tagFetishWife in Control Ch. 02

Wife in Control Ch. 02


Almost two years ago, I posted the first part of a story detailing my punishment for failing to control my orgasm for my wife's pleasure. In an effort to appease her, I wrote her a poem offering acts of humiliation and service to account for my failure. She accepted my offering and executed the punishment with delicious cruelty. I lost the rest of the story because of a computer error, but my wife has commanded that I retype and resubmit the story in its entirety. This is Chapter 2 of that story. As noted with part one, everything in this story actually happened so my erotic imagination is constrained by the truth. The entire poem is set forth in the first part for your review. My wife told me to let the readers know that she welcomes your feedback and welcomes any suggestions that you may have of further cruelties and humiliations that I should suffer under her control. She thanks you for your input, and I am both fearful of and excited by your creativity.

After my wife pronounced my sentence for dribbling without permission, I endured seven trying days of complete denial. Each night she made me walk upstairs right after I returned from work and put on a pair of white satin panties over my shaved legs. There was, however, no sexual contact, no sexual conversation, no touching below the neck, nothing at all, which only served to heighten my sexual frustration. Each night as I struggled to fall to sleep in my t-shirt and panties, I longed for some stimulation.

On the morning of the eighth day, she announced that we would begin working our way through my punishment poem that night. She was definitely in "be careful what you suggest" mode as she smiled wickedly as I left the house. Throughout the day I was in a heightened state of arousal and nervousness. I knew I would soon be making at least some progress toward feeling her loving touch on my needy cock, but earning it would be humiliating, emasculating (if that was indeed possible at this point in my married life), and would increase my erotic frustration beyond any level I had experienced.

The first task is to show you how wonderful a long massage feels

My sissy punishment is to do it "butt plugged" in an outfit, hose, and heels

That night, after dinner, my beautiful wife called me into our bedroom. "It is time to get dressed my pathetic sissy slut" she said with a mischievous smile. She told me to dress in white opaque tights over white panties, a white control camisole, a white control brief, a black and white hounds-tooth, turtle neck sweater dress, completing my outfit with my new 4 ½ inch patent leather Nine West platform Mary Jane pumps. One might ask where did she get this suggested feminine attire to dress me? It was mine, each girly item earned at under her firm but indulging hand.

It had been more than one month since I had experienced a proper orgasm, or any orgasm for that matter, other than the ruined dribbling that led to my current predicament. I quivered with sexual tension as I rolled each leg of the tights up, placed the foot over my pointed toes, and slowly pulled them up each of my legs, relishing the feeling of the tights on my smoothly shaved legs. I pulled the tights high up my waist making sure that they were all of the way up my legs as the control top part of the tights squeezed my cock and swollen balls cupped in the satin panties. I pulled the control brief over my tights further compressing my maleness out of sight and pulled the camisole up my legs, placed my arms through the straps and adjusted it into place. Using a trick I learned from sneaking peeks of my sister dressing, I put on my shoes before my dress so as not to wrinkle it.

As my wife watched, I slid the shoes onto my tights covered feet and buckled them over the top of my foot just below the ankle. (These shoes alone were enough to make me afraid I would dribble in my panties). Next, I struggled to my feet in the high heeled platform shoes and pulled the dress over my head, buttoning it up at my neck. To enhance the delicious torture of the feminine attire on my orgasm starved psyche, she sprayed her perfume on my wrists and neck and told me to back up and perform a model turn so that she could look me over. Enjoying her control, she laughed "you really are a sissy slut. We will see if you can serve my needs dressed as a girl, since you cannot control yourself as a man." I stood there feeling humiliated, yet warmed by the smooth and together feeling of being dressed like a stylish young woman.

My wife told me to set up the massage table and cover it with soft flannel sheets. She made me bend over the bed and pulled down my control brief and my tights and panties to my thighs. I felt like a naughty school girl playing doctor with my ass exposed to the cool air in the room. I felt the cold sensation of her rubbing some lube on my ass followed by the shock of her inserting my new Progasm prostate massager into my ass. I gasped as my ass stretched to take this surprisingly large and rock hard toy for the first time. After filling me with the Progasm, she made me pull up my panties, tights, and the control brief, which snuggly secured the invading Progasm in my ass and crushed my tingling cock and balls uselessly into my body.

