tagLoving WivesWife Entertains Some Friends

Wife Entertains Some Friends


This story involves the theme of a dominant wife and a submissive/cuckold husband. If this is not to your taste, read something else.


When I got out of the shower Saturday morning, a pair of pink panties was lying on my pillow. This is our signal that Lynn is in complete control for the day. This brought a smile to my face as well as a hard-on to my dick. I put the panties on along with my t-shirt, shorts and sandals. When I got downstairs, Lynn hands me a list of chores and tell me that she is having some friends over and that she need to do some shopping before the party. She wants to look especially nice for 'the guys'. She tells me that I need to go get her some cash for her shopping trip before I start my chores. When I get back from the ATM with the money she wanted, she kisses me on the cheek and heads off to shop.

For the next few hours, I plow through the list of chores. It is typical household stuff. I keep wondering whom 'the guys' are that she wants to look nice for? What kind of party will it be? As I am putting clean sheets on the bed, I can't help wondering whom the clean sheets are for? My feelings bounce around during the day as I work. Some of the time, I am happy that Lynn is planning to have some fun. Other times, I feel jealous of the guys she will be hanging out with tonight. I keep wondering. Who are they? What sort of get together will this be? The main feeling during the course of the day is horniness. My cock gets hard when I think about how I am serving Lynn while she goes out and shops. My cock gets hard when I think about her playing with the guys later. I wonder whether I will be invited to the party. If so, will she reveal my panties?

Later, Lynn comes home from her shopping and shows me the clothes that she has bought. She has picked out a couple of nice outfits for work. She also picked out a nice red and black merry widow outfit from Fredericks! She thanks me for the work clothes and tells me that she is sure 'the guys' will appreciate the merry widow.

After I make Lynn dinner, she asks me to come up to the bathroom and has me draw a nice bubble bath for her. She tells me to take off all my clothes, except for my panties, get the handcuffs and sit on the floor of the closet. She cuffs my hands and ties the cuffs over my head to a clothes bar. She explains that she does not want me to interfere with her fun. I hear her get into the tub as I sit and wonder what the evening has in store. After her bath, Lynn comes back to the closet and puts on the merry widow. She asks me if I think that the guys would like the way she looks and I tell that any guy would like the way she looked. She pulls out a ball gag and puts it in my mouth while telling me that I don't get to disturb her fun. Just after she fastens it good and tight, I hear the doorbell ring. Lynn says "Great, they're here on time. Now I get to have some fun while you wonder what I am up to!" With that she leaves and closes the door.

As I sit there in the dark, I just hear an occasional laugh. I hear the doorbell again. I wonder what is going on. I strain to hear but I don't hear much. My imagination is running wild. How many guys are there? Who are they? What are Lynn and them doing? I imagine all sorts of nasty scenarios. My cock is hard as a rock I wish I could touch it, but of course I can't.

After what seems an eternity, I hear voices getting louder. People are coming up to the bedroom.

Lynn says, "OK guys. You put up with the teasing so well that you get to fuck me."

"Your sure you husband won't come back?"

"I am sure that he won't bother us! OK, Andy, I am going to suck you while Mike fucks me doggie style!"

There is not much more talking. I hear Lynn and the guys moaning. I hear her gasp rhythmically. I can see in my minds eye a guy pounding her pussy each time she gasps. The sounds of passionate sex go on. I am so horny. My feeling change every minute: horniness, jealousy, desire, frustration, and excitement. Lynn's moans get more insistent. I know that sound. She is about to come. I hear her moan loudly. They have brought her off. The guy keeps pounding. The guy groans.

"Oh, yes. Fill my pussy!"

It sounds like everyone has collapsed on the bed. I hear sounds of animal contentment.

"Oh, Stephen can't make me come with his little dick. That was so good. Fuck me hard, Andy. I need to come again"

The guys laugh at her comment. I hear the sound of the bed creaking and bodies banging together. I feel glad that Lynn has gotten the orgasm she deserves. I feel humiliated that these guys know how inadequate I am. I want Lynn more than ever before. My cock is so hard that it hurts. I can't think of anything except how good Lynn's pussy feels. I want it so much. I can't stop listening to the sound of Lynn being fucked hard. Her moans are getting loader. I can tell that she is getting close. I hear her yell as she comes again. I hear a guy groan loudly. He must have just filled her cunt with his come.

Things get quite. I can hear their breathing getting back to normal. In my minds eye, I can see the three of them cuddling together with Lynn in the middle.

After a while, the guys say it is time to go. I hear everyone leave. A few minutes later I hear the front door close.

Lynn comes into the closet and turns on the light. She is naked, sweaty and flushed. She has the unmistakable aura of a woman who has been well fucked. She takes the gag off of me.

"What did you think of that, Stephen?"

"I love you, Lynn. I wish I could make you come like they did, but I am glad that you got the satisfaction you deserve."

"You have a job to do. They left my pussy a mess. You have to clean it up. Just remember, no playing with yourself."

With that she unlocks the handcuffs and lies down on the bed with her legs spread wide. I kneel between her legs and gently kiss her pussy. There is cum dripping out of it. I lick it up. I gently clean her pussy with my tongue. My cock is rock hard and wants to fuck her more than ever before.

"Don't get any ideas. No pussy for you tonight. Ahhh... I love the way you lick me."

I take my time licking and kissing her pussy. I want to show her how much I love her.

"I hope you enjoyed hearing that, Stephen. Next time, I think you should thank them for giving your wife such a good fuck by kissing their dicks. What do you thing of that?"

I just moan my approval as I continue to lick her.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/11/18

Nothing but nasty

Why would he expose himself to every disease known to man? Why would he stay with a woman that clearly has no love or respect for him? Is he without pride or self respect? None of this makes any sense.more...

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by Anonymous01/16/18

I gave you a 4 (☆☆☆☆). Re anon 10/27/15, This story is erotic, Both (of them) are kinky...

I liked above anon comment.
The author intended to write a pornographic jack-off fantasy, & that's what this story is, plain & simple.

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