tagInterracial LoveWife Enjoys Wedding Party

Wife Enjoys Wedding Party


We are in our 40's the wife Jill is 40 and I'm 44 we are not swingers in any way or form this all happened while at a wedding reception in Surrey England last year, my wife is 5ft 7in size 12 she has shoulder length brown hair a nice arse not to small and tits that still stand up after 2 kids, I'm 5.10" in not bad shape 16 stone not fat! I'm built like a rugby player lots of years at the gym and boxing ring in my 20 & 30's, I have a 7" cock which is wider than normal I'm told.

It was Saturday in March we booked the suite at the hotel as we don't often have a night without the kids in tow we dropped them off at her mum's for the night and made our way to the hotel got into the room which was great big bed and two sofas and small bar it was only the evening we had a invite to so we had a drink in the room before getting ready, I did try it on with Jill before we went down stairs but only got a BJ but did cum over her face and tits before I gave her a good licking of her pussy and arse before she pushed me off before she came as she needed to get ready, she wore a green dress with little shoulder strips which gave a good amount of cleavage to look at, she put stockings on and a g string and finished it off with some big shoes.

We made our way down to the party and grabbed a table with a couple of other people on it two couples one early 20's & the other late 60's nice enough people not much to chat about with them there was also a guy in his 30's a big guys about 6.5" and 18 stone ish he was black but he did not look happy to be there, we chatted a bit about football he was from north London a Arsenal fan I'm not much of a football fan myself I asked him why so glum? he said he had been dumped that morning and had to come to the party alone, I said don't worry you got some new friends and got the round in, when I came back to the table my wife was laughing with him and he seemed to have cheered up some.

After a few hours of drinking and dancing with us the night started to slow down and Jill and Chris had a couple of slow dances his hands found her arse and was giving it a squeeze my cock did twinge seeing my wife in the arms of this huge black guy she was smiling as he told her something.

The song finished and she came back to the table Chris went to the loo I asked her if she was ok? She smiled and said fine and laughed what's so funny? It's Chris he told me his girlfriend dumped him because his cock was too big and she could not face taking it again! I said do you think he is lying? Not sure she said it felt a good size on my leg while dancing slowly with him so it might be true.

He came back we talked some more and had one last drink as they called time at the bar my wife was drunk but not too bad and she was flirting with Chris now big time hand on his knee and leaning into him a lot showing off her tits she had a twinkle in her eyes.

The lights came on and we got our stuff together I wanted to get to the room to get the wife out of her clothes and fuck her hard which she does like after a drink or two but it went wrong when she asked Chris if he wanted to come back to our room for a late drink as we have a bar in the room! shit I was as horny as hell after watching her dance and flirting with him, so off we went back to the room we had a drink put some music on talked and they had a dance again,

I must of dropped off to sleep on the sofa as I woke up to see them kissing on the sofa opposite the one I was on.

He was rubbing the inside of her leg with his big black hand while kissing her hard and she was rubbing his bulge up and down, hay are you two having fun I said they looked shocked at me and said sorry they got carried away dam right they did!

But I had a hard on watching them which Chris noticed and said it looks like you liked watching me get it on with your wife? , Jill asked me did it turn you on. And I said shyly yes then Chris put his hand back on her inner leg rubbing it higher this time almost at her pants and Jill opened her legs some more for him,

My mouth was dry when I asked "so Chris Jill tells be your girlfriend dumped you because your cock is to big is that right?" yes mate he said smiling at me, well Jill thinks you are pulling our legs! And I think she wants to see it if it's so big! ok he said standing up he starts to unbutton his trousers pulling them down with his pants his cock was a big one indeed not fully hard yet it was 8-9" but as thick and a can of coke!

Ok Jill I think you should give our new friend a hand with that thing and she laughed so did Chris but Jill just looked at it as he turned to face her, her hand was now between her legs rubbing her pants which I could see where wet he came closer to her and she put out a hand it twitched at her touch and grow some more after a couple of mins playing with it, it was now 9-10" long and so thick you would not believe I moved next to her pulled her pants to one side and started to finger her. She moved forward and she started to kiss the head of his cock then she went for it taking a mouth full what a sight that was a big black cock in my wife's mouth just a foot away from me which I got a photo of on my iphone not for facebook!!

We moved over to the bed Chris laid down and Jill got on all fours we got her clothes off except for her stockings and belt she was eating his cock so hard I told him to grab her hair and feed it to her hard which he did I pulled her arse cheeks apart and started to lick her up and down from clit to starfish and she was dripping wet so I got up behind her and drove my cock into her pounding her as hard as I could pushing her forward onto Chris big fat black cock here I was spit roasting my wife of 12 years with a black man who said dreams don't come true!

I pushed my thumb into her arse which she hates but she was in no place to complain this time this pushed me over the edge and I creamed into her pussy over and over again I pulled out and spread her lips wide to get a photo of her pussy full of cum with her mouth full of cock in the background, I got off the bed and said Chris her pussy is warmed up for you now go fuck my slut wife mate he got up I slapped him on the back as we switched places,

I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth with my still hard cock covered in spunk and her juice while Chris lined up his cock at her pussy slowly pushing it in as spunk dripped out the sides as he pushed, her eyes started to roll as inch by inch he went in until he was to the hilt and started to pull back then in again we picked up the pace giving her the fucking of her life he pushed a finger up her arse too which was as large as some guys cocks I took my cock out of her mouth for a moment to hear her say YESSSS just use me as you want so we took her in loads of positions for a hour but not in the arse she does not do that, I shoot my load over her face and got her to lick it all up and Chris wanted the same so she kneeled on the floor and Chris fucked her mouth again until he was ready which I got on film, I have never seen some much cum from one guy ever even in the porn films he just kept shooting load on load onto her pretty face which she lapped it up making me hard again.

We fucked her most of the night into the morning my favourite photo was of her with both our cocks in her mouth with cum dripping off her chin, I went to get a drink and Chris was taking her doggy and came like a horse again in her pussy, we had a rest for half hour until she started to suck on that massive cock again

I pulled her up from behind and slid into her but she was so loose and cum was pouring out of her pussy on each thrust so I pulled out and rubbed my cock against her arsehole waiting for her to tell me to stop but she just kept sucking away so I pushed forward and slowly entered her arse for the first time ever I got all my cock up her arse and I fucked her good and hard and shot my load deep into her Chris wanted her arse to and she let him try but he was too big for her arse and only managed to get his knob in!

we all had a drink and drifted off to sleep I woke up when there was a knock on the door saying room service which Chris had ordered he let the guy in with the trolley Jill was naked on the bed with me the room smelt of cum and Jill was covered in dry cum the guy just smiled at us and Jill just smiled back and spread her legs wide giving him a great view of her well used pussy and arse! What has Chris's huge cock done to my wife?

I think she would have taken this guy too given half a chance what a slut I have now, we had some breakfast in the room and Chris fucked Jill again while I was in the shower we swapped numbers and said our goodbyes, on the way home we talked about what happened and I showed her the photos and film I had taken of her she did get very hot seeing them and sucked me while driving and played with her pussy until I came in her mouth, she told me Chris wanted to meet her alone and show her off to his friends not sure what that meant!! But she said no I had to be with her if they met again.

We did meet up with Chris again 2 months later at his place which turned into a real messy night!!! Story to follow.

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