tagLoving WivesWife, Her Cousin, and Old Boyfriend

Wife, Her Cousin, and Old Boyfriend


Three years ago, I'd encouraged my wife Marilyn, then 25, to date others. Although reluctant at first, she relented after a few months. I have no interest in seeing other women. I guess you could call me a watcher. My wife says, with a gracious laugh, that I'm a "cuckold."

I'm just four and a half inches erect, and I wanted her to experience "real" cocks. Or so I tell her and myself; she dated four others before we married, so I'm sure there are reasons beyond my self justification.

Marilyn had told me years before that she and her two cousins Tim and Gwen had "fooled around," as she expressed it, when she was still living with her parents. That occurred during a couple of family camping trips and a few times at or around their homes.

Marilyn, at 28, is six months younger than Tim and ten months older than Gwen. Tim and Gwen are also cousins to the other, not siblings. All three attended the same schools, each just one grade of the others.

At that time, Tim's parents owned a boat. The three had sailed onto a large lake's only island where they explored the land's far side, where got naked and swam, far beyond the sight of their families.

This June, Gwen and other family members planned a party for Tim's September birthday. We accepted their invitation to travel to their hometown and join the gathering. We used our vacation time, including my wife's personal days off, for his party and her getting in touch with former school friends she hadn't seen for years.

I get three weeks' vacation each year. Friends are jealous of my extended leave until I clarify the HR department's details. My company offers three options; one allows each employee to give up 1/52nd annual salary for a third week. Or we can select a fourth week for a 1/26th pay reduction; but restrictions on family-paid and dental insurance and allowable sick days are sufficiently restrictive that few employees take it. When I explain that, my envious acquaintances usually say, roughly, "Screw that! I'll take the money."

Marilyn phoned Tim and asked for information on any nearby hotel. Her cousin insisted we stay with him. He owns a three-bedroom home near the town center. He had converted a bedroom to a home office and used the second as a guest bedroom.

Like my wife, Tim is slender, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's the only one of the three cousins who remains unmarried. He changes girlfriends every few months. He has told my wife many times that he's a confirmed bachelor. "Women don't stick with me for long," he says.

Upon arrival at his front door, my wife and her cousin hugged and kissed full on the lips. That night, the three of us went to a night club. Tim and I danced with Marilyn. We sat in a booth and they talked about people they knew in high school.

"I keep in touch with a few and often run into J.B. at the health club," Tim said. He had four phone numbers and promised those to Marilyn when we got back to his house.

When Tim left our table to get more drinks, Marilyn whispered to me, "He was really 'hard' while we were dancing." She held up her hands and wriggled her fingers to accentuate the quote on "hard."

I wrinkled my brow said, "Sounds exciting. Would you be agreeable to fucking him?"

Touching a forefinger to her lips, she rolled her eyes up thoughtfully and said, "You are so weird! Let me think about it." Then, she added, "Did you recognize one of those high school names he mentioned? Jack -- whom Tim calls 'J.B.' - was the guy I dated half my junior year, through graduation."

I hadn't then remembered the last name but recognized it when she reminded me. I'd often asked whether she would find it exciting to fuck him again if she had the chance. She denied it at first; but, after she had given in to my encouragement to date other guys, she finally admitted, "Well, yeah!" I grinned.

We had intended to stay here in town only until after the birthday party, before visiting a vacation resort. Now I considered hanging around a bit longer.

The second night, we played our first-ever game of poker with Tim and his girlfriend at his kitchen table. Neither Marilyn nor I know anything about cards and we lost our pennies quickly. His girlfriend had to leave early in order to be refreshed for work the next morning. Her office was moving to a new location that Saturday, and every employee was expected to show up.

Tim, my wife and I chatted awhile until he suggested playing strip poker. Marilyn protested, "We're no good at the game! We'd be naked in minutes, and you wouldn't even have lost a belt."

He suggested a more fair digression, a version of high-card draw. He dealt each of us three cards face-down. Each drew a card, turned it over and sucked down a jigger of whiskey for every turnover. A low card draw resulted in losing an article of clothing. The whiskey's intoxicating consequences turned every round into a slow but steady bout.

Her cousin and I realized my wife wasn't wearing a bra. As she removed her blouse, Tim couldn't divert his eyes from the fullness of her naked breasts.

When Tim stood to remove his jeans, his rigid dick popped through the fly of his shorts. Marilyn, now stoned, stared. Her tongue slowly slid across her upper lip. Ultimately, I was left with socks and they were nude. Marilyn unclasped her watch and said with an inebriated slur, "I'm out. What prizes do we play for now?"

Tim's eyes fixated upon my wife's slender body across the table. He suggested, "The winner of each hand can command either or both the others to do whatever he or she wants."

I said, "Okay." Marilyn hesitated just a moment before nodding agreeably.

She won a round and said, "I want each of you to suck down another jigger and kiss me."

I pecked her cheek. Her cousin kissed her fully on the mouth. She responded eagerly. He cupped her breasts. She thrust her tits into his hands and moaned.

The next time I prevailed, I said, "I want your cousin to kiss your breasts."

Both acted as if they didn't wish to comply, but it was clear they did. She walked around the table and sit on Tim's lap. He stroked a breast as they kissed.

He bent his head and tongued her firm mammaries. Her nipples stood out like spikes. As his cock swelled between the partition of her thighs, she shivered. She closed her legs, firmly clasping his baton, and grinded her hips. A full minute passed before she walked back to her chair and drew the last of her cards.

I once more picked the high card and said, "I want you two to dance together." Tim turned on his stereo to soft music and I flicked off the lights. I knew the card game would be soon forgotten.

Neither protested this time. Their arms entwined as they danced slowly on the living room's carpet. Her cousin's taut cock protruded through her legs. They kissed passionately.

Each bare groin gyrated against the other. The upper side of his cock aligned with her wet clitoris and glided back and forth against it. She moaned as her body shimmied in lust. I sat in a corner chair and masturbated.

As the music ended, her cousin urged her bare back to the couch. She breathed, "Oh yeahhh," as Tim kneeled between her thighs, hovering above her. She looked down to the narrow space between their bodies as his large dickhead parted the mouth of her eager cunt.

His torpedo sank into her lubricated tunnel. When he rammed his rod into her, my wife's legs enwrapped his hips. Her heels pounded his buttocks as they fucked madly. They whimpered in unison. Her hips fervently rose and fell in tempo with his grand thrusts.

His body stiffened as he groaned, "I'm cumming! Do you want me to withdraw?"

My wife's head gyrated in the warm night's air. Her hair flailed the soft cushion beneath her neck. She wailed, "Fuck me! I want your seed!" They orgasmed simultaneously, his load of sperm spurting through her hot cuntal walls.

She and Tim walked to the shower, where they soaped the other's body, then fucked beneath the water's stream. They walked out wrapped in white towels. She removed her towel, dried her hair and turned to me, saying, "I told Tim to let you stay in the guest room. He and I will sleep together." Her cousin, standing alongside her, grinned in triumph as if he assumed I wouldn't protest.

I felt inferior and foolish as I looked at his long, substantial cock. I could think of nothing else to say but, "Okay."

They turned, walking down the hall to his room, and closed the door. I lay in bed for hours listening to their cries and howls from the master bedroom.

I awoke the next morning at daybreak and walked to the hallway. His bedroom door was ajar. I peeked inside and saw my wife riding atop her cousin as she whimpered frantically, "I'm a'cummin' again!"

That was two days before his birthday party. He had by then given my wife the phone numbers of their high school friends, and she told us she would call them.

Tim and I went to his gym and afterward to a hometown basketball game. Marilyn was still naked when we left and kissed each of us goodbye.

Although I turned out to be slightly wrong, I assumed the first number she would call would be her high school boyfriend of one and a half years. Their relationship had broken off at the end of their summer because he had a two-year hockey scholarship in another state. Marilyn didn't go to college; she instead chose to attend a local secretarial school.

She was still nude while on the phone the next three hours with Tim's list of a girl and a guy with whom she had shared several classes. The last number she dialed was Jack's. The call was routed to his cell phone while he was shopping at a pet food store for his cats. He walked out to his car as they talked, and their conversation turned to places they'd gone on dates.

Marilyn summoned the courage to remind him, "I also remember a lot of parking in the hills overlooking the town." He admitted, "I think about that a lot. You were my first."

"Best part of high school," she smiled. She closed her eyes and masturbated as they chatted and wondered whether her old boyfriend was doing the same.

He suggested getting together for a drink while she was in town. She agreed, ""I'll come to your place if you want." She accentuated the word, "come," attempting it to sound like "cum," but wasn't sure she succeeded. At his acquiescence, she said, "I can be there in an hour."

She arrived home three hours later than Tim and me. We found a message on the kitchen table that she was visiting "friends" and to call her cell phone if necessary. We played video games and didn't call.

That experience was the only time she has never given me the details of her extramarital adventures.

Except for my being told the next day that she and her old boyfriend were fucking within a half hour of her arrival at his apartment, I don't know the particulars. She said, "That's the one I'd like to remember privately. If he and I ever get together again, I'll fill you in on that one."

It didn't happen again, but I finally met Jack at Tim's birthday party. He may have been reluctant to call her after meeting and talking with me. Of course, I didn't mention to him that I knew he had fucked my wife and that she had my approval.

Marilyn and her cousin probably fucked a dozen more times over the four days we visited. As we were packing to leave, they agreed to get together again. He promised to visit us on his next vacation.

I told him I thought that would be a great idea. Since that week, they email the other frequently and talk an hour or more each week by phone.

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