tagLoving WivesWife Fucks my Brother

Wife Fucks my Brother


My wife Trina and I, Dick, dated in high school from ninth grade on and had a great relationship. Well, great except she had a thing for my older brother, Ed. They met when she came to our house for a summer picnic. When I introduced them, I noticed both seemed taken by the other and figured I would have to stay on my toes. You see, Ed was two years older than I and had a thing for stealing other guys' women, even some wives. Our dad thought he was a waste; Mom on the other hand felt he could do no wrong, and all his problems were others' doing. I sided with Dad because some of my friends had suffered at his hands.

Ed was 6' 3", about 185 chiseled pounds, extremely good looking, and carried a large cock with which he was very capable. He had quite a reputation as a ladies' man, and I'm sure Trina was aware of it. There was some dancing that day, and he spent a lot of time dancing with my girl. Finally I was able to get a dance and asked her why she let him monopolize so much of her time.

"God, he is so damned good looking and knows how to treat a woman right. He can speak with a lot of authority. I have heard he is hung, and now I know it is true; he had his big erection pressing against my belly all the time we were dancing. My pussy is still soaked. Too bad I met you first, I could really go for him!" That gave my self worth little support, and I felt a sense of dread.

"Yeah, I noticed he was squeezing your ass cheeks and you kissed him several times. Have I lost you?"

She giggled. "Of course not, I love you. But he is my brother-in-law to be, so I thought we should get off on the right foot."

"I'm sure you know he is a relationship wrecker with no conscience, and I am not immune to his tricks. Please be extremely careful around him."

"Oh, okay, Honey, I'll raise my brother-in-law shield to keep him at bay and to keep you from worrying." She kissed my cheek and laughed it off. My worries did not cease.

Life went on well for a while, then I asked Trina to marry me. She accepted and we set the date in six months, in early June. Trina and her mother were very busy with the arrangements which I missed because my job requirements were growing. About two weeks before the wedding, I asked Trina to go to a movie that I wanted to see. She begged off, saying she was busy. Without meaning to pry I asked what was up. She acted a bit perturbed and blew me off. I did not get riled about it, and forgot it. A week later a friend of mine said he had seem Trina out that Friday night with Ed, dressed in a hot party dress and dancing her pretty little legs off. Now I knew why she was busy! I also discovered she was out very late. What the hell was going on? I asked her at the earliest opportunity.

"Oh, Honey, Ed said since we were now family, we should celebrate early by going out for dinner and dancing. It was so much fun. He's a whole lot better dancer than you, and I just loved being in his arms for the slow songs." More damage to my ego.

"What did you do after?"

"Well, we danced till 4am at Rico's, because they are open late, then we went for early breakfast, then we went to his place and danced some more and talked a lot. He took me home about 9am."

"9? Why so late?"

"Well, we just found so many fun things to do, Sweety, and he is so enjoyable I hated to hurt his feelings by cutting the evening short."

"What reason do you have for keeping me in the dark about your date? Don't you think your fiance should be aware that you were dating his brother?"

"Oh Honey, it wasn't a date, and I didn't want you to worry about me being with Ed. I know how sensitive you are about him and me. It was simple and innocent. Why, he did very little touching, and we kissed only a few times. I can't see why you are concerned. We're almost sister/brother now!"

"Okay, one more question. Did you keep your clothes on? This applies to both of you."

"God, Darling, you do worry, don't you! The only clothing incident happened at his place. He accidentally spilled his drink on both of us, so we put our clothes in the dryer."

"So what did you wear?"

"Oh, he sat in his briefs, and I in my panties and bra, oh and I also had on my thigh-highs and heels. We were more covered than at the beach. I had trouble averting my eyes from his damned erection. That big old thing just would not go down. He would flick it and make his briefs jump up, and we both laughed at that."

"How long were you dressed like that together?"

"Well, we forgot about the dryer, so it was like an hour and a half, but we spent most of the time in separate seats, just drinking and talking."

"Most of the time separated? When were you not?"

"Well, I had to go pee, and when I returned he grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto his lap. Damn, his cock was hard; he sat me right on it. Then he said it was my fault he had a hard-on, and I should do something about it. I asked 'what' and he answered since we were practically related I should jack him off!"

