tagLoving WivesWife Becomes Sex Toy

Wife Becomes Sex Toy


It was the second week of October and Kate and I along with four other couples had planned on our weekend camping trip for months when the day to go finally arrived.

We were all old friends since our college days. Over the past several years we all continued to get together but the drudgery of daily life had our times together few and far between. We had planned the time together to get reacquainted and to have a little fun and relaxation.

Ted had faired well over the years and was now a corporate lawyer for a large fortune 100 company. He had purchased a large motor home last year and wanted everyone to get together and spend a weekend out. The plans were finally made and we set the date for October so we could travel up the Northeastern seaboard and see the colors.

Ted's wife Alice had been called out of town at the last minute before the big day so she was not going to be able to go with us on this trip. By the time the day finally arrived each of the women except Kate had something come up excusing them from our little road trip. We had discussed postponing our weekend but, could not settle on another date so decided to go anyway.

Ted pulled his big class A motor home up in front of our house and Kate and I ran out with our bags and jumped in. Tom, Brian and Steve were all sitting in the back of the motor home watching a taped football game on the TV and enjoying a cold beer. They handed me a cold beer as I put our bags down and told me to sit down and join them. Kate went to the back bunk and took out a favorite romance novel and began reading as Ted pulled away.

After several hours of driving it was getting into the early evening hours and Ted pulled into a campground on the New Hampshire coast. It was a gorgeous crisp fall day and the colors were brilliant as we got out and set up the camper for the night. Ted stayed behind and cooked up a pot of Maryland crabs while the rest of us walked along the coast line taking in the sights and talking about old times.

We sat outside eating and drinking for several hours until the cold night air finally had us ready to go inside. We were all feeling pretty good and were really enjoying each others company. The guys had discussed their wives, their jobs and kids and we were all getting along great. As we went inside Ted put up his satellite dish and began flipping through the channels. We enjoyed several more drinks and finally settled down to watch an ESPN special.

Kate was bored with our choice of TV and settled down into a large recliner with her novel.

Brian was feeling pretty good and brought out a joint and lit up passing it around. We all took several hits when Kate asked if we were going to share with her too. Brian took out another joint and after lighting up gave it to Kate.

Kate had not smoked any pot in over ten years but she readily took the joint from Brian and kept it to herself. The rest of us got another drink and sat around laughing and joking about our old college days.

Kate finally got up and laughing said she was hot. She went into the bathroom and came back out with a short pair of baggy shorts and a light white top that was cut very low. She was giggling and acting really silly saying she had the "munchies." She went to the cabinet and got out a bag of chips and began eating washing them down with wine.

Kate had kept her figure and at 30 she still looked awesome. She has shoulder length brunette hair, a cute face, small B cup tits and the hardest tightest ass in the world from her working out five days a week.

Nobody else really seemed to notice Kate and continued joking and laughing among themselves.

Kate finished her chips and a large amount of wine and told me she was still burning up. Her face was red and I suggested we walk outside to get a breath of fresh cool night air. We went outside and stayed for around 20 minutes looking at the stars and laughing about the effects of the joint on Kate. She said she felt like she was back in high school.

As we went back inside the guys were now snacking and watching an old Rocky movie. Kate went back to her recliner and sat down picking up her book. The night air had an effect on Kate as we came back into the warm motor home; her nipples were sticking out of her shirt and were plainly visible. I could not tell if anyone was looking, but she certainly had my attention.

Kate looked up from her book and asked Brian for another joint. I couldn't believe she wanted another but; Brian gladly lit up another for her and took it to her. He then lit another and passed it around us guys. We were all laughing at the movie and Kate was laughing about her book and the scenes between the characters. All inhibition seemed to be lost in her as she described the sex scenes in graphic detail to her all male audience.

Ted got up and opened several windows to allow the smoke out and to let in some cool air as we were all feeling a little warm by now. Kate's nipples continued to poke out.

Kate again began reading her novel and the guys said they wanted to go out and get some air. Leaving Kate behind we all went out and walked along the coastline returning about an hour later and several joints.

