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Wife Helps a Friend


Not sure how to start this... let's start with my wife. Laura is a pretty woman. She has a cute face and well-proportioned body, a few extra pounds, but not bad for 46. Her C+ boobs have held their shape nicely, very little sag to them at all, and still firm. We've been married for about 8 years and our sex life has been great and continues to get better.

Laura had been, what some would call, promiscuous. Before we were married she had sex with 28 or so guys, and had given blowjobs to at least 46 guys (but it could be over 50). She had never had a threesome, though this had been a fantasy.

When Laura went to college she went a little crazy with the guys. She loved giving blowjobs. If she thought a guy was good looking, she would blow him and find out his name later (OK that only happened a couple of times). During her 4 years at college, she gave a lot guys blowjobs, at one point she had about 8 or more guys she was giving blowjobs to on a regular/varied basis. It was not uncommon for her to give 2 different guys a blowjob in the same day, sometimes even 3 guys, though her record was 5 guys in one day, but never at the same time.

She enjoyed sex but had to know a guy before she'd have sex with them... most of the time. And for the most part only had sex with one partner at a time... again, most of the time.

One last note about my slut wife, she likes bigger dicks, she says they are more fun to play with. I got lucky, I'm not huge, but at 7 ½" and thick Laura has been happy.

Laura had shared a few of her fantasies while we dated. A few months after we were married my wife's fantasies became more vivid and detailed and involved more men.

She loved to tell me about some of her favorite past experiences in great detail hey were always past boyfriends relived or guys she'd met somewhere and even a couple of her coworkers. Often her fantasies were about her sucking and screwing several guys at the same time.

At first it was hard for me to listen to her fantasies, I knew my wife had a past, but she was mine now. But as time went on I got over my jealousness and began to enjoy her descriptive fantasies, and it helped that she assured me that they were just fantasies.

I even got to the point that I wondered if I wouldn't mind seeing my little brunet's head sucking on some guy's dick or even get fucked by a huge cock and had mentioned that to her a few times, but she'd just laugh it off.

Dan has been a friend of mine from work for about 6 years. Once in a while we'll get together after work with some of the guys for a drink, but not much more than that. I've met his wife several times at company parties, she is a beautiful blonde with a nice body, and you'd never guess she had given birth to 4 children.

A few months ago at a local sports bar, Dan and I were the last of our group to leave.

He probably drank a little too much and started complaining about his wife, something he had never done before. Without going into a lot of boring details, the jiff of his complaining was about his sex life or lack of. He and his wife got married right after high school and have been married for 22 years. His wife is only the 2nd woman he's had sex with and he is the only guy she's been with.

I just listened as my friend tells me how he is lucky if he gets laid more than once a month. That he is going on 2 months right now. That he if asks for sex she gives him every reason in the world why she can't... It hurts, she is PMS'n, she doesn't like the feel of his semen oozing out of her, but most common is she just doesn't feel like it.

He says this is nothing new. Within months after they were married she started to become uninterested in sex and after each child she grew even less interested.

He kinda shocked me when he said, "I've never even had a blowjob!"

For the first time, I spoke up and asked, "You mean she hasn't given you a blowjob, ever?"

"Nope, the woman has never once put her freaking lips on my dick! She will only touch me with her hand long enough to get me hard and then basically tells me to hurry up."

My friend adds, "A few years ago she asked me what I wanted for my birthday and when I told her all I wanted was a blowjob and she went ballistic. Telling me I was a pervert and how gross that was and that she couldn't believe that I would ask her to something like that!"

My friend goes on for about 3 more minutes with his complaining, and then apologizes for venting.

I tell him it's no problem.

Later that night while snuggling my wife, I tell her about Dan's venting. So when she finally put the name with the face, it didn't surprise me when she said, "Well, I could help the situation you know. I could give him a blowjob." She has made similar comments many times about how she would like to give "so & so" a blowjob, but something was different in her voice this time and this caused me to wonder, so I casually said, "OK, why don't I have Dan come over this weekend?"

But the tone in her voice and the way she told me I'd get too jealous told me something was different this time, so I responded, "You are serious, you'd like to give Dan a blowjob... for real, wouldn't you? The momentary silence answered that question.