"WHAT? And you did?"

"Of course, Honey, since it was my fault. I slid off his lap beside him and took out his big glorious cock and stroked it. God, it is big and the head is huge. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I fondled his balls a bit and tickled his asshole because I know you like that. When he came I thought it would drown me, it was much more than your dribbles. He squirted at least eight times while I stared at it. After, he stayed hard, so I did it again, and he came almost as much. He kissed me during his second cum, and it's the first time he jammed his tongue down my throat. Aren't you so glad he and I get along so well? I love that we are so compatible."

"Jesus, Trina, now you are having sex with him! What am I going to do? Where will this end? Do you realize we can't get married now that you're having sex with him? He doesn't work, hell, he'll be around while I am working fucking your brains out. I won't have it. Give me the ring back."

"Oh Baby, please don't go overboard and get all stressed out. Ed said he and I can fuck after the wedding because we'll be brother and sister, and everyone knows brothers and sisters fuck all the time. He even plans to knock me up so you won't have to bother, and the baby will probably be tall and strong and manly like him rather than thin and wimpy like you. He said he wants my baby to be his so he can love it more. Don't you just love the way he thinks of others instead of himself? You know I just love him to death. He said he'll set up a bedroom at his place just for me and the baby so we can visit whenever we wish, and you won't be bothered with him hanging around our place all the time. I'm glad you agree to all this, Darling, you are very thoughtful."

I just sagged back in surrender. She and Ed had it all planned out. I would support her and any children with shelter, food, clothing and anything else, and he would fuck her and take care of her other sexual needs. I was too weak to resist.

The wedding went off as planned and was well attended. I felt very married as we swept down the aisle, but that didn't last long. At the reception, I was supposed to dance first with the bride, but Ed convinced Trina that she should dance with him. Well, they danced every dance together. Even her father did not get his Daddy dance with her. As the evening went on and everyone drank more, the dancers became more familiar and intimate. Ed and Trina were fondling each other a lot, and kissing almost continuously. When they danced to the darker corner of the floor, It appeared he was squeezing her bare tits and finger fucking her under her super short skirt. I felt like excess baggage. I finally had enough and stepped onto the floor. I took her arm but she resisted.

"Damn it, Trina, this is the last dance and I insist you dance with me. After all, I am your husband now."

She looked into Ed's eyes and pouted. "Honey, do you mind? My hubby is getting a bit uproarious and feels I owe him. I promise to dance with you more when we get to your place Okay?" They kissed then she came into my arms.

"What's this about going to his place? You're spending the night with me, Wife."

"Oh Honey, Ed said you will be very tired from the activities and will probably want to sleep. He said I can go to his place for the night. He offered to sleep with me to make it seem like I was with you! Don't you just love how thoughtful he is? You are so lucky to have such a loving, sexy brother who thinks so much of his new sister in law."

"Trina, if you go to his place our marriage is over before it really begins. You have made me a cuckold almost since you met him. You refused to let me have sex with you until we married, but you have been having sex with him right along. Now, on our wedding night when we should join in married love, you are telling me you are going to fuck him. I asked for your ring once before but you side stepped it. So here's what we're going to do. You keep the rings, I'll get an annulment and you can marry him since that is what you want anyway. I'm looking for a job far from here so we won't have to worry about running into the other. Goodbye, I hope you appreciate him in your marriage as much as you have in our marriage."

She pouted again. "But Darling, I can't marry him. He runs around too much and he doesn't work. I could never depend on him as I can you. Don't you love me any more?"

"No, I don't. I have taken much more crap from you and my brother than any man should have to. Adios, mi amiga.

I turned and walked away, feeling better than I had in a long time. I was convinced that out there somewhere was a woman who could love me for myself with no interest in another man. The search was on.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/14/17

Why did he wait so long?

Leave the entire family, if they favor him so much and you mean so little. Why go thru with the wedding if you're going to do this now it was only going to get worse. This is one of the dumbest storiesmore...

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by Anonymous09/26/17

Should taken the rings

and left your brother in the ER or as they say across the pond the A & E

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