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Wife Gets Caught

bythe Troubador©

Tuesday nights were always a little hectic, especially the ‘Second Tuesday of Every Month’. That was my Kiwanis Club meeting, which ran from 6:30 to whenever. May and I didn’t get home until 5:00 and 5:30 respectively. I didn’t have to worry about dinner as Kiwanis was a dinner meeting, but there was always some little thing May my wife of 4 years needed done before I could leave. The real problem was my doing according to May. She was 3 months pregnant and the hormones were going crazy.

She may have been ‘with child’ but she was still the dreamboat I’d married, and now with the mother-to-be glow about her it was doubly hard for me to leave her even for one evening. She was just right, 5 foot, 3 inches tall, a well-constructed 110 lbs body with light brown hair and incredible blue eyes. Her shape fit me. Her breasts were perfect handfuls and her hips swished just right. Both the bust line and her hips were emphasized by a slim 24-inch waist, which hadn’t yet begun to change. I loved her for a lot more than her looks, she was funny, smart and very observant, but her looks sure didn’t hurt.

Anyway, I had to leave by 6:10 to get to the meeting on time, so had to run through the shower, dress, kiss my wife and get back in the car to head out. I wasn’t home usually until after 11:00 and often it was after midnight. The meeting tonight didn’t look to be any different.

After the shower, I threw on slacks and a sports shirt, grabbed my briefcase and headed through the kitchen to the garage. Passing through the kitchen I patted that nice bubble ass May stuck out at me from where she was leaning over the kitchen sink. Then I kissed her on the back of the neck and gave her a squeeze to keep her from falling. She always wobbled when I kissed her on the neck like that, so I had to steady her. Then out the door into the garage, with a rueful glance back at May. It was sure tempting to skip the meeting, not only for May but I had a project in the works in the garage. I was just finishing installation of a baby monitor for what was going to be the nursery and I figured maybe 30 minutes and it would be ready to show off to my bride. She was always so appreciative of my small accomplishments, and I felt no qualms in milking for the compliments however misdirected. I was a guy after all and didn’t mind having my woman stroke my ego.

Climbing in the car I activated the garage door opener, and started the car. While the engine started purring, I set my brief case on the seat next to me, and checked that I had everything I needed - cell phone, calculator, notebook, all were there. Then I backed out of the garage and down the driveway to the street, waving to May at the kitchen window where she was doing the dishes. She waved back as I reached the street. Before I could put the car in gear or even close the garage door with the remote, the cell phone rang and I stopped everything to answer it. As I said hello I looked up to wave to May one more time but she had already disappeared from the window.

"Gary!" came the voice over the phone, "glad I caught you. The meeting tonight is off. Our good President, Roger, along with both Everett and Jules have been called out of town. So with the pres., treasurer and secretary all gone we thought it best to call it off this month. Nothing scheduled for tonight, unless you have something that can’t wait."

Needless to say, I was glad to take the night off. I just pulled right back into the garage, noting idly that May’s face hadn’t reappeared in the kitchen window of our three-bedroom rambler. Guess she had missed that I hadn’t left, so I could surprise her later on. If she had been any place but the kitchen she wouldn’t have heard me drive back into the garage. Once in the garage I lowered the garage door finally and then sat in the car, just relaxing for a few minutes.

I decided I’d just call out for pizza tonight and not bother May to make my dinner, or take the time making it myself. I’d just take the time to get that monitor finished. Everything concerning the camera in the babies room-to-be was done except for some connections in the garage and final testing.

The cosmetics in the nursery were pretty minor, the camera was mounted in a corner and was so small May hadn’t yet noticed it and had been mounted for 10 days now. I’d get those done another time.

May had casually mentioned how much a monitor in the nursery would save her steps checking on the baby when it was napping. Hence my ‘wiring’ the house. I’d decided to set up sound monitors in each of the rooms in the house, while I was at it. The visual monitor in the baby’s room had been an inspiration when I’d seen some gear a friend was tossing out. The master controls were in our bedroom, but since I spend a fair amount of time in my garage work shop I had a second master in a corner of the garage, complete with speakers and an old TV subbing as the video monitor. It was flexible enough that the nursery could be monitored from any place in the house. As I mentioned, the whole thing was about complete with just a little tune up needed before I could show May, surprise her and get my plaudits. So I decided to see if I could get the work done before I came in and collapsed in front of the tube for the night. Or maybe collapsed on May for the night. That sounded even nicer. So I slipped out of my car, and began checking my work.

