tagBDSMWife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 03

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 03


The fourth was an electric day for us. We'd hardly slept the night before and now the air around us was supercharged with electricity and excitement. We were partying with James tonight.

Just before going to bed last night, I'd checked my email again. There it was:


if you're still interested in Suzannah from the website, we are making another video tonight at my place and you're welcome to participate. As we discussed earlier, please be certain to arrive with the balance of the production fees.


Suzannah, of course, was my wife Rosie. As I described in the first chapters, they'd been fooling around for quite a few weeks, ever since she'd posted some photos of herself on a BBW porn site under the name Suzannah. He'd hooked up with her and, in a very short time, had a new subscription website up with her pictures. And, he'd quickly turned their illicit encounters into full-blown gangbangs, which he recorded, modified electronically to keep all faces hidden, and added to the Members only area of the website.

It was a turnon for both of us in that it rekindled our flatlined sex life. She was still more than fifty pounds overweight but that wasn't going to change. Not now. Not now that the pool of men James were using were all subscribing to her plumper website. We were using James while he was sure he was using us. A mutually beneficial situation, though he didn't know that. Our latest gambit was to find a way to get me invited to one of their gangbangs. As turned on as I was by the idea of other men fucking my wife, I was even more turned on by the idea of being one of them. When we found out he was pimping her out to subscribers on the website, it hadn't taken much for us to convince him that I was just another guy interested in extra-large girls.

It was a little bit touch-and-go. The typical encounter was with someone who was passing through on a business trip of one kind or another. There were only a small handful of subscribers who were less than a few hours drive away. I needed to allay any suspicion he had that my being local was anything more than a coincidence. But it had worked. And, now, I was 'in'.

His mentioned of a 'production fee', though, made me angry. When this all started, I'd made the assumption that he was just another internet kinker. Learning that he was more a businessman than a swinger bothered me a bit. I guess it was a pot-and-kettle thing. I coughed up the $150.

The other part of my plot was to get access to his apartment and plant my own equipment. I'd spent nearly $1000 on two tiny spy-type audio/video transmitters. (I learned a lot more than I wanted to know about them, for instance that the audio is much more challenging to capture than the video.) I didn't much care for the blurry-faced images James posted on the website, though I did appreciate his efforts to keep everyone anonymous. I wanted full-sound and full-video movies. After all, it WAS my wife!

We made it through breakfast then ran some errands, but we both knew what was on each others' minds every minute. I kept rubbing up against her the whole time we were trying to choose paint colors for one of the basement walls and she fondled me through my pants every time we got into the car to go anywhere. By noon, we were upstairs in bed, naked and sweating, one of my hands holding her vibrator, the other pushing fingers deep inside her while she licked and sucked me until we both came then fell asleep. We woke just after two and went at it again.

Rosie got her email from James around three, their usual time.

"Read it," I said, kissing her hair and stroking her shoulders.

"This week, you will be staying overnight both Friday and Saturday. We will send you home sometime Sunday afternoon, when we are finished with you." She looked up at me.

I nodded. "He's upping the ante a bit."

"I know."

"Well, it's up to you. How are you feeling?" My hands slid down the front of her chest and touched her nipple. They were already stiff. "I thought so."

She leaned her head back and looked up at me. "I wonder how many more men he has lined up? Why does he need three full days?" Her voice was quiet, her breathing just a bit more shallow. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth. We stayed like that for several minutes, her hand stroking the inside of my right thigh, my palms gliding over her nipples.

"Read the rest," I said, standing back up.

The rest of the email described how she should be dressed when she arrived. Black panties, black harem pants and a black bra, lots of gold jewelry around her wrists, neck, and ankles, and barefoot.

"Barefoot?" she asked, chuckling.

"I think it is 'slave in the harem' night at James'," I said.

"Well, it's clearly working for you," she said, lifting a hand to touch my now-erect cock. I had to admit, the vision appealed to me.

"There's one more thing," she said, turning back to the monitor. Her hand stroked me lightly as she continued to read. "Print out the attached note and go to the bookstore listed there. Find a clerk named David and give him the note. Then, wait for the package he will give you. Wait at the store, my driver will pick you up there."

James didn't mention a time in his email, but we both knew that we had less than three hours to shop, dress her, and get to the bookstore.


"Three kings, pass it this way boys!" I announced, throwing my cards on the table. The man directly across from me, a shaven-headed, heavily-tattooed side of beef with three earrings on each side threw his cards across the table and yelled, "fuck this!" For several seconds, the rest of us sat frozen, watching his face. When he broke out laughing and called me a "lucky fuck!", we all relaxed.

He pushed his chair back from the table, stood up to his full six foot-seven, and looked around the room. "Come here, Princess, I need to relieve some tension." He grabbed his crotch and shook it a few times.

"She's busy," announced another voice. I turned and saw my wife on her knees in front of a big easy chair, lips pressed hard against the base of someone's cock. His pants were down around his ankles and his shirt was unbuttoned. His hands were holding the back of her head in place, his hips rocking up and down in quick jerks. I saw her hands on the arms of the chair, fingers squeezing tightly as he moaned and fucked her face.