"I would only do it to keep your friend from getting a divorce." She teased.

But I wasn't convinced. So I asked her again, "you are serious this time, it's not just one of your fantasies... you'd like to give Dan a blowjob, wouldn't you?"

"No, I told you I would never because I don't want to hurt our marriage" she said.

My mind really began to wander and wonder. Would I really mind if my wife gave someone a blowjob? She's been faithful all these years. And heck, how many guys has she already given a blowjob to? What's another blowjob to her? Besides, after listening to hundreds of fantasies over the years, there was a part of me that thought I'd like to watch that pretty little head work her magic on another man's dick.

After a good minute or two told her my thoughts, and I promised I wouldn't mind if she gave Dan a blowjob, how I'd like to watch her work her magic and..."what, Dan will be 54 or 55 dicks you've sucked?" With that she punched me and smiled, "actually, I remembered a few more and its closer to 60".

We discussed the subject for a couple more minutes and agreed there would be no sex, only a blowjob. Laura said she would think about it, and then gave me an awesome blowjob while she told me all that she was going to do to Dan's dick.

A few days later my wife calls me at work and asks me if I was for sure I'd be alright with her giving another man a blowjob. I told her I was for sure and with that she said she would help with Dan's frustration and for me to figure out how to set it all up.

Now I'm thinking, "Crap! She is serious; am I?" But the fantasies and thought of watching my wife suck another man's dick turned me on big time, and I knew I wanted to let her. So I told her I would figure out when and how to bring it up to him. "You are serious about this?" she asks. "I am if you are" I respond. It was on.

Bringing this up to Dan was more difficult than I had figured. It took me almost 3 weeks to find the right moment, and the nerve, to bring up the subject. His car wasn't parked too far from my car, so I walked over to him as he unlocked his car. I brought up some small office talk at first, trying to decide if I could really find a way to bring up the subject of my wife sucking his dick. Nothing came, but then he told me he wanted to apologize again for telling me about his wife and isn't sure why he was open about it and blamed it on to many beers. I told him not to worry about it and then went for it.

"Don't be mad at me" I start. "But I told my wife what you told me." I could see the look of "manly betrayal" as he says, "really?" He wasn't mad but I could tell he wasn't happy.

I quickly went on to explain to him that before we married my wife was the blowjob queen and that because he had never had a blowjob she offered to give him one and that she really wanted to and that it was her fantasy to have me watch her give another guy a blowjob and I tell him, "Hey, in almost 10 years this is the first time she's made such an offer and she's serious, she'd like to give you your first blowjob".

He just looked at me dumbfounded. All he could say was "really?" "You're serious" "You are really serious about this"... "really... no I can't, my wife would kill me if she ever found out"

I tell him I understand and that I hope he didn't think I'm too crazy, but that the offer was there if he changed his mind...

2 weeks later Dan called me and asked if the offer was still there. I told him it was and made sure that he knew it was for a blowjob and not sex. He agreed and we set up things up for Friday after work.

Laura was excited, nervous, and asked me several times if I was sure about this. We agreed no sex and asked if I would mind if she got topless for him. I told her not to worry about me and that I wanted her to have fun..."do what ever you want, just remember sex is mine."

I called Dan while he was at home and asked him if he could help me with build a greenhouse, (which I had been for the last 2 months). He asked his wife if they had any plans Friday after work and the stage was set.

After work Dan showed up to our house. I could tell he was nervous. Laura on the other hand was excited. Dan and I went into the TV room and Laura brought out a couple cold beers and a coke and rum for herself. Dan sat on the couch straight across from Laura and he couldn't keep his eyes off my wife's tits. She was wearing a tight, thin, and slightly transparent shirt that showed her dark and hard nipples.

Finally Dan asked my wife, "are you sure you don't mind giving me a blowjob, this isn't some bet you lost or something?"

Laura simply said, "I don't mind at all Dan, I've waited a long time to have my husband watch me give some else a blowjob and because it's your first makes it more exciting." And with that she pulled off her top, letting boobs spring free. She then stood up and slid off her pants wearing only very sheer panties that did little to hide her neatly trimmed, dark bush. Dan almost looked terrified and smiled.

