tagLoving WivesWife & Sister-In-Law For Jim

Wife & Sister-In-Law For Jim


It was my day off and I was planning to spend it in the wood shop but my wife, Sally, had other ideas!

"Honey can Bea come over for dinner? Jack is out of town and she is lonely!"

"Sure honey! Do you need me? I was going to work in the shop!"

"I think we need you baby!"

Bea is my sister-in-law and Jack is Sally's brother! Bea is a beautiful full figured woman with sensational hair that drapes to the crack of her ass! For the life of me I just don't understand why Jack don't pay more attention to her! From what Sally tells me he hasn't touched her for months! Bea has a beautiful set of DDs hung on a 5ft 8in 40-28-38 body that makes my cock raging hard! Last month, after nearly 10 years of lusting, Sally, Sally's my wife, let me service this sex starved woman! Maybe, I was going to get seconds!

"What do you need me for?"

"Just get a shower and shave before she gets here! I don't want to waste time getting you cleaned up!"

"Just give me 20 minutes! Unless you want to help?"

"I'm going to help alright! Now get your ass up here!"

I marched up the stairs to find my 5ft 3in baby stripped and waiting!

"Slowly I pulled my shirt over my head! I know I was teasing but usually this makes her horny as hell and she loves every second! I slowly rubbed my manhood through my blue jeans!

"Come on! Get it off we don't have time for games! Bea will be here in 30 minutes and I need you ready!"

30 years and I still don't know this woman! One time she wants me to seduce her the next she wants to jump my bones and some times she starves me until I have to wack off in the shower! I dropped my pants and shorts, kicked off my shoes, flipped my socks in the corner and stood there with my flaccid 5 inches hanging down!

"Ok! I'm ready!"

"Smart ass! Get over here so I can put this on!"

Shit she was holding up the smallest leather cock and ball strap I'd ever seen! Now I'm not very big in the cock area but my balls are bigger than large walnuts and that thing was never going to fit! I've had straps on before! In exchange for a little discomfort they make me stay up for hours but this one was much smaller and it was going to hurt like hell! I learned a long time ago not to start an argument or I'd be wacking off in the shower so I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited!

"Hold them up and bit your lip cause this is going to hurt! Tonight, I'm going to share you with Bea but unlike the last time, your cum is going to stay in there until I'm ready!"

I held by balls and cock while Sally pulled the strap under, wrapped it tight and tried to snap it shut! Fuck it hurt! She tried again and again to get it snapped and each time the pain got worse! Then with both hands she pulled the 4 inches of leather tight enough to close the only snap! My cock wrenched with pain! Once I shot a load through one of these straps but this was so tight I would never cum!

"Honey! That is too small! I won't be able to get a hard on!"

"Quit your whimpering and get in the shower!"

"Yes mistress!"

Usually Sally liked her sex slow and easy. She liked to be teased all day and then late that night she would let me kiss and suck her to several orgasms before we would cum together! But sometimes she wanted to be fucked hard! It was looking like a hard fuck to me! And - what of Bea? I scampered into the shower and waited for her to follow! I didn't hear a sound so I slowly started to wash!

"What are you doing in there? Hurry up! Bea will be here and I want you dressed!"

I jumped out of the shower, shaved and headed to the dresser to get some underwear. To my surprise, on the bed was my $500 suite!

"You want me to where this? Where are we going?"

"Put it on ---- and no underwear!"

"Come on honey! Let me in on what is going on!"

"You are going to give Bea the night of her life!

"Give her what, honey?

"Everything! Everything but your cum! I want you to get her off as many times as she can take and then make her ejaculate! She has never ejaculated and I want you to make her explode!"

"Honey not all women ejaculate like you do!"

"Don't be an ass! Just do her like you do me and she will blow cum out her pee hole just like I do!"

I dressed and went to the living room where Sally and Bea were waiting! I hoped Bea was not there when we were talking about blowing cum out pee holes! Sally had on my favorite, a light blue cocktail dress that revealed plenty of cleavage and lots of leg! Bea was sporting a broad smile as I entered. Sally must have taken her shopping because I've never see her in a dress like this one! The bodice was shear black lace and did little to cover her bountiful white breasts. Only her dark aureoles and nipples hid behind the dark lace. The skirt was short like Sally's but instead of lose and flared it was tight and slit up the front! Her legs were displayed from ankle to womanhood! Black hose topped with lace and a red garter strap! She was hot to trot and my cock was throbbing with anticipation and aching for release!

