tagLoving WivesWife Gets Tied and Tried

Wife Gets Tied and Tried


Well this is something I have always wanted. A lot of men want the same thing, that's to watch their wives get taken by another man or two. My wife is 56 and I'm 50, so this has taken us sometime to get to this stage. Or I should I say, me to this stage. Lin is a very pretty lady, always taking care of herself and running as well as lifting weights for most of the 36 years we have been married. She has 36DD chest and 38 inch waist, her butt size is 38. And to top her off I have shaved her pussy for 10 years and its very smooth and pretty. Oh yea she's still hot and always looking good.

Well to start this off I decided to take her on a night out or weekend as it is a holiday and many people have Friday off. I talked her into taking off Thursday evening and heading north of the city about 130 miles to another nice size town. I asked her to bring some of her nice clothes and boots as well as some items I like real well. Lin asked what was up and I told her it was just to have some fun and relax for a change. Well she was all for it and we took off north bound. I talked her into flashing some trucks as we passed them and she was having fun with that when I told her she should break out one of her toys and let them see her using it on herself as we drove by. She was reluctant at first but I kept on her till she hiked up her skirt and started using a 7" dildo named Eager Beaver. It had a little tongue that vibrated on the top side that stimulated her clit as she let it move around inside her. I had a CB radio and had it on 19 so we could here their comments and boy were there some comments. She heard them talking about pulling us over and letting her have it until she couldn't stand it no more, this sent her over the top. She came so hard she nearly passed out. After she settled down she reached in her bag and brought out a bigger 10" monster cock looking dildo that moved in and out and shot a load inside her when she was Cuming. It would send her straight to the moon.

Well as we drove she pushed it all the way in until it was buried deep inside her and she would pull it out real slow and shove it back in real fast making her jump and groan. All the time while beside a truck. This got them going, the guy she was by was a black man in his 30's, nice looking and very hot. He pulled out his cock and started pushing himself up into the window so Lin could see, this really made her groan and shoved the dildo in faster and faster until she seen the man in the truck shoot his load onto his side window, then she came so hard she nearly screamed. He wanted us to stop but we kept going, she fixed her self and we drove on and went to our Hotel room. I had picked out this room on the 5th floor corner of the building. Away from prying eyes and secluded. The Hotel also had a nice lounge, which made my plan even more ready to execute. We spent that evening eating in and made love most of the night on the patio of our room. I didn't know we had a audience until we were at breakfast the next morning. Two men came over and said they watched us and really enjoyed it. Lin was very shook up and mad at me saying I knew they were watching and she was very embarrassed.

Well after smoothing that over I talked her into getting dressed in a sheer black top and button up the side skirt with a wide leather belt and high heel boots. Right before we left I talked her into removing her panties and bra, as well as going down to the lounge first and let some of the guys there buy her some drinks and enjoy the fact that she is still desirable. She agreed and went down with her cell phone and credit card. I waited about 45 minutes and went down and watched the goings on. There she was at a table with 4 guys and one other lady. Just talking and having fun. I noticed her skirt, which was mid length on her boots long, was unbuttoned to her hip exposing a lot of leg. This man on her right was setting with his hand on her bear leg and the man on the left was doing the same. Her top was still unbuttoned half the way down revealing a lot of cleavage. She was about 3 sheets in the wind and laughing about everything. I called her and said I was down and wanted her to stay with her friends while I watched. I told her I was enjoying the view. She laughed and told her new friends she had to go to the ladies room. When she walked away she said it was all she could do to keep them from undressing her right there. I laughed and said let them. She didn't laugh but said she liked it. About then I noticed the 3 men that were alone got up and headed to the bathroom themselves. I hung up the phone and followed them. As they were standing at the urinal peeing I said they had a very pretty lady at their table. One turned around and said so what? Well he still had his cock out and it was large and purple headed, he said yea and she's going to suck this down her throat before the evening was out. I said that's interesting considering she is my wife. He just looked at me and said, "so". I told him if he and his friends wanted her for the evening they would have to do as I say. What is it you want?

Well what I want is for them to feel her up and get her hot and when they do I'll take her from them and head to our room. When I arrived I would undress her and tie her hands to the bed and start licking her pussy getting her really ready for a fucking. They were to enter the room with the other card key and tie me to a chair by the bed all the while telling her that they would do me harm if she didn't follow along. This excited them and they said "all 3"? I said let me see your cocks and if they match up, yes. They pulled out their cocks and they too were 8 and 9 inches along with number ones monster cock reaching 12.

I said that would work, now go get her worked up.

They did, rubbing her tits and legs trying to feel her pussy and even getting her nearly off with one finger in her pussy. She was ready and I knew it. I called her and said I was coming over and introducing myself and leaving with her. I did and the guys acted real disappointed. On the way to the room Lin told me about how hot she was and how Kevin fingered her until she cum. I said "really"? She just smiled and said lets hurry I'm hot. On the way to the room she removed her skirt showing her naked pussy to people in the hall and let her tits swing out of her top. She was loving it.

Inside I threw her on the bed and said I was going to tie her hands and she said yea. I did and removed my jeans revealing my raging hard on. I started licking her pussy and she was just starting to cum when Kevin and the boys came in. They said they were worked up and was going to fuck her after all the money and booze they put in her. They grabbed me and tied my hands to my ankles through the chair pushing my cock and balls to the edge of the chair. They told her they would cut my balls off if she screamed. She said she wouldn't and asked they not hurt me. Kevin started undressing as the other two did the same. She watched with amazement at their sizes and said they were too big. They just laughed and started for her rubbing her tits and playing with her pussy. Kevin fed her his monster cock until he was half way down her throat. Gagging she would breath and suck his monster cock as Mike and Calvin kept up licking her all over. Mike licked her pussy making her start to cum, as she was about to burst he stopped and jumped on her and rammed his 8 inch cock all the way in her making her scream around Kevin's cock. This made her cum so hard she almost bucked him off, this action made Kevin cum down her throat. She almost drowned in his cum he cum so hard. She blew cum out her nose and around his cock as he pulled it out of her mouth and finished Cumming on her face. Mike was still pounding away at her pussy making her cum over and over again. Calvin wanted in and fed her his cock. Face fucking her made Mike cum inside her filling her with his spunk. Calvin pulled out and jumped on and really fucked her hard holding her legs up and pile driving her until he also filled her with his cum making it ease out around his wide shaft.

All the time I set there watching this I was hard as hell. Wanting to touch myself and cum I was begging Kevin to release me. He smiled and said no way buddy and told Mike to help me out. Mike was gay and he stuck his cock in my face and said Suck it! I said no and he grabbed my balls and squeezed until I opened my mouth. He shoved it in and started face fucking me. Calvin grabbed my cock and started sucking it. I blew my load in Calvin's mouth as Mike blew his in mine. God it was great. Relief! Lin was watching this and smiled saying she always had a fantasy of watching that. With that Kevin mounted Lin and shoved half his wide and long cock into her soaked pussy. He said now baby I'm going to give you the fucking of your life, and started moving in and out making her cum as he did. With her moaning he shoved his massive cock all the way in making her open her mouth and gasp, oh god. She started to cry, saying it hurt so much but felt wonderful. He made her beg him to fuck her, she did. Saying fuck me fuck me fuck me, please fuck me. He did. Kevin held her legs up in the air and fucked her for 15 minutes real slow and easy, making her cum many times. Pussy juice was running out of her and down her crack mixing with the already drying cum from his friends. Kevin said to hold on baby here it comes and started pounding his massive cock into her already red and soar pussy. Her lips were being pulled into her as he went in exposing her clit to the top of his cock. She screamed and came so hard she went out. She passed out for a minute as Kevin fucked her to death. He came and came and came filling her already full pussy with his spunk. Gobs of his cum run out around his cock along with her pussy juice. She was fucked.

And so was I, I was hard again and Mike sucked me off again. Calvin untied my hands and bent me over the bed and shoved his massive 9 inch cock into my anus, fucking me until he filled me with his cum. Mike also fucked me and make me lick him clean. Kevin dialed his phone and gave my room number to someone. I said, who was that? As he dressed he said, well since you all were so good I gave your number to another friend of mine and he and his friends are on the way up to get seconds. I panicked, knowing I couldn't to anything tied as I was. And Lin was not moving. We were in for a long weekend.

But that's the next story.

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