We all changed clothes into some sweats and shorts and got another drink. Kate was out cold in her recliner. Brian had given her a third joint before we left and she had smoked it too. I poked at her and she did not respond, breathing deeply and murmuring.

The guys said that Kate's details of her story had them worked up a bit and asked Ted if he got any adult satellite channels. Ted tuned in a XXX channel and we all sat around laughing at the scenes before us making rude comments about the actors. We continued drinking and having a great party. I noticed that Tom was not watching the movie and looked to see what had his attention. He was staring at Kate as she lay on the recliner. Her baggy shorts had parted and her panty covered mound was open to his view. The thought of him watching Kate in this vulnerable position got me excited.

"What do you see there Tom?" I asked.

"Sorry man, I didn't mean to be watching her" Tom replied.

Now all five of us were looking at the sight before us. As they realized what was happening we all laughed and returned our attention to the porno in front of us on the TV. I could see each man sneaking a peek at Kate as we watched and from the loose sweats each was wearing could tell they all were a little excited.

I walked over to Kate and shook her with no response. I rubbed her leg up near her crotch and she just squirmed a little. I had an idea and went to putting it into action.

"You guys want to play a little friendly card game." I asked. "Winner gets to get an award of my choosing."

The guys all looked at each other and laughed about it being a lame idea but agreed to play.

The first hand was dealt and another joint was passed. Steve came out to be the winner of this hand and I told him I would give him a suitable reward for his win. I walked over to Kate and motioned for Steve to follow me. I told him he could rub her exposed legs for two minutes. All the guys stared at me and then Steve began rubbing Kate's shaven legs from calf to her shorts. After 2 minutes he stood up with a large bulge in his running shorts.

Another hand was dealt and after some tough play Tom came out the winner. I looked at Tom and asked if he ready for his reward to which he nodded.

I told Tom "Kate looks hot over there, why don't you help remove her shorts to cool her off a bit."

Tom stared at me for a minute and then approached Kate. He bent down onto the floor in front of the recliner and rubbed his hands up her hips hooking his thumbs into her shorts. Tom slowly slipped Kate's shorts down over her hips and down her long legs. She was lying with her pink bikini panties covering her ass facing us at the table. Kate squirmed a little during the effort but still remained asleep.

I could not believe I was allowing my buddies to help undress and see my exposed pretty little wife. We had never done anything like this and I wondered what would happen if she woke up. My own excitement drove me to continue even further.

The next hand was won by Ted and I rewarded him with rubbing her ass cheeks through her panties. I knew that Kate loved having her ass massaged and she really responded to Ted's groping. By now it felt really hot in here and all of us had a tent pole in our shorts and pants. We all removed our shirts to help cool down.

We dealt another hand and again Steve was the winner. Before I could say anything he was already up and standing alongside Kate. I asked him if he thought it was fair for all of us to be able to go topless and for Kate to have to keep on her shirt. He nodded "no."

I instructed him to help Kate out of her hot little top to which he quickly began to lift her top above her head and off of her body. Kate was now lying in front of these 4 men with her tits sticking out and wearing only her thin bikini bottoms. She looked really hot and I was going crazy with my own lust.

The next hand was again won by Ted and he eagerly removed Kate's panties in a very slow sensual show that had all of us going crazy. The guys thought it was over at this point but I wanted to take things even further. We all stood admiring Kate as she lay on the recliner completely exposed to her on lookers.

I looked at Brian who had not won a single hand. "Brian, would you like to suck on one of Kate's tities?" I asked.

Brian immediately got down next to Kate and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked and toyed with her erect nipple as Kate really moaned and squirmed around from his actions. When he finished her nipple stuck out like a pencil eraser.

As Brian was getting up I looked to Ted and said "Ted, you have been a wonderful host and I think you deserve to be rewarded. Would you like to lick Kate's hot ass?"

Ted replied, "Hey buddy if you're up to it I would love to honor your fine wife's hot ass with my tongue."

