tagFetishWife in Control Ch. 07

Wife in Control Ch. 07


This is the seventh chapter of my wife's fulfillment of the punishment poem I submitted suggesting ways to atone for my inability to control my orgasm. Please read the earlier chapters for the full poem and the humiliations I have been forced to endure because of my failure. I am grateful that my wife loves me enough to exercise the total control over me that I need and crave, which includes humiliating consequences for coming without permission. She truly knows what is best for me. She shows her love by indulging my need for rules and discipline. Please remember that the stories in this series are absolutely true. You can impact our future adventures, however. As with the previous chapters, my wife told me to let the readers know she welcomes your feedback and any suggestions you may have of further cruelties and humiliations I should suffer under her control. We have received several very creative suggestions via private email feedback. My wife says please keep them coming. She thanks you for your input, and I am both fearful of and excited by your creativity.

This girl's shame is great for having failed,
for your entertainment I should be dressed and impaled.
On objects selected by you to be seen,
I am sure you will test this sissy size queen.

As a regular ritual in her complete control of my sexuality, my wife makes me confess my prior acts of perversion to her. There is a never ending supply of these stories since I have been beyond naughty since I was very young. Among her favorites for some reason are the stories of me impaling myself on various bed posts and spindles while wearing some girly outfit borrowed from my sister or from some unsuspecting coed's lingerie drawer, stretching my asshole as I stroked my cock. She often has me entertain her by impaling myself on various objects while she watches me rudely stretched in front of her.

With this kink in mind, my punishment poem included a performance on the pole so to speak, and this was the night. I arrived home before her and found a note telling me to shower, shave myself completely smooth, and wait on the bed for her. I complied with her commands as quickly as possible, finishing my shower and shaving ritual by applying some feminine perfumed body lotion to my silky smooth skin.

As I waited on the bed, she arrived home and walked upstairs. She entered the room carrying two shipping boxes and announced that she had made some purchases for me. She said I would earn them later, but now would wear them purely for her viewing pleasure. From the box she pulled a pale pink satin Victorian corset with garters and matching satin panties. Next, she took out a new pair of delicious pink stockings. Placing my arms through the straps of the corset, she fastened the hook and eye closures in front and then pulled the lacing in the back cruelly tight creating a feminine waist. She had me roll up the stockings, slide them over my feet, and pull them up my legs under her watchful eye. As I fastened the stocking tops to the garters on the corset, I was mesmerized by their softness and their smoky sheerness on my smooth legs, which reminded me of wearing my sister's pink pastel pantyhose pilfered from her waste basket.

She commanded me to put the panties on outside of the garters "for easy access." The corset and the panties were of extremely high quality, and the panties felt substantial and heavy in my hand. I eased the panties over my pretty pink stockings and pulled them snug over my needy cock and swollen balls. The substantial fabric felt luxurious on my starved organ. She left the room, and I fell back on the bed and extended my legs above me marveling at how soft and feminine they looked coated with the pink hue of the stockings. I had never worn expensive lingerie, and my body hummed with sissy satisfaction that only slutty sissies can know. I tugged on my nipples through the satin corset feeling the electric charge heightened to new levels by the many days of denial.

Returning to the room, she caught me admiring my legs and the corset and panties. She warned me, "Don't get too comfortable in those clothes; you will pay for them later. I just wanted to see you get in touch with your pinkness for my pleasure." She opened the other shipping box and removed a pink shoebox. She removed a pair of yummy pink satin peep toe pumps with 5 inch heels and a one inch platform, and a large satin bow on each toe. As she slid each pump on my feet, she teased, "You better enjoy these because you may never wear them again since I am not sure that you could possibly do enough to earn them. You may have to take a real cock in you ass to pay for these."

Orgasm starved sissy slut that I was, I groaned audibly as the images created by her taunting floated in my head. Now wearing the exquisite pink pumps, sexy in a classy, flirty way, I stood at her command. "We need one finishing touch," she purred reaching into her drawer to remove a matching pink satin ribbon. She tied the broad ribbon around my neck in a bow, creating a satin choker as a delicious feminine accent.