She slid off her gown and panties, climbed face down on the massage table, and told me to begin. Struggling to accommodate the Progasm while walking in very high heels, I rubbed the massage oil into her back, digging my fingers into her pressure points as she purred softly with pleasure. In my heightened state of arousal, it was exquisite torture to rub my hands over her beautiful body, slick and shiny with oil—a body that I have craved every waking minute since I met her. Finishing with her back, shoulders, and arms, I moved down to her feet and up her legs. With each stroke of up her thighs, I stopped at the top of the inside of her legs, lightly brushing the edge of her pussy lips and the cleft of her ass as she squirmed to try to meet my touch. I turned her over and began massaging the oil into her breasts brushing lightly over her nipples with each pass. Her nipples tickled the palms of my hands as they hardened under my touch. After I finished with her beautiful breasts, I moved to the front of her shoulders and her neck and then through the pressure points on her forehead and temples, causing her to melt into the table. I turned her over for our favorite part of the massage ritual.

Taking generous amounts of oil in my hands, I rubbed it into her ass. I started with wide strokes over her hips and next began kneading her ass cheeks, digging deep with my thumbs into the muscles where her upper thighs join her ass. Gradually, I moved closer to the crevice of her ass, pulling her apart with each of my strokes. I was mesmerized by the beautiful rear view of her ass cheeks spreading and closing with each pass of my hands. Wetness covered her pussy lips and her asshole puckered outward as I pulled her apart each time my hands glided over her ass. Slowly, I moved my thumbs directly to the tight ring of her asshole, kneading muscles as they began to relax under my fingers. I continued to trace my fingers over her sphincter ring with increasing pressure as the muscles gave way to my touch. She moaned and purred with approval.

Finally, the moment that I had hoped for arrived. She sighed "my servant girl, you may get me off with your fingers." Thrilled at the opportunity to pleasure her, I inserted my right thumb into her pussy and began to use my fingers to rub her clit, which was now slippery with her juices. She moaned as I rubbed her clit and pushed back against my thumb, which was now forced into her pussy up to the base of my hand. I pressed my thumb up from the inside of her pussy to pushing it firmly against her g-spot to meet the pressure of my fingers rubbing her clit on the outside. I rubbed her g-spot as it became swollen and spongy under my thumb and continued to stroke her clit with my fingers. At her command, I pushed one of my well-oiled fingers into her ass. She let out a guttural gasp, her ass grasping my finger and seemingly pulling it into the tight warmth. As she began to quiver, I continued to furiously rub her clit with my fingers keeping a steady rhythm. "Give me another finger" she growled hoarsely while gasping for breath. I complied by pushing another finger into her ass. With the second finger in her ass and the fingers of my other hand racing through the slippery wetness and over her engorged clit, her body began to spasm as she crested the first wave of her orgasm. Determined to push her over the top, I buried my thumb and fingers deep into both her holes pressing hard into her as I continued to rub her clit. "Fuck me with your fingers you panty slut," she screamed as she forced her ass and pussy back against my hands and arched off of the table. She began to buck her hips back and forth blasting into an intense orgasm as she rode my hands through her contractions, luxuriously drawing out her finish to the very end of her spasms. Satisfied, she collapsed melting onto the table.

My legs were exhausted from standing on the balls of my feet in high heels and leaning over her body. Given the strength of her orgasm, I hoped I might be rewarded. Instead, she told me to bend over the bed. She lifted my dress, pulled down my tights and panties and roughly pulled the Progasm from my ass. She handed me a white satin baby doll nightgown from my collection and told me to clean up, put the nightgown on with my panties, and get ready for bed. I pulled my panties and tights back up and quickly cleaned up, carefully navigating the room while perched high on the stiletto heels. I carefully removed my heels, tights, and dress, adjusted my panties over my now engorged cock and aching balls, and pulled the silky nightgown over my head. I tingled with desire as the satin fabric massaged my body as I tried to sleep—my hard cock craving her touch and my head spinning with the naughtiest thoughts.