"Hi Bea. You are looking mighty fine tonight! Honey you look great too!"

"Hi Jim! Thanks! You are looking pretty good your self! Are you ready to go to dinner!"


"Sally? He don't know?"

"He just don't know about dinner! Do you baby?"

"Baby — the way you gals look I'd take you out to dinner, dancing or the theater, all three if I can last that long!"

"Just dinner baby! Then we're coming straight home for dessert!

In the back of the cab I was the rose be between two thorns! I couldn't keep my eyes off of Bea's luscious breasts and soon Sally caught me drooling!

"You like Bea's tits don't you baby?"

"I sure do! Can I have them to play with?"

"After dinner! Bea will let you get them out and play with them! Won't you Bea?"

"Jim you can play with anything I have, anytime you want to!"

All through dinner Bea flaunted them! Man she has a nice pair! My cock was rock hard and neither of them would let it rest! Between bites Bea's hand would slide up my leg, over my crotch then back down to my knee! Sally was doing the same thing on my other leg! My cock throbbed to the rhythm of the soft music! Had it not been for the strap I would have fired my load when both girls found my balls at the same time! They fondled my balls, stroked my cock and tantalized my eyes throughout dinner and all the way home! Each time I tried to play with them Sally would tell me too wait! When I payed the fair, the cab driver told me to fuck them both! Back inside Sally pushed Bea to the couch and positioned me in front of her!

"Honey, give Bea one of your best nipple jobs."

"Sally, I really don't------ Well shouldn't you go first!"

"Bea, It's ok! Let my baby show you how to feel like a woman AND CUM LIKE A SLUT!"

I kneeled down between her legs, spread them wide as her dress would let me then pushed it up above her hose tops! She was commando (no panties) and she was shaved smooth as a baby's behind! God she had a beautiful pussy! Her vulva tight around a ribbon of pink labia invited me! I leaned in and through the sheer material brushed ever so lightly across her nipples with my fingers. Her legs closed and she locked her heels behind my back! I was in for the long haul! I hope that strap holds or I'm going to fuck up these expensive trousers! Her nipples were short and stubby not like Sally's inch long suckers but then Bea didn't have me sucking and teasing them ten times a day! I was about to fix that with a sucking that would bring them to the point of virtually yielding milk!

"Open her bodice honey! Bare her breasts and let her feel the heat from your breath!"

One button at a time I slowly opened the bodice sliding my fingers deep into her hot cleavage! With both hands I gently lifted her left breast out of the confinement of her dress and to my lips! My lips and tongue danced across her silky soft breast. Her hungry eyes told me everting I need to know! She was HOT! I took her nipple between my lips and sucked it like a baby expecting to get mother's milk! I kneaded her beast with both hands tantalizing her glands until she wished that it would give me milk.

"That's it honey, make her nipple tingle with excitement! Suck it like the milk is flowing!"

After nearly ten minutes, Bea pushed my head back and her now prolonged and engorged nipple fell from my mouth! Her gentle whisper reached out to my ears!

"The other one Jim! Do the other one!"

I laid her mammary on top of the bodice and began kissing and licking her other breast! They were so silly smooth! I would have sucked and kissed them all night but neither of these gals was going to let that happen! I had sucked her right nipple to equal length before she pushed my head back again! Again her sex filled whisper reached out to me!

"I'm so hot --- So horny! So fucking wet!"

Bea took my hand and directed it to her love mound! I lightly touched and rubbed her tumescence mounds of vulva! Her hips gently angulated under my fingers! Slowly I laid open her slit exposing her pink folds of labia! Her clear juices flowed freely from the soft folds of pussy flesh! Sally couldn't wait to see me eat her and she forced my head down between Bea's legs!

"What are you waiting for! Eat her! Eat her!"

I had no choice! Sally held my head to Bea's hot pussy and Bea hooked her heels behind my back! I tried to tease but my nose was so deep in her pussy that I had to eat her! I sucked the juice from her lips trying only to come up for air only when necessary! Besides Bea's spike heels hurt like hell when I tried to raise up so I stayed in her pussy just where she wanted me! She tasted so good!

I wanted to keep her on the edge so the sweet juice would keep flowing but it was apparent that she was going to cum! Her hips were now pounding her pussy into my mouth eliminating any control I may have had. Her whisper was replaced by a deep throat growl!

"My God I'm going to cum ------ Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!"