It took me maybe 20 minutes before everything seemed to be warm and working properly, so I started checking out the sound feeds. Each of them could be turned on and off separately, or I could feed them all into the 5 second-hand speakers I had lined up above my little corner. I quickly checked each one separately, starting with the living room. They all worked perfectly, actually pretty sensitive because I could hear May taking a shower in the bath off the master bedroom. I set them up so they were all live and feeding into the garage. Then I began the last connections for the video monitor.

I got kind of lost in my wiring checks, when I heard someone in the living room speaker. Sounded like May was on the telephone. I turned the sound up a bit to see how it worked, and it was perfect, beautifully clear. The $20 I’d spent on the 5 speakers had been a real bargain.

"Ralph, its May, if you can be here by 7:00 it’s on, lover," came my wife’s voice over the speaker. "OK, love, I’ll see you then. Don’t you dare be late, we won’t have near enough time as it is. And no! Don’t figure on getting a repeat." There was a little pause, then May giggled and hung up the phone.

What the hell was that about? What is on, and Ralph? Well the only Ralph I knew was Ralph Jenkins. His wife Crystal and May had been roommates in college. Crystal was still May’s best friend and Ralph and I hit if off pretty good, too. He was a big guy and a lot of fun. I guess he and May had a few dates before Crystal and he hooked up. We spent a lot of evenings together, and had enjoyed many a picnic together. The two girls were pretty close. May told me they’d done some real crazy girl things together at college. She had calmed me down when she gave me a kiss and told me they hadn’t done anything I should be worried about.

I kind of shrugged my shoulders, figuring May and Ralph were planning something for Crystal. I’d find out at 7:00 anyway, which was only 15 minutes away.

Giving up the speculation, I flipped the on button for the camera in the baby’s room and sat back with a smile on my face. The monitor showed the room clearly. Actually, we still had it set up as a spare bedroom and the monitor was focused directly on the big queen sized bed. I was surprised to see the bad was made, and the sheets turned down. It was the first time I’d seen May make it up when we weren’t expecting guests. Checking the video controls, I zoomed the camera in and out. At the widest zoom, I could see everything in the bedroom except into the corner where the camera was fixed near the ceiling. I left it there at that setting and critically examined the picture. The door, window and closet were visible and the bed of course was centered in the shot and all were clear as a bell.

Leaving the controls as they were, I started cleaning up my workbench. Feeling pretty good about myself and the sound and picture system I’d made. I pulled a beer out of the old refrigerator and leaned back in my $5 recliner. We’d picked it up at a yard sale and my wife wouldn’t let it in the house, but it fit me and the garage beautifully. Huh! Well I’ll admit it fit the garage perfectly anyway.

I was just about finished with the beer and thinking of ordering out for some pizza and going in to surprise May, when I heard the front door bell. A second later I heard the door open, and heard May greeting the visitor.

"Hey, I’ve had a hard time waiting. Come on in, Ralph. We have until 10:30, and then it’s over. But until then, I’m yours all the way."

I was stunned! Not by the words, but by the way my wife’s voice sounded. The only time I’d heard that husky timber in her voice was in our bedroom or when we were on our way to the bedroom. It was her ‘fuck me baby’ voice. I choked on the last mouthful of beer, and sat bolt upright.

On the speaker I heard the front door shut, then May’s voice again, "Damn, Ralph! From the look and feel of this bulge in your pants, I’m not the only one had a hard time waiting. Umm, looks real good."

"Come here, honey, give me a real hello," I heard Ralph say. Then there were several minutes when it was almost silent. All I could hear were a few grunts and moans.

Then, "Ralph, not here, come on back to ‘our’ room. I’ve got it all set up for us," from May.

I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach! It sounded like May was taking him back to our bedroom. Jesus! What was going on. I didn’t know what to do. My first impulse was to burst through the door into the kitchen and throw Ralph out of the house.

