tagLoving WivesWife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 02

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 02


Rosie steadied herself with one hand against the door and leaned slightly as she stepped into one of the high-heeled shoes.

"Could you buckle me, please?" she asked. I smiled and we both laughed. "That prick!" I knelt in front of her and wrapped the thick leather strap around her thick stocking-clad ankle. "He knows I can't bend that far in this get-up." She wobbled a bit as she stepped into the other shoe. "Three inch heels. He calls this 'moving up a step'." I slid the tongue through the buckle and pulled it snug.

Just for fun, I slid my palms up the outsides of her legs as I stood up, ending up with her big bottom in my hands. "Do you think he'll even notice?" she whispered, then tongued my ear.

"I doubt he'll have any idea. He'll think it's just you. But we'll know, won't we?"

"It's only fair," she laughed. "You stick yourself what he's left behind, now he can do the same." We kissed again, Rosie grinding her hips against mine. I pushed her away gently. "Go, stand in the doorway."

"I'll pose for you," she chuckled, raising one arm behind her head, planting the other hand on her hip. She looked hot, no doubt.

James had emailed her a shopping list for this weekend and she'd bought everything he asked for. Black satin thong, black lace push-up bra, bright red latex corset with suspenders and dark burgundy stockings. She wore six gaudy gold rings on her left hand and eight on her right, lots of golden bracelets and gold chains around her neck, even large gold hoop earrings, two on each side. She got the seconds piercings two weeks ago, that is, nearly three weeks after we'd started pushing the game up notch by notch.

Her hair continued to grow out - at James' insistence, of course. Currently, it was dyed blonde and piled high on top of her head. Her makeup was classic streetwalker, right down to a new black beauty mark low on her left cheek.

"Let's get going. The driver will be down at the Tic Toc in a few minutes," Rosie said. I gave her another kiss and helper her into the black full-length overcoat. We walked into the garage, I held the door open for her and she slid into the passenger seat. I got in, started the car and pressed the button on the garage door opener. As I backed out of the driveway, I looked at her. She kept her head down, just in case any of the neighbors were looking out their windows or out for a walk.

James had agreed to have her picked up in a neutral place in order to maintain her privacy. We'd picked a tacky bar several miles from our home but still in a safe neighborhood.

"You're still OK with this?" I asked as we rolled along.

Rosie took a few quiet breaths before answering. "It was certainly a shock when you brought it up. I thought you were going to hate me for going out on you."

I smiled, remembering that wild week after her confession. We'd screwed like rabbits, took advantage of every free second we could find, doing it anywhere we happened to be, and always, always, whispering to each other about her and James. I'm not going to try and psychoanalyze either of us. The bottom line was that we both got a hell of a kick out of it. We checked in with each other all the time - a beast like this was dangerous to keep - but so far, we were both loving it.

"Have you figured out how he screens them yet?" I asked.

She turned slightly, reached her hand toward me and touched my leg. I felt electricity jump from her fingertips to my crotch.

"The men he brings aren't people he works with, I know that. I heard two of them talking last time and I think I have a pretty good idea where he's meeting them."

There was a red light and I stopped the car. I took her hand in mine, brought it to my face and kissed her palm. "Well?"

"I don't want to say yet, I want to see what else I can learn," she objected.

"You tease!" I laughed. The light changed and I put her hand back on my leg, sliding it closer to my cock.

"I promise you, I'm getting closer," she purred softly, hand pressing against me through my pants. I smiled. I had confidence she would find out, then we could move our little plot forward.

What was our plot? Let me rewind back to one night, a while ago, after their second or third time together, Rosie and I were laying on the living room floor, exhausted from fucking, sipping wine and watching some old black and white film on television. Someone was planning a bank heist. I heard one of the characters say to another "...and they had no clue that it was you?..." I don't remember the movie or who the actor was, but the line sparked an idea. I explained it to Rosie and within minutes, we were at it again, knocking over the bottle and spilling wine all over the carpet, whispering to each other about how hot the idea was, how soon could we do it?

The idea was simple, I'd get James to invite me to one of their sessions. Rosie had already told me that James enjoyed arranging small group bangs. Evidently, since she hadn't put up much of a fight that first time, he felt at liberty to indulge himself regularly. She hadn't been alone with him once in their last six meetings.

The men were always different, at least as far as she could remember. Most of them were middle-aged, well-dressed, conservative looking types of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Athletic, overweight, attractive, plain, white, black, brown, James certainly had a wide range of associates.

They usually started off in James' front room with her wearing something skimpy and serving them drinks, kissing, hugging, giving head and handjobs to anyone who asked. They'd usually be playing poker or watching videos, something to keep themselves busy. As the night went on, they'd take her into the bedroom in ones and twos for the actual fucking.

I wanted to get in on the action, thought it would be particularly hot and also a bit of a payback to James for fucking a married woman. I also toyed with the idea of taking some films and videos of the action. James had been taking photos of her all along, adding them to the treasure house on her website, always touched up to keep her and anyone else in the room anonymous. But I wanted some complete videos of my own, untouched as it were.

So, Rosie's current assignment was to find out how James recruited and screened the men he brought into his game.

"He's already here, go around the corner," Rosie said, ducking down slightly. I saw the big, black Continental parked outside the back door of the Tic Toc, the driver, dressed in a light grey suit, was just getting out of the driver's side door.

