tagFetishWife in Control Ch. 04

Wife in Control Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter of my wife's execution of the punishment poem I submitted to her suggesting ways to atone for my inability to control my orgasm. Please review the earlier chapters for the full poem and the humiliations I have been forced to endure because of my failure. I did not think she would actually perform all of these cruel punishments on me, but she relished the opportunity to exercise her absolute dominion over my body and has expanded my offering with beautiful, creative cruelty. I live to serve her pleasure and am grateful she indulges my need for feminine discipline and complete control. As with the previous chapters, my wife told me to let the readers know she welcomes your feedback and any suggestions you may have of further cruelties and humiliations I should suffer under her control. She thanks you for your input, and I am both fearful of and excited by your creativity.

Perhaps some prideful dignity could be removed by a full bag enema detox.

You laugh as I struggle to take it all in my pumps and knee sox.

On Saturday, my ass was beyond sore from taking her whole hand in my ass to her wrist. I now had at least some insight into how a whore feels after overdosing on cock. Fortunately, my wife made plans for us to attend a neighborhood party. Even though she was allowing me a night off from my punishment, my wife took measures to ensure the tension from the denial of her touch did not abate.

When I got out of the shower to dress for the party, she had laid out pink bikini panties and a pair of nude Hanes Silk Reflections control top pantyhose to wear under my slacks. I told her I was afraid the neighbors might notice or I would get caught when some woman hugged me and felt the top of the pantyhose pulled high up my waist. She laughed telling me I would have to endure my sissy fears. She added I would be wearing the hose with my loafers and no socks. She made me put the pantyhose on in front of her carefully watching to make sure I put them on correctly and laughing as I struggled to pull the control top portion securely over my panties and high on my waist. My fears of being discovered could not suppress the thrill of seeing the silky hose beautifully incasing my smoothly shaved legs. She noticed my bliss and told me I was enjoying this too much. She soon returned from our toy box in the closet with a Tristan black silicone butt plug. "This should help you remember you are being punished," she said as she instructed me to pull down my pantyhose and spread myself wide. She lubed up the butt plug and forced it into my sore ass with a pop. My tender ass burned as I tried to accommodate this latest invasion. She told me to pull up my pantyhose and to hold the butt plug in place. "Your pussy is probably still loose from my fist," she laughed and handed me a black control brief to put on making me pull it high and tight forcing the butt plug into my ass and holding it securely in place. "If you behave, I might not make you sleep in the butt plug," she teased. As I pulled my slacks over the pantyhose, the silky smoothness of the pantyhose began its tormenting effect.

I could barely focus at the party, pushed by the pantyhose and her ongoing denial to the edge of sexual desperation and tormented by the ever present invasion of the butt plug. I am sure I appeared totally distracted in all my conversations that night by the sissy secret under my clothes. I constantly wondered whether I was walking funny as I tried to act natural while walking with a butt plug in my ass. I made it through the party without detection. As we walked home (I waddled as the rawness from the plug altered my gait), she informed me that she would remove the plug, but I would be sleeping in my panties and silky hose. I slept fitfully, my erotic thoughts magnified by the panties and pantyhose under the cool sheets.

On Sunday, my wife sent me out all afternoon running errands for her, but not before making me wear panties under my casual pants to remind me that I was still her girl. I arrived home nervous with anticipation of the execution of the next punishment and met my wife in the kitchen. She looked great as usual, wearing a casual mini dress with sky high wedge heels. She ordered me upstairs to shower and shave my body girly smooth for her pleasure. She told me to put on white satin panties, white opaque knee socks, and my black patent leather round toe platform pumps with a 4 1/2 inch stiletto heel. The pumps are fabulously girly and sexy. I washed and shaved my body taking care to make my pubic mound smooth to the touch. After drying myself, I applied the very feminine body powder my wife left out for me and stepped into the panties, adjusting them to cover my cock and shaved balls. I rolled up the knee socks and slid them over my toes and up my legs, pulling them high so they covered my legs in white opaqueness up to my knees. I paused to admire them as white opaque knee socks are to me the ultimate in girly femininity. I slipped on the pumps, once again enjoying the feeling of the shoes sliding on my feet. I stood to wait on my mistress, struggling to adjust to the height of the heel on the platform pumps. The knee socks made me feel like a naughty school girl adding yet another layer to my orgasm starved desperation.

