tagLoving WivesWife Comes out of Shell on Vacation

Wife Comes out of Shell on Vacation

byJoe Bob©

One night a few years ago I took my wife to the bar in a resort hotel that where we were staying. She wore a new skirt that I had purchased for her before the trip. At first she refused to put on saying it was far too short and tight. It was thin, summer wear, made of cotton and clingy that at the time was fashionable. I persuaded her to keep it on which wasn't easy because she was by nature quite shy and not given to showing off. Convincing her that she wasn't showing any more leg than most other women I told her that she looked great and said not to worry about it. Besides we are out of town and you will never see any of these people again.

We had been in the bar an hour when I noticed she was getting lots of attention from several men at the bar. Then I realized that they could see across the room, and as Jan was sat more or less between tables, that they could see right up between her legs, her skirt having clung to her thighs and ridden right up. She seemed unaware as we were talking. So I never mentioned it but instead went to get fresh drinks and looked for myself. I felt excited immediately because her panties were clearly on view to all.

It wasn't only that though that gave me in a flutter. Jan has quite big well-rounded firm tits. With her skirt and plenty of panty-clad thighs showing her white tight top completed the outfit making her look really like a sexy sight. I got the round of drinks and went back to my seat struggling to keep my mind on the conversation. Another hour later I glanced round at my wife and caught her lifting her head and actually smiling at the men who were ogling her; she knew very well what was interesting them. If I had any doubts they were immediately dispelled when I saw her smile toward them again then at the same time she peered down to see how much she was showing and purposely let her leg sway and left her knees apart more than they had been before. She wriggled her hips to get comfortable giving her the chance to turn full on to the group of men giving them a better view, then she actually looked down and checked what she was flashing before lifting her head, looking straight at them and giving a wicked grin!

When we got back to our room she thought I was tired and went off to bed before me. I thought about what I had witnessed and it had an effect on me; I took out my cock and picturing in my head the view the men must have seen I began to masturbate, closing my eyes. Jan walked in on me in the sitting area.

"Why are you doing that out here? Why haven't you come to bed?"

"I saw what you did," I told her, "In the bar! I saw you let your skirt ride up to show your panties to the men at the bar."

"I told you it was too short!" she argued, "It was bound to ride up."

"I saw you doing it on purpose -- I saw you smile at them then show them more!"

She was embarrassed not to mention surprised at being caught out like that; but she didn't deny any of it.

"That doesn't tell me why you're doing that out here," she said sheepishly.

I was honest with her too, "It made me feel excited watching you do it -- it's turned me on -- a lot!"

"Oh my god!" she said breathlessly and now she was even more sheepish and embarrassed. "I don't know why I did it!"

"Sit on the chair!" I said pointing opposite to my seat. "Pull your skirt up -- just like it was in the bar!"

She reluctantly hitched up her skirt but kept her knees together. "Show me how you opened your legs -- show me exactly what you did for the men at the bar."

Jan covered her face but let one hand rest on the hem of her skirt. She moved her bottom and let her knees part at the same time she slowly pulled her tight skirt up her thighs, until it gave her even more movement and freedom to let her leg swing wider showing all of her panties. I hadn't been aware that she had gone so far and actually used her hand to make it ride up more than was accidental.

"Come here!" I said while stroking my dick.

She came and sat next to me not looking me in the eye.

"Did the men see you helping it along with your hands?"

She nodded.

"Would they have known it was especially for them?"

"Yes," she said, "I suppose I made it pretty obvious."

"Did it turn you on -- when you were doing it?"

She confessed in a very low hiss that yes it did! I grabbed her and the rest is history; we fucked while talking about! She admitted her behavior had been exciting and made her feel sexually aroused. She said she'd probably want to do it again if she got the chance to. It gave her a tremendous thrill and it prompted me to suggest that she find other opportunities to show off.

"Yeah, I expect that now I've experienced what a thrill it can be, then I most likely would let myself do it again."

"Would you let them touch you?" I asked as my erection was growing just thinking about the possibilities.