Laura stood there for a bit and allowed Dan to look at her gorgeous body. She turned and let him check out her round ass. As she turned back to face him, Laura played with her panties exposing her pussy. She squeezed her tits together as she continued to tease us with little dance.

Laura slowly walked towards Dan and stopped close to him and asked, "Are you sure you want me to give you a blowjob Dan?"

But before he could answer, Laura had Dan's pants unbuttoned and unzipped. She reached inside and said, "Well, Mr. Happy is sure!

Dan just laid back on the couch, closed his eyes and let Laura take control. She pulled his boxers and pants completely off. She stood up and pulled his shirt off, grabbed his hands and put them to her boobs. Dan squeezed them and for the first time he started to relax. She had him kiss and suck her boobs.

At this point, I felt all kinds of emotions. Here I was watching my naked friend sucking and fondling MY wife's boobs. I wasn't as jealous as I thought I might be, and I was turned on more than anything, which pushed most other feelings aside. Dan's hands began to wander all over my wife's body while he continued to suck her nipples. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to him as he went back and forth between nipples.

Laura finally pulled away from his grasped and began to tease him with a small dance teasing him by moving her panties just enough that he could see some of her pussy and did the same when she bent over and basically exposed her wet pussy. I almost protested when she slid her panties down and kicked them at him. She walked over to him and turned around and bent over touching her self. I thought he was going to loose it right then and there, with her pussy only inches from his face. She stood up and moved in front of Dan and pulled his face to her tits and then down to her pussy telling him to kiss her pussy. She reached over and grabbed a cushion off the couch and went to her knees in front of him. She moved his knees apart and settled in, pushing him back and told him to enjoy.

My wife took another guys dick in her hands for the first in over 8 years. She stroked the length of his dick and rubbed the tip that was covered in pre cum. She licked the pre cum and then sucked his dick into her mouth. She cooed as she licked and sucked him. She would stop from time to time and tell him he couldn't cum just yet, but that when he did cum she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

Dan was almost silent, leaning back with his eyes closed. Laura continued to expertly licked, squeeze and suck Dan's dick cock and balls. She looked over at me and mouthed "thank you" and licked his shaft watching and teasing me with her eyes.

Laura licked her fingers and began to play with her pussy. She loves to play with her pussy while she sucks cock and I watched her bring herself to 2 orgasms while sucking Dan's.

Whenever Laura sensed Dan getting close to cumming, she would stop sucking and tell him, "not yet". After about the fifth time of stopping before he could cum, Laura licked Dan's dick and swirled her tongue around the swollen purple dick head and then sucked Dan's cock as deep as she could, licking and squeezing his balls, causing Dan to groan... "I caaan't stoooop!" His whole body tenses up and then lets loose one hell of an orgasm! For a good minute his body shook as he pumped more sperm in my wife's throat and mouth than she could swallow... though she tried. She cooed and groaned as she sucked every last drop out of him.

Laura continued to suck and play with Dan's dick for a few more minutes and every once we'd hear something like, "wow... oh wow... that was awesome... thank you thank you." After about the third time of saying thank you he asked Laura if she would mind giving him a second blowjob before he left. And of course she said, "As many as you'd need Dan, but now it is time to suck my husband's dick because I know he is about to explode in those pants."

As she stood up she grabbed Dan's hand and put it between her legs, rubbing her pussy and said, "Look at how wet you made me. Somebody his going to have to make me cum tonight too!"

As my wife walked over to me, she smiled and shook her titties at me. The jealousy that quickly sprung up from seeing Dan's hand on my wife's pussy quickly faded. When she got to me she grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. She was hot and wet! Then she put my finger inside her pussy and began talking to me like she has done so often when she tells me her fantasies, but this time it wasn't a fantasy...

"Did you like watching me suck another man's dick? I did. And I want to suck his dick again. I want to suck your dick and his dick at the same time. I want one of you to put your dicks inside of my pussy. I don't care whose dick it is. I want a dick in my pussy and in my mouth at the same time. You know I've wanted that for a long time." She went on for about 60 more seconds before she began to cum.