I heard her walking up the stairs. When she arrived in the room, she told me it was going to be a very fulfilling evening. She pulled a leather collar from the drawer, fastened it around my neck, and attached a leather leash to the ring on the collar. She led me in front of the mirror so I could see what a pitiful sissy I had become. She made me pull down my panties and pose with my legs crossed over my cock so my shaved pubic mound creased in the middle between my legs. "Now you look like you have a real pussy like the one you dream about having." She laughed at her creation as she pulled the leash leading me into the bathroom. She told me pull my panties down to my ankles and made me get down on my knees and lean forward on my elbows over a towel she had placed on the floor.

I waited nervously, listening as she went through her preparations at the counter. She filled a large hot water bottle until it swelled like a balloon, stretched full with warm water. She screwed in the cap and attached a long tube. Instead of an enema nozzle, however, she attached the much larger and longer douche nozzle that came with the kit. "I thought I would use the douche nozzle since your ass may as well be a pussy, "she said as she checked to make sure that the clamp on the hose was closed. She hung the hot water bottle high on the towel rack. I sensed her behind me just before I felt a cold sensation as she applied some lube to my exposed asshole, still tender from her anal puppet show and last nights plugging. I flinched as she inserted the hard plastic nozzle into my ass, reminding me of the perverse pleasure of playing doctor with my cousins, only with a larger object stretching my sphincter over the bulbous tip of the nozzle.

She paused, only heightening the anticipation as I accommodated the initial invasion of my rectum. I put my head down and looked back at my girlishly bald pubic mound, my now embarrassingly shrunken cock, and the tube running rudely from my ass. My smooth legs looked particularly girly in the knee socks before the view took a slutty turn past the panties around my ankles to the patent leather pumps on my feet. I was shaken back to reality when she reached up and opened the clamp on the hose. The warm water rushed through the hose and flowed into my bowels. At first I felt gentle warmth, almost like I was wetting myself, then the water flowed more forcefully as I struggled to accommodate the rising pressure, and finally reaching the point of painful fullness as the last of the contents of the full hot water bottle emptied into my ass. With the bottle drained, she reached behind me for the nozzle, pausing to cruelly fuck me with it for a minute to intensify the pressure, before sliding it all of the way out of my ass.

She moved in front of me and sat on the toilet seat holding the leash in her hand. She jerked the leash pulling my head up and said with delight, "Now we are going to see how long you can hold it. Hopefully, you can hold it better than your orgasms. If you release your bowels and mess up my bathroom, you will clean it up, and I will suspend your efforts to regain the pleasure of my touch for another month." I braced myself and clamped my taxed sphincter muscle tightly against the growing pressure as I could not bear an extra month without her glorious touch on my cock. The urgent need to evacuate crept over me at first, but then rose ever more quickly as she looked at her watch and told me that I had to make it two more minutes. I closed my eyes and curled my toes in the pumps, seeking to somehow endure the cruel test of my sphincter muscles.

Finally, just as I was about to lose control and explode right on the floor, she said my two minutes were up. Before I could move toward my relief, however, she said that she had to go to the bathroom. I protested, but she jerked the leash pulling my collar to remind me who was in control. She slowly slid off her panties and began to pee as I waited at her feet, desperate to release my overly full bowels. As she finished, I struggled to stand, but she reminded me that I am required to clean her with my mouth whenever she pees in my presence or calls me afterward to service her, no exceptions. I groaned from the force of the pressure as I struggled to place my face between her legs. Her smoothly shaved pussy lips glistened with warm moisture as I began to lick the salty nectar and clean her. She told me to suck deeply to get every drop from the folds of her pussy. I moved to the center of her pussy to complete my service so I could escape the torture of my aching bowels. As I put my mouth over her pussy and stuck my tongue deep into her, sucking to slurp every drop, she clinched her muscles and sent another heavy stream squirting out of her urethra and into my waiting mouth. "I guess I wasn't finished; you better not spill a drop," she said laughing. I swallowed a mouth full of her golden gift and struggled to clean the rest of the last salty squirt from her pussy lips, not spilling a drop.

At last, she deemed my cleaning duty complete, and she moved off the toilet. I struggled awkwardly to my stiletto heeled feet, ankles bound by the panties, and rushed to sit on the toilet. In a final blow to any shred of remaining dignity, she stood in front of me holding the leash, forcing me to perform that most private of acts as she laughed at my humiliation. Release could not be denied, however, as the contents of my bowels came flooding out leaving me limp from the ordeal.

In a final insult, she reached down to my shriveled dick and wiped a sticky ribbon of precum onto her finger before sticking it in my mouth and telling me to suck it clean.

To add to my torture she made me sleep in her short cotton Laura Ashley nightgown, the panties, and my knee socks. In spite of these feminine distractions, I slept soundly, spent and empty to my core.

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