I am sorry that I disappointed you and failed you I fear.

For your pleasure I will keep my tongue in your rear.

As often and long as you want licking your ass, no stopping, I am clear.

I want to show you my contrition and serve you my dear.

The next night she commanded me to dress in an outfit that she had picked out for me. "You need to look like a well dressed college sorority girl to perform the nasty service that you are going to provide tonight" She had selected white satin panties, ivory cable knit sweater tights, white extra firm control panties, a gray tweed miniskirt, tight black knit turtleneck, wide black suede belt, and black suede, peep toe, Mary Jane pumps with a 4 ½ inch heel. I again felt a deep thrill from dressing in these ultra feminine clothes mixed with humiliation from having to dress in front of her. I particularly relished the feeling of the soft sweater tights on my legs, but my cock was again neutered by the powerful control panties that suppressed any hope of an erection. She positioned me face up on the bed and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, rubbing her smooth lips and clit over my mouth as I licked them with my tongue. "Lick harder you sissy sorority slut," she laughed. In spite of, or maybe as a result of, her humiliating taunts, by body felt warm with the excitement of being dressed like a young fashionable coed.

Once she was very wet, she moved her ass over my mouth, and I slowly started rubbing my tongue around the outside of her asshole. I could feel the tense ring of her asshole begin to relax as I moved my tongue in a swirling motion around the ring. She then moved onto her stomach and stuck her ass up in the air. "Lick my ass, my slut," she commanded, thoroughly enjoying her power over me.

Spreading her ass cheeks, I again began licking the ring of muscle surrounding her puckered hole as the muscle further relaxed to accept my probing tongue. She moaned with pleasure and reached for the rabbit vibe that she had placed beside her on the bed. As I continued to service her ass with my tongue, she inserted the cock shaped portion of the rabbit into her now creamy pussy and slid the switch forward so that the dildo portion came to life and began rotating. "You will never come again if you do not keep your tongue in my ass until I am finished coming," she warned. With the rotating head deeply buried in pussy, she slid the control forward to start the clit stimulating rabbit ears. I followed her ass with my eager tongue as her body jerked forward at the shock of the vibration on her clit. As she settled in to a slight rocking motion, pressing the rabbit into her body, I moved from the ring of her asshole to the middle, gently flicking my tongue and probing to coax her sphincter to accept my tongue. Her asshole tasted sharp and spicy.

As the rabbit vibe twisted in her pussy, she began to spasm from the vibe and my ass worship. Her sphincter slowly gave way to allow the tip of my tongue inside her ass. She gasped and pushed her ass back into my face as I continued to push my tongue in and out of her hole. Her asshole opened further allowing more of my tongue inside her than ever before. She began to shake violently as her orgasm began to build. Her sphincter muscle began gripping my tongue with each contraction pulling it into her asshole as I continued fucking her ass with my tongue to push her over the top. She let out a hoarse scream as the orgasm possessed her body driving her into a seizure like climax and causing her asshole to pulse around my tiring tongue. After her violent orgasm, she slid the still whirring rabbit from her pussy and collapsed on the bed.

My exhausted, sore, tongue was throbbing at its base as I eased off of the bed, wobbling in my suede platform pumps. I stood at the foot of the bed once again conscious of the beautiful feminine clothes encasing my body. I continued to hope my efforts would be rewarded with a few merciful strokes on my cock, still crushed in the shaper panty. Raising my hopes, she told me she might allow me to rub my cock between her feet for one minute, but only after I brought her a nightgown to wear and cleaned the vibrator. When I returned from the bathroom, however, she cruelly told me she was tired and did not think such a pitiful girl was ready for stimulation of any kind. She told me instead I could sleep in my black satin chemise with no panties and massage her feet for 30 minutes as my reward. After I lovingly massaged her feet for the full 30 minutes, I slipped on the satin chemise. In my heightened state, my body tingled as the cool soft fabric slid down my body, grazing my grateful cock as the hem settled at my upper thigh. I eased between the sheets, forced to endure the cruel teasing of the satin gown rubbing against my touch starved cock. Exhausted from the tension and my service, I fell asleep wondering what trials and humiliations the next night would bring.

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