tagInterracial LoveWife Gets Pregnant Ch. 02

Wife Gets Pregnant Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story "Wife gets pregnant" posted on "Loving Wives" a couple of months back Al and his wife Ann, and her infidelity. For an overall understanding, if you haven't already read that story, I would suggest you do so. Most of these stories are factual based on how it was related to me. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

When Ann and the baby got home from the hospital and everything was getting back to normal as could be expected with a new baby to care for. When we finally got time, Ann and I sat down and talked to great lengths. She expressed her deep appreciation for my acceptance of her adulteress acts in the past. At this time, I confessed that I did in fact enjoy watching her flirting with the other men and really enjoyed secretly watching her getting fucked by the other men. I also told her that I equally enjoyed eating her sloppy pussy after she had just been fucked.

We continued such talks for days. It seemed that each and every time we had five minutes to spear, we would be talking about what a turn-on it was for both of us. She told me that after she thought that I knew what was going on, she made it a point to openly flirt with the other guys in front of me. She also told me that the best sex of all was when she would come to bed with me after a really good fucking and drop her fresh fucked, cum dripping pussy down over my face. She said that the ultimate highs would be when she would watch my cock standing up and exploding without assistance while I had my tongue deep in her fresh fucked cum soaked pussy.

This type of regular discussions continued over the next two weeks or so after she got home with the new baby. Then we started to discuss the possibilities of any future sexual involvement with other men on her part.

Over the next couple of weeks this conversation kept getting deeper and more like making plans for her to start fucking again. At this point, the baby was only about three weeks old and Ann still wasn't fuckable yet.

After about the third week, I made mention that I was really expecting the baby to have black features, in which she agreed. I also made mention that it was somewhat exciting that there was the possibility that she would have a black baby. This she also agreed with me, plus, she added, that fucking those black men was the very best fucking she had ever had.

At this point, we both knew that she would be fuckable in another week or so and was somewhat looking forward to her, somehow getting involved with other men.

As I mentioned in Chapter one, this was a short tour of duty for me and we really hadn't made very many friends. I had about another 9 months at this duty station before I would be getting transferred again. However, during this time I had a part time job working in the liquor store at the EM Club on the base. The liquor store was actually attached to the EM Club, with the entrances just around the corner from each other.

As Ann and I kept up very open and exciting communications about her past and the possibilities of the future, we had lots of thoughts, possibilities and fantasies. During these conversations, I pointed out to Ann that I would be getting transferred in about 9 months, which just so happened to be the same time that it takes a pregnancy to materialize. She said, "I know that, but what are you getting at?"

Again I brought up the subject of the previous excitement of the possibility of her being pregnant by a black man. I went on to explain that since we would be getting transferred at the end of 9 months, which could be near the birth time of an immediate pregnancy. Accordingly, it really didn't make any difference what color the baby was, in that no one here would have to see it.

At this point Ann interrupted saying "How about your new duty station and the rest of our lives?"

I told her that when I got my orders to my new duty station, I would communicate with them ahead of time and explain to them that we were in the process of adopting a baby and I would be spending my transfer leave here, which would give us an extra month.

With all this said, we both agreed that we should think on the subject very serious before proceeding.

Over the next week, Ann would talk about the possibilities of getting involved with a black man again, and the how, when, and where to go about doing it. Good point, something I really hadn't given too much thought to.

After a couple of days thinking about how she could proceed to meeting someone, she seemed to be getting more excited about discussing possible encounters. Likewise, I was getting excited about her getting laid by a black man again. Meanwhile, I can tell that she is starting to get horney and ready for a good fucking.

One evening when I closed up the liquor store, I stepped in the EM Club and looked around seeing the people dancing and making out at the tables at this late hour, all of a sudden it hit me. When I got home, I woke Ann up and told her that I had it all figured out. With excitement, I told her that when I was working at the liquor store, she could go to the club later and dance, and meet people and see what happens from there.

Her first response was "Who would take care of the kids."

I told her that we could get a baby sitter. She thought that was a good possibility.

The next day, she called me at work and informed me that she had found a baby sitter that lived on the next street over, and could start the following week, and could be available as much as three nights a week. She also informed me that her first period had started since the baby was borne and hoped it would subside before the following week. I told her that I was sure that it would be all cleared up by the weekend.

Now, mind you with all the ducks in place, it was inevitable that she was going to get laid by someone else. From this point on, we would discuss the possibilities of her bringing someone back to the house to fuck, or should she go some place with him. Should I be involved, and make it a threesome, or what?

I did express to her how much I would like to be a part of it and be there with her while she was getting the fucking of her life by a big black cock.

She agreed with me that it would be likewise very exciting to her if I were there encouraging them and her telling me how much she loved her black stud and him telling me how much he enjoyed fucking my wife.

Two days before the baby sitter's first appointed date, and a couple of days after her period stopped, we were lying in bed carrying on one of these heated conversations, when she said "I am ready to be fucked, big time, and wish there was a big black cock here to drive into my pussy right now."

I told her "My cock isn't black, and may not be as big, but maybe it could make a good substitute.'

She immediately said "NO WAY, I want to make sure that my next and finale pregnancy is by a black man!" She went on to say "After all, it would really be a shame in you knocked me up after all this planning to get me knocked up by a black man, wouldn't it?"

Well, as stiff and hard as I was, I still had to agree.

I started to make motions to relieve myself and she stopped me and said "If I have to wait, it would only be fair that you wait too. You can jerk while my new boyfriend injects his seed in my feral pussy."

Well, I walked around with a hard on most of the time over the next couple of days, and was tempted to do something about it several times. However, I was respectful of Ann's desires about "what is good for the goose is good for the gander." Accordingly, all my thoughts were directed toward the countdown.

Finally, "Fuck Day." On my drive from the base, I was trying to lay out all the prospective events of the evening ahead in my mind. I got home, Ann had a nice dinner ready and we relaxed a bit after dinner, reassuring each other that this was what we both wanted. She informed me that the baby sitter would be there at six as I needed to be at work in the liquor store at seven.

She was dressed in a somewhat revealing (for the times) dress, well above the knees, with a low cut sweater that made every curve very visible. She was definitely hot and ready.

On the drive in, we didn't talk very much, as I think we both were a bet nervous and up tight. I dropped Ann of in front of the club and told her that I would pop in the club when I got off work to check on her. I also told her that in the event there was anything she wished to discuss with me before then, she could drop by the liquor store. She readily agreed with both of my proposals, gave me a kiss and proceeded to the club entrance, and I proceeded to park the car and go to work.

The next five hours at work was no doubt the longest in my life. Midnight finally roiling around, I already had my inventory and money counted, locked the store and headed around the corner to the club. Ann saw me before I saw her, and met me near the entrance. She immediately grabbed me and hugged me, thanking me for allowing her the liberty of a wonderful evening. As she was not much of a drinker, and didn't really care for it at all, she was still very much in control of her faculties. She grabbed me by the arm and said "Come on, there is someone I want you to meet."

I followed her over to a booth in the corner and was introduced to Ralph, a very large, athletic black man. She informed me that they had been dancing the night away and had enjoyed themselves very much. Then she asked me "You don't have to work tomorrow night, do you?"

I said "No, I don't."

She replied, "Good, I have invited Ralph over for drinks around nine or nine thirty, after the kids are in bed, is that okay with you?"

I replayed: "That is great, and if you and Ann had so much fun here in the club tonight, just think of how much fun we can have in the privacy of our home."

We all laughed and agreed.

On the drive home, Ann told me that she had made it very clear to Ralph that I enjoyed seeing her with other men, and especially both of us having a fantasy for her being with a black man. She said that he was all for it and couldn't wait to oblige.

The next evening when I got home, Ann was on pins and needles. She was busy getting everything in order and ready for the events of the evening. We had a quick dinner, and returned to making sure everything was in order. I, once again went through the liquor supply to make sure that we had just about everything that anyone may call for. Ann went to the bedroom and started laying out some sexy night cloths. Then, around eight, we started getting the kids bathed and to bed before nine.

We both took a shower; I put on a pair of shorts and tea shirt. Ann put on a very sexy teddy with a very flimsy robe over it. We had just finished and sat in the living room across from each other, and then something very strange happened. We looked each other in the eyes with a little smile, elevating to laughter of relief and both of us jumped up and met in the middle of the room with a passionate hug and kiss. Then came the knock on the door. I whispered in Ann's ear "Go open the door for your new boy friend." She gave me a little slap on the shoulder and a little smirk, and proceeded to the door.

When she opened the door, Ralph entered, gave her a big hug and kiss, then looking at me standing there with a big smile on my face, he just smiled at me and kissed her again, this time long and passionate with some hot tong swapping. She was really getting into it by pressing her lower body into him and her arms around his neck.

When they broke, I asked him what he would like to drink, and he said "The only thing that I want to drink right now is to drink in the beauty of your beautiful sexy wife."

They were still touching each other at that point and Ann reached around and closed the door. Then she went right back into his arms, this time her robe fell open and he put his arms inside her robe and started feeling her ass while they went into another passionate kiss. I just stood there with a hard on and a smile on my face. When they broke again, Ann took his hand and said "Come on into our bedroom where we can get comfortable on the bed that my husband and I sleep in."

With that, he looked at me, smiled and followed her, with me tagging along bringing up the rear.

The robe fell to the floor upon her entering the room, then turning back to him and as I closed the door, she again embraced him, starting another lengthy passionate kiss. Dropping to her knees, she began loosening his belt and unfastening his pants. At the same time, he was removing his shirt. Upon getting his pants down, she then start funneling the giant bulge in his boxer shorts with one hand as she hooked her fingers in the waste band with the other and started pulling them down. All of a sudden, appeared a very large thick black cock. I do believe that this cock was bigger than either on of the previous black cocks that she had had in the past. She looked at it very hungry and couldn't wait to get it in her mouth. It appeared that her mouth was being stretched and she still was not able to take the whole thing. However, her efforts were making him moan.

He looked at me and said "Wow, your wife is a great little cocksucker." Then he put his hands on each side of her head and started guiding her up, telling her not to rush things too much.

At this point, he started funneling her boobs, kissing her and taking her teddy off. He then pushed her back on the bed and started removing her panties. She assisted by lifting her ass as he slid them down. As soon as the panties were removed, there before me lay my beautiful sexy wife totally necked with her legs spread for a big black man. I was about to explode with excitement and started rubbing myself through my shorts. I now realized that I was the only person in the room with cloths on, and decided to do something about that very quickly.

As I am standing there watching, stroking my cock, Ralph started feeling her up all over, concentrating mainly on her tits and pussy. She was on fire when he started playing with her pussy, and had an orgasm when he worked his finger in it. Just as she was coming back down to earth, he went down on her and started kissing her clit and sticking his tong in her fuck hold along with his finger, then two fingers, then with the help of his tong and a third finger, she went into another orgasm. When she started coming back down again, she said "Ralph, pleas fuck me with your big black cock, I need you cock in me now."

With that, Ralph got up and went to his pants and pulled out a condom and started to open it, when she saw what he was doing, she hollowed out "No, don't use that, I want you bear back, I want to feel your hot seed inside me."

He came back up and lay down beside her, gave her a gentle kiss and asked "Are you sure baby?"

She just nodded and said "Fuck me now."

Ralph got up into position and started massaging her pussy with the head of his big cock, at which time she was bucking, twisting and turning and begging for that big cock. He placed it at the opening and started applying a little pressure.

Meanwhile, she was just whispering the words "yes, fuck, fuck me, yes, fuck me."

After applying a bit more pressure, the head of his cock slipped in and she went stiff for a moment with her eyes closed, with an expression of fear, pane and excitement at the same time on her face. Then she opened her eyes, looked at him and said "that is hot."

With that he started easing in and pumping in and out slowly until he seemed to hit bottom.

By now she is in almost continues orgasms as he continues to pump his large black cock into her. She is now lifting her ass, bucking and meeting each and every stroke in rhythm. Each time she would catch her breath she was begging him to fuck her harder, or looking at me and asking me things like "Do you like watching his big black cock buried deep in your sweet wife's pussy?"

Then it happened, his cock suddenly started going deeper and it was apparent that he was inside her uterus. Eventually, his long cock disappeared totally during his down strokes. Meanwhile she was totally obsessed by that massive cock and having one orgasm after another. After about fifteen minutes of good solid fucking, and her continuous organisms, he started to pump into her faster and I could tell that he was close to cuming, as I guess she could too. She grabbed hold of his hips and started pulling him as deep into her as possible.

Then she started saying "yes, cum in me, give me you seed, I want to feel your hot cum in me, make me pregnant with your black baby, knock me up, I have been saving my hot pussy just for you. You are the first person to fuck me since the baby was borne a little over a month ago. I wouldn't even let my husband fuck me. So, please shoot a big load of seed in me, make me pregnant, knock me up, and give me and my husband a black baby."

At that point Ralph looked at me said: "Here it comes, I am going to cum in your wife's pussy."

I was jerking off like never before and shot my wad on the floor as Ralph made his deposit deep inside my wife's fertile womb. They lay there with his cock still buried deep in her pussy for quite a while as they kissed and whispered to each other with her telling him how much she loved him and his big cock. And him telling her how hot and sexy she is. After a while he got up and as his cock came out of her pussy, it made a smack, popping sound with a string of cum extending from the head of his cock down to her pussy.

As he rolled off to one side, I crawled up between her legs and started to go down on her, as she put her hand on my head and stopped me briefly, saying "Now don't get too carried away and suck all that nice black baby batter out of me, do you understand?"

I just nodded and went to work on her clit and fuck hole which was red, swollen and gapping open. As I spread it open further, I could not see very much cum inside of her. I thought that he must have really planted in deep inside her womb and it closed up when he pulled out. Not wanting to disturb that situation, I didn't do any sucking at all but gave her a good licking.

They fucked three more times that night with equal excitement. I think I cum four or five times during that time which was a record for me.

They took a shower together and I overheard him asking her about her desire to get pregnant.

She said "Yes, that I now have three white kids all with different fathers, and now I want a black baby, and hopefully by you."

He then asked her "How long have you and Al been married?"

She told him "Since a year and a half before the first kid was borne."

He then said "Wow, does Al know about the other two that are not his?"

She said, "Yes, now he does and only the middle one is his. He didn't know about the first one until some years later, but he was present and was probably spying on me when I got knocked up by the last one."

As they emerged from the bathroom, he asked her if it were possible to do a repeat in the near future.

Without even looking at me, she immediately said "Yes, I want to feel your big cock in me again and again, even after I am pregnant."

He then put his hand on her pussy and looked at me and said, "Well, Al, it looks as if your wife's pussy now belongs to me, at least for the time being, and I'll bet that she isn't going to let you use it until she is sure she is pregnant."

I just smiled and my cock twitched even after all the workout it had had during the evening.

Ann then asked me what my next day off from my part time job was.

When I told her that it should be two days from now, which would be Friday. Since I was on rotation with another navy man, we just switched off with each other in our part time job.

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