Laura quickly undressed me and dropped to her knees and began to suck my dick like a wild woman. I told her to slow down or I was going to cum and in between bobs she said, "I... want... you... to... cuuum!" Well, within about 4 minutes she got what she wanted.

Laura asked Dan if he'd like another blowjob and of course he said, "yes."

Dan was sitting on the couch with a cushion over his lap. Laura walked over sat next to him and took the cushion off. "You'll never get hard again with that thing covering you" she said with a smile and through the pillow. He was already hard, making Laura smile and began stroking Dan's hard dick. She spread her legs wide and told him he could touch her pussy if he wanted. He looked at me and I just shrugged. Dan rubbed my wife's legs at first and slowly made his way to her dark bush and then let his hand slide between her legs, caressing her pussy lips.

She quickly sat up and said, "You never rub your wife's pussy, do you?

"She won't let me," he stammered back.

I couldn't believe it when she shot back with, "Dan, you need to stop being a pussy and show her whose boss!"

He opened his mouth to say something but Laura stopped him in his tracks.

"Over the next few months I'm going to teach you how to please your woman." She looked at me and said, "I won't have sex with him, but I'm going to do just about everything else to teach him how to make his wife want him. And if I have to, I'll bitch slap her and tell her, her man is about to leave her frigid ass if she doesn't give him what he needs! OK I won't go that far but I'm going help you... if you want."

Dan was real quiet as he thought about what Laura had just said and then asked if I was OK with this. I told him I was OK as long as he agreed to not have sex with my wife, adding, "Hey, I knew when I married her that she loved giving blowjobs, I'm surprised she kept it under control this long."

She smiled at me and said, "You know I love sucking hard cocks, and I hope you let me suck more than just Dan's cock. I told you about my friend Sean, I want to suck his cock too, (she did... about 9" but, hot dog skinny and the first I've seen her deepthroat all the way, and I got a blowjob from his girlfriend... but that's another story), and I want to suck Carlos's cock. Oh and my old boyfriend Anthony, I know he would love to have me suck his HUGE cock and swallow his Italian sperm!" (Yes I'd heard about him many times, how HE was freaking HUGE! The size of her forearm... and yes, I let her suck and screw him, one last... 3 times)

Dan looked very surprised by Laura's talk but really looked shocked when she told him she wanted him to lick her pussy. "I know... your wife has never allowed you to lick her pussy, right?... I don't care!" He didn't say anything as she pulled him to her pussy and for the first time, Dan licked his first pussy. Laura guided him and coaxed him till he brought her to an orgasm.

To see Dan's face buried in my wife's pussy was more than I wanted to see, but then I reminded myself that I told her she could do anything she wanted, just not sex... though there was a part of me that wanted to see her get fucked by another man now... "What was I thinking!?!"

Laura got on her knees and told us she wanted to suck both of our hard dicks. At first it was very awkward being close to this naked guy and seeing my wife suck his dick this close to me. But it was Laura's and my fantasy to have her suck on multiple dicks at the same time and she wasted no time sucking and stroking our dicks. She smiled at me as she licked our cocks.

She would suck Dan's cock and stroke mine. Then suck my dick and stroke Dan's. She told us both to play with her tities at the same time. Then had me suck her tits, then told both of us to suck on her nipples at the same time. She had me lay down of the floor and straddled my face while she sucked Dan's cock and we played with her boobs. He juices drenched my face as I licked her to several more orgasms.

By now Laura wanted a dick in her pussy. She got on the floor and bent over the couch. She told Dan to get in front of her and began sucking his dick like a mad woman and I didn't have to be told what to do. I put my cock in her pussy and slammed her hard, causing her to choke on Dan's dick. Every so often I'd do that on purpose and she'd get mad at me.

Laura had more orgasms than I could keep up with. She even had a wet orgasm soaking the carpet. I knew I was close and fucked my slut wife hard till I came in her pussy. When I was finished, Laura went to work on Dan's dick and balls with her mouth and hands, till he came a second time down her throat.

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