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Wife Draws Cards-Nine of Clubs


WARNING--This is a loving wife story meaning it is about a married woman who has sex with men other than her husband. The story also contains bdsm, fetish and anal sex scenes. If that is not for you then please move on and spare me the comments about how you respect your wife too much to have similar things happen to her, etc. I always get a good laugh out of people who comment with the wife respect stuff but are nevertheless reading porn (which generally objectifies women), especially porn of the loving wives variety. Another favorite are the always anonymous people whose only comment is to call you a pervert, etc. as though they stumbled on this website on their way to Vatican.com or something. Intelligent comments/feedback/suggestions are always welcome and I do respond to e-mails.

My wife and I were monogamous for several years after we married but then even though we still loved each other intensely our sex lives had become routine and stale. We each craved the excitement that came with having sex with someone new. The different touch, the different sounds, the different taste. Because we were always open with each other we talked about our feelings and eventually concluded that the answer was to open our relationship to other sex partners and have done so for the past umpteen years. Having such an open relationship has allowed us to maintain a special relationship between us as a couple while at the same time being able to enjoy a variety of other sex partners.

I guess over those years my wife, her name is Ann, has gotten the better of the bargain. Like many women who are in an open relationship she has had a multitude of sex partners, more than I, largely because women have the advantage of being able to fuck for as long as they want to while we men can only cum a few times before we are done for the night.

We always practice safe sex with our other partners and we do not have intercourse, whether vaginal or anal, without a condom except when we have written proof that our partners have been tested.

Before moving on, let me describe Ann. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 115 pounds. She has brown eyes and medium length brown hair that at times looks reddish in certain light. Her skin is very pale and she has a lot of reddish freckles on her tits and shoulders. Her breasts are a natural B cup topped with light brown/pinkish nipples which get about a half an inch long when she is aroused. Her nipples never get fully soft so if she goes braless you can usually get a glimpse of her nubs through her top. Ann has a very, very thin waist which gives her a classic hourglass figure and an ass to die for. We never had children so Ann's pussy is nice and tight.

My wife is also very competitive and into sports like football and we often argue about which team will win a particular sporting event. Over the years we have made many bets against each other for various stakes, both sexual and non-sexual. Ann knows sports better than most guys I hang out with and her bets are well thought out. It is this betting that led us to where we are for this story.

We were cleaning up after a poker game at our house when I sat down at the table, started to shuffle the cards loudly against the table and said, "One hand, winner takes all."

"What's all?" Ann asked as she walked over towards where I was sitting.

"If you win I will buy you that necklace we looked at yesterday," I said.

"And if you win?" Ann inquired.

"If I win, you cut the cards and have to have sex with the number of men that is equal to the number on the card you drew," I told her as I continued to shuffle the deck.

"What if I draw a picture card?" Ann asked.

"Aces count as one and then the suits go up to 13 for the kings and to make it more interesting let's say that hearts mean you have to fuck the guys, diamonds mean blow jobs, clubs mean anal and spades mean all three," I said.

"Wow, pretty specific aren't we," Ann said, "You must have stayed up late thinking all of that out."

Actually I don't know where that idea came from, whether I read it somewhere or it just popped into my perverted mind.

Ann pulled out a chair and sat down across from me at the table. "Deal," she said.

"Five card draw," I announced as I dealt each of us five cards.

The game went very quickly because there was no betting as the stakes had already been set. The end result was that I would up with a pair of aces which beat Ann's pair of nines.

I collected up the used cards and put them back into the deck, shuffled it a few times and placed it in front of Ann.

She looked over at me for a moment and said, "Well here goes nothing," and cut the deck about half way down. Ann turned over the top half of the deck and we both saw that she had drawn a five of hearts. That meant that she would have to fuck five guys.

We both realized that we had not been specific enough in setting up the rules as one glaring omission was how long Ann had to perform her task. We talked about it and decided that it would be fair to give her until the next poker night at our house which was four weeks away.

As Ann and I had been in an open relationship for several years she really did not have any trouble hooking up with five guys and getting fucked by each of them. In fact, she had finished with the fifth guy and still had a few days to go before the date of my next poker game.

The night of the next poker game came and my four friends showed up as usual. We had been playing for years and wanted to keep the game friendly so we agreed early on that we would quit at midnight so no one felt pressured to keep playing and that we would each buy in for $50 to start the night. When your $50 was gone you were busted and done for the night. Ann went out with a girlfriend of hers to a movie or something and got home just as the last guy was leaving.

She walked over to the poker table, picked up the deck and said, "Do I get a re-match?"

"Of course," I said and we agreed on the same stakes as before.

Another quick game except that this time Ann won and I got her the necklace the next day.

Same story the following month and Ann had a pair of matching earrings to go with the necklace.

Each time we played the game we thought of another aspect of the rules that we had not covered so as time went on the rules got more and more detailed and specific. For example, we added a forfeit that Ann would have to do if she lost and was not able to perform all of her tasks in the allotted four weeks. We also added two jokers to the deck and if Ann drew a joker she would take the next card and double it. The stakes also increased as well in terms of what Ann got if she won.

