tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Hosts BBQ for Coworkers

Wife Hosts BBQ for Coworkers


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I recently wrote about the curtain experience (see Curtains Removed for Painting), in which my 24-year-old wife Kim was watched undressing and showering for two weeks by my neighbor Alex. Part of what I found arousing about it was that even after she learned that he was watching, she didn't seem to mind that it was going to continue for another week. In her words, "it's not like he hasn't seen a naked woman before, not to mention me. If he wants to look, so be it." At least that's how she played it. Despite her nonchalant reaction, I suspected that in reality she enjoyed the voyeuristic attention.

Afterwards, I noticed subtle changes in Kim. I would occasionally see her taking a greater notice of how guys looked at her and her outfits became just a bit flirtier. She would wear thinner bras or even braless when going out, and began wearing shirts with deeper necklines or which were tighter on her chest. As I said, the changes were subtle. It wasn't as if she never wore clothing like that in the past, but not quite as often and perhaps not to the same extent. If I had asked her about it, it would have seemed strange because each thing on its own wasn't terribly unusual. But on the whole, her behavior was changing.

It was about a month after the curtain experience that Kim told me that she was thinking about inviting some of her friends from work over for an afternoon barbecue. Kim had worked for a telephone sales company for the past two months. It was a shitty job that could suck the life out of a person, but Kim seemed to be tolerating it well. Kim hung out with a large group of other 20-somethings. They would go out for an occasional beer after work, but that was about the extent of their socialization. I thought a BBQ was a great idea to get to know them better and maybe relieve some of their telemarketing stress.

Kim set it up for the following weekend. The day of the BBQ the weather was cool, but not cold. It was late September, so warmer days were becoming more and more scarce. In the end about ten of her coworkers showed up, some with significant others and some with kids. We had booze on hand so there was some light drinking, but nothing too heavy. It was all pretty much a standard BBQ with people milling around talking to each other. Nothing unusual at all.

Many of the guests left after just a couple of hours. Those remaining at our house were four coworkers, all male and unaccompanied. From their discussions it sounded like she knew them better than the others so it didn't seem strange at all that they would hang out longer than the others. I did occasionally catch them eyeing Kim up and down, but it never seemed terribly inappropriate and in the cool weather she wasn't wearing revealing clothing. I didn't know what she had on for a shirt, but she was wearing a thick sweater over it. She was wearing a pair of jeans that looked fantastic on her, but again, nothing unusual or revealing.

We moved the gathering inside as it started to get darker and cooler outside. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the discussion because it was all work related, but I hung out and drank with them.

At this point there was still nothing outstanding about the get-together. That changed in a blink of an eye. Two of the guys, Tom and Phil, had gone outside to get more beer from the cooler. Kim and I were in the living room talking with the other two, Steve and Kurt. Kim stood up and said, "Too hot in here for this," as she reached for the bottom of her sweater.

As she pulled the sweater up to the bottom of her breasts, the shirt underneath rose up some as well revealing her navel. If either of the guys weren't watching her, they were now as the sight of her skin was quite attention-grabbing. She lifted the sweater over her breasts and pulled it up to her neck. The shirt underneath seemed to be getting dragged up by the sweater, and was now just above the bottom of her breasts. You could just see the underside of her breasts and it was now obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath that shirt. She looked amazingly sexy standing there showing a lot of skin and with the bottom of her breasts just peeking out from underneath her shirt.

Her two coworkers were simply staring. I was in shock and completely speechless. Meanwhile I didn't know if Kim even knew that her shirt was being dragged up by the sweater. Before I could even deliberate whether to say something to her, she twisted her hands around on the sweater and began to pull it over her head. I watched as more and more of her tits came into view. Finally, as she lifted the sweater over her head, the shirt rose to neck level and her breasts sprung completely into view.

So there she was holding her sweater over her head with her shirt resting on her shoulders and her breasts completely exposed. Steve and Kurt were still staring at her, taking in the sight. Kim was looking off into the kitchen and didn't seem know that anything was wrong. At this point I finally managed in my shocked state to say, "Hey, Kim?"

