tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife As A Life Model Ch. 02

Wife As A Life Model Ch. 02


(this is the second part of the story giving details of my wife Jenny's first experiences as a life model. Thanks for the positive comments. Most of this story is actually true....)

Jenny had enjoyed her first experiences as a life model at the local college and it had certainly had a positive effect on our sex life. We would go through the various scenarios that we had enjoyed and re-create the poses in the privacy of our bedroom before having great sex.

The horniest part for me was allowing other men to see her nude and although we were never into swapping or having sex with others (at that time anyway!) it turned me on that she had recognised the son of one of her friends in the class.

I think that these experiences added greatly to our sex life.

This is Jenny's account of the situation;

we had been married for 15 years and had 3 wonderful kids. We'd married young at 21 so we were both quite naive.

As time went on we knew that we needed a spark to light up our sex life again and one night during sex I asked Steve what turned him on.

Eventually he mentioned artist modelling, thinking he would be the model I said,

"hey, no problem go for it!"

I was surprised when he said that he wanted me to do it!

I'd always kept myself fit and trim and worked out. I was naturally slim and comfortable with my body except my small breasts.

But I'd never done anything like that before.

I gave the matter some thought and some of our conversations often turned to role plays prior to sex and they would always involve life modelling scenarios.

After months and months it was apparant that Steve wanted me to do it. I'd thought it was a fantasy but he kept on and on for me to do it.

Eventually I gave in and said yes.

I must add that it was gainst my better judgement and I still thought it was a fantasy that would never happen.

I was too nervous to arrange it myself and so he offered to sort it out. He took the lead by calling our local art college.

Thinking back now this was a stupid thing to do but it never really occured to me that I'd know anyone there and I still didn't think it would happen.

I'd nearly forgotten about it when Steve told me that I had an appoinment the next day with an art tutor at the college.

I nearly killed him and we had tears and tantrums. I did not want to do it but he went on and on and eventually I agreed.

He had a way of making me do things which I didn't want to do. Controlling me pehaps?

That night I didn't sleep and he was very attentive and sheepish after I'd agreed to do it. He wanted me to meet the tutor 'Sean' and contrive a situation so that I could undress in front of him. I said I would see how it went.. actually I had no intention of doing so.

The next day I dressed and put on my make up and found myself at the college art dept at the appointed time.

Sean met me outside the staff room and was very professional and polite.

He led me through to a private room where we could discuss the post.

"please sit down Jenny and tell me about your experience as a life model"

"actually its none!" I replied.

He asked what had made me apply and I said that I need a bit of extra cash. I couldn't tell him that my husband wanted to show me nude to others!

Sean was happy with me and I was comfortable with the set up, it was all very professional.

I was scheduled to pose for a class of 6th form students the next week.

My heart was racing as I left the office. I recognised a couple of students but our kids were much younger and the chances of seeing anyone I knew was slim so I agreed to go ahead with it.

Sean had been charming and the whole thing was sold to me as a professional occupation.

I might even enjoy I thought as I left the college.

That night Steve wanted all the details. He was disapointed that I hadn't faked an oppportunity to undress in front of Sean and made me feel hopeless for not doing so. He made me promise to do so the next week when I started at the college.

I was becoming more and more nervous as the week progressed. The night before the modelling Steve followed me upstairs as I headed for the shower. Somehow he convinced me that life models were usually shaven. He told me in such a way that I ended up agreeing with him and I shaved my pussy. I was often shaved but only for Steve.

I came out of the shower and Steve led me to the bedroom. He stared at me and made me take up poses facing him. We ended up making love and we were both turned on.

The only thing was that the fantasy was about to become reality and the next morning I was anything but turned on. I was a nervous wreck.

I got up feelink like a nervous wreck/ My hands were shaking and I couldn't think straight.

Steve kissed me goodbye and went to work. The kids were packed off to school and I dressed in my jeans, t shirt and a nice matching bra and panties set.

I arrived at the colllege at about 9am and made my way to the staff room to meet Sean. He led me down a corridor to the empty office next to the studio, all the time I felt that students and staff knew who I was and what I was doing and that they were staring at me.

It probably wasn't like that at all but I was a nervous wreck.

My heart was beating so fast and I stuttered as I spoke with Sean about everyday issues like traffic and the weather. All the time I was aware that I was going to be shown nude to numerous students and Sean who was very relaxed and managed to calm me down.

Sean showed me into the changing room and went to leave.

I remembered my promise to Steve and said,

"Sean, I know this sounds pathetic at this late stage but I've never done this type of thing before and I'm not sure I can do it"

Meanwhile he had shut the door as I started to undo my jeans.

He said, "its fine and if you can't do it we'll do some costume work"

This was a serious get out opportunity but I knew that I'd come this far and how strong Steve felt about me doing it so I thought 'no, I'll do it.'

I said, "what sort of poses will you require?"

He started talking and at the same time I thought 'fuck it' and went for it.

I took off my shoes, undid my jeans and slipped them down my legs and quickly took them off. Almost at the same time I took my t shirt off over my head. I stood in front of him wearing only my white plain bra and panties.