Bea's body went into convulsions like she hadn't cum in a year! Her pussy pounded my face and all the while Sally held my head tight between her legs! Suddenly the convulsions stopped. Bea's body went limp! The only movement was deep in side her cunt! My tongue drove deep to catch wave after wave of pulsing orgasm! Sally let go and Bea relaxed her heels and now I could get my breath!

"Bea? I can't believe you cam that fast! He keeps me on the edge for hours before I get to have one like that!"

"I haven't cum since last month when you shared Jim with me! I just couldn't hold it! Oh my Jim that was so good!"

It was time to bring her down! With my thumbs I opened her wide and my tongue slid up and down her gaping slit while I sucked her soft meaty lips! I was determined to bring her back to reality without taking the edge of her climax! I had no intention of making her cum again! But Sally had other ideas!

"That's my boy! Make her cum again! Pull her nipples! Pull them hard! Make them as long as mine!"

As instructed I took a nipple in each hand! It was only a matter of time until she would be ready again! Soon Bea was convulsing again! With each roll of her nipples between my fingers she would moan with passion! I knew she would come again!

Soon she was ready again! The convulsions were even harder than before! I pulled hard on her nipples! I sucked her clit into my mouth! Holding it between my teeth I flicked my tongue from cunt hole to hood striking her clit with each flick!

Again her convulsions stopped! "The calm before the storm" I let her clit go and pulled back to watch! Then like shooting rubber bands I released her nipples! I didn't have to touch her again! Her whole body tightened and then both Sally and I watched her pump the clear cum out from between her draping cunt lips! Hell this gal came twice and I didn't even have my pants off yet! Slowly she relaxed.

"Ok Bea it's Jim's turn"

I turned my head and saw Sally standing beside us with the top of her dress down around her waist and those luscious 38Cs hanging free! Her hand was up her dress and it was obvious that she had diddled her self to a good climax!

Bea got up from the couch and dropped her dress to the floor! High heels, Black high top nylons and a red garter belt was all that remained! Sally pulled her dress over her head leaving only the a black bustier, sheer nylons and very high heels! These were two hot women!

Sally removed my coat and Bea dropped my trousers! Boy was she surprised when she found my strapped cock standing straight, hard and purple between the tails of my white shirt!

"My God what have you done to him Sally?" What is this? Christ that must hurt! The fucking thing is purple!"

Again Bea was whispering!

"Does it hurt baby?"

Really the pain had long since gone and remaining was this raging hard on that hadn't stopped pounding since I saw Bea in that see though dress! Bea reached out and lightly stroked it!

"Does it hurt honey? Can Aunt Bea make it feel better? Please Sally let me take it off! I don't want to hurt him!"

"Never girl! You can play, even fuck him--- but his cum is going to stay in those balls until I'm ready to let it out!"

"God girl if Jack was half the man you have here I'd never make him hold it back! I'd drain every drop as fast as he could make it!"

"Honey come to Aunt Bea!"

I stepped forward in to her waiting arms! Her breasts mashed between us in a loving hug and open mouthed kiss! Her tongue darted round mine for what seemed like minutes then she pushed me back onto the couch! She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and lightly rubbed her fingers through the hair on my chest! Then kneeling beside me she took my right nipple in her mouth! Sally did the same with my left! They licked sucked and bit my nipples for over half an hour! My cock should have been dripping with pre-cum but the strap held it back! That didn't stop the throbbing! It still felt like I was pumping cum with every throb! Still neither gal touched my throbbing love muscle!

"Girls! Daddy needs attention! Please girls!"

Bea reached down and took my cock between her thumb and forefinger and gently stroked it from root to head! Sally rolled by balls between her fingers! I wanted to cum so bad but the strap didn't let even the pre-cum get by! My scrotum should have been tight but it remained lose and my nuts engorged and swollen as they were still had plenty of room! That didn't stop the pleasure! Each of Bea's strokes felt like the cum was rising to burst from my cock!

"Sally I want to suck him! Can I suck his cock?"

"Suck him Bea! Suck him for as long as you like!"

She licked my throbbing head wrapping her tongue under the rim! My cock pounded and throbbed! Suddenly deep down under my nuts an explosion burst inside me! Surely Sally felt my nuts jerk but if she did she sure didn't show it!

Bea's fingers continued to stroke the root of my shaft from my ass up between my balls and along the under side all the way to its head! My cock was cumming but how could it? It's muscles rolled from root to head in slow motion forcing up just a little cream.

Bea knew that she was not to have my cum but she couldn't resist! She plunged my cock deep into her mouth and unknowing to Sally, slowly collected her treat! For more than ten minutes my cum slowly leaked past the strap and oozed into Bea's waiting mouth! Bea licked up all the evidence and then popped my still ridged and purple lollipop out of her mouth!

"Ok girls, lay back on the couch and let Jim show you how to cum!" Sally right here and Bea beside Sally"

Both girls sat on the edge and laid back! Their pussies out and ready I knelled down between their legs. I pressed my fingers down on each of their mounds and then slipped my thumbs between each of their sloppy slits. One cunt in the grip of each hand I slowly rubbed their slits from ass to hood going deeper into the soft meat with each pass! After 5 minutes of prep I bottomed my thumbs in each of their cunts! Pressing down with my fingers I raised my thumbs to each of their tender 'G' spots! By now both girls were fucking my thumbs more than I was thumbing them! Bea regained her deep throat growl!

"I think I have to pee! Shit I have to pee! Shit!"

"Let it come Bea! It's not pee its cum! Cum with me Bea! Cum with me!"

Knowing that sally was ready I pressed down hard on both their mounds. This is what Sally had demanded from me earlier! Soon Sally would ejaculate a spray of cum and I so much wanted Bea to cum with her!

"I got to Pee!"

"No you don't! It is cum! Jim gets me off like this twice a week! It's not pee just let it cum!"

Sally suddenly froze and seconds later she sprayed thick white cream from her pee hole! Bea sensing something big was going to happen had raised her head just in time to see Sally explode into my hand!

"My God you just blew your load like a man! How do you do that! God that must be magnificent!"

"Quiet Bea! It's your turn! I'm going to make you spray cum just like Sally! After this you will be an official CUM SLUT. Just lay back and let it happen!"

I had to find Bea's clit! Unlike Sally it was deep under the hood and I wasn't reaching it with my strokes. With my free hand I spread her hood wide and pinched her exposed clit between my thumb and finger. I rubbed up and down just like jacking a tiny cock! By this time Bea was convinced she was going to pee but the raging pleasure out weighed her urgent urge to pee! She was holding back but that wouldn't last much longer! She was going to cum and even if she didn't ejaculate it would be the best orgasm of her life!

Sally, almost recovered from her orgasm, raised up on her elbow and watched me work her!

"Make her cum baby! Do your magic and make her blow cum all over the living room!"

Bea couldn't hold it any more! She began to shake from head to toe! Her tits heaved high and then she exploded! It was like someone stepped on a bottle of mustard! Ropes of dark yellow cum sprayed from her pee hole and shot through the air! It's pungent odor filled the room! I had wads of it on my chest and Sally had even more on her but mostly Bea sprayed it on to the glass coffee table two feet behind me!

Years ago, A girlfriend in college showed me how to make her ejaculate! Since that time I have done at least ten different women. Sally I have done hundreds of times but none of them un loaded like Bea just did!

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It felt so good and I tried to hold it! I'm so sorry! Sally I'll clean it up! I can't believe I peed all over your beautiful house! I'm so sorry!

"Bea its not pee! It's cum! You just ejaculated 30 years of cum! Look at it! It's your cum and I fire off right here at least once a week so I know how to clean it up! Didn't you know you were cumming?"

Bea sat up and watched the thick yellow liquid slowly run down my chest and drip off the coffee table and onto the floor!

"What a mess! I knew I was cumming! Boy did I know I was cumming! God, that was great! Jim how can I ever thank you?"

"Well I'd like to cum too!"

In seconds Bea and Sally had me on the couch and they were kneeled beside me! Each wrapped her lips around one side of my raging cock and while one licked up the other licked down! Each girl had one of my nuts in her hand and they kneaded like bread dough! The cum deep in my loins raged to be let lose! My cock pumped like I was cumming but little made it past the strap!

"Please girls I need to cum!"

"Can I take it off, Sally! Please let me take it off so he can blow his load just like we did!"

"Ok Bea! Pop the snap and lets see what he's got!"

Sally held my nuts and Bea popped the strap! My scrotum snapped tight in Sally's hands and my nuts all but disappeared into my crouch! Both Sally and Bea licked and kissed the sides of my throbbing cock! In seconds my cum shot up through it's previously choked channel and shot the first and only wad high into the air! They both pulled back and watched as my cum flowed out and ran down the sides of my cock!

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