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Wife and BFF Set Me Up!


I was married to a beautiful woman a few years back...I'll name her Tammy in this story (or she would kill me otherwise).

Tammy was very sexual as we were dating and for about a year after we got married, but after that, she was pretty much untouchable. I thought it was me but as it turns out, it was her seemingly new attraction to her new BFF Janie.

Janie was married to one of my childhood friends, not a close one, but close enough. These two lady's were totally inseparable. They were together every day to where Tammy and I would start to fight about the lack of time she spent here at home. Needless to say, I was really starting to feel neglected, I mean they went shopping together, hung out every day for hours together...one, literally, wouldn't make a move without the other one there.

I came to resent Janie for this, although she was a hottie, but because of the situation, I started to hate her none the less.

One thanksgiving day, after our meal together, Tammy wanted to go to Janie's house and hang out with her. Instead of fighting her about it and trying to get alone time with her, I suggested that they both come spend the time with me if they absolutely had to be together.

Tammy said that I couldn't possibly hang out with them, that it's just "a girl thing", so if I were to hang out with them, that I'd have to be a girl...aha!! she thought that would discourage me so she could go off and do her thing...the look on her face was priceless when I told her that I would do whatever it takes.

Tammy then went to the phone and called Janie and after about 3 minutes (living on the next street), Janie was knocking at my door. I was sitting in the living room and they quickly went into the bedroom to chat. After about 10 minutes, they both came back out to me and said that if I wanted to hang with them tonight that I needed to let them do whatever they wanted to me without a single word of objection on my side. I was like whatever...

Janie suggested that I should have a few drinks for us all and it seemed like the night was going to be ok...we hung out together for a few hours and laughed and joked a while and I thought ok, this can be pretty cool. Why wouldn't they allow me to enjoy this kind of time with them together?

After I was feeling jokey and really relaxed from the shots I had, Tammy said "OK, it's time", I was like "time for?". Janie said it was time to have a little fun and with that, they grabbed my hands and pulled me off the couch and led me to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Tammy explained that if I wanted to be one of the girls with them that I needed to be more like a girl...I was thinking hmm, this could lead to sex if I play it right, so I said "ok, what do we do?". Janie suggested first that I had to get rid of all the hair on my body and with that, they pulled out a huge bottle of hair remover lotion...and still, I was ok with that if that's what they liked.

I had a couple of extra shots and the hair removing thing was on...I do have to say that it was making me horny, not because of the hair coming off, but because they were the ones carefully taking it off of me, razors shaving and cloths going to remove hair and before long, I was bodily hairless (everywhere except for my head).

Then it was off to the bedroom to dress and let them do whatever they thought was going to keep this night together…They did my hair with a curling iron and then came some make up...I was so daring, from the drinks, that I didn't care anymore.

Being small bodied, I easily fit into my wife's clothing. Although I was 3 inches taller, when it came to a mini skirt, the height difference didn't matter much. They fit me into a pleated mini skirt and a regular tee shirt but no panties...being extremely small packaged, I was pretty safe.

As they were dressing me, Janie disappeared from the room and I heard her chatting on the phone, I thought she was checking in with her husband so he wouldn't worry about her so I didn't pay her much attention.

Janie came back in and they started putting nail polish on my fingers and toes...I remember the name of the color..."Cherry slush" which was a cute light metallic pink...looked a little like the color of a metallic light pink bubble gum but I was still ok with it.

After I was dressed and all dolled up, we all went back into the living room for a while to make sure I had a few more shots and we watched a DVD movie together.

At about 10 PM, Tammy suggested that we go out for a ride in the car together and although I was a little nervous about it, it was night time and we had tinted windows on the car so who would see me right?

We live in the deep south and the weather is still pretty warm, even in late November, but I went to get some shoes on and they stopped me and said that I just needed to go barefoot. It didn't bother me any...especially after so many drinks...I wasn't sloshed or anything, but I was up for some daring type excitement.

Tammy did the driving, I was in the passenger seat and Janie was sitting in the back seat, we drove around town listening to music and joking and stuff...seemed to me like we were all having a really good time together...so why couldn't they just have fun with me like this a lot more? why did we have to fight about it all the time?

