hole, then wiped off any excess on the outside. When he was pushing his fingers in her, he fantasied that John’s cock would spread her lips and plunge all the way in her body. He would see the real thing very soon.

Joe said, “Now, he should be able to easily slide all the way in. Wow! This is going to be sexy. I love you so very much for doing this for me.”

Betty was now dressed in her sexy nighty and robe. “I’m as ready as I’ll every be. No kissing. Do you think he will want me to take his cock in my mouth?”

“Honey, please do, I want you to do it.”

“I don’t want him to cum in my mouth. He can cum in my pussy with the condom on.”

Joe held her tight as they shared a very sexy kiss.

Joe led a very nervous Betty into the living room.

John exclaimed as he stood up, “You are beautiful and so sexy looking.” John had undressed and was wearing only his boxer shorts.

John walked up to her and put his arms around to hug her. He kissed her on the cheek, then moved his mouth to face her lips. She turned her cheek for the kiss as she didn’t plan to kiss him. She wanted him to quickly fuck her and then leave. John moved his head back to look in her eyes.

“Please, you are so pretty, I want to kiss you.”

Betty hesitated at first, then allowed him to kiss her. She could feel his tongue snake between her lips searching for her tongue, but she had her teeth blocking it. The kiss was very brief. Again, John moved his head back to look in her eyes.

“Please, let’s do it again. I know we can do better.”

Joe spoke, “Go ahead, honey, do it.”

She glanced at Joe, then decided it was no big deal anyway. This time she opened her mouth to mesh with his mouth. Their tongues were dancing as they held a long kiss. Betty could feel John’s very hard cock pressing against her.

She knew this stranger’s cock would soon be fucking her unless she stopped right now. She loved her husband and he wanted her to do this. If she stopped now, her husband would be very unhappy, and she wanted him to be happy. She decided to continue and do her best to give him a good show.

Joe encouraged them, “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

John put his arm around Betty’s waist and walked behind Joe as he led them to the spare bedroom. She felt as if she was walking in a dream and this was not really happening. Joe had opened the bedroom door and was waving for them to enter.

Once in the room, John held her while they shared more sexy kisses. His hard cock was rubbing against her, but she was too nervous to feel sexy. She wished he would hurry and fuck her, then leave.

Betty could feel John’s hands peel her robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He then felt her breasts through her nighty as he kissed her again. He moved one hand down to the hem of her short nighty, then let it travel to her crotch where he touched her clit. He continued pulling up the nighty to lift over her head, then let it fall to the floor. The lights were still on for all to see her standing completely naked.

John let his shorts fall to the floor, then stood back to look up and down Betty’s shapely body.

“You are beautiful.”

He cupped her ample breasts with his hands and leaned down to kiss her nipples. She noticed Joe was intently watching. John took one of her hands and moved it down for her to feel his cock. She thought it felt very similar to her husband’s cock as she squeezed it.

Betty wanted to see what it looked like. She back away from him to look down. His cock was oozing pre cum on her body. She didn’t move and waited for John to take the initiative.

Joe spoke up, “Why don’t you take it in your mouth?”

Her husband’s voice encouraged her to take action. Since she had agreed to have sex with this guy, she might as well continue. She pushed John to lie on his back on the bed. Then she got up on the bed in a position to take his cock. She had a lot of experience with her husband’s cock in her mouth.

She noticed Joe was standing near the bed watching. She decided to give him a good show. She took this strange cock head between her lips, swirled her experienced tongue around and then deep throated him as far as she could. She started up and down movements causing him to hunch up to her mouth. She didn’t want him to cum this way, especially in her mouth. She raised her head to look at Joe.

“Well, did you like watching that? Are you now ready to see him fuck me?”

“Honey, he can fuck you later. Let him cum now. Suck him dry. You could turn around in a six nine position and let him lick your pussy.”

That was not in her original plan, but that’s what her husband wanted her to do. She resumed giving John a blow job while he was looking at her pussy and ass. She could feel him suck her clit, but it wasn’t turning her on very much. She was very nervous and too intent on pleasing her husband.

John thought her pussy was very juicy. He didn’t realize he was tasting the lubricant Joe had used to lubricated her hole.

It wasn’t very long before John became very vocal. His body strained and shook as she took a big load of spurts in her mouth and throat. She held on to his cock as it jerked with each spurt. It took him a little while for his body to relax. Then she let his small limp cock slip out of her mouth.

Betty went to the hall bathroom to freshen up while John sat up in bed.

Joe joined Betty in the bathroom. “Honey, you were wonderful.”

“I hope you liked it. But I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. That was a change in plan. Now what do we do? Can we ask him to leave now?”

“I want him to fuck you like we originally planned. Give him a chance to get an erection again, then let him do it doggie style.”

“Alright, if that is what you want.”

Joe and Betty returned to the bedroom. John was looking at Betty who was still naked.

John said, “Please stand there, I want to see your beautiful body. My wife is rather fat and it is so nice to see a shapely body like yours.”

Betty responded, “Thank you for the complements. As soon as you get hard, my husband wants to watch you fuck me doggie style. Would you like that?”

“Yes, very much. It won’t take long before I’m ready.”