His conversation paused as he looked at me and I knew that it was now or never. I undid my bra and let it fall and just as quick I lowered my panties. I'd like to say that it was a seductive strip tease but it wasn't. I was naked in about 2 seconds!

I stood facing him and although he attempted to give an air of professionalism I saw him looking at me. I stood coy and nude with my hands beside me.

I had never really given Sean much thought but I looked at him and realised he was good looking and probably 5 years younger then me. He suddenly had an appealing look about him and the atmosphere had suddenly become sexual.

I was so embarrased but it was a real buzz. I felt so vulnerable and yet so in control.

I said, " what do you think?"

Sean, looked at me and said, "you look great."

This was incredible. It was a massive buzz and turn on but the most humiliating moment in my life!

Later I would tell steve that I asked Sean if he was comfortable with my shaven pussy but in all truth there was no need. He had seen me and it didn't need to be said.

I put on my gown and we walked a short distance along a corridor towards the life room. As we did so the rest of the college were making their way towards classes and literally hundreds of young people saw me in a skimpy dressing gown.

This time they all knew what was happening! Some were sniggering!

My heart was beating and I couldn't breath as I followed him into the life room.

It was already full and I saw that there were about 20 people in the class setting up easils etc.

About 10 lads and 10 girls. All aged about 18.

Sean introduced me to the class and I looked around at them whilst I stood in the middle of the room in my gown.

To my absolute horror I recognised some of the students.

I saw a boy who lives near our street and a girl who works in the local store.

Then it got a whole lot worse. I saw my friend Emma's son, 'Alan'

I had known him since he was a baby and although not great friends, our families had got together at BBQs and various other parties.

Her husband was a pervert, always talking about sex and trying to grab a feel when I was drunk.

This was the worst moment in my life, the only good thing was that Alan looked as shocked as I did.

I went to speak to Sean and to tell him that I couldn't do it. I was nervous before but now I was a wreck.

Before I could say anything he said,

"Ok then Jenny, please take off the robe"

The whole room had heard him and were looking at me. I couldn't back out now so almost in a trance and dying of embarassment I undid the belt and dropped the gown to the floor. I stood completely nude in front of 20 people. The whole thing was exhillerating but I was distraught.

I was conscious of the fact that my pussy was shaved and I was completely on show.

Alan was at the back of me.. thank God.... but then Sean explained that this was their first attempt at life drawing and he would explain the body shape and dimensions. To do this the students were to look at me while he described weight distribution, shadow, etc etc.

He told them to put down their pencils and to look at me. He got me to move my feet apart and explained about balance. He stood right next to me pointing at my breasts and hips and drawing attention to my nude body with a small pencil that he used to point at me and direct their attention to that particular part of my body.

I was required to turn at 90 degree angles every few minutes so they all got to see me from all angles.

I then had to turn and face the others at the rear and saw Alan.

He nodded at me and took the opportunity to look between my legs.

I was completely flushed and humiliated. I couldn't believe my husband wanted me to do this and worse still I had done it.

But, at the same time I must admit that I was enjoying the experience!

As time went on I found that I was enjoying the freedom and exhilleration of being nude in public.

The morning flashed by and it was soon break time. I stretched and remained nude as the students filed out of the door. Sean asked if I wanted to join him in the staff room for a coffee but there was no way I was going to stand in a room full of dressed teachers in a dressing gown!

The room emptied except Alan and whilst I pretended to admire the drawings he walked over to me. I was still nude and my gown was the other side of the room. He had big grin on his face.He had obviously got over the shock of seeing his Mum's friend nude and was now very confident as he looked at my small breasts and pussy.

He said" Hi Jenny!" and we both started laughing.

I said, "I'm so embarrassed you seeing me"

Alan said that it was no problem and that I had a great figure.

I laughed and pointed towards my breasts, I said," they're so small and my bum is too big"

Alan said, " no, you look great" whilst taking the opportunity to look at my nude body.

I said," and I would not have shaved down there if I'd known that I would know people here!"

He then said, " I've never seen a shaven one before" and we both laughed.

I said, "please don't tell your Mum or Dad about this, it'll be our little secret!"

He thought for a minute and said "yeah, sure."

But I could tell that there was something else going through his mind.

This was becoming a massive turn on. I was really starting to get wet and horny. I knew I should put on my robe and asked him to pass it to me.

He said,"No, I've seen you now so there's no point"

The way he said was like an order, he was not going to let me dress and I was loving it.

We engaged in trivial conversation for another minute until the door opened and three of his teenage male friends entered with drinks.

They all stoped in their tracks and apologised as they went to leave.

They were going to leave but Alan encouraged them to enter.

He said," no come in its ok, the model doesn't mind!"

I laughed and said that I did mind and walked over to collect my robe. They all stared at me as I put it on making sure that they all got a good view of me.

I was really starting to enjoy this!!!

I nipped to the toilet before the next session and felt my cunt. It was dripping wet. I fingered myself almost to orgasm and made sure that my lips were well parted to show my pink inner lips.

The rest of the class passed in a blur and I went home to await for Steve. I recounted the story of events to him and he made me pose in the same positions before he fucked the arse off me whilst I told him about Alan and undressing in front of Sean.

I couldn't wait to do it again next week!!!

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