tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Is Blackmailed

Wife Is Blackmailed


Mary Oliver's Blackmail

Mary was slightly startled as the door bell rang. She was not expecting anyone so early in the morning. Her husband had left for work and the kids for school. Fortunately she had taken her morning shower already. She sat down her cup of coffee and morning paper and headed for the door.

She glanced out of the window and realized the visitor was a friend of hers, Jeff. Mary had met Jeff and his wife, Theresa, through the school where their children attended. They had become pretty close friends even though Jeff and Theresa were only 29.

Jeff took in all her beauty as she opened the door, her long brown hair, brown eyes and shapely body. Mary was 39, with nice 36C breasts. Jeff knew Mary as a conservative, shy housewife and mom. He had always had his eye on her ever since the first day they met. He had masturbated many times to her and recently, even to her naked pictures he had discovered on a website.

Jeff had wondered how to approach her about the pictures, and now, with her standing there in the flesh before him, he new he had to go through with it. He imagined how she would be startled to know that her ‘secret' had been found out.

Mary was wearing a pair of jean shorts, button up shirt, bra and panties. Jeff noticed that he licked his lips as he looked down at her bare legs and feet. He looked back up as Mary said, "Good morning, Jeff. What brings you out so early this morning?".

His heart pounded as he searched for the right words, "Well I wanted to ask you some questions about something. Do you have a few minutes?" he said a little shaky. Opening the door a little wider, Mary asked him to come inside. Jeff thought to himself....if she only knew!!

Following her inside he admired her ass from the back. At 5'5" tall and 130 lbs. she had a great figure, especially after birthing two kids. All he could think about was how nice it was going to be to see her ass in the flesh!

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Mary asked Jeff what she could help him with. Jeff then placed a manila envelope on the table and said he wanted her to take a look at something. She picked it up and opened the envelope. Her heart jumped into her throat as she pulled the pictures out. Her face blushed and she could feel herself overcome with heat from the sheer humiliation she was now feeling. There on the paper was her pictures, pictures of her naked that had been taken by her boyfriend. She didn't know why she had let him take the pictures, but she was just so horny at the time and it had actually made her even hornier posing for them.

She immediately asked where he had gotten the pictures. Jeff responded telling her how he visited this amateur website on occasion and had seen her pictures posted there. He had downloaded them for his private use, but now he wanted her to know how beautiful and sexy she was and that every time he looked at the pictures he couldn't help but to cum.

Embarrassed and humiliated she could not bring her eyes back up to meet his. She then started to beg Jeff to destroy the pictures and forget he ever saw them. She explained to him that it was a mistake. That she had let Mark, her boyfriend take the pictures, but that he had also said that they would be destroyed the next day.

Jeff started feeling a little more confident now, seeing Mary so weak and frail from her awkward situation and that she had now confirmed his first thoughts....her husband has no idea of these photos. Jeff then responded that he could never forget what he has seen, and that he would not destroy the photos. He then said, ‘In fact Mary, I would like to take some more pictures of you.'

She immediately looked up and said, ‘Please Jeff, just destroy these pictures and forget this ever happened.'

Jeff could see her humiliation. Her face was flush and her hands started shaking. Gaining more confidence he then said, ‘Mary, here is the deal. Your husband, kids, family, friends and neighbors will never have to find out about or see these pictures of you, but in order for that to happen, you must do exactly as I tell you.'

Mary bowed her head because she knew she was in a bad situation. She pleaded once again, but Jeff stood and said, ‘Well I guess I need to make some more copies.'

Mary reached out and grabbed his arm and said, ‘Wait! Ok, what do you want?'

At this point Jeff knew he had her right where he wanted her. As he sat back down he said, ‘Well first off, you can stand up and let me take a good look at you.' Mary stood slowly feeling his eyes running up and down her body. She could feel the humiliation, which actually started making her nipples erect. She started thinking of other things, far off things, as if she weren't there.

She was quickly startled back to reality when Jeff said, ‘Unbutton your shirt slut. And when you have it unbuttoned, I want you to hold it open and tell me you're a slut.' Jeff surprised himself, but he had always wanted to dominate a woman, and now the woman of his dreams was submitting to him. He knew she would not risk being exposed to her friends and family.