Tammy pulls up to the mall and parks in the furthest spot from the entrance to the mall as possible (about 300 yards). We were parked and just listening to some light music together when Janie pipes up and says that it's nice to see me as one of the girls... but that I would never have the guts to actually get out of the car dressed as I was...and me, not to ever turn down a dare said that I wouldn't mind it at all...Tammy looks at me and says then prove it...get out of the car and walk all the way up to the main door of the mall, touch it and walk back again. I looked around the desolate parking lot and they didn't have a lot of lights on, so I took the dare.

I get out of the car and I tell them that when I get back that they better not lock me out (or even worse drive off and leave me). They promised they wouldn't and that I had better not quickly run there and run back. I had to walk regularly. I agreed and left.

I will admit that I was a little nervous and walked all that way not far from the shadows and bushes in case I saw lights where I could easily duck out of sight.

It was a cute feeling being hairless and wearing a mini skirt and of course no shoes. After about 100 yards, I felt pretty comfy in this situation and started to take everything in stride.

It was the longest 300 yards that I have ever walked but I was nearing the mall entrance "touch point" and I could start walking back. The entrance was lit up a lot more than the parking lot so I went into stealth mode...quietly creeping up to the door area and as I was about 20 feet from the door, a security guard walked out the door...I was in full light and he definitely saw me...I was about to take off like a rocket, I got no further than 5 yards and he called my name. I stopped dead in my tracks.

This guy didn't know me and I have never seen him before in my life but he called my name...I was like this guy doesn't know me, how does he know my name? I turn around and he motioned me to come to him, as nervous as I was, I, slowly, walked back up to him. He introduced himself and I was kind of astounded that he knew my name but the thinking part of my brain wasn't working because I was in shock.

He and I talked for a few seconds and he put his arm around my waist and said that I looked really nice and he mentioned and noticed everything about my being hairless and the nail polish and all the stuff. He was very complimentary towards me.

He pulled me a little close and though I was nervous as hell, my mind was pretty much in a blur and it was like it wasn't even happening. He said that he'd like to kiss me and although I didn't say no, I didn't exactly push him away as he came closer to my lips...then it happened, our lips met and I kind of melted a little bit and was starting to relax and during the kiss, I felt his hands go up under my skirt in the back and he had his hands full of my naked butt. What a feeling that was...never experienced that before...a man wanting to kiss me and fondle me? I never would have thought that.

Him being a full head and a half taller than me, I could feel a bulge growing against my tummy...I won't lie, I knew exactly what it was and was really excited that I made a man feel that way about me... I mentioned the bulge and he didn't even ask if I wanted to see it, he just pulled it out and took my hand off his shoulder and onto his dick. His dick was really hard and almost 2 times the size of mine and it felt kind of weird in my hand, but he kept kissing me and holding and rubbing my butt cheeks and I was caressing his dick in my hand...

I don't know how long we were kissing, but from the laughing sounds I heard behind me, it was long enough for the girls to walk up from the car from 300 yards away...I was in total shock, they walked up and caught me kissing a stranger, letting him fondle my bare butt and his dick in my hand...I was caught and there was no explaining it away.

I broke away and started stammering to Tammy and Janie walked up and hugged this guy and I heard her tell him that she knew she could depend on him... I knew then it was a total set up and I was busted. We sat there for a few minutes more and he went back in the mall door and the girls and I walked back to the car.

Once we got in the car, I took the back seat from the sheer embarrassment and I didn't want them to even look at my face...that's when the girls told me that they had a thing together and now since I could be interested in other sides of sex, then everything could be arranged and worked out without hard feelings or fights between Tammy and myself.

Believe me, I felt a lot better knowing that they had this planned and knew what I would do. When we got home, we dropped Janie at her house and went home, Tammy was happy that now she wouldn't feel so guilty that she was having sex with Janie and leaving me with nothing. We both promised each other that she wouldn't have sex with any other men and I wouldn't with any other women.

She gave me a bj and that ended the night for us...the Black Friday (the next morning) was something else...that's the next story from me.

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