"I don't know; if it made me feel sexy enough I might stray a little and let them kiss me, and, well, you know, have a feel. I just don't know -- it would have to happen! I think I'd find it sexy just to sit with them and talk to them letting them see more than they ought. I'd be happy to let them look at me -- see my panties -- or see me partly undressed."

Jan seemed to be in conflict with her own emotions. To me it was absolutely erotic and stimulating.

"Let me ask you a question now," she said. "Would you not get angry if I did it again? Were you turned on because of the initial shock and novelty of the situation? What if I actually did begin to do it on a regular basis -- told you I liked doing so much I didn't want to stop, what then? Think about it -- what if I admitted that I get so very aroused showing myself off in front of other men -- sexually aroused?"

"So do you?" I asked in return, "It's not simply for amusement -- it actually turns you on?"

Jan nodded right away and told me; the thought of doing it again in various ways and in different situations was exciting, because of the possible danger, the sheer naughtiness of showing herself off, though she startled me with her insight and honesty when she added that rather than let it appear to be accidental, part of the thrill would come from letting the watchers know, maybe discreetly and subtly that she was doing it intentionally -- letting them know she was doing it to give them a thrill -- and she added coyly, an erection. She would be doing it especially for them!

She was blowing my mind and she created enough stimulating mental images to provide hot passion material that would last an age!

"So what would you think -- would it bother you if I say I'd like to see what it all feels like -- to dress differently -- to try and attract men -- and if I get the chance, exhibit myself to them?" she asked.

"Would you promise to tell me all about it?"

"Yes, I promise -- but in my case to do this it means altering my whole style. I still feel shy and nervous; I'm not used to wearing short skirts and things. Last night I was dreading going into the bar wearing that skirt and I felt really uncomfortable -- it just wasn't me! But my goodness, what an effect it had when I saw that the men weren't looking at me in a critical way but with lust in their eyes. When I thought that, well, they might be wondering what it would be like to see more, or touch me, well, it made me feel weird and it aroused me in a way I've never felt before. Does that sound silly?"

I breathed a long "Noooo!" and kissed her.

She pursued her new interest though for a while she was no different than lots of other women who displayed lots of leg or cleavage; really it was simply that just her style of clothing had changed and become more fashionable and a little sexier.

One memorable incident was when we went to a theme party. The theme was "Pimp's and Prostitutes" and Jan wore a short split skirt that showed her panties off without her having to bend over and her tits were almost spilling out of her top. Her fishnet stockings were thigh highs and her top was very low cut.

Off we go to party and join a small group of close friends who were planning to have drinks in order to have the courage for the evening. I noticed that Jan seemed to be in an exploring mood happily participating in the rowdiness. From the side of my eye I saw her knees slip apart and my heart jumped when I realized that one of my friend's kept staring at her legs. I had a 'wow' moment when I figured she had noted his interest and was letting him see more. For the first time she was teasing and showing off to one of our friends.

As the party began to wind down, the group began to disperse. Normally I would have called it a night and Jan would have been glad to get home but this night I wanted to linger and watch what happened. Before long she was the only female left in the room and with six guys (the other women were gathered in the kitchen). I noticed that at least one other had also taken an interest because I think he had noticed how preoccupied the first guy was.

Pretending nothing was amiss I calmly talked and laughed joining in the conversation but keeping a close eye on my wife. Then the real thrill came. I saw her rapidly glance from one ogling guy to the other and knew she had become aroused knowing more than one guy was lusting over her. She shuffled, using it as an excuse to leave her legs open then let her hand rest on her inner thigh; then she slowly lifted her head to look straight at the guy who had first ogled her. I saw the astonishment on his face as momentarily he attempted to avert his gaze then realized that the expression on her face was something very different than indignation.

My pal looked back at her and I distinctly saw her give him a little wicked smile while she kept her eyes locked on him. As the other occupants in the room chatted away apparently unaware what was happening (which was them enjoying this erotic experience) I saw my friend feel compelled to let his attention move from looking at Jan's sexily smiling face to look between her legs, drawn there by the movement of her hand on her upper thigh.

