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Wife Gets A New Job


Being in the military, my wife and I are forced to move around quite often. Along with this, my wife Amy has to look for new work whenever we move.

I like many other men, had a fantasy to watch my wife with other men. Amy is a very attractive blonde who takes care of her body by working out often. I know other men find her attractive by the looks she receives when we are out.

We had recently moved to a new city and Amy was out job hunting. She wanted something in the evenings since she was going to school during the day. Amy came home one day and told me she had found a job as a clerk in a Novelty shop. It was one of those stores that sold gag gifts and also some adult gag gifts.

She started the next day and was really excited about finding work so quickly. I figured it would be good for her to help her relax after school but little did I know that it would also be good for me.

After her first week, I was listening to how her night had gone. I started to notice that while talking about her co-workers, she always mentioned guys and never and ladies. I asked her how many people worked the store and she said that there were 9 employees total. I asked how many other girls she worked with and she said that she was the only one. When she said this, I felt an excitement deep down inside me.

Amy's shift started at 7 and didn't end until the store closed at midnight. She would close up and was usually home around 12:45. One night, she didn't arrive until 2 in the morning. I asked her if everything was ok and she said her and Rob had to stay late and do an inventory on some of the items. I didn't think anything of it and we went to bed. Without saying a word, once we got in bed, Amy moved down and took my cock in her mouth. This was very unusual but I wasn't about to complain. She sucked on my cock until I came. When I was about to return the favor, she said tha she was tired and that I could pay her back later.

The next night when she went to work, Amy called me at 10 and told me she was going to have to work late again. She told me not to wait up and she would see me in the morning. After hanging up, curiosity got the better of me. A little before midnight, I got in the car and went to the store. I parked away from the building and waited. Right at 12, the lights went off in the store except for a light in the back where they kept their stock. After a few minutes, I walked around the back of the store hoping to find a window. I was able to find one that I could see through. As I peered in, I saw Amy walk in the room carrying an arm full of stuff. Almost right behind her Rob also walked in with an armful. After setting the things down, they both sat at a small table and started talking. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could see they were both laughing and enjoying the talk. I then noticed that the buttons on Amy's blouse were undone down to below her cleavage, giving Rob a very nice view of her tits.

To my amazement, Rob got up and walked over and stood right in front of Amy. Without a word, he reached down and started rubbing her breasts. Amy rolled her head back obviously enjoying the way he was touching her. Rob unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and slid her shirt off. He then reached around and undid the clasp on her bra. When she was topless, Rob knelt down and started sucking her nipples. After a few minutes, Rob stood up and gently moved Amy back into a sitting position. He then unsnapped his pants and removed them along with his underwear. He put a hand on each side of Amy's head and slowly moved her head towards his very hard cock. When his cock was inches away from her lips, Amy opened her mouth and took his cock in. When I saw this, I felt my own cock jump. Here was my wife sucking another guy's dick and I was rock hard. As I watched, Rob held Amy's head and started fucking her mouth. After about 10 minutes I noticed Rob picking up the pace and knew it wouldn't be long before he came. Sure enough, Rob pulled his cock out and held Amy's head with one hand and started jacking his dick with the other. Amy had her mouth open and was obviously wanting his sperm. Rob didn't disappoint her, he shot a huge load of cum on her tongue which she quickly swallowed.

After he came, he guided his cock back in her mouth and she licked him clean. When she was done, Rob bent down and helped Amy out of her skirt. He then proceeded to lick her pussy. After a few minutes of him eating her pussy, Amy had a huge orgasm. When it hit, I saw her grab Rob's head and hold it tight against her pussy.

After she came down, they both kissed and got dressed. I hurried back to my car and headed for home. When Amy arrived, I was in the bed pretending to be asleep. As she got in bed next to me my cock was still hard thinking about what she had just done. I didn't let on that I was awake.

If you like this story, drop me an email. I will tell how I got to see a lot more of Amy through that window including the time I saw her with 2 guys.

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