While a struggled to adapt to walking in the new heels, she had me model for her pleasure. I watched myself in the mirror and gasped at the vision of girly pale pink contrasted with the raw sexuality of the corset, panties, stockings, and satin heels. The wired edge of my heightened sexual anguish gave me a buzz like some mythical sex drug.

To my surprise, she led me down the stairs and, appropriately, to the back door. I was mortified as she opened the door and escorted me out the door, into the cool December night, and onto our slate patio. We have a back guest house that blocks the view from one side of the patio, but have close neighbors on the other side. I was relieved to see their house was dark, but feared my sissy secret would be discovered if they arrived home. My wife is very careful and knew they were out of town, but she did not tell me, letting my fear of further humiliation sharpen the edge of my erotic discomfort.

My wife appeared relaxed as she led me to the gate that separates the patio from the rest of the backyard. Although I was anxious at the humiliating thought of being discovered, I noticed the strange feeling of the cold air through the stockings and the corset. She stopped and pulled something from her pocket. It was a condom. I then learned my first object of impalement when she slipped the condom over the two inch wide, ball shaped cap on the gate post. "You will make a great patio ornament corseted, stockinged, and mounted on our gate post," she said as she laughed mischievously. "You better mount your asshole on that ball before the neighbors come home."

The top of the post was a few inches below my waist. She turned me away from her and pulled my panties down to my ankles. She bent me over and told me to spread my ass cheeks with my hands as she applied lube to my asshole. The lube was cold but welcome as I dreaded the prospect of taking the iron post with a tight dry hole. I turned to face her, and shuffled back to the post since the pink panties were now loosely binding my ankles. I stood on my toes in the pink satin pumps and pressed my asshole against the latex covered ball. The cold metal caused my asshole to tense, and my sphincter blocked the ball from entering my ass. I reached back and pulled my cheeks further apart to open myself. With that effort my asshole began to spread around the ball as my legs cramped from the strain of being on my toes. I groaned as my sphincter ring stretched, slowly sliding over the iron ball and closing around the lower side much to my relief. My burning legs could finally relax as I sat down on the post with the ball filling my ass. The cold iron chilled the delicate tissue inside my ass causing my semi hard cock to ache from inattention.

My wife laughed and applauded the show, telling me she was turned on by watching me strain to stretch my ass over the iron ball. She sat down in one of the patio chairs and looked at her watch. She told me I had to hold my pose, impaled on top of the post for 5 minutes, like some perverse Roman garden ornament. I spent the next 5 minutes chilled to the core by the iron ball and anxiously watching the driveway next door for headlights.

Sensing my fear of discovery, she teased, "I think Allison is out of town, but, if Frank comes home, your sissy secret will be revealed. Allison does not seem like she is giving him much action since the baby was born. I might be able to keep him quiet if I make you suck his dick every few days or let him fuck your sissy ass while I watch. What do you think of that my pink pussy princess? I hope for your sake he likes sissy boys.

"He may demand to fuck me instead in exchange for keeping quiet about your perverted cross dressing. You are lucky I love you enough to make that sacrifice. You should kiss my ass everyday in thanks that I am willing to take another man's big cock in my pussy to save your reputation."

Her taunting made me nervous, but sent a naughty thrill through my loins as I served my anal sentence on the garden fence. Finally, she told me that I could come off my anal perch. I struggled to raise myself up on the toes of my satin pumps and lift my asshole off of the cold iron ball. My starved cock leapt as the ring of my asshole stretched back around the iron ball and slid closed down the other side of the ball. The chill from the cold iron lingered as I regained my composure and quickly walked inside relieved that my secret addiction was safe from the neighborhood gossip.

I walked delicately following my wife to the stairs and up to our bedroom nervous as to my next anal challenge. She escorted me into the bathroom and told me to bend over the counter. Pulling my panties down to my knees she cleaned me with a cold wet washcloth, triggering youthful memories of exposure and sending a tingle through my useless cock and into the pit of my stomach. The hint of pleasure was quickly replaced by concern as my wife disappeared into her closet and returned with "Kong" a huge realistic vibrating dildo with a massive bulbous head and huge balls hanging in front of a suction cup base. It is 10 inches in length and 2.5 inches in girth. This dildo would give even the biggest size queen pause.