It was an incredible new sexually exciting experience to watch my wife gently rub the inside of her leg and, as though easing a slight discomfort rub her fingers on her soft skin letting them drift right to the edge of her crotch where her tight silky panties met her thigh. As both men let their eyes dart from her face to her midriff, probably expecting her to cover up once she realized what she was doing, they instead found them selves looking into her calm sexy stare and for an extra thrill, as she had their full attention she let them see her glance down to watch her hand moving along the line of her panty leg then slowly she looked back up at them and broke out into the dirtiest smirk I have ever seen. Now they were in no doubt that she was 'entertaining' them giving them a turn on.

In contradiction to the shy retiring girl I had known and married I saw my wife exchange little discreet naughty looks with the men and grin wickedly whenever she caught their eye. She fidgeted and wriggled around, sometimes pretending to scratch a little itch or find a need to rub her skin, using it as an excuse to make her thighs open and with them her pussy lips.

It felt exciting for me to know my best pals were prepared to secretly carry on this way with my wife. Then I saw her and Gary, for a full minute, look deep into each other's eyes, then her fingers crept to the buttons of her shirt, which was already parted and undone to the point were her tits could be seen spilling out of her bra, and without anyone else noticing she popped open another two, exposing to full view the lacy cups of her black bra that hardly covered her nipples.

This changed the scene a lot! Up to now what she was doing had been largely hidden from the rest by the ample arms of the easy chair that was turned slightly away from the center of the room. Gradually now the both of them began to take notice and it was easy to make out clearly the redness of her swollen nipples too. Gary actually found an excuse to stand up and move to get a better view of how high her skirt was and how wide her legs were open; he was speechless and bowled over by what he saw.

Of course all this was done without either of them making it obvious they were looking and Jan tried to give the appearance that her shirt had come unfastened accidentally and she hadn't noticed -- no one was going to tell her. When my wife reached for her shirt buttons that had come undone instead of the fake shock and horror, she shyly turned toward them and leaned back in her chair. Now of them were able to see her black lace bra as she fumbled with her buttons.

Both of them were stunned into silence as her movement meant that her vagina pulled her panties in and the lips of her pussy protruded either side of the thin creased material. If that were not enough she then leaned forward to gain some slack enabling her to bring to two halves of her shirt together. It was too much for the restraining powers of her half-cup bra; her nipple popped to the very edge then out popped her breast! How she giggled and fumbled, taking lots of time to repair the damage, shuffling in her seat though keeping her thighs parted.

The very idea excited Jan -- I could tell -- and as I witnessed in whose direction she gave the dirty smirk I knew who she would have liked to help her put back her tits. Gary looked sheepish conscious he was being singled out with her attention. I was experiencing a powerful arousal.

At home she wanted to fuck.

"Do you fancy Gary? You spent enough time looking into his eyes?"

"Did I turn you on?" she cooed.

Her honesty once again turned me on. She continued, "I was turned on -- Gary has eyes that really penetrate -- I'm sure he could read my thoughts -- he had a really dirty smirk -- he really enjoyed watching me!"

She was lost in her own world and she whispered to me that she would have to find more opportunities to do naughty and exciting things. In her ecstatic sex driven state she told me how glad she was that I liked her being bad and seeing her do naughty things for other men. We began to have passionate erotic sex as she recounted how she felt showing off.

She then began to expand her naughty wife scenario like greeting the postman while showing her breasts through a see-through blouse, letting her robe fall open, or similarly pretending to struggle to locate her purse or money to pay the Schwann's man or having to invite him in while she search through the kitchen. Needless to say she would be under dressed or partly dressed.

One of her more daring escapades was when she told me the lawn service guys were in the back yard working while she was stood in the bedroom in just bra and panties, sliding her nylon stockings up her leg; she pretended not to see him.

