tagNovels and NovellasWife Gets Blackmailed Ch. 01

Wife Gets Blackmailed Ch. 01


WARNING-- This story depicts group sex, bdsm, humiliation and forced sexual activities, extramarital sex, and several fetishes such as spanking all engaged in by a slut wife. The wife does not make love to the other men nor do they make love to her. They fuck, pure and simple. If you are looking for the monogamous couple spicing things up with each other type of story while rainbows and butterflies appear overhead there are a few good ones that were recently posted. This is not one of them. The husband is not a cuckold and there are no cream pies. If any of that is not for you then please move on and read something else and spare me the comments that show you were unable to even comprehend this first paragraph. I purposely typed this paragraph slowly so that those who persist in posting and sending childish comments can follow it better.

I will respond to all sensible e-mails but if you feel compelled to send a childish e-mail when you do please also send me a link to the stories you have contributed here or elsewhere so that I can learn how to improve my writing.

The two principal characters in this story are my wife, Ann, and Henry, a guy who works for a company for which Ann had done some business consulting in the past. Ann was a typical monogamous, sexually uninteresting spouse up until about year ago. We had done some kinky things earlier in our marriage but as time went on the sex got to be pretty plain. At that I time I decided that I was going to transform her into the slut wife that I always wanted and started to do so by preparing adventures that she was to perform when she was out of town on her regular business trips.

Generally I would prepare a letter that Ann was to give the man or men she picked up that detailed how they were to use her for their pleasure. At first I had to just about coerce Ann to do what I wanted but as time went on she became more willing and recently has been challenging me to come up with wilder and kinkier adventures for her.

Before getting on with the story let me describe Ann. She is 5'2" and weighs 115 pounds. She has brown eyes and medium length brown hair that at times looks reddish in certain light. Her skin is very pale and she has reddish freckles on her tits and shoulders. Her breasts are a natural B cup topped with light brown/pinkish nipples which get a little more than a half an inch long when she is aroused.

Ann has a very, very thin waist which gives her a classic hourglass figure and an ass to die for. She does not have any tattoos or piercings and now keeps her pussy shaved. We never had children so Ann's pussy is nice and tight and there are no stretch marks. Ann has a killer smile and while she was in college finished as first runner-up in the Miss (fill in name of your favorite college cause I'm not going to tell you) competition.

Ann had originally become acquainted with Henry when her firm did some consulting for the company that employed Henry. They had interacted during those projects but the relationship had always been about business. Ann liked to keep her business affairs separate from her sex life because even though she was now a hot wife when it came to sex with a wide variety of men and many kinks she thought that mixing business and sex would get complicated. Also doing so would not be good for her career prospects as the company she worked for was owned by an older gentleman who was a Christian Fundamentalist who was very big on family values.

As a result of one of her sexual adventures, Ann had wound up agreeing to star in a bdsm scene at a local swingers club we visit from time to time. That is where she crossed paths with Henry again. The bdsm scene featured Ann being tethered to a bondage bench and then tormented with electro sex equipment. (For more see the story entitled, Wife's BDSM Scene).

Ann was naked except for her CFM heels on the stage at the club and had put wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs on her body along with a bondage collar and belt. She had struggled to insert a huge butt plug and still had an equally large dildo to go when the dom running the scene asked for a volunteer from the audience to help Ann and selected Henry. Apparently Henry and the dom, Paul, had been in the Army Reserves together and Paul had invited Henry to the scene as he knew that Henry had an interest in such things and was in town for some business meetings.

Ann was startled when Henry greeted her as someone he knew previously. When Ann remembered that they were business acquaintances she became uncomfortable because she tried hard to keep her business life separate from her now wild sex life. She had no choice in the matter however as the dom was in charge and as Henry had already seen her naked and preparing herself for a bdsm scene that cat was not going back in the bag anyway.