I positioned Kate into a kneeling position against the back of the recliner and had her ass spread. Ted took up his position behind Kate and began licking her crack. He toyed with his tongue around her puckered butt hole several times to which Kate really responded. Finally Ted concentrated on her hole circling it with his tongue and getting her really wet with his saliva. Finally he began using his tongue to push in and out of Kate's spreading ass hole. He really picked up his tempo and I could hear Kate's own orgasm building. Finally Kate shook and writhed around with her own climax as Ted continued his tongue fucking of her hot ass until she came down.

Tom, Brian and Steve had all removed their pants and were stroking their hard cocks from watching Ted work Kate's ass hole. I was driven with lust that I had never experienced. I looked at Tom and then at his 8" rock hard cock in his hands. "Why don't you rub that on Kate's face?" I asked him.

Tom walked over to Kate's head and began rubbing his hard cock all over her face. His pre-cum was smeared all over her pretty little cheeks and lips. Tom placed his cock at Kate's lips and to my surprise she opened up and started sucking him into her hot mouth. Tom grabbed her hair and began fucking her face. After several minutes Tom tensed up and pulled his cock from Kate's mouth. I could see his balls tighten and he started shooting streams of hot thick cum all over my wife's face and hair. Kate was moaning and writhing around in the recliner.

I looked to Steve and asked if he would like to sample her sweet pussy with his mouth and he quickly went down and started running his tongue along her swollen puffy pussy lips. Her shaved cunt thrusting backwards to meet Steve's tongue. Steve began really working her pussy with his mouth and Kate was again building her own second orgasm. Steve was stroking his own cock as he buried his face into Kate's pussy and ass. Soon Kate was shuddering with her second full blown orgasm and Steve shot his own load all over her thighs.

As Steve backed away Kate was still writhing around on the back of the recliner. I looked to Brian and asked "Would you like to use your cock to satisfy Kate's hungry cunt?"

Brian did not say a word as he pointed his 7" cock at her exposed pussy. He placed it against her lips and Kate bucked back impaling herself onto Brian. She began rocking and fucking Brian like a cock hungry slut who could not get enough. Brian grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard as Kate again began having her own orgasm. Brian could not stand the contraction of Kate's pussy on his cock and began shooting his hot load of sticky cum into her pussy.

As Brian pulled out of Kate Ted began shooting his own load all over her back. Soon Kate was covered with hot sticky thick white cum from her face to her legs.

My own cock was pounding and throbbing at this point watching what was going on. I began rubbing some of Brian's cum mixed with Kate's own cum and juice from her pussy to her exposed ass hole. I finally placed the head of my cock against her puckered little brown hole and began to slowly push in. As my cock head went in Kate began bucking backward and moaning in pleasure. I continued until I had my 8" fully into her tight little ass with my balls resting against her soaked pussy. I started fucking her slowly at first building speed as I went. I fucked Kate for several minutes when she started cumming herself tightening her anal muscles around my fat cock. I drove in deep and held her tight as I erupted the biggest load of cum I ever released into her hot butt.

As I slipped out of her gaping ass hole I looked around at the guys who were all still hard and stroking themselves. I asked Ted and Tom to help me carry her to the bed in the back of the motor home and we laid her down. She was still out but rubbing her own clit with her hand. I took several towels and did the best I could to clean the cum from her body. I finally got her clothes back on her and pulled the covers up over her.

The guys all laid out in the main living room of the motor home watching the porno channel before falling asleep still naked and hard.

The next morning I awoke to find Kate sitting on the end of the couch stroking my hard cock. I looked up at her and said "Good morning, did you have sweet dreams?"

Kate looked at me and said "You would not believe the dreams I had last night, I don't know what was in that pot but I am so horny." She stuck my cock into her mouth and began sucking me.

The other guys began waking up and sat up watching Kate and I while stroking their own cocks. Kate looked back at them and then went back to my cock reaching her hand into her shorts and panties rubbing her used pussy. I know she could feel the cum in her cunt and she looked up at me with a puzzled look with my cock still in her mouth.

More to Cum...

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by Anonymous06/25/17

Not a woman alive

That doesn't know when she's been fucked. Some friends these guys are. Time to divorce the slut and make sure all the friends wives know that their husbands are cheating bastards. Ugly story.

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