He pulled her head up and she gasped for air, a long blob of saliva plopping out of her mouth and onto his balls. Just as quickly as he had let her up, he pushed her back down again, listening to the gagging sounds and watching her body shake.

"Come on, ya wanker! You're not gonna cum and you know it! You've been at her all night, dammit!" the man stepped closer, rubbing his crotch. "Let a real man have a run, eh?"

James stepped between them, put his hand on the man's shoulder. "Relax, relax. There's plenty to go around and we have all weekend, remember?" He took a long draw from his cigar and turned his head, blowing the smoke toward the poker table. "Go on back and play another hand, I'm sure Roger will be finished by then." He turned his head slightly. "Right, Roger?"

The man in the chair muttered "sure" and went back to fucking Rosie's face.

"Yea, you're right, mate," the man laughed. "As always, eh!" He went back to his seat at the table, restacked his chips. "I don't know where you find 'em, but you always have the highest quality tail for me when I come to town. No baggers in the bunch."

I smiled as I shuffled the cards for the next hand. There were six of us at the table. With James, the two napping Asians and the man whose cock was currently keeping my wife from breathing, that made a total of ten men. No wonder James needed the entire weekend.

"Straight five card, nothing wild, five dollar in, who's playing?" I called in my best Las Vegas voice. Part of me watched the chips slide into the center of the table while part of me watched Rosie's head bob up and down in the man's lap. The jewelry tinkled and clattered each time he pushed into her and my cock stirred again. I hadn't taken her into the bedroom yet, but she'd been in five times already. Once with the Aussie, once each with two of the others, and twice with the pair of Asians who were snoring away on the sofa. Evidently resting up for round three.

Before going into the bedroom, the Asians had asked us to take pictures of them with my wife. It was amusing because it was so cliche. James let her put on a blindfold to hide at least part of her face, but they insisted her mouth be visible.

In the first photo, they were standing one on each side of her, their outer arms crossing themselves, hands slid just inside the belt of her harem pants. In the second, they bent slightly forward, hands sliding the pants down to mid-thigh. They continued through a series of nearly a dozen shots until she was entirely naked, legs spread wide, arms behind her back, mouth opened in a perpetual O. Then, one of them produced a dildo. He pushed it inside her, then they both mugged for the camera, smiling wide grins like fishermen showing off a fifty pound salmon.

Finally, one of them took back the camera, thanking us profusely, and talked the other through a series of poses for Rosie. They took photos of her using the dildo, licking it, fonding it, deep-throating it, then on her knees, standing on her toes, lying on her back with her legs in the air, holding herself open, playing with herself, on and on for nearly half an hour. After which, they politely picked up and folder her clothes and draped them over a chair, then escorted her into the bedroom, still blindfolded. They were in there for nearly an hour. When she came out for her clothes, she was staggering a little and still blindfolded. When we got home later, she explained what they'd done. It was amazingly innovative and I wanted to contact James to get their numbers.

"Oh, shit yes!" We all turned and saw that Roger was jerking up and down in his chair, holding Rosie's head tight in his lap.

James nearly flew across the room. "If you fuck up that chair, I'm gonna fuck you up! I told you to go to the bedroom if you're gonna cum. Goddam mother fucker!" He smacked Roger across the back of the head, but it was too late. Roger had finished unloading himself into my wife's mouth and she was already licking up anything that she hadn't swallowed.

She raised her head. "James, it's find. I have it."

He laughed. "My bitch!"

Without turning her head, Rosie caught my eye and we both smiled. Yeah. YOUR bitch.

After a few moments of silence, the Aussie pushed his cards into the middle of the table and stood up. "Time for some real cock, little quimmie. And maybe we'll have you whitewash the back 40 while we're at it, eh?" He took Rosie by the hand and walked her toward the bedroom.

At the door, he turned. "Anyone who wants a nice, tight little poon might want to do her first, mates. I'm hung like a Brumby!" He pulled her close and started kissing her, hands roughly cupping her tits and ass. "Open your mouth, Sheila, I want to taste what you just had for dinner." I watched as he pulled her tight, pressing his mouth against hers, watching her body respond, leg rubbing against his pants, hands clutching his huge forearms and biceps. I could nearly smell her arousal from across the room. Only once, her eyes drifted my way, but they were glazed over and she immediately looked back at him, face and body begging him to take her to the bed.


I lost the next three hands of poker quickly and expensively. I couldn't concentrate with the bed banging against the wall and my wife's moans from the other room. They'd been at it nearly twenty minutes nonstop. James noticed my distraction and sucked hard on his cigar. "Curious, eh?" I looked at him and nodded.

"His name is Meat. Yeah, I know, sounds stupid. It's probably a nickname, but it's all I could get out of him. Met him on a business trip to Melbourne. Lots of gangs there. He bailed my butt out at something he jokingly called a 'rough pub'. Everyone beats up everyone, they go home to nap for a while, then come back and do it again."

I nodded, interested only in the sounds coming from the other room.

"He comes through once in a while and he's a big fan of my websites. He made a special trip here for Suzannah. Wanted her the minute he saw her." James watched me half listