tagFetishWife Has a Surprise for Him

Wife Has a Surprise for Him


Friday had finally arrived. Time this week seemed to creep by after my wife Sarah had told me earlier this week that our kids would be spending the weekend with the grandparents and that we had the weekend all to ourselves.

As much as we love spending time as a family, we needed some adult time to pay attention to each other. When the kids were younger, "adult time" meant basically sleeping all weekend with some occasional playtime. But as the kids got older, we started to do less sleeping and much more play time on our weekends to ourselves.

Sarah was always into fitness and kept herself in great shape, and at 29 she was still drop dead gorgeous. At 5'7" and just enough weight to keep her curves, the sight of her in just lingerie, heels and her long brown hair flowing down her back was enough to get me rock hard damn near instantly.

I had to keep up with her just out of pride. At 31 I kept myself in pretty good shape as well... Right at 6' tall with a medium athletic build, I still catch her stealing glances at me out of the shower. And we have been exploring each other much more frequently.

This week had started off innocent enough until I heard my phone start to go off with some messages from my wife. I could see they were picture messages so I opened it up expecting to see pictures of our kids. My cock started to stir as I looked and the pictures and saw some new purchases she had made. Arranged neatly on our bed was a pair of handcuffs, blindfold, what looked like a dog collar and some assorted massage oils.

During our last adult weekend, Sarah had showed her dominant side and used some make shift rope to tie me down to the bed and kept me on the edge of cumming all night long. She would straddle my cock and ride me until she shuddered in orgasm after orgasm, always stopping just before I exploded inside of her. It was one of the most sexually frustrating and exhilarating nights I had experienced up to that point. With this picture, I knew she was stepping her game up.

I quickly went into my office and shut the door so my co workers wouldn't see my growing hard on.

"I hope you are ready for this weekend..." was the text I got next.

"I am now!" I quickly replied.

The next picture I got revealed a few more items. She was really getting in to this! I had no idea she had made such a big shopping trip. This picture showed what appeared to be a cock ring, and a very non-descript box. I knew what the cock ring meant and it got me excited even more.

I hurriedly typed "what's in the box?" knowing full well she wasn't going to reveal it or else she wouldn't have shown me just a box.

"You will just have to find out..." Sarah replied slyly.

And she expected me to wait until Friday to find out?!? I didn't think I could wait that long so I sent a message back.

"When do I get to find out?" I asked.

"When I feel like showing you" was her immediate response.

She was clearly enjoying this new found dominance and was growing in her understanding of it. She stopped responding to my messages and left me to think about what she had planned. When I got home that evening, she acted like nothing had happened and I couldn't find her new toys anywhere. Again, she was clearly enjoying having the upper hand and keeping me guessing.

The next few days I couldn't focus on work, hoping to get some more clues as to what she had in mind for this weekend. On Thursday, I finally got another picture message from Sarah and as soon as I saw it I practically ran to my office and shut the door behind me. My cock started to come to life as I anxiously opened the message.

She did not disappoint this time. She had sent me a picture of herself in the full length mirror in our room wearing new lingerie. She was in all black from head to toe. Her black lace bra was barely big enough to contain her new implants that brought her up to a small C cup. At that moment, I couldn't think of a better investment we could have made. I followed her figure down to her black thong that caressed every part of her hips and tight ass. Her long slender legs were covered in black fish nets, standing in 4" heels. Aside from looking absolutely stunning, her confidence in how she was wearing the outfit made her also look extremely powerful.

"What do you think of my new hairstyle?" she asked sarcastically.

"What hairstyle..." I typed back, unable to take my eyes off of her figure.

"Wrong answer." was all I received back.

Thinking she was joking, I tried to cover my tracks and compliment her hair, which was pulled back in a ponytail with her loose curls falling just down her shoulder. I got no further responses from her all day. I kept pulling up the picture she had sent and continued to get an instant hard on every time. If so many people didn't come in to my office during a normal business day, I would have been stroking my cock all day long to that picture, imagining what else was in store.

Again, I came home expecting some heat and again I was met with zero acknowledgement of the previous interaction. We put the kids to bed and when I came back to bed she was already asleep, leaving me to relieve myself of all the sexual frustration she had left me with.

The next morning I woke up and she was already up and getting the kids ready for the day. Even in an old shirt and sweats I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I walked up behind her to playfully grab her ass.

"Do I finally get to find out what you have in store for us this weekend?" I asked, caressing her hips and butt through her clothes.

"Maybe, maybe not..." She said with a slight smile.

"Come on, just one hint... You have been torturing me all week with this..." I said.

"Like I said, when I want you to know, you will know. Not before" Sarah said with a little bit of playful force in her voice.

"Fine. Whatever it is better be good after making me wait all week for it" I said back, with mock destain.

"You won't know what hit you tonight, just you wait." she smiled back at me.

"Great, now how am I supposed to get anything done at work now..." I said. There was zero way I was gonna be productive at work now.

"Too bad, so sad." she said back.

Now she was mocking me and getting a rise out of it. I got ready for work and as I headed out the door, she flashed me and said,

"See you later!"

I drove all the way to work trying to imagine what she had in store for me later. Working was impossible as the clock crawled along. My anticipation was killing me. I finally struggled to the finish line and damn near ran red lights to get home.

I pulled up to the house and noticed all the lights were off. Either she wasn't home yet from something or she was trying to set the mood. I pulled into the garage and walked in to find a chair just inside the door with a note on top of a box that said open me. I cracked open the note first. It read:

"Hey baby! As you can see, I'm not home. The kids are away and I have a special weekend planned for us. I want you to open this box and put on what's inside. Then, put on as little amount of clothes as possible, get in the car and drive to the Gateway Inn just off the freeway, room 115. Now hurry up and don't keep me waiting!"

At this point I'm basically trembling with excitement. I can feel my cock getting stiffer by the second. With my mind racing, I reach for the box and pry open the lid to see what's in there. The first item I pull out is the collar I saw from the first picture. Ok, I think to myself, I can do this. The second item I pull out looks to be the leash for this collar. I keep getting more turned on. She really plans on taking the lead tonight, I think to myself. The third item I pull out is the cock ring I saw earlier this week as well. I'm starting to get rock hard. The last item I pull out of the box has me confused as first. After I get over my shock, I realize that she has left me a butt plug. Now this one gives me pause.

Sarah has been exploring and testing limits recently. A few months ago, she had woke me up one morning with my cock deep in her mouth. As she was working her lips up and down my growing erection, she started to slide her fingers around my ass and start to explore my asshole. I was barely awake enough to realize what was going on so I just went with it. She slid one of her fingers into my ass after lubing up her finger in her wet pussy. As my cock hit the back of her throat, she gently pushed her finger deeper, until she was past the second knuckle. Once she felt like I was use to her finger inside me, she started to work her finger in and out slowly while never taking her lips off my cock. I started to fill her mouth with my cum almost instantly. I had never cum so fast in my life, and she smiled at me after she swallowed my entire load. Knowing she found something new, the next few weeks was more of the same, always getting at least one of her fingers in my ass while she was sucking or fucking me.

Which leads me to standing in our house holding an anal plug. It wasn't too big but it was just the thought of sticking it in my ass that I was still trying to wrap my head around. After not much debate, I figured I would go along with this and see where it lead because I was still rock hard holding all these things she wanted me to put on.

I quickly stripped down and hopped in the shower. I took my bag of goodies in the bathroom with me and examined them as I waited for the water to get hot. I decided I would get the plug in at the end of my shower. As I finished up I grabbed the plug and examined it. Bending over slightly, I started to massage my asshole with the tip of the plug and started to push as he water ran over me and down my ass. After relaxing, I was able to slowly insert the plug until my ass closed over the larger part of the plug, securing it inside of me. In my focus on completing this task, I had not noticed how rock hard I was. I shouldn't have been surprised based on Sarah's anal play but it took my mind a moment to process that. I quickly toweled off getting use to the feeling of the plug in my ass and grabbed the remaining items.

Cock ring was next, as I had a little hard time getting it over my cock since I was as hard as I can ever remember being. I then attached the leash to the loop in the collar and secured the collar. As I turned to grab the box and throw it away, something shiny caught my eye. A quick peek revealed a small lock that was open without a key. As I turned the lock over in my hand, I rubbed at the collar around my neck and noticed the loop on the collar also had a small loop for this lock on it. I put two and two together and realized she wanted me to lock this collar and leash on my neck without a key! My excitement level started to rise as I realized I would be out in public with a collar and leash locked around my neck. Even tho I might be walking slower, I could still hide the fact I had a cock ring and plug in my ass from anyone who I might encounter on my journey to the hotel. The collar and leash would be a bit harder to explain away.

My sexual frustration and desire eventually got the best of me and I locked the collar to my neck. No turning back now. I threw on some boxers and basketball shorts to try to hide my massive erection and figured I could wear a hoodie to hide the collar. I gathered my things and walked out the door, holding my own leash. I very gingerly got into my car and adjusted to the plug feeling like it was pushing deeper inside of me and drove to the hotel.

Avoiding as many people as I could, the hoodie covered up enough and I tried to hide my still raging hard on, I made it to room 115 without an incident. As I reach out to knock, my anticipation is building and building. I make sure the plug is still secure and knock on the door, wanting to break it down.

"Did you see the bag on the door?" she says from behind the door.

Bag? I hadn't even looked. I grab the bag off the handle and pull out a blindfold. I take a look around and seeing no one, put the blindfold on.

"Ok, I'm ready!" I call out.

She opens the door and leads me inside. I hear the door shut behind me. I hear her move in front of me, what sounds like heels clicking on the floor.

"I thought I told you to wear as little as possible?" she said, in a surprisingly stern voice.

I was instantly caught off guard.

"Uh... Uh... I am. I just put a sweater on, no shirt. And basketball shorts..." I said.

"This is not what I had in mind when I said as little as possible" she said in the same stern tone.

"What did you expect me to wear, nothing?" I questioned.

"That would have followed my rules at least" she said. "Let's see if you disobeyed anything else before we decide punishment. Strip."

At this point I'm turned on by everything you are doing. I quickly strip out of my clothes and stand naked in front of you. I hear you walking around me, inspecting.

"Wow! You actually stuck that plug up your pretty little ass! I'm impressed!" she says with clear pleasure in her voice. "I can tell by your cock that you enjoyed it up there all the way here!

"I guess I did" I admit.

She walks around me a few more times and tells me to follow her. I stumble after her to what feels like a living room area and she tells me to stop.

"Now let's decide what to do with you for wearing too much clothes." she says.

"Come on Sarah, I thought I was..." I start.

"Ssshhhh. I'm in charge tonight. My rules, you broke them. Now you pay for it." she said. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"On your knees" she demanded.

She positioned me in front of the couch and took a seat in front of me.

"First things first, I have been sitting here waiting for you and I need to be taken care of. Get in here and bury your tongue in my pussy." she said.

Ummm... Ok, I thought. Nice punishment. I loved eating her pussy, especially when we were getting kinky because she got so wet. I practically dove in and started working around her smooth shaved pussy, back and forth between massaging her clit and flicking my tongue inside of her. She clamped her legs down on my head and pushed me deeper into her pussy and I started to work hard on her clit, sliding a few fingers inside her to hit her G-spot. After a few minutes, I felt her legs start to shake, and she let out a low moan and jammed my head in her soaking wet pussy. I licked up as much as I could as she rode out her orgasm.

"Nice punishment" I joked as I pulled my head away. "What's next, I 'have' to fuck you?"

"Well, I think I'm done hearing you talk and joke." She snapped.

What? I thought. "I said to words?"

As quickly as I got "words" out of my mouth, I felt her pushing a round rubber ball past my teeth. And with the shock of realizing there was a ball gag in my mouth, she clicked it behind my head, securing it in place. I reached up to feel what was going on and she immediately slapped my hands down.

"We should take care of these as well." Sarah said.

One by one, she slipped the handcuffs around my wrists, tightened them and secured them together.

"There, now will you behave?" she asked.

I nodded yes.

"Good. Now let's see if we can put that cock ring to good use." she said.

I heard her get up and walk around me.

"Put your hands on the couch and lean forward for me. I want to get a good look at what we have back here" she said as she ran her fingers over my ass and lightly touched the plug still secured.

I did as I was told, loving every second of this punishment. As I presented myself to her, I felt her grab the base of the plug and gently tug on it.

"It's in there pretty good!" she said. "Let's see how you respond to this..."

As she said that, she started to slowly move the plug back and forth, wiggling it around inside me, teasing me. She eventually started to pull harder on the plug, stopping at its widest point before pushing it back in. She started to get a rhythm and I moaned into the gag. I heard her lightly giggle, and then I realized what she was giggling at. She was literally fucking me with this plug! And I was enjoying it!

"Wow babe, look at you! Right when I pull this plug out, your ass wants it back in! Do you realize you are pushing back against the plug?" she asked.

In my blinding pleasure, I didn't even notice what my body was doing. She was right, I was fucking her plug! And my cock felt like it was about to burst!

"This is so incredibly sexy baby... You have no idea! My pussy is dripping wet watching this." As she says that, she runs a finger past my nose and onto my lips. She is right again, soaking wet. I taste her pussy on my lips as she keeps fucking me with the plug. My cock is about to explode... Straining at the cock ring. She grabs my cock from behind after pushing the plug back in and squeezes on my cock. She squeezes harder until it feels like my cock head is going to explode. I moan loudly into the gag. My cock is actually starting to hurt.

"I told you I would punish you..." She coos.

I moan louder as she squeezes. I start to shake my head. She lets pressure off and I can feel my erection shrink a bit. I need to cum ASAP. I have to cum. The sensation is almost overwhelming.

"Now will you behave?" she asks.

I nod yes and she comes to unbuckle the gag. As soon as it pops free I start pleading.

"Please Sarah, please let me cum. Let me take this cock ring off and explode. Let me bury my cock in your wet pussy, please! I'll do anything, please..."

I continue pleading with her and she cuts me off.

"You aren't ready for that. You will cum when I say you will cum." she says, stern voice back in play.

"Please! You have been teasing me all week, I can't see anything with this blindfold, I just want to see you sexy body and my cock disappearing inside you. Please!" I continue.

"That's enough! Clearly you need something in your mouth to quiet you down. Luckily, I have just the thing." She says, smile in her voice again.

I hear her click away and grab something off a table and come back.

"Remember that box you wanted to know about so much? Well now you are about to find out." she says.

I am in sensory overload at this point. I'm not restrained but I might as well be. My focus is on my raging hard cock and need to cum that I can't really think of much else.

"Now," she starts. "You know I have been pushing your limits recently. And I think so far you have liked it. And so far, everything I have done to you has turned me on that it makes you so hard. Which is perfect!"

I hear you get up and open the box, take out whatever it is and toss the box aside. I'm trying to listen to what's happening and I can only hear some shuffling what sounds like adjusting.

"So I went shopping this week. At first, I was gonna ease you in to my plan. But as I was looking at all of the toys, I just couldn't help myself and went for it. I have been nervous all week that you might not like what I have planned. But, after watching you fuck yourself with that plug, I know I going down the right road." she states.

My wheels are spinning at this point as to what she is talking about. I stay silent and let her continue.

"So now" more shuffling, "I get to be in full control. Tonight, I am going to take full control and make you mine." she growls at me.

I hear her stop shuffling and she sits down on the couch in front of me, still on my knees.

"I told you I had something for that mouth of yours, now come here and take it..." she says as she grabs my face with one hand.

I lean forward with her hand and she spreads my lips apart with her other hand. I taste rubber on my tongue and feel her other fingers guiding something into my mouth. After the electric shock to my brain wears off, she starts to fill my mouth with more rubber. She pushed it farther in and I start to figure out what is happening as my tongue explores the object. She has guided a realistic and life like dildo into my mouth! I instinctively pull my head back, but she applies pressure to the back of my head with her hand that isn't holding a dildo in her husbands mouth.

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