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Like most married couples at first its jealousy about my wife. I wanted her to cover up and no one but me to look at her. But after 13 years and two kids I want the opposite. I want to show her off. I asked her to buy revealing clothes. When we go out I always ask her to put on a skirt with heels and a low cut top. Yes I finally realized that she is beautiful and being together for all this time I wanted to share her with someone else. In today’s world filled with disease I was uneasy but came up with a plan to use condoms. Now I had to convince my wife to sleep with someone else other than me; as it was my ultimate fantasy and turn on.

I approached her a few times only to get an answer back like I was mad or stupid. I let off for a while but came up with another plan. I slowly started working with her while going out and watching other men's reactions to my wife’s looks. She not paying attention to it and was oblivious to the looks she got. Yes they were the fuck me looks but that is what I was after.

Knowing she had it I now started to think about a place that I could use as a set up. Typical night clubs and bars went through my head. Truck stops but she would never even go near them. One day I found my answer. I presented her a weekend get away. She loved the idea. My plan was simple make the car break somehow near a truck stop. This would set it all up. For one it would be natural as they have repair shops. Also plenty of hotels to stay the night at. Now my plan was set. I set up a weekend get away. Left the kids with her family and off we went. I did not fill up the car but rather left if half full. This would get us into the next city and I could than execute my plan.

Pulled up to the gas station and during fill up I slipped a nail in the tire. After paying I drove off and before hitting the interstate I pretended to hear a noise. I pulled off at a truck stop. Yep the tire was going flat I told my wife and the spare was flat too. I told her not to worry as we could spend the night here and find a place to fix it in the morning. She agreed as there was no other choice in the matter.

I purposely left the car at the truck stop and had her walk in with me to ask where a we could find a hotel. Wearing her black three inch heels, black hose, black skirt and low cut white top we walked into the truck diner. The place was pretty crowded. I could tell she felt uncomfortable but I felt great. Looking around all eyes were on her. I could tell that I did not exist. I asked if she was hungry and she said no, but I knew better as we did not have dinner. I convinced her to have something to eat. We sat at up at the bar stools. She said all prim legs crossed showing all kinds of leg.

I excused myself to the rest room. Walked down the hall way and when out of sight bent down and watched her from behind the pay phone. Well everyone stared but that was all. I came back and we ate.

Went up to the hotel room and I suggested we go swimming. They had a small pool out back. She put on her suit and we went in. This was big enough to only sit in and wade not really swim. After a few minutes we had a little company. About four guys came in and were drinking definitely enjoying the sights. She felt a little uneasy but I told her to relax and said I would be right back not giving her a chance to protest my leaving. Again I hid out to watch.

This time I saw them make small talk with her. She loosened up a little and was talking back. Good I thought. If I could convince her here would be the perfect place and time to have her get fucked by someone else. I went out to the restaurant and got a strawberry daiquiri for her. When I got back I found only guys still there. A little disappointing but nevertheless good. She felt pretty easy. Welcoming me back as I handed her the daiquiri. I mentioned that a guy stopped on the way and told me a place that could fix the tire tonight if we wanted to. Before she could say anything again I said I would be right back and just to stay and relax a little. This time I though I bought little more time if things were going to happen. Well she kept talking and drinking her daiquiri, all while the two men got closer to her. A few more minutes and she had a bottle of beer and I could tell she was getting a little tipsy and looser.

Perfect. My dick started to get hard here I was watching and hoping to see my wife start something sexual with a couple of strangers. I could feel it twitching and than it happened. I saw one of the guys lean over and kiss my wife. She pulled back a little not to stop just more of a surprise to her. I watched now aching in my shorts as she continued her tongue assault with one of the guys as the other one began massaging her breasts.

After a few minutes of this I saw her move in between the two guys. One was behind her the other in front. Her top stayed on but as I watched I could tell that something was happening. She had slight rhythm going up and down with the guy that was behind her. I thought to myself they must be dry humping. Just as I finished that thought I looked over to the right and saw her bottoms. Wow she must getting fucked I thought. I walked over closer without being seen and what I saw was total amazement. Both guys must have been doing her. I saw them all in rhythm.

She was actually taking on both dicks in each hole. I hope they had rubbers on was the only though on my mind. Few minutes went by and the guys finished and left the pool. I looked but did not see any signs of rubbers. Gave my wife a few minutes to get herself together and came in.

She greeted me with a big wet kiss and told me that she just had the best night. I asked what she meant like I did not know, and she said you know remember your fantasy. She proceeded to tell me how the two of them fucked her raw right in the pool and came inside her. It made me stop breathing but at the same time extremely exited, at which point she hit me with the other news. She said that she asked them to come back to which to they said yes if they could bring their friends. I asked if that's what she wanted and she only nodded her head yes.

Sure enough in a few minutes five guys came back and at first looked uneasy seeing me but were reassured that it was ok and she wanted to have them all. Here I was looking at my wife about to be gang banged and I asked for it. They all got in the pool and immediately went to work. One would suck her tits, one would fuck her while I sat on the edge and she would lean her head over to suck me off in between getting the fucking of her life. I looked down saw her legs spread with a strange dick in between them. One of the guys must have been about nine to ten inches and fat. He had a rough time getting into her but once in she shuttered in what must have been one of her greatest orgasms. They all took their turns ravaging her and cumming deep in her pussy.

I enjoyed being a part of this. After it was all over I told her that I loved her and thanked her for doing it for me. She told me it was for the both of us and we went to bed.

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