Still, what was actually going on! I took a big breath. It couldn’t be what it sounded like. May and I were in love, I was sure she had been as faithful to me as I had been to her. She teased me about looking at lovely women, but I KNEW she was sure it was only looking. I’d really never had an impulse to stray. We were compatible lovers. She always had all she wanted when we made love. She was multiple orgasmic, and I never finished ‘loving’ her until I was convinced she really didn’t need or want any more. This had to be a misunderstanding on my part. It had to be! She was my best friend.

She was going to have my baby!

I was just sitting there in the ratty old lounger, when my eye caught movement on the monitor in the ‘baby’s’ room.

The door opened, and May gently pushed Ralph into the room with the made up bed. She pushed him around to the other side of the bed, between the bed and the window, then she swayed back around to stand on the other side, in front of the closed closet doors. She was looking across the bed at Ralph and almost right into the camera.

May was dressed in her worn out, ratty old Saturday/Sunday morning robe which reached to just mid-thigh. Her hair however was pulled up into a sophisticated bun atop her head, emphasizing the slender column of her throat. She had applied make-up, just the right amount. She looked like a princess, receiving her prince except for the ratty old worn out robe. On her feet she was wearing the pair of high-heeled slippers I had bought her for her birthday 2 months ago. She had worn them that evening, and I had told her how they emphasized her magnificent legs, but I didn’t remember them being out of her closed since then. Now sooner had that thought come to me when I knew, no I hadn’t seen them out of her closet since then. I felt like I was about to cry, this couldn’t be happening.

My wife stood tall and proud across the bed from one of my best friends, looking directly into his eyes. Her hands slowly came up to the throat of the robe. With her left hand holding the robe closed at the neckline she used her right hand to unsnap each button, slowly working her way down, when each fastener came loose the robe would billow out around it teasing Ralph (and I) with glimpses inside her robe. Once she had undone all the buttons, while continuing to hold the robe closed she brought her right hand back to her throat and using both hands, she slowly peeled the robe open. Once open she stood for a moment letting us admire the vision framed by the robe. Then she let her hands drop, shrugging her shoulders to let the robe drop and puddle around her feet.

She was wearing the lingerie I gifted to her on Valentines Day. A white half bra was cupping her breasts, displaying her nipples and offering them to the man standing across the bed from her. The white thigh high stockings showcased her legs that were put doubly on display by the high heels she was wearing. A white garter belt framed her sex, which was displayed, not hidden, by very brief virginal white high-cut panties.

She had modeled the set for me on Valentines Day. I had not seen it since.

Still looking into Ralph’s eyes, she held up a hand and crooked a finger at him, ordering him to come to her. When he turned to come around the bed, I saw my former friends stunned face.

He choked out, "May, I was expecting to be with you tonight, but you have made this really special for me. God but you are beautiful!"

When he was almost up to her, she held a hand out, stopping him where he was. Then starting with his shirt, she began undressing him, looking into his eyes the entire time. As each button came loose, she caressed the bare skin she had just exposed with her fingertips. Once his shirt was undone, she slipped it off his shoulders then stepped forward. When he attempted to take her in his arms, she pushed his arms away. Then she leaned forward and kissed each nipple, then sucked each into her mouth. I could not see Ralph’s face, but I heard the groans and moans coming from his mouth. My wife, my lover, was using all her skills to bring passion to this man. She leaned forward and slowly rubbed her nipples across his chest. I could see the pleasure bumps pop out on his chest as she caressed him with her breasts.

Then she knelt before him, undid his belt and unfastened his slacks letting them drop down his legs. Tthen putting a small hand inside each side of his shorts, she pulled them down his legs. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, for Ralph had as large a bulge as I have ever seen. As his cock sprang free, she leaned forward to catch it in her mouth. The monster fell forward and smacked her on the nose. My wife had not expected the size, few women would. I saw her lips curl to a smile just before she opened her mouth as wide as it would go in order to wrap her lips around the strange male tool bouncing in front of her happy eyes.

