Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 02


The camera continued to pan down the guys back and then panned out revealing the entire group. That's when I could see that the pussy eater guy had a big muscle stud fucking him in the ass. I was so out of it that I let out an audible "Mmmmmm!" as I was wishing that that was me.

Brian was rubbing my lower back and ass. I was so relaxed and so fucking horny. Brian kissed the top of my head and said, "Feels good doesn't it baby? See that guy taking that cock up his ass, I bet he is really enjoying that big fat cock being shoved in his tight little boy pussy."

I was in such a daze I didn't realize that I was agreeing with Brian, "Oh ya" I breathed out. Then I could feel Brian bringing the popper bottle to my nose again. My mind and body was on auto pilot as I just inhaled deeply. He switched to my other nostril and I inhaled a second time.

My hand was now rubbing his stomach, raking through the thick hair. Without even thinking I was combing my fingers through his pubic hair as his cock was resting on the back of my hand. "Mmmm that feels so nice baby," Brian purred.

I looked up into his eyes and he hugged me closer forcing our faces to come together as he kissed me. His lips touched mine and his tongue forced my lips apart. I could feel his beard and mustache roughly pressing against my face as his tongue slipped into my mouth.

The poppers, what were they doing to me? I was held by this big hairy man, being seduced, and kissed like a girl. He continued to kiss me and I could feel his hand rubbing my ass cheeks. My head was spinning, the drink, the poppers, combination of both? I was so horny I needed sex bad and right now. My body was on fire.

Brian took my hand and forced it down to his cock. I felt how hard he was as I gripped around his veiny shaft. The tips of my fingers could barely touch the tip of my thumb his girth was so thick. I pulled on his cock a couple of times. My hand slipped to the top of his cock as I felt the wetness of his dripping precum.

His cock was dripping precum and my mouth began to water. I wanted to taste his cum. I wondered if it tasted like mine. In my head I could hear my wife calling me a cum whore. I pulled away from Brian's face and looked into his eyes, I couldn't focus.

Brian pushed my face into his chest, my lips coming into contact with his hard nub of a nipple. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. I swirled my tongue around his hard nipple, feeling the thick hair in my mouth, and smelling his man scent. I could hear Brian's soft spoken voice in my head "Oh that's nice baby suck daddy's tit, mmmm nice. We are going to have so much fun."

Then I felt a wet finger against my boy pussy, instinctively I pressed down on it, letting it enter my warm hole and stretch me out. I gave a little whimper against his chest. "Such a nice pussy, very nice, you like that don't you, want daddy to fuck his little pussy boy? Tell daddy what she wants? I knew when I saw your legs all shaven you would be fun, but when I saw you in your little girl panties I knew you were not a man, you're just a pussy boy wanting some big daddy cock to fuck you like the slut you are, isn't that right pussy?"

My head was in a daze, the poppers were at my nose again, I inhaled like a coke whore getting a fix "God yes Daddy fuck me, I want your big hairy body on me, fuck me with your big daddy cock." I was begging and pleading. My sexual needs were on overdrive.

Brian rolled on top of me, pulled me down on the bed so that I was flat on my back. I was staring right at his cock and balls. Straddling my head, Brian moved forward and shoved his balls in my face, "Lick them boy, get them wet, show daddy how much you like to suck on a man's balls."

I started to lick and suck on his hairy balls. His balls were pulled tight from the leather strap. I shoved my nose into the crevasse along his balls and thigh. I inhaled deep smelling his man scent. Brian moved forward some more and lifted up pushing my face into his hairy crack. His hair was so soft and thick, I started to kiss back behind his ball sack, kissing and licking. He was so clean smelling and his hair felt so nice against my face.

I came up to his hole and just drove my tongue right in, feeling his tight hole part and accept my tongue. I licked and tongue fucked him. Brian was holding my head against his ass "Oh yes baby that feels so good. Stick that tongue in my hairy hole. Mmmmm, you are such a good little pussy girl. You are making daddy so hot and dripping for your pussy. Are you ready to get fucked baby, by a real man with a real big daddy cock?"

I felt Brian lift himself off me and the pressure released from my head. Brian scooted down a bit, dragging his balls and cock over my face. He hovered over me like he was doing a pushup. He leaned forward and presented his dripping cock head to my mouth, "Drink daddy's juice. Lick my cock and get it all wet so I can fuck you good and hard. It's what you want right? A real man to fuck you like the pussy boy you are? I bet if I got a few buddies here you would want them all to fuck you, you want cock so bad. Mmmm, ya, nice baby, lick up all my daddy juice."

I stuck my tongue out and licked up his precum, it tasted so good, sweet tasting. I tried to get his head in my mouth but the angle was wrong and he was too hard to point it down into my mouth. I started to kiss and lick his shaft, running my tongue up and down feeling the veins and strength of his manhood. Brian pulled back and knelt between my legs. Using his big hairy legs to spread my legs far apart and hold them in place while he took my cherry, well at least with a real cock.

I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his big hairy torso. The hair on his back felt so sexy against my smooth legs, I rubbed my legs all up and down his sides and back. I pressed my hands against his chest rubbing them all over, stopping at each nipple and giving them a quick pinch and pull, to receive back an, "Oh god that feels so good baby," from him.

His hand came across my body with the bottle of glide. Then I felt a squirt of liquid all over my cock, dripping down over my pussy. He pressed the top of the bottle to my hole and I felt a rush of liquid enter me. He put the bottle back down on the bed and quickly started to rub the oil all over, dipping one finger then another in my boy pussy. I bucked up to meet each finger thrust causing Brian to chuckle, "Look what a little horny slut you are, your pussy can't wait to be fucked."

