tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 09

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 09


Deborah tells the story:

Dan has called me and ordered me to come to the office after school. It will be the first time he's asked for me since the hotel room. I was so sore and I soaked forever before I got all the cum off.

It was so humilitating lying on the bed with my legs spread, the men lined up to fuck me one after the other. They even loved it when they saw me crying as they plunged their dicks in me. I am a hole, or holes for their use. I am a cum dump. "Fuck me, fuck me hard!" they have me say to them. "I like it, you're so good, give me more!"

They laugh at me when I cry. I think it turns them on when I choke on their dicks and their cum. One at a time wasn't enough. When they began ganging me all at once, I couldn't keep up. I tried to straddle one of their dicks while another pushed into my ass, and yet another was in my mouth. I couldn't keep up jacking them off with my hands as I was being fucked by three others. But every time I couldn't keep my hands going they would slap me so hard. Usually my ass, sometimes my tits, and even my face.

When the cum mostly soaked off, George could see how red and bruised I was. Make-up helped. My principal liked how heavy I was wearing it. It was all I could do to put him off until after school, he would have fucked me in his office.

My principal is a regular now at least twice a week after school at my house. And I am to call Dan and tell him the details of my fucking when George gets home. George has to lick me and eat all the cum out as I talk to Dan on the phone. And I do make George lick and eat me very well. I usually cum while he eats me and I am talking to Dan. Dan loves to hear my voice change as I do.

But is has been over two weeks since the hotel room and I am now walking into Dan's office. Amy, his assistant is with him. I thought I was past it, but I'm about to cry when I see her.

"Hello, Deborah," Amy says. "I saw the video of you hotel performance."

Oh! God! No! I am now crying, I can't stop.

"Isn't that sweet, Dan," Amy says. "Deborah likes her movie."

Amy begins to unbutton my blouse. I am just standing and letting her. I suppose I'll let anyone do anything. That will please Dan. Amy is now sucking on my nipples, one after the other, back and forth. "Raise your skirt, whore!" Amy orders as Dan looks on. She's beginning to rub my cunt. It's like I'm in a trance. Amy is kissing me, tonguing my mouth deeply. She is licking the tears on my face. She is pushing my shoulders down.

I don't even know how it is happening, really. It is like I'm in another world. I am now tonguing her pussy, sticking it in deep as she orders me. Now Dan's dick is slapping my cheek. I take it in. I hold it as I tongue Amy pussy some more. Amy sits in the chair. I'm on my hands and knees alternately licking, sucking, and deep tonguing her pussy. Dan is slapping my ass with his dick.

Dan is plunging his dick into me as my tongue goes deeper into Amy. She is holding my hair as her juices flood my mouth. Dan is depositing his cum in my cunt as I lick Amy clean.

"Stand up, Deborah," I hear Amy order. As I do, she hands me fishnet thigh-high hose and orders me to put them on. She then gives me a very short black stretch skirt to wear. I am then given a white button-up blouse. Amy has me put it on, but not button it. She ties it just below my tits in a knot. She completes my outfit with black high heels.

"Almost ready," she says. Dan walks over with a black leather dog collar with silver stars. He puts it on my neck and fastens it. I almost cry again. "You're crying will be all out after tonight," Amy smiles wickedly. Dan hands Amy a black leash. She clips it to the collar and leads me out.

I hear whistles and crude remarks as I walk out in front of Amy as she holds the leash. Most of them have seen me naked. Hell, most of them have fucked me.

Amy opens her car door has has me get in. "Raise your skirt before you sit down," she orders. "Spread your legs and play with yourself as I drive." She fondles my tits and cunt when we stop. I have no idea where we are going.

Amy pulls up in front of a nice looking bar. She takes my leash and has me walk in front again. When we get inside, I notice that there are only women, with the exception of a few obviously gay men who are serving drinks. Oh! No! I'm in a lesbian bar and the slave of a dyke!

Amy sits down at a large table and has me stand beside her. Soon we are joined by several women. "It is Deborah's first," Amy tells the women. "We'll want to show her a good time." The women smile and nod. Amy pulls my leash and has me kneel beside her. "Show them all how good you are," she says as she pushes my head under the table.

One by one, I move around the table. One by one they raise their skirts, spread their legs, and hold my head tight to their pussys as I lick, suck, and tongue them until their juices flow into my mouth. I am given a sip of a drink after each one, but I am not to get up until I do the five women.

I am finally allowed to sit next to Amy. "Isn't she a good slut?" Amy offers. They all agree. Amy hands my leash to the fat woman who had the smelly pussy. "Make her your bitch!" Amy says I am lead to the restroom. Along the way, the woman points to a young girl and motions with her finger for her to follow.

Once in the restroom, the woman takes me to a stall. The young girl of about 20 years, I guess, sits on the toilet as she takes down her panties. I can feel my skirt being raised, and turn just in time to see the fat woman has a strap-on! She pushes it into my cunt with no mercy. She pinches my tits, pulls my hair, and calls me every degrading thing she can think of as my face to pushed into the young girl and I am expected to make her cum.

One by one, the other four women repeat the same. I am cried out now. Nothing else could ever be worse. I am thankful for whatever lubrication Dan's cum gave to me.

I am hurting all over, my knees are on fire, and my tits are red and bruised as Amy has me walk in front on her to the car. She drives as I play with myself as ordered. She stops alongside the street in a dirty, seedy portion of town.

"Get out," Amy orders.

"Why? What am I to do?" I ask.

"The entry fee is only $250," she says.

"What entry fee?"

"The entry fee to get back in the car so I will take you home," Amy explains. "See those women?"

I had noticed some women who looked like prostitutes walking around. It now dawns on me that I am to sell myself.

"Watch them," Amy said. "You walk around and try to get the attention of the men who drive by. Ask them if they want a date, and do whatever it takes to get the money. Now get out!"

As I walk along the sidewalk, the breeze blows on my bare pussy. My skirt barely comes to the bottom of my ass, and my tits are definitely hanging out above the tied blouse.

A blue car stops beside me. I walk over as he rolls the window down. "Want a date?" I ask. It is hard to even breathe as he drives away.

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