Mary reached down with trembling hands and started unbuttoning her shirt. When she finished, she pulled it open and said, ‘I am a slut.' Jeff smiled and admired her thin, white bra, her pink nipples slightly erect and visible as they poked out.

Jeff said, ‘You're enjoying this aren't you?' Not knowing what to say she put her head down and said in a whisper, ‘no.'

‘Well then, why are your nipples hard? Do you enjoy stripping and being stared at?' She just stood there, no words to respond with. ‘Take off your shirt and put your hands behind your head so I can get a good look at your bra covered titties!'

Dropping her shirt to the floor, she put her hands behind her head as she was told. She could feel her nipples rubbing against her bra, making them even more erect. The confidence rising with his now stiffening cock, Jeff told Mary to drop her shorts. Her hands dropped to her shorts, unbuttoned then unzipped them. As she dropped her shorts, she could see the rising bulge in Jeff's shorts. Jeff then told her to turn around so he could get a full view of her in her panties and bra.

‘Bend over slut and stick out your ass.' Jeff knew Mary was now way in over her head and that she would do exactly as she was told. Admiring her ass, Jeff reached down and rubbed his cock through his shorts.

‘Now turn around and take off your bra.' Mary turned around, her face red and flushed from her humiliating situation. She had never stripped for anyone like this before. She unclasped her bra from the back and let her bra fall off her shoulders, her tits falling free. ‘Wow! Your tits look even better in the flesh.' Jeff said staring at her now bare tits.

Mary thought she would pass out right there from the sheer humiliation. She watched as Jeff's eyes wandered her body from her bare feet, up her shapely legs, and right on up to her bare tits. She could tell he was enjoying himself, and at her expense. She had never thought Jeff would do anything like this. Now here she was, practically his personal slave.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Jeff said, ‘How does it feel to strip in front of me?'

Mary pleaded, ‘Jeff you know how shy I am. I am humiliated and ashamed.'

Jeff smiled and said, ‘That's what makes this so much fun Mary, I do know how shy, and conservative you are normally. And now, you're standing here in just your panties!'

Jeff then pulled out his digital camera and told Mary it was time to pose for some pictures. The last thing she wanted was to have more pictures taken of her, but she had no choice, Jeff already had over 30 pictures of her undressed and having sex with her boyfriend, Mark. Why did she agree to let Mark take those pictures, she would never know....Flash, Flash, Flash. Jeff told her to turn around so he could get some of her ass. Turning, she heard the camera click off several more pictures.

Jeff then told her to turn back around and cup her titties with her hands while he took several more pictures. Mary could feel her pussy betraying her. Getting wetter as her humiliation continued. Jeff then told her to come over and kneel in front of him and unzip his shorts and pull out his cock so she could see what her nakedness had done to him. She hesitantly walked over, knelt and pulled out Jeff's cock. About 8 inches long and almost 3 inches around, it was bigger than both her husband and boyfriend. Fact was, it was bigger than any cock that had ever fucked her.

‘Stroke it Mary.' Mary started stroking it. A small amount of pre-cum started oozing from the head. ‘Lick it off Mary...and look at me while you do it.'

Mary held Jeff's cock and licked the pre-cum off the head. All the while she looked up at Jeff with her brown eyes. Ahhh, he almost came just looking at her in her submissive state.

‘Now, suck it slut.' Jeff smiled to himself as he relished in the thought of calling Mary a slut. Her mouth engulfed him and she began to suck and stroke his rock hard cock. She could feel the head swelling in her mouth and knew it wouldn't be long before he exploded in her mouth. Just then, she felt Jeff tighten and the warm jet of sperm hitting her throat. ‘Swallow my cum Mary!' Jeff yelled as he emptied his cum into her mouth. Mary swallowed and felt his cum run down her throat.

Jeff then stood, took his dripping cock from her mouth and wiped it on her face. He then pulled his shorts up and told Mary to walk him to the door. ‘I know the kids will be home soon, so I will go for now. But this is not the last of our fun for sure.' Jeff smiled and gave her nipple a hard twist. Mary winced at the pain and looked down, knowing her life would never be the same.

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Has Some Potential

But there is a big time gap in this little story....Jeff arrives first thing in the morning just after the kids have left for school....he shows Mary the pictures....gets a blowjob and then has to leavemore...

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