Some months before, I had tried to take this massive rubber cock in my ass as part of a challenge from my wife to earn a new pair of sexy patent leather lace up booties. At the time, she had not allowed me to come for over a month. I desperately craved the feel of the booties as they embraced my tights covered feet, becoming a substitute for my forbidden orgasm. Unfortunately, I was not able to stretch my ass around the head of Kong as it hung suction cupped to the footboard of the bed, and I failed the challenge. I was crushed as my wife slowly slid the booties off of my feet, put them back in the box, and immediately shipped them back to the store.

I told my wife I did not think I could take Kong. She teased, "You sissified pussy, you will take it all the way to the balls at the base or no one will touch your cock again." With that warning, she stuck the suction cup of Kong on the wooden foot board of the bed about 15 inches off of the carpeted floor and sat in the big overstuffed chair facing the foot of the bed.

I lubed Kong liberally. "May I remove my panties so I can spread my legs further apart," I asked.

"You may leave them around one of your ankles," she replied.

Lowering the satin panties down my legs, I climbed down on my pink-hued knees feeling my feet slide forward in the cool lining of the pink satin pumps. I backed up until the huge bulbous head of the dildo coldly touched my asshole. My earlier struggles in failing to take this monster cock had mostly been a result of the massive head and somewhat flexible shaft of the dildo. Unlike gradually building up to five fingers when being fisted, there was no build up with the Kong, just 2.5 inches of firm dildo splitting me from the start. I reached back and pushed the head of the dildo against my well-greased asshole, but the shaft bent from the pressure, and I could not get it in. I tried again, using my hand to force the head in my ass. My asshole stretched to accommodate the massive head as I breathed like a woman in child birth in an effort to accept Kong's anal invasion. Once the head popped into my ass, I was overcome with the pain of being stretched beyond my limits. My mouth opened wide as I groaned in an effort to tolerate the painful stretching. I paused hoping my asshole would expand and the pain would subside.

After what seemed like several minutes of squirming and deep breathing in an attempt to ease the relentless pressure, my ass began to accept the initial assault. The pain was slowly overcome by the pleasure of endorphins released with the stretching of my ass to its absolute limit. Unlike the ball shaped fence cap, however, there was no relief from sliding closed around the other side, just more of the unrelenting, massive dildo filling my ass.

My wife, watching my anal ordeal, said, "Watching your face, with your mouth opening and contorting as you try to take Kong is so hot, particularly in your pretty pink lingerie." She removed her panties, lifted up the fleece mini-dress she was wearing and began slowly stroking her hairless pussy.

Even in my impaled state, this vision caused a twitch in my long denied cock. Gaining my composure as my ass gradually stretched around Kong, I realized I had only taken about three inches of Kong in my ass and had a long way to go to pay this portion of my debt of disobedience. Breathing rapidly again, I pulled my ass cheeks apart with my hands and pushed my ass back against Kong as it slowly and relentlessly bored into my ass stretching me wider with every inch. With about four inches to go, I encountered some resistance as Kong pushed into my bowels, which had never been stretched this wide at this depth. I arched and bowed my back trying to maneuver the huge Kong further into me and searching desperately for an angle that would allow me to accommodate the butt-wrecking beast at this extreme depth. I again reached my hands back over the garters that held my stockings and pulled my ass cheeks further apart. I could hear my wife purr with approval as I snaked my body down the shaft of this rubber pole, slowly making my way to full impalement. I felt like the tip of Kong was going to come out of my mouth as I finally felt my asshole stretch up to the balls hanging at the base of the dildo.

"Wow, you really are a size queen," my wife exclaimed as she slowly stroked her now glistening pussy lips.

She eased up from the chair, reached behind me, and turned the vibrator control for Kong all of the way up. My body was shaken to its inner core. The vibrations deep in my bowels were greatly intensified with my body stretched around the massive Kong.