She glanced at me and saw my gaze directed at her chest. She looked down and finally noticed that her tits were out. She had a genuine look of surprise on her face, and brought her arms down to cover her breasts while bending forward in embarrassment. She quickly tossed the sweater aside and pulled down her shirt while keeping her breasts covered. Just like that her exposure was over.

Kim looked extremely embarrassed but was also smiling. "I'm sorry, I don't know how that happened," she said to the group. It was clear that it was accidental, but at the same time she seemed to be enjoying the attention. As for me, I just couldn't believe that these two coworkers of hers had just gotten to see her naked tits. They've probably been checking her out since she started that job, and now got to see her breasts.

When Tom and Phil entered a moment later carrying beer they quickly realized that something had happened.

"Did we miss something?" Phil asked.

"No, nothing," Kim hurriedly answered but with an expression that made it clear that she was trying to conceal something embarrassing.

"What happened?" Tom pressed.

Tom and Phil could both tell at this point that something interesting had happened. They were both just staring at Kim because they knew that whatever it was, it involved her.

There was a moment of silence before Kim conceded defeat and explained, "Oh, I was just removing my sweater when my boobs popped out from underneath my shirt," like she was trying to downplay it.

"Your boobs popped out?" asked Phil, incredulous.

"Just for a second."

"Really?" Phil asked, directing his question towards Steve and Kurt.

"Yep, we both got to see her tits," Steve responded proudly with a huge grin on his face. "And she's not wearing a bra," he added.

"Jeez, I can't believe we missed that!" Tom exclaimed. He looked seriously disappointed, like he was one number off from winning millions in a lottery.

Kim was still all flushed and smiling. She looked extremely embarrassed but was undoubtedly enjoying the attention. Not only had Steve and Kurt seen her tits, but they were gloating about it while Tom and Kurt were expressing their disappointment. All four guys kept openly staring at her shirt-covered chest, which I'm sure that Kim noticed as well.

Eventually, the conversation turned to other matters, and the drinking continued. Every now and then someone would remark about Kim's exposure.

When Phil asked out of nowhere, "Kim, do you want to put back on your sweater and take it off again?" Kim just laughed and answered "No, thanks."

At another point Tom asked, "So how long were they out?"

Kurt responded, "Oh maybe ten seconds before Dave alerted her."

I corrected him, "It wasn't that long, just a few seconds."

I wasn't terribly bothered by the conversation as I could tell that Kim was enjoying it. My passive reaction was not lost on the guys and the questions got bolder as the drinks continued to flow.

Phil asked, "So how'd they look?"

"They looked great! Maybe a C cup and quite firm." Steve answered with enthusiasm.

"Yeah they're perfect," Kurt agreed.

"Oh fuck, I wish I could've seen that!" responded Phil.

Every time the topic of Kim's tits and their exposure came up, Kim would turn bright red. I think that sometimes they mentioned it just to see her embarrassment. Meanwhile she kept drinking and soaking up the attention.

Finally Phil said, "It's so not fair that they got to see them and we didn't. Can you please lift your shirt up for us?" The sound in his voice showed his frustration and the way he emphasized "please" made it sound like he was resorting to begging.

Kim looked at him and said, to everyone's surprise, "Like this?" Everyone was staring at her as her hand reached for the bottom of her shirt. I was in shock. I couldn't believe that she was about to intentionally show her coworkers her tits. I figured the booze was really having an effect on her. She had a huge smile on her face as she lifted the shirt slowly, first to her navel and then to the bottom of her breasts. She paused to surveil the room, glancing from guy to guy to gauge their reaction. We all just stared and anxiously waited for her to continue lifting the shirt. I saw her suck in her breath in preparation to flash her tits, but then said "Sorry!" instead and dropped the bottom of the shirt, allowing it to fall back into place.

"Awww," Phil groaned.

"What, you wanted me to lift my shirt, and I did!" Kim responded. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying teasing them.

Phil and Top both scowled, and everyone seemed disappointed. Kim could see the guys' expressions and explained, "Well, I'm not going to just flash my tits to you guys. I'd never hear the end of it at work!"