During the course of the bdsm scene Henry became intimately acquainted with Ann in that he tethered her naked body to the bondage bench, forced the huge dildo inside of her after having to spank her pussy to get her to cooperate, attached clamps to her pussy lips and clit and finally blindfolded her. During the course of these activities Henry played freely with Ann's body and brought her close to orgasm several times but denied her a final release. When the first part of Ann's scene was finished Henry removed the dildo and butt plug from Ann and released her from her bondage. Ann wound up giving him a blow job and swallowing his cum.

Ann did not speak with Henry again that night and had not heard anything from him since. She assumed that Henry knew the swinger club protocol about not talking about who you saw there with outsiders.

It was a Thursday morning when Ann's boss called her into his office and said that they had just received a new consulting assignment from the company where Henry worked. Her boss said that the client had asked for her specifically to be included as part of the team and that they would not sign the contract if she was not available. Ann said that she could arrange her schedule to be available. She was happy that she would be getting credit for bringing in such a new assignment and hoped that would be remembered when it came time for bonuses to be awarded.

"They want you to fly down this Sunday and spend a week working out the details of the project. This guy Henry something or other will be your contact. Apparently he just got promoted," her boss said.

"I remember Henry," Ann said, "He and I worked together on the last two projects we did for them." Of course, Ann did not mention the other way that she remembered Henry or how his cock felt in her mouth as his cum squirted down her throat.

Ann wrapped up her meeting with her boss and went to talk to her assistant about re-arranging her schedule. She wondered from time to time what it would be like to work on a business project with a man who had done the things to her that Henry had and saw the things that Henry had seen being done to her.

Friday was spent on getting organized for the trip and Ann and Henry exchanged e-mails and phone calls about the project and her visit. Everything was focused on business and Ann relaxed as she thought that Henry knew to keep what had happened between them confidential.

Because Ann's trip was only days away and her schedule so full I did not put together an adventure for her. With no need to take 'slut' wear to pick up men, Ann packed only normal business attire. Expensive suits, silk blouses, Hermes scarves and a full complement of bras, panties and panty hose. No CFM heels, just conservative 2" pumps.

Ann's assistant worked with her counterpart at Henry's company to make the arrangements and Ann's schedule had her flying out early afternoon on Sunday with a return flight at 11AM on the following Saturday. Ann would be going alone because Henry's company did not want to pay for extra people until the project details were agreed.

Sunday came and Ann and I made love leisurely before having breakfast. After that Ann showered and finished packing. She was ready when the livery car appeared at our door to take her to the airport. We kissed and I watched her hot ass jiggle as she walked down the sidewalk and got into the car.

Henry's company had a car waiting for her at the airport and Ann was soon at her hotel. The desk gave her a note saying that Henry would pick her up for dinner at 7PM and she went up to her room and got her things unpacked. A few minutes before seven she went down to the lobby and saw that Henry was already waiting for her. He greeted her warmly and as they shook hands he said, "We seem to be meeting under various circumstances lately," and winked. Ann just smiled at Henry's oblique reference to what she hoped would remain their shared secret of their prior meeting.

Before moving on with the story let me describe Henry. Basically, Henry is a big guy. You could almost call him a bear of a man. He is around 6'4" and at least 250 pounds. He has dark hair and a dark beard and a rugged Scandinavian look about him. When he stands next to Ann he towers over her and she confessed that she found him somewhat intimidating.

Ann said that dinner was wonderful with Henry the perfect business host. As they waited for dessert Henry reached into his briefcase and gave Ann a manila folder with what he said was a draft of the proposed agreement between their two companies about the consulting project. She put it aside and said she would have a look at it when she got back to her room and they could begin to discuss it in the morning.

They finished their coffee and Henry drove Ann back to her hotel. "I will have a car pick you up at 9:00AM," Henry said as Ann was opening her door. Ann thanked him for dinner and went up to her room.