I suddenly came out of my dazed depression. No matter how this worked out, I was going to need proof of what was happening. Thinking for a minute, I hurried into the now deserted living room. Making as little noise as possible and working quickly I disconnected the VCR, took it back to the garage and hooked it up to the monitor. I slipped an 8-hour tape in, and turned everything back on. The monitor came alive showing Ralph’s pecker still buried in my wife’s mouth. She was slowly and lovingly bobbing her head up and down. She was tenderly cradling his balls in her small hand, with the other jacking him slowly. Suddenly she took a deep breath and dropped her mouth down his huge pole until her nose was buried in Ralph’s pubic hairs. I could see the bulge his cock head was making in her throat! She had done that for me only once! That was years ago. May had complained about a sore throat for days, and she blamed it on me for many days later.

Ralph’s hands suddenly wrapped around her small head where her face was impaled on his cock. He suddenly jammed her face even tighter into his belly and pubic hair and then his loins began to jerk and I knew he was cumming in her throat. It looked like May was struggling to break free, and it was obvious she couldn’t breath with that pole in her mouth and throat.

I came to my senses, and yanked myself out of the recliner. Didn’t Ralph see he was killing her? God I had to get there before I was too late. But before I reached the door to the kitchen I clearly heard her slurping and swallowing every drop. Standing with my hand on the doorknob, I heard her whisper, "Oh my God Ralph. That was magnificent! You must have been saving that for months!"

I almost cried. She would swallow my cum, but not every time. When she did, it was always on some special occasion. Never once had May encouraged me to come back for another blowjob. I swear I had to beg for every one I had received from her.

When I turned back to look at the monitor, I saw my wife still kneeling before my former best friend. Now her little tongue was licking his balls, and then up and down his now deflating cock. She had both hands on his naked hips and it looked like she was having to support him to keep him on his now weak knees.

Ralph’s two hands came down to wrap themselves around her body just under her breasts and he lifted my bride up and then off her feet. He hugged her to him hard, with her legs dangling inches from the floor and she buried her face in his chest. I could hear her say something like, ‘it’s been so damned long Ralph’ before my tears actually started falling.

Through the tears I saw them move to the bed, clasping one another tightly. Ralph sat on the bed, and pulled May to stand between his spread knees. Slowly he ran his hands up her sides and over her shoulders. His two big hands circled her throat and tightened just enough to let her feel how even her life lay between his fingers. Then he ran his hands and fingertips lightly over her chest and with feather touches over the exposed top of her breasts. Both hands dropped to the clasp in the front of her bra and with practiced ease he popped it open, then pulled back the cups. Her two mounds barely sagged as the support left them, but her perky nipples were standing out big and hard. They looked like two arrow points sticking out and open to the world.

Ralph wasted no time sucking one into his mouth. I watched my wife’s face as he sucked on the nipple, then slowly sucked the complete tit into his mouth. I could see his jaws work, as he seemed to be actually chewing on her whole breast. While he chewed, I saw the look on ‘my’ woman’s face.

May clasped her arms around her lovers head, and seemed to be moving him from side to side in small motions as he kept her tit crammed into his mouth. And while he was doing this, he reached down and ripped the white panties off her unresisting hips, tearing the diaphanous material apart before tossing it, useless, into a corner. The strange thought came to me, I had paid over $100 for the white lingerie set, and May had given only Ralph the opportunity to enjoy it.

May was making strange little noises when Ralph tired of her breasts, and just lifted and threw her on her back on the bed behind him. Before she stopped bouncing, his face was buried in her crotch. How different than my attentions to May. I would tease her, small touches to her legs and body and then little light licks to give her the little joy eventually leading to her climactic explosions with my tongue and lips, and even teeth on her most secret, private places.

Watching Ralph chew on her cunt, I saw May’s face as her head rose and she looked down between her breasts at the man causing the sensations between her thighs. I wondered if any thought of me was going through her mind, and then realized what a foolish question that was.

It wasn’t five minutes before Ralph raised his face from May’s cunt, and quickly knee walked up between her legs until his cock was pointing just inches from her hole. He then threw himself down on her small body, and at the same time flexed his hips to drive his long prong full into her body. I heard her small shriek from the speaker connected to the spare bedroom, and then he pulled almost all of the way out before pausing for a moment.

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