"We wouldn't say anything!" Phil responded, hoping to convince her to do it.

Kim just shook her head several times and smiled. Personally, I couldn't tell whether she was considering it or not. Kim started looking around and even in her drunken state could sense how frustrated the guys were, especially Tom and Phil who had missed the earlier show. Finally Kim said, "Okay, I got an idea, hold on," and bounded upstairs. We all just looked at each other, not knowing what to expect. A few minutes later she came back down carrying some clothes.

"I've got a couple of sweaters that I've been meaning to try on to see if they still fit. I might as well do that now. Hopefully my boobs will stay covered this time," she said with a smile.

The mood in the room changed instantly. Kim put two sweaters down on a table and looked at the guys. I'm sure that she could see the excitement in their eyes. I couldn't believe that she was about to risk exposing her breasts again. It was true that she wasn't simply flashing the guys, but she was knowingly taking a chance that would allow them to see her tits.

Kim picked up the first sweater, and pulled it on while facing the guys. She looked down at it, and tugged at the sleeves a bit to evaluate its fit. "Seems okay," she said although no one really cared whether the damn sweater fit. She then reached for the bottom and quickly pulled it up. As before, the shirt rose too, but this time got caught on her breasts. When her arms were raised about her head, just the very bottoms of her breasts were exposed. Although it was pretty tame compared to last time, the glimpse of breast skin was still a turn on.

Kim glanced down to see what was showing. An expression of disappointment briefly crossed her face. She looked out to her audience and said, almost apologetically, "It looks like my boobs mostly stayed in this time."

The shirt was held up by the bottom of her breasts so it hadn't yet fallen back into place. Surprisingly she just left the shirt there while she folded the sweater and placed it back on the table. Only after the sweater was on the table and folded did she pull down her shirt.

The guys' reaction was mixed. It was more of her tits than Tom and Phil had ever seen. But really they didn't see much and it certainly wasn't the complete exposure that Steve and Kurt witnessed.

"Is that what happened last time?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, except the shirt rose all the way up to her neck. We got to see her entire tits," responded Kurt.

"Hopefully the next sweater will be more cooperative," replied Tom, as if he was encouraging the sweater.

Kim smiled and reached for the second sweater. She went through the same routine of trying it on and checking its fit. As she started to pull it off I could tell right away that this was going to be more interesting. She had lifted the sweater just to her navel and the shirt had raised the same amount. I couldn't tell for sure but it looked like she had grabbed both the shirt and the sweater. Whether that was intentional I had no idea. She lifted the sweater higher to the bottom of the breasts, and again the shirt followed so closely that I could only see about an inch of the shirt below the sweater. I knew then that if she continued she was certainly going to expose her breasts to the guys. She took a few moments to look at the faces of the guys and I wondered whether she was going to go through with it. She glanced over to me and her expression told me that it was about to happen. She then abruptly pulled the sweater and shirt up to her neck, totally exposing her tits to the guys. They let out a cheer and she looked out to her audience. She could have pulled down her shirt then, but instead continued pulling the sweater over her head. The shirt remained inside the sweater and pulled completely off her.

So there Kim was, standing topless in front of her four coworkers with her shirt and sweater jumbled together in her hands. Kim again looked embarrassed and excited at the same time, and simply stood there for a few moments looking at the faces of the guys while they enjoyed the view of her tits. I could tell that she was trying to act like this was not a big deal, but I doubt that she was fooling anyone. She began casually extracting the shirt from inside the sweater while all four guys gawked at her breasts. It took maybe 30 seconds for her to get the shirt out, but for me it seemed like that time went by real slowly. I expected her to then put the shirt back on, but she shocked everyone by instead dropping it on the coffee table and picking up the sweater to start folding it. Another 20 seconds passed while she carefully folded the sweater. Kim bent forward as she went to place it on the coffee table with the other sweater, causing her tits to sway. She then picked up the shirt and discovered that it was inside out. She spent another 20 seconds turning the shirt back out before finally slipping it over her head and pulling it down to cover her breasts.