Betty walked over to John, took his cock in her hand to jack him. Then she bent over to take it in her mouth. Betty was anxious to finish with John and get him out the door. John watched her suck his cock and play with his balls to get him hard. It didn’t take very long until he was ready.

Betty took a condom from the night stand and rolled it on John’s cock. She got up on her knees at the side of the bed. Her ass and pussy were plainly exposed for both Joe and John as they were standing near the side of the bed. She motioned for John to get behind her.

“I think by standing there, you will be the right height to enter me.”

John patted her naked bottom as he moved into position. He moved his hands up and down the naked crease of her crotch allowing his fingers to roam over her ass and pussy. He acted as if he wanted to remember seeing her like this and was in no hurry to enter her. She wiggled her butt as if to encourage him hurry up. She wanted him to cum one more time for Joe to watch, then get him out of the house.

Now he was about to enter her. Joe was watching for that magic moment when the head would be spreading her lips and plow deeper and deeper into her. John moved his cock up and down her slit to gather some of her lubricant on the dry condom. He paused, then put pressure on her hole allowing the head to spread her. The head disappeared as he was now pushing his shaft deeper and deeper. Now he was as far as he could go.

He paused and began to withdraw. Joe could see the shining lubricant covering his cock. This was the lubricant he had earlier pushed into her with his fingers. Pulling nearly all the way out, John rammed his cock fully in her. His thrusts increased until she thought he was about to cum.

Suddenly, he stopped. “I want you to turn over on your back. Let me get on top of you for me to finish.”

When he pulled completely out, Joe saw the condom was shining with a thick coat of lubricant. Betty moved up in the middle of the bed and pulled her legs and knees back up toward her head Joe could see his wife’s juicy pussy gapping where John’s cock had just pulled out.

She held his cock to aim it at her hole as he pushed to enter her. The head forged a path to spread her outer lips allowing his shaft to follow. He started moving his cock back and forth. She had not planned to have an orgasm with him, but his pelvis was rubbing against her clit. She was beginning to feel sexy. She then realized her nerves had settled down and she was becoming familiar with his cock and love making. His lips met hers and their tongues meshed while he was pounding his cock in her. She struggled with the thoughts of having an orgasm or refusing to have one. She felt if she had an orgasm, she would be cheating on her husband. Then she remembered that her husband wanted her to fuck this stranger.

Again, he suddenly stopped. “I want you to get on top of me, let’s turn over.”

He rolled over on his back, then encouraged her to get on top to sit on his cock. This time, he aimed it as she sat fully down on him. She started riding him. She noticed her husband had moved around behind her back so that he could have a good view of John’s cock in her. She leaned forward to give him a better view. John was cupping her breasts to keep them from bouncing and swinging when she leaned forward.

She kept riding John and saw no indication that he was near an orgasm. He had cum once already, now he was in no hurry. She slowed down, then stopped to lean forward to share a sexy kiss with John. She hoped her husband was enjoying the show. That was the original purpose of inviting a stranger into her bed.

Betty began riding John’s cock more aggressively. She thought she could feel an orgasm starting to rise within her body. John’s cock was feeling very good.

Joe could hear his wife starting to lightly moan. He was hoping she could have an orgasm and enjoy being with another man. She had agreed to do this one time. If she enjoyed it, maybe she would like to do it again sometime.

Betty’s moans became more vocal as she was rapidly building up to an orgasm. John could feel her body strain causing him to start exploding in her. She could feel his cock jerk with each shot of cum. They both became very vocal as she collapsed on his chest.

Joe watched motionless as the couple on the bed rested. No one said anything.

Soon the couple on the bed began to move, slowly at first. Betty raised up in a sitting position on John, then lifted her butt up to let his condom covered cock to plop out. She got up out of bed to freshen up in the bathroom.

John spoke to Joe, “Your wife is so very sexy. I envy you having such a pretty sexy wife. It has been a memorable evening for me.”

John put his clothes on while Joe called a taxi for him. By the time the taxi had arrived, all three were in the living room.

John said, “I want to thank you for a very enjoyable evening. I’ll call you the next time I’m in town.”

John departed.

Joe could hardly wait to ravish Betty. “I’ve had a hard on all evening and it’s aching for relief.”

After Betty and Joe walked into their own bedroom, Joe pushed Betty onto the bed. She reached down to feel his cock.

“Evidently, you did enjoy watching me with another man. That is the hardest cock I’ve ever felt.”

When she took it in her mouth, he started shooting. He was so turned on he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Honey, I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer. Give me a little time and I’ll be hard again.”

A little later, he was on his back and she was sitting on his cock. They had time to talk while she was leisurely riding him.

“Betty, I love you so much for giving me what I’ve wanted for quite a while. You were so sexy when I saw his cock in you. And when you had an orgasm with him, I nearly had one just watching. I hope you liked it enough to do it again sometime.”

She responded, “Now that it is all over, it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t think I could ever do it. I was very nervous to begin with, but then I became more familiar with him. I can’t actually say I enjoyed it, but I wanted to please you. I wouldn’t do it again just for myself. Since you enjoyed it so much, I’ll be ready to try it with another man. Give it another week or two and we’ll do it again.”

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