Eventually over time we dispensed with the card game between us and got to the current set of rules which were as follows:

1) Ann would draw one card from the deck on the first day of the month. The value of the card would be the number of guys she had to have in the coming month. If Ann drew a joker she would take the next card and double it. Once a card was drawn it would not be replaced in the deck.

2) Aces would be ones going up to 13 for kings. Hearts meant she had to fuck the guys, diamonds were for blow jobs, clubs were for anal and spades meant all three.

3) A guy counted against the goal if Ann got him to come in her mouth, ass or pussy, as applicable. In the case of hearts, diamonds and clubs, Ann could do more with the guy than the required activity but it was her choice.

4) A guy could only count once in any given month and I did not count.

5) In the case of spades for a guy to count Ann had to get him to come in each of her openings or he would not count. Because not all guys can come three times in a single session the three times could be over more than one session.

6) Ann could take the guys on individually or in whatever groups she wanted but no more than a third of the guys could be at a single session at a sex club and there could be only one sex club session in a month.

7) The game would run for eight periods of six months each (leaving four cards that would not be drawn) with a new prize and forfeit at stake in each.

8) Ann had one put back in each period where she could draw a card and if she did not like it she could put it back in the deck and draw again.

9) Ann was allowed one "do over" each period if she missed her goal in any one month but she would have to add five to the goal she had missed.

We went back and forth about these rules for a while until we were in agreement and decided that the game would start the first of the coming month. All we had to do now was to come up with the prize and the forfeit.

Ann said that she wanted a new car, specifically, a Mini Cooper Convertible, and I breathed a sigh of relief because when I heard "new car" I was thinking "Mercedes" or "BMW" would be the words that followed.

For the forfeit I told Ann that she would have to have her nipples and clit pierced. She blanched and tried to talk me out of it until I challenged her saying, "Well if you are chickening out then I suppose we will just not play the game."

I knew that her competitive side would not let her walk away from a challenge even though she dreaded the forfeit.

I was right as Ann quickly said, "I am not chickening out. Just keep your checkbook handy because you will need it at the car dealer."

A couple of days later the first of the month arrived and I got a new deck of cards out of the cabinet where I kept the poker chips and other assorted paraphernalia. I unwrapped the box and took out the cards.

Ann came over and sat down next to me and watched as I checked to make sure the deck had all 52 cards plus two jokers in it. Once I had verified that the deck was complete I started to shuffle it and did so for a couple of minutes to be sure the cards were well mixed. As with any new deck the cards came arranged by suit from low to high and I wanted to be sure that the cards would be in the deck randomly.

I finished shuffling and then laid the deck in front of Ann and said, "All yours."

Ann looked at the cards for a moment and then at me and smiled. She reached for the deck took it in her left hand and then fanned out the cards. She thought for a moment and then picked a card about two thirds of the way in. Ann turned the card over and we both saw that it was a four of hearts.

"Piece of cake," Ann said.

I knew she was right because with our swinging/swapping it would not be a problem for her to fuck four guys during the next month. It wasn't. Nor was it a problem for Ann the next two months as she drew a six of diamonds and a three of clubs.

With Ann drawing so many low cards I was beginning to think that she should audition for Deal or No Deal but I knew that the deck was still filled with high cards and that no spades had been drawn as yet.

In month four her luck ran out and she drew a jack of diamonds. We both knew that even with our regular swapping partners Ann would have to hustle up a couple of more cocks to suck in order to get to eleven for the month.

Ann solved the problem by going to one of the swing clubs we go to from time to time. She dressed up in a garter and hose with CFM heels and put a raincoat over that so from the time she checked her coat at the club all of her assets were clearly on display. She used a bright red lip gloss which highlighted her luscious lips.

After her swapping partners and two other guys she picked up she needed only three more guys for the month and needless to say she did not have trouble attracting enough men at the club to put her over the top for the month. Ann looked so hot dressed (or undressed actually) the way she was and with her on her knees sucking loudly on a guy standing in front of her it did not take long for a small line of guys to form hoping that she would service them as well.

But that was not Ann's style and after the third guy she got up, smiled at the guys waiting and said, "Maybe later."

For whatever reason despite her having had numerous partners and participating in several gang bangs with up to six guys Ann was not into scenes where she would service one guy after another after another. She said that although she knew that all of her extramarital activities definitely made her a slut that a woman who just serviced a line of guys was a cum dump and she did not want to be a cum dump. I thought that the distinction was pretty nuanced but for Ann it was important so I never made an issue of it although like with anything you do not have I did want to see her be a cum dump at least once.

Month five saw Ann's luck return and she drew a two of hearts. As I said, put this woman on Deal or No Deal.

Month six yielded the nine of clubs and I thought that there would soon be a new car in Ann's side of the garage but Ann procrastinated and let things go. With a few days left in the month she was still a couple of guys short when we got a call that her sister had been in an automobile accident. Ann left immediately to be with her sister and could not really do anything sexually while she was there and ran out of time.

"I get a do over if I need it, right," Ann asked me on one of our phone calls.

"Yes, you do but you have to add five to the number so that makes it 14," I replied.

"Can we postpone things a month because I have to stay with my sister another few weeks?" she asked.