With that, she asked the guys, "Now, can you stop focusing on my boobs?"

Steve responded, "Okay, turn around then so we can watch your ass."

Everyone laughed, except Kim who just smiled and rolled her eyes. She picked up the sweaters and brought them back upstairs. Meanwhile, we all stared at her ass.

At this point everyone was pretty drunk, if that wasn't obvious. And it was now surprisingly late. When Kim returned she announced, "Already, I think I'm ready to call it a night. You guys can stay up more, or sleep on the couches here if you like, or call cabs, or whatever. I really don't care what you do but I'm going to bed."

With that, she headed up for bed leaving me to deal with the guys. They were all too trashed to drive so I recommended that they all just stay the night and drive home in the morning. No one disagreed with me. There were several couches and recliners, so I assumed that they could figure out sleeping arrangements, and headed upstairs to my wife.

When I got up stairs, she had changed into her usual sleepwear, a nightshirt. She never wore panties or a bra with it, just a nightshirt. This night she was wearing a loose cream colored shirt with a shallow neckline and which came down to about mid-thigh. It was pretty thin and transparent, but it was just meant for sleeping.

I told her that the guys were going to stay the night. She asked if I had gotten blankets or any kind of bedding for them. I responded, "Uh, no, but they have their clothes. They'll be fine for one night."

She looked at me with a rather blank expression. Actually, I think that there was an alcohol-muted scowl somewhere in there because she then stated that they should at least have blankets and headed towards the linen closet. She grabbed several blankets, and started heading downstairs.

I called out, "Kim!" When she looked back at me with a confused expression I said, "You just have your nightshirt on and it is kind of see-through."

She looked down at it, but from her expression I gathered that it didn't look too transparent to her. In retrospect, from that close and without a light source behind it the shirt probably did look okay to her. She responded, "It's not that see-through, and besides, they've already seen my boobs."

With that, she continued to head downstairs. I grabbed some more blankets and followed her. Doing so removed any doubt in my mind that the shirt was transparent. Her ass looked fantastic covered only by a piece of thin light-covered material. As she walked down stairs, she held the blankets in her extended arms covering her pussy. She was halfway down the stairs before the guys noticed her.

When they did notice there was an audible gasp and someone muttered "Aw shit!". Their eyes began flipping back and forth between her gorgeous bare legs and her thinly-covered her chest. She was just focusing on walking down the stairs without tripping in her drunken state. When she reached the guys she said, "I heard that Dave was going to let you sleep without blankets. You guys should at least have blankets for the night."

With that, she went around to each guy and handed him a blanket. They invariably looked her up and down as they took one from her. All of the guys noticed the view from the rear, which besides giving them a detailed image of her ass also made it clear that she had nothing on underneath the shirt. When Kim handed out the last blanket, she no longer had anything beside the thin nightshirt covering her pussy.

The guys were just openly staring at her. Her entire figure could be easily made out in the shirt and her beaver was clearly visible through the shirt. Their staring was so obvious that she had to say something.

"C'mon guys, it's called a nightshirt and you've already seen my boobs."

"Sorry for staring but you look fantastic!" said Kurt.

"Thanks," she said, blushing. Again, I don't think she realized how see-through it was.

Steve announced that he was getting another beer, and asked if anyone else wanted one. To my surprise Kim said, "Okay, one more." Of course with that, everyone else requested another too.

Kim sat down on the couch. She kept her legs together tightly, so she did seem to be aware that she didn't have any panties on and that the shirt was not terribly long. When sitting, the shirt just barely made it under her ass. It couldn't cover her legs at all. The bottom of the shirt bunched a bit in her crotch providing very limited coverage, but otherwise her entire legs up to her waist were exposed. Any slight movement of her legs would expose her pussy. I wasn't sure that she realized how close she was to having her most intimate parts exposed to her coworkers.

The guys continued to stare as expected. Not only were her legs completely bare, but her tits were clearly visible through the shirt. How could they not stare at her? She was a sight. Besides, no one wanted to miss a chance to see her pussy.

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