My wife taunted me, "If you can take five strokes, fucking yourself up and down the entire length of Kong, then you will be able to remove the dildo."

I slowly eased my body up the shaft of the dildo as it length slid form my ass to a point about two inches from the head. Following her command, I then pushed my ass carefully back down the length of the dildo, again contorting my body in an attempt to relieve the relentless pressure of the Kong stretching me beyond my previous limits. I repeated this ritual four more times never getting any real relief as my ass was already stretched to the maximum.

"You may now remove yourself my sissy size queen" she said.

I moved forward sliding my body off of the Kong, my asshole gaping from the huge intruder, and fell forward on my stomach, light headed from the reaming.

Once I had come to my senses and recovered my breath, my wife told me I looked like a sloppy slut and to straighten my stockings and pull myself together because I had one final impalement to endure.

After Kong, my asshole was so loosely stretched that I did not know of anything that would be a challenge other than my soreness from the previous anal assaults. I pulled the satin panties up so they again cupped my swollen balls. I then adjusted my pink stockings pulling them all of the way up my legs and smoothing them so I looked like a proper girl.

"We need to tighten your corset my little slut," my wife said as she made me turn around and pulled the laces of the corset so that the pink satin fabric pulled even tighter cinching my waist to a point where I could barely breathe. Satisfied that I was securely corseted, she led me to our guest room, where she had positioned an overstuffed chair in front of our antique day bed. I immediately realized my next anal challenge.

The bed had spindle posts sticking up about 8 inches from each corner of the foot of the bed. The posts were turned in a spool design which looks like a series of one inch high round disks or bulbs stacked on top of each other, in this case widening out to about 21/4 inches at the widest point and then narrowing to about 11/4 inch before repeating the pattern.

"I would like you to meet your next date my little anal slut. You better get him ready," my wife laughed as she handed me a tube of lube.

I greased the post running my hand up and down its knobbed length as I contemplated whether my sore asshole was up to the task.

"Take off those pretty pink panties, I want to watch you take this one in your sissy ass," she purred as she settled into the chair with the new Lelo Ina vibrator I had purchased for her.

I slowly slid the panties down my legs and bent down to lift them over my stiletto heels and carefully over the bows on the front of my pink pumps.

The top of the post was waist high, so I stood on my stockinged toes forcing them to slide forward in the pumps as I positioned my traumatized asshole over the top of the post. I slowly lowered my body onto the post. The intense soreness I felt as my sphincter ring stretched over the width of the first bulb reminded me of the prior anal indignities suffered for my inability to control myself for the pleasure of my beautiful, sexy bride With each bulb of the post my ass stretched wide to accommodate the 21/4 inch girth of the post before sliding down the other side of the bulb and closing around the narrow part of the post only to be stretched back out again to open myself for the unyielding width of the next bulb. After the first two bulbs, it was easier to control my descent onto the post because the tips of my satin covered stiletto heels touched the floor, but not easier to take the stretching of my asshole. As I moved down the next bulb, I had to handle the additional challenge of the depth of the post in my ass pushing the walls of my rectum. I finally struggled over the last bulb as the post mercifully narrowed at the base of the foot board. Rudely mounted and stuffed, I awaited my wife's approval while she casually eased her vibrator up and down the lips of her shaved and splayed pussy.

"You took it all, but it is kind of boring with you just sitting there impaled on the post. I want to add a more entertaining challenge to help me get off." She walked over to the drawer where she keeps her wrapping paper. She pulled out a pink ribbon that closely matched the pale pink color of my corset, panties, and satin pumps. The ribbon had a grouping of silver jingle bells tied to it. She approached me as I sat impaled on the post still breathing heavily trying to relax my ass to accommodate the mass and depth of the bed post sticking deep up my bowels. She lifted my semi-hard cock and tied the ribbon around it in a bow. She settled back in her chair, picked up the vibrator, and said, "If I do not hear those bells ringing continuously until I come, then your cock will not be touched for another month. Start moving!"

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