I pulled into the lot on the far side of the building and parked. "You OK?" I asked. Rosie leaned over and gave me a long, deep kiss. "I'm so much more than just OK," she said in a throaty voice, then opened her door, got out and walked into the bar. --- The driver held the door open, Rosie climbed into the vintage Lincoln and settled back. There was another man there, waiting with a glass of champagne and a list of names. Rosie nodded thank you as she took the champagne.

"What do I need to know?" she asked.

"There are three of them this time, including James. The tall, thin man is a judge, you will address him as Your Honor. The shorter man is simply a friend."

She lowered the glass. "Is that all?"

"No." The man lowered the paper and leaned forward toward her. In a low voice, he said, "the judge wants to spank you."

Rosie choked back a laugh. Watching the man's face, thought, she caught herself and sat quietly. She'd thought this might be coming. James hadn't said anything about it, so far it had just been sex. Sex with him and a few others. But the Judge was adding something new. And once that door was opened, she didn't know where it might lead.

"All right. But just this once," she told him. He nodded and sat back. He was silent for the rest of the ride. --- James met her at the door. She started to unbutton her coat, but he touched her hand and she stopped. "Not yet." He led her by the hand into the formal living room of his luxurious apartment. She followed, still slightly wobbly on the heels, but feeling much more secure than earlier.

"Your Honor, may I introduce Suzannah?" Rosie gracefully held out her hand, she was used to his using her website name whenever they were with others.

The Judge took her hand and kissed the back of it. "Charmed."

James turned and pointed toward the large armchair in the corner. Rosie saw the second man there, fat, naked, and drinking from a sweaty beer can. He burped a hello. "That's Bill. You'll fuck him first."

Rosie's eyes widened as the man stood up. He began walking across the room toward her, his skinny, pale legs wobbling under the burden of his swollen beer-belly. James unbuttoned her coat and slid it off. She hardly moved.

"Bill bailed me of a pretty difficult situation a little while ago and I owe him," James said, unzipping her red skirt. "He's a big fan of your website, by the way."

The Judge made a face, spit on the floor, then turned and stormed out of the room. "Call me when this circus is finished."

Bill pointed between his legs and Rosie stepped forward. She had to lift his belly slightly to find him, but she started stroking him with her free hand. He raised the can and finished the rest of the beer while his pecker stiffened. He got hard fast. Rosie was relieved, this was going to be quick.

"Turn around, let me get at that hot little..." Bill growled, but before he finished his sentence, he unloaded into her hand. She scratched his balls lightly to keep him focused and he moaned and grunted until he was completely spent.

"I'm sorry," she began. "That was my fault..."

He growled. "Damn right! I'm coming back for you next time, girlie. Jimmy, boy, you owe me one!" He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and turned back to Rosie. "Damn, I love your website!" Then, he staggered back to the chair and flopped into it, falling asleep immediately.

James clapped his hands together and grinned at her. "I really was hoping something like that would happen. I just can't imagine someone like that inside you..." He handed her a towel, then bent down and pulled the skirt back up into place, zipping it tight over her bottom.

"Now," he instructed. "You are to go into the other room and tell the Judge what a bad thing you've done. That man is a deviate, a sex offender, and you voluntarily offered yourself to him. The Judge will want to discipline you for that."

Rosie nodded, then grabbed his wrist. "Listen, James. This is a one-time thing. I didn't sign up for this."

He smiled and removed her hand. "No, you didn't." Then, he took the towel from her and walked into the bathroom.

Rosie walked toward the doorway and called for the Judge. "Judge?" He stepped into view. "Yes, my dear?"

"Judge, I have something I need to tell you. I...I've done something..."

"Oh?" he asked, stepping closer. His hand went to his belt and he unbuckled it slowly. "Tell me all about it." He pulled slowly and the belt crept through his beltloops. Rosie eyes watched it with a mixture of fascination and fear. She hadn't done anything like this for a long time, but back when she had...

"Yes, I just had sex with one of your criminals." she began. The Judge sat in one of the big armchairs and motioned for her to come closer. As she continued talking, he gently lay her over his lap, stroking her bottom through the material of the skirt. "I know he has spent time in jail for sexual offenses, but I had no choice."

"You know that is something we cannot allow, don't you?" the Judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor."

He flipped the short skirt up over her bottom, then doubled the belt in his hand. "This behavior simply cannot be tolerated, young lady," he said in a steady, stern voice. He raised his hand and brought the belt down across her bottom. She jerked slightly as a bright red stripe rose across her cheeks. He went on with his lecture about her antisocial behavior, his arm rising and falling mechanically. Each stroke seemed stronger than the last and his voice never changed. The tears rose quickly and after eleven or twelve strokes, she was squirming and squeezing his legs tight with her arms.

"...fifteen...sixteen..." he continued counting as she tensed her body, trying to hold out, gritting her teeth, certain she could make it to twenty.

When he reached twenty, he dropped the belt to the floor. He pushed her head up slightly and she stood beside his chair. The Judge's hand quickly went to his zipper and opened it. He pulled out his cock and stroked it several times until he unloaded himself all over his pants.

"Thank you, dear," the judge said calmly, then stood up and walked out of the room, cock still dripping small beads of cum on the carpet.

"You can go home now," she heard James' voice from the other room. She fumed. He didn't even bother coming into the room to say goodbye.

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