To tease me more he shoved three fingers in me, twisting them around to get my pussy nice and wide open for that big fat daddy cock. I was thrashing about and whimpering like a school girl in heat. One more hit of the poppers for each of us and then I felt the big head at my opening. Brian looked down in my eyes "Ready for my cock baby? I am going to shove this monster in your trampy little pussy. You might want to latch onto my titties to muffle your scream."

With that he pushed his chest down onto my face, lining up his nipple with my mouth. I sucked in his hairy nipple like a newborn baby. I felt his big cock head push into my ass, stretching it farther than ever before. The glide made it slide in easier. Thank god Carol fucked me so often with the strap on, but it didn't prepare me for the fucking I was about to receive. A shooting white pain went to my head, I pushed my face into Brian's chest, biting down hard on his nipple, and screaming into his chest. I must have bit down hard because it forced Brian to scream out and shove his massive cock deeper into my ass.

He broke past my sphincter muscle and didn't stop until I felt his balls slapping up against the backside of my ass. "OH GOD YES, bite that tit bitch, you are so tight baby."

My head was spinning. The pain was gone and I could feel his full cock pressing against my prostate. My ass was wide open. I ground back against his cock to adjust it a bit and get used to it in my pussy. I looked up into his face with a lustful look and gave myself up to him, "Fuck me daddy, you're so big, fuck my little boy pussy, I need you so bad." Brian leaned down and kissed me hard, forcing his tongue in my mouth and taking my breath away.

He pulled his cock slowly out of my pussy, I felt like my insides were being pulled out at the same time. Then he pushed his big cock back in slowly, filling me up again and pressing hard against my prostate. I looked down at my cock which had shrunk down to nothing but was leaking like crazy.

Brian followed my eyes and lifted up a bit to look at my cock as well, "Looks like a little boy's dick, or a girly clit. Not a man's size is it? Well you like being treated like a girl anyway, no need for that little pecker. Here feel a real man's cock fuck you," as he pushed his cock deep inside of me.

I was so turned on being called names. He started to pull out and ram himself back in over and over fucking me like a girl. I was shaking my head back and forth using my neck and head to help force my hips back onto his cock. I was being fucked by a real man and it felt so different and so good.

Brian was sweating and grunting, "You like this bitch? Feel good to have my cock back in your pussy? This time you're not going to pull off and run away are you little bitch?"

My eyes flew open as recognition set in, the video booth. "Ya, that's right, it was me and I followed you back here and took the room next door on purpose, said we were friends meeting here for the weekend. I guess we are now aren't we my little cunt?"

I was too far gone to care. I needed to be fucked. "God yes, fuck me harder. Shove that big hairy cock in my pussy. Fill me with your hot cum." I begged Brian.

Brian was deep into his orgasm. His eyes glazed over and he shoved his cock in as deep as possible. If his balls would have gone in my ass they would have. His cock swelled up and let loose a torrent of hot man juice deep inside my pussy. It felt like a fire hose let loose in my insides, washing me down with hot cum.

Before he finished cumming he pulled out cock and choked it tight with his hand making the head turn deep purple under the pressure. He reached his hand around my neck and pulled me forward, shoving my face to his cock. "Open up bitch, taste my seed." Brian said through gritted teeth as he held his cock tight.

I opened my mouth wide just as he let his cock loose releasing a big blob of cum that shot right onto my right cheek. I quickly adjusted my head and latched onto the head of his cock and started sucking as the next shot went directly into my mouth. The pressure of his cock subsided as his cum became less forceful as it was oozing into my mouth. I was swirling the hot thick cum all over my mouth, enjoying the warm tangy taste.

He pulled back out of my mouth, leaned back down and shoved his cock back in my dripping pussy. He leaned down and shoved his tongue in my mouth so we could share his seed. The leather cock ring kept his cock hard for another 10 minutes of hard fucking.

I couldn't take the pressure anymore and my body went into a massive orgasm. My legs tightened around his torso as my back arched upwards. My cock was barely half hard as it spewed cum all over my chest and stomach forming a puddle of white cream.

Brian pulled out of my gaping pussy, rubbed his softening cock in my cum then offered it to me for being such a good fuck. I eagerly licked my cum off his cock. I enjoyed the feeling of his soft cock filling my mouth. I sucked another glob of fuck juice out of his cock before he became too sensitive to be sucked anymore.

He rolled off of me and lay next to me, "Wow that was so fucking hot. You are such a great fuck. Guys or girls usually can't take my cock like that, but when you took half of it in the video booth I knew I had to have you. You are so fucking hot."

I leaned over and started to kiss Brian all over and run my hands and face all over his body. He was so good looking and I felt like a freshly fucked school girl. Maybe I should have put that uniform on for him? I got up and told Brian I better go back to my room and clean up before my wife comes back. He kissed me again and told me "If she goes to see her friends again then I want to fuck you again. I will leave my door unlocked in case you want to sneak back in for more fucking."

I left and closed the door, not bothering to lock it. I took a shower and washed up. I reached down to my ass to find cum still dripping out and my ass had not closed all the way back up yet. I was sore, but it felt so good. I was a little shaky from coming down off of the popper high, or the sex high, or both. I crawled into bed and lay naked on my stomach keeping my ass available just in case.

To be continued

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by liz33nd11/19/17

very nice chapter two, and yes I love it and want to read more. I wish some of the comments would leave contact info, they sound super cool to contact and chat.

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by OpenMan10/08/17


Can't wait for the next installment!

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