Ann changed into her jammies and got into bed. She opened the manila folder and started to read. The 'draft' as Henry called it was actually a very comprehensive document that would need little, if any, work to be finished. Ann wondered why Henry's company had wanted her to be there for a week when there was clearly not that much work left to be done.

The last few pages were some schedules and Ann skimmed through them quickly. When she turned over the last page she found a white business size envelope. It had the words, "For Ann's Eyes Only," on the front. Ann tore open the envelope and pulled out seven photographs.

The photos were from the club the night of her bdsm scene. She was naked in all of them and her face was clearly visible. Other people could be seen in the background or standing near Ann in some of the photos. All of them were fully clothed. Ann looked more closely and saw that the bondage bench and the cuffs on her wrists and thighs could be clearly seen as could the wide leather belt around her waist and the thick collar around her neck. The last two photos showed Ann tethered to the bench with her legs spread wide and the dildo and butt plug protruding from her nether region.

Ann trembled as she looked through the photographs again. She did not know how Henry was able to take them as she had not seen any camera or similar device in his hands when they interacted at her bdsm scene. There was no note with the photos and Ann tried to figure out why Henry had given them to her. Was it his way of saying thanks for the memories? Did he want her to give him another blowjob like she had that night? Would he want to fuck her?

Ann thought about the possibilities and decided that she would find out tomorrow so there was no point in worrying about it tonight. After all, even if Henry wanted sex it was not like she had not fucked and sucked a lot of guys since her sexual metamorphosis had begun a little over a year ago even though this would be sex in the business context that she had worked hard to avoid.

The car was on time the next morning and Ann was at Henry's office in a few minutes. Henry's assistant greeted her and took her to a conference room, got her some coffee and said that Henry would be in shortly. A few minutes later Henry came in and greeted Ann with a handshake. "Sleep well?" he asked.

Ann replied in the affirmative and then Henry asked Ann if she had read the draft. She said that she had and was puzzled why they wanted her here for the week as what was left to do could be finalized in a few hours.

"I assume you saw the pictures," Henry said.

"I was going to ask you about those," Ann said, "how did you take them, I never saw a camera or even a cellphone?"

"Oh, I have an engineering background and spent a few years working on some projects involving miniaturization. The camera lens and some electronics fit on the glasses I had in my pocket and the images get sent to my cell phone. I have a couple of more pictures and even a few minutes of video of you screaming and writhing on the bench. Do you want to see it?" Henry said.

"So what does all this mean?" Ann asked although she already had a good idea.

"It means you belong to me, you are going to be my fuck slut whenever, wherever and with whomever I say," Henry replied.

"And if I refuse?"

"Then the photos and the video go to the guy who owns your company. I understand that he is pretty far out there. I saw where he just gave a couple of mil to one of the praise the lord colleges so he would not be happy to know that he had a slut working for him."

Ann knew she had no choice as her career would be short lived if Henry sent the photos and video to her company. She also knew that my company had just announced that they were cutting bonuses by a significant amount due to the recession and that our finances would be in dire straights without her keeping her job.

Ann took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. She thought that Henry was right. She was a slut based on everything that she had done the last twelve months and that it would not be a big deal to fuck him. After all, it would be just one more guy. The only difference here would be that she would be fucking someone on the business side of her life which would be something new and something she had avoided doing until now.

"If I agree, there are some limits my husband and I have on my extracurricular activities," Ann said.

"Really," Henry said, "I thought after watching the bdsm scene that you could not possibly have any limits. That's what attracted me to you so much."

Ann gave Henry a quick overview of her sexual exploits over the past year and set out the limits we had imposed. No scat or water sports, condoms whenever someone was fucking her ass or pussy and nothing that could permanently mark or injure her.

"I can handle that," Henry said.

"How long do I have to do this?" Ann asked.

"I don't know," Henry said, "You see my grandfather owns this company and he finally decided that I was experienced enough to run a part of it. I have the authority to hire consultants and such so I thought I would hire your firm regularly and be sure they put you on the team for 'client relationship purposes.' You get to score points with your company because we become a major client and I get your ass in exchange."