About this time we had a big back yard party planned and we had several friends helping us get set up the weekend before the party. I was well aware that she wouldn't miss this chance to tease Gary and Bill. They promised to come over the Saturday before the big party and get some things ready for the party. This was a great plan because Jan would not be inhibited to tease and I hoped they would not be restrained in their pleasure. I told Jan this would be a great chance for her to "show her appreciation" to them. Gary had already run his eyes over my wife's body in a most lustful way. Jan would almost definitely be showing her panties off to them. And in fact this time, I was hoping she would take the teasing and flirting games to a new level. And if I was lucky, I could catch some of the action between them.

While Bill and Gary got on with the work Jan sorted out a few special jobs for them. She was conscious that they kept eyeing her up and down which prompted her to start her teasing. They were all in the house as she chatted to them while flitting from room to room she spotted a couple of vases filled with water she had been cleaning. She very clumsily tipped the vase soaking her front of her blouse.

The guys very much amused asked if she was okay. Jan noticed a change of look come over them as her thin top being soaked had now become transparent. Gary made a joke about being like a contestant in a wet T-shirt competition. Jan was in no urgency to go and change and let them have a good look, then, to their delight, while still keeping up conversation with them stepped into the bedroom and said she had better take it off as it was soaking right through to her bra, pushing her chest out and drawing attention to her large tits.

Now they were following her every move as they stood right at the doorway to the bedroom when she again said something to them while she calmly pulled the wet top off over her head. Standing there in her bra (and knowing how clearly her nipples could be seen) she then complained that she forgotten to get a towel and rather than the men having to be discreet and avert their eyes she stepped passed them very closely to get a towel.

As though nothing was amiss she continued to chat pleasantly holding their attention while she began to dry her breasts, rubbing her tits seductively, making her nipples erect and prominent. They stood and stared and just to round things off she interrupted the conversation, declared that her bra was far too damp and turning away just enough to appear at least vaguely decent she let the straps slip from her shoulders and undid the clasp letting it fall to the floor. They had a clear glimpse of her reflection in the mirror with her back to them as she reached into a drawer for a fresh bra.

She took her time and fumbled and they stayed and ogled until, once again covered she turned to face them and allowed them to see how the 'new' bra hardly did its job at all. For a few more minutes she let them lust over her as she very slowly chose another top and put it on. Jan said the atmosphere was electric and sexually charged.

Jan had on a short skirt although it wasn't the ideal item to wear when getting set up for the party. Of course, she didn't really have to go up stepladders (she could have let them do it) but she did. Stepladders wobble and she called out for help, and guess what? Gary came to steady it for her and she let him peer up her skirt.

From behind her Gary said, "Wow -- I was wondering if the bottom half is as sexy as the top!"

Jan had said he should not be looking but joked, "Don't tell Bill or he will want to come and have a look!"

"But you didn't mind showing off your lovely breasts -- that was fantastic!" Gary said.

Jan answered, "Why, thank you! No, I didn't mind, glad you liked it -- I enjoyed doing it for you!"

As the afternoon wore on she gave in to the urge to bend over pushing her bottom out and up expecting to flash the part of her thighs to just below her panty.

She was a little shocked when Gary ran his hands over her upper thighs, over the cheeks of her bottom sometimes slipping his fingers under the hem and making her give a startled cry when she felt his hands on the bare flesh of her lower back and realized he had pulled her skirt right up over her hips. Everything he felt -- he could also see -- and her panties were flimsy!

She told him she needed to get down from the step ladder but he complained it would be a shame to spoil the view and said he was enjoying it so much.

"I didn't say you needed to stop -- but I need to get off the step ladder -- I might fall off and hurt myself!" Jan's tone of her voice gave the impression that she was enjoying it too.

He helped her down and drew her close to him still facing away from him. Her skirt had fallen back into place. She felt overcome with passion allowing him to grope her as she pressed against him and feeling his arousal made her excited. Then as his hand came to her front and grabbed hold of her breast squeezing her nipple she was turned on enough to want to let him spend another few minutes feeling her.

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