"Sorry, there is nothing in the rules about time outs so you are on the clock as of right now."

Ann whined and moaned about that being unfair but I would not yield. I finally saw the opportunity to win and have her do the forfeit of having her nipples and clit pierced.

When we started this bet and negotiated the rules I thought it would be harder for Ann to find enough guys when the cards got high especially if they were spades and since she had to go six for seven (counting one do over) to win I thought the odds were in my favor. I guess I totally underestimated how easy it would be for an attractive woman to get guys to have sex with her. I was also counting on some spades being drawn but they were all still hiding somewhere in the deck.

Anyway, Ann did not get back home until there was only a week left in the month and she got to work getting her ass fucked. She connected with several guys from our swing group but several others were out of town because it was the summer. Our two regular sex clubs were also closed, one for renovations and one while the owners took their summer vacation. Ann was clearly running out of time and options.

With only four days left in the month Ann said to me, "I'm going to talk to Paul."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" I asked.

"I really have no other choice unless I want to see my nipples and clit pierced."

Paul was a good looking black guy we met at one of the sex clubs we frequented. He was also a dominant who trained women to be slaves. He also put on a bdsm show a couple of times a year at the club. He had hit on Ann wanting her to do a bsdm scene with him but she had always turned him down although she did let him fuck her once.

Paul was also part of an all black gang bang crew that offered their services on the internet to women who wanted to be banged by a group of black men. The guys were all tested regularly for STDs, well endowed and offered a safe experience for interested women and couples.

We both knew that there would be a price for Ann to pay for Paul's help and that price would include submitting to him.

Ann got up off of the couch, walked into our home office and closed the door. I could hear her talking on the phone for a few minutes but could not make out what she was saying.

The office door opened and Ann walked out and went over to the bar, got a glass from the shelf, dropped some ice in it and filled it almost to the top with some of our best scotch. I could see her hands tremble as she raised it to her lips.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"Paul said he would arrange it but that he had some conditions," she replied.

"His conditions are that I take on the full crew one after the other and that I be restrained during the process. The crew will also be allowed to fuck my mouth and pussy after they have fucked my ass. He will give me a safe word and a slow word to use if things get too intense and I have to participate in his next bdsm scene at the club," Ann related.

Ann continued, "He said that he would get at least nine guys to be there including him (nine was the number Ann needed to get to her revised monthly goal) but if he got more I would have to take them all up to 14. He said that because all of the guys would be currently tested no condoms would be used."

I could see now why her hands were shaking as she again raised the drink to her lips.

"So what did you tell him?" I asked.

"That I would think it over and let him know before noon tomorrow."

Ann spent a restless night and I could feel her tossing and turning on the bed next to me. She looked tired the next morning at breakfast and as I read the paper while nibbling on a muffin she quietly said, "I'm going to do it."

I looked over at her and nodded.

"What Paul and his crew are going to do to me scares me but I am more scared of the pain of having my nipples pierced and especially my clit because you know how sensitive it is," Ann said.

We left for work and Ann called Paul on her cell shortly before lunch.

He told her that he would set things up for Saturday night and that we should come over to his place around 4PM so that he could prepare her. He told Ann that she was to shave so that she had no hair anywhere on her body other than her head. She was to wear only heels and a trench coat.

Ann spent most of the day Saturday getting ready and really looked hot. Her skin was smooth and hairless and glistened with the lotion she had put on herself. I walked over to where she was standing in front of the mirror and ran my hands over her body. I rubbed her right breast with one of my hands and my other hand slid down to her pussy. When I started to finger her I was amazed at how wet she was. She moaned as I slipped one then two fingers into her.

"Hmmm, the thought of being ass fucked by Paul and his crew must be turning you on," I said.

Ann replied, "I am still scared because I know that all of the guys will be hung as I looked at their website and I hate the thought of being restrained and being a cum dump but somehow that fear and trepidation has turned me on something fierce."

I continued to finger Ann for a few moments and she started to hump her pussy back onto my fingers. A few moments more and she had what she later told me was her third orgasm of the day.

Ann finished her makeup and put on her black CFM heels. She walked over to the foyer closet, took her trench coat, put it on and said, "Let's go, before I change my mind."

We did not speak during the five minute ride to where Paul lived and I parked a few doors down from his house. We got out of the car and I had to hurry to keep up with Ann who was walking fast because she said she felt very conspicuous wearing CFM heels and a trench coat in the middle of a nice summer day.

We walked up to the door and I rang the bell. Paul opened the door a few seconds later and shook my hand. He looked over at Ann and said, "Lose the coat before you come in."

Ann looked around nervously to see if anyone was going to see her expose herself. She opened the belt on her coat, slipped it off her shoulders and handed it to me. I could not believe how incredibly sexy she looked standing there naked except for a pair of CFM heels. The vision did not last long as Ann turned and walked into Paul's house.

Paul was waiting just inside the door and said to Ann, "Kneel." She was startled and after a few seconds dropped to her knees. "Spread your knees wider," Paul said and Ann slid her knees further apart exposing her pussy even more. Paul walked over and stood in front of Ann.

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