"I can live with that," Ann said thinking that it may not be that bad of a deal. She was going to have to fuck and suck Henry anyway to keep him from sending the photos to her company and now she would bring in some new business as well.

"Great," Henry said. "Let's get started."

"Here?" Ann asked incredulously, "What if someone walks in?"

"Don't worry," I locked the door and my staff knows not to disturb me when I am in conference. Come on over her and stand by me," Henry instructed.

Ann walked over to the spot he indicated and Henry said, "Pull up your skirt and let me see what you have on underneath it." Ann reached down and took the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. It was a bit of a struggle because Ann's business suits were generally well tailored.

Seeing Ann's panty hose and pale bikini panties Henry said, "Those will not do. From now on when you are here you will wear a garter belt and hose and no panties. Did you bring a garter belt and hose with you?"

"No, I just brought my standard business clothes," Ann replied.

"Not a problem, the driver is available to take you shopping as there are a few other things I want you to pick up," Henry said.

"Get on your knees."

Ann knew this was coming but she was shocked when she heard the command. She had given a lot of men blowjobs in the last year but this was different. Here she was dressed in one of her tailored two piece business suits and a silk blouse with a Hermes scarf knotted around her neck. Instead of a hotel room she was kneeling on the carpeted floor of a conference room in one of the best office buildings in the city. She presented a particularly erotic sight as she knelt before Henry in her business attire with her skirt still bunched above her waist.

Henry pointed at his crotch and said, "I think you know what to do."

Ann did and she deftly opened his zipper and took his partially hard cock out of his pants. She licked the head a few times and then sucked it into her mouth. Henry started to harden quickly and before he was completely hard Ann sucked his cock down into her throat. Henry moaned in response. Ann continued her ministrations and Henry was getting closer and closer to cumming.

He grabbed her head and forced his cock into Ann's throat once again and she gagged as she struggled to keep up. Henry pulled her head back a little and then pushed her down on his cock. He continued to use her this way for another 30 seconds until he fired four jets of hot cum into Ann's wanting mouth. Ann kept her lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as she did not want any of the cum to leak out and get on her business attire and she swallowed his load quickly for the same reason.

Henry started to soften and as he did Ann sucked the final bit of cum out of his cock and swallowed it down as well. Ann stood up, smoothed her skirt down and asked, "Now what?"

"Well, you saw that the contract is pretty much done and it is generally fair to both sides so we do not have much real work to do," Henry said, "so you will have mostly other 'duties' while you are here this week."

First is your shopping trip to get something else to wear under your skirts. The mall will be open soon and there is a Victoria's Secret there which should have what you need. When you are finished shopping return to the car and in the back seat strip off what you have on underneath your skirt now and replace it with what you bought.

"What about the driver, won't he see what I am doing?" Ann exclaimed.

"He probably will but it will not be the first time you are going to be on display," Henry replied.

"After Victoria's Secret you are to go to one of the local sex toy shops and buy a pair of handcuffs, a paddle, a large vibrator, a ball gag, a pair of nipple clamps and the largest butt plug they have. Also, get whatever kind of whip you want used on you and I mean a whip and not a flogger, I want something you will feel."

Ann suddenly realized that this was not going to be just sucking and fucking and was likely going to be much worse than she imagined.

"How do I find that kind of place, I am not from around here?"

"I guess you will have to ask the driver if he knows a place."

Ann blushed as she realized how embarrassed she would be asking the driver to take her to a sex toy shop or whatever euphemisms she could think of for it.

"Your last stop will be the drugstore to get a couple of dozen condoms, a tube or two of sex lube and some enemas."

Ann's embarrassment continued to grow as she pictured the knowing looks she would get while she bought those items and the clerks at the drugstore realized that she was going to get fucked in the ass.

"When you are done come back here with all of your purchases and we will have lunch."

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