tagLoving WivesWife Gets A Little Out Of Hand

Wife Gets A Little Out Of Hand


It had taken more than a little coercion, but Lana finally agreed to my begging. You see, I was dying to watch my wife tease other men... sometimes filming from a distance, other times watching. Lana was the shy sort. about 5'4" 110 pounds... very petite... VERY modest... too modest... she didn't see the need to let anyone see her body. She had never been with anyone else but me... we met in high school. Now after more than 4 years of marriage, I finally got her to agree. We went to the mall one afternoon. The place was packed. Lana was wearing a mini that left little to the imagination of what was hiding underneath. She refused to let me know if there were panties involved so I assumed she was embarrassed to tell me she wasn't... more on that later. The plan was for her to attract the attention of a young salesperson in a shoe store and let him try to sell her shoes while she made it clear she had more than shoes in mind.

Let me tell you this was easier than expected... she got the attention of quite a few as she strolled the aisles... finally allowing a gentleman about 30 or so help her... when she lifted her leg to let him slip the first shoe on, he did a double take as he apparently noticed my wife's slender legs and much, much more. From my vantage point I could see why. She was not wearing any panties and I could see she had shaved as well. The salesperson damn near was sweating his ass off as he allowed her to try on every shoe imaginable. She laughed, flirted, even let him "accidentally" let his hand touch the upper portion of her thighs. She obviously like this guy and all of a sudden it was apparent to me that instead of the hardon I expected, jealousy raged within me. She was obviously not as shy as I had hoped. I tried a few times to get her to leave when the man went to find a shoe and she flat out refused!!

She bought two pairs of shoes and while she was paying, I was waiting out the door. We had the worst fight on the way home. She told me I had nothing to worry about and that I was the one who wanted her to do this and that I had no right to be mad if she enjoyed it. The evening was quiet and we hardly spoke. She slept on the couch and the next morning was gone when I awoke and headed to work. Feeling like shit on how mad I got I decided to surprise her with some flowers and left work at noon. I arrived at the house and there was someone at the door. Assuming it was some salesperson I drove up only to realize in horror it was the shoe salesman!! Lana answered the door and they embraced.

For the first time, the hardon I expected arrived!! Course I was upset also. I went to the window at the rear and saw them talking on the couch in the living area and all of a sudden, Lana spreads her legs and this stranger, boldly dived right in!! She had one leg up and he was licking my wife's pussy like there was no tomorrow. This went on for about a minute and she got into a doggy crouch and he started licking her pussy and ass from the rear and I had a clear view of her face and she was loving every minute. Still confused between being turned on and in a jealous rage I slipped in the rear door and heard an astounding comment from Lana... she was in the midst of saying how long she had wanted him!! She obviously had set ME up. The man leaned back and Lana unzipped his fly and unleashed his cock... average in length but thicker than mine... speaking of mine...

I was hard and stroking myself to this sight. After she sucked and licked this guy for several minutes she told him she wanted to feel it inside her, but needed to get a condom. After an frantic search it was obvious we were out... Lana told him that he could fuck her but could not cum inside her. That was all he needed as he threw her back and entered my wife's pussy with such force she shrieked!!

Goddamn what a sigh... my wife with a stranger in our living room getting a good cramming... she told him she wanted to get a good fucking doggy style and from where I was peeking I saw her pretty pussy expand with each thrust. The mans balls were hitting her every time he took it deep. She was moaning loudly and he was grunting and he yelled it was time for him to cum and she SHOCKED me when she told him to put it deep in her... he asked "my cum?" she said GIVE IT TO ME!! And with that the man damn near knocked her off the couch with each thrust until I could tell she was getting filled up... "OH GOD YES DO IT DO IT... OH YES ITS SO WARM... MMMMMMM." yeah that gave it away... I was sad as this was the first load she had ever felt... after I came I slipped out the door and waited until he left...

She was surprised to see me home early but made no mention of her encounter... as a matter of fact... its been two months and she has not said one word about this... I know they are still fucking, since I have noticed on more than one occasion deposits of cum on her panties in the hamper... my last question... when is the baby due?

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