tagLoving WivesWife and the Rapists

Wife and the Rapists


The party had been a disaster. My wife Karen, didn't want to go but it was my boss so I insisted. I also begged her to wear something sexy to get into his good books. That was a big mistake. The dress was far to revealing, low cut which showed off her superb breast and of course I stupidly told her not to wear a bra. When I caught my boss pulling down her top all hell broke loose. Karen by then had drunk far too much and my boss took advantage. I pulled her away from him and we left in a hurry to the sounds of my boss and his friends laughing. We drove in silence, I was too angry and Karen was in a strange mood.

It was late and very dark and I was lost. Worse still I was low on fuel and had to find a garage soon. I had no choice but to ask the way and we pulled into the car park of what turned out to be a hospital. The reception area was dark but there was a bell. It took ages but eventually a guy turned up, the night porter. By now it was raining hard so he kindly invited us in. We walked to the office and while he searched for a map we both sat there in silence.

He offered us a hot drink and while we drank some coffee he explained that this was a high security mental hospital. He told us that they had some real bad inmates. Karen spoke for the firsts time and asked for more information. I could see the guy was enjoying looking at Karen, but he seemed very friendly so I was worried. He told us about one inmate who had a string of rapes. He Showed us his file which contained a picture. He was a huge black man, similar to the guy in the Green Mile film, but his face was incredibly ugly and he looked evil. His name was Henry Shanks and recalled him being mentioned in the news recently..

Karen asked where Shanks was in the hospital. The porter grinned and told her to follow him. We went to the basement and into a sort of control room with CCTV. He pointed to a screen that showed a picture of a bare cell with a bed and table. Lying on the bed was Shanks. Karen was transfixed and stared at the screen. The porter moved over to the wall and pulled back a curtain. It was a one way mirror and now you could see Shanks very close up. We could also hear him breathing. Karen pressed against he mirror and looked hard at Shanks. The porter went to draw the curtains but Karen stopped him. She whispered, "I want to go in there" I couldn't believe what she had said and the porter laughed and shook his head. Karen said, "please I beg you let me in there" There was no why I was going to let my wife go anywhere near Shanks so I pulled her away from he mirror. She pushed me away and turned to the porter. Karen said, "I'll do anything you ask if you will let me in there" The porter laughed and said " you are a fucking strange woman" He looked at her for awhile and then nodded. He unlocked the door to the cell and before I could stop him pushed her in. I tried to open he door but he quickly locked it and with one blow knocked me across he room. He laughed and said" if you want me to let her out you just sit there and watch the show. I looked into the cell and could see Karen standing over Shanks. She bent forward and shook him awake. He woke with a startle and jumped up knocking Karen to the floor. He stood over her, towering above her. With his foot he push her onto her back. She lay there very still, her eyes wide open. Shanks looked towards the one way mirror. He grunted " Who's there and who is this bitch" The porter said" it's your lucky day, she wanted to meet you and her husband is here watching" Shanks laughed and knelt down beside Karen. I watched as he placed his hand on her leg. Slowly he moved it pushing her dress up until he exposed her white panties. With the other hand he stroked her hair and ran a finger down across her face, pushing it into her mouth.

He watched Karen as she sucked his finger. As I watched helpless he reached for the top of her dress and with one hard pull ripped the top exposing her white breasts. She screamed and I beg the porter to open he door, but he pushed me away. Within seconds he grabbed her breast in both hands and violently pulled her up from the floor. She screamed again as he slammed her against the one way mirror. I was so close to her but could do nothing. He turned her around and pushed her against the glass so her breast were flattened. With the other hand he ripped of her pants off and kicked her legs wide apart. "Don't fuckin move your dirty cunt "he shouted. She stood there, her face white with fear. The porter pressed his face against the glass to get a closer view. Shanks took of his shorts and I saw the size of his cock. It was a monster. With one quick movement he buried it deep inside Karen's pussy and the power of his thrust made her scream. What happened next is a blur. He seemed to fuck her for ages with violent thrusts, hammering into her and pounding her against the glass. She orgasmed the fist time within seconds and then as he kept up his relentless fucking she came again and again. After what seemed like hours he turned her around, grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. With a few more savage strokes he came and filled her mouth with his cum. It dribble out and dripped down her chin and onto her breast.

Karen fell to the floor exhausted. Shanks looked towards he mirror and said " take his fucking whore away" the porter opened the door and dragged Karen out. She lay on the floor exhausted, her face still covered in cum. The porter, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. I watched as he stood above her and pissed over her face. His urine washed the cum away. He then took off his trousers and as she lay on the floor he positioned himself so that his ass was above her face, kneeling either side of her head. He slowly push his ass into her face, pulling his ass checks apart, He said, " Lick my ass you bitch" I watched in horror as she pushed her tongue inside his ass as he rubbed his cock. She reached up and took hold of his cock wanking him and with the other hand she started to rub her clit. They both came together.

Karen got up and limped to the door. She could hardly walk. Her dressed was ripped to shreds, her face flushed and she was covered in the porters piss and cum and god knows what else. I followed her out and we walked to the car. Somehow we managed to get home, without stopping for fuel. She striped off and lay on the bed. She fell asleep, with her legs wide open and I could see that her pussy was red raw from pounding she got from Shanks. I buried my face into her pussy and sobbed as I thought of the degrading behaviour of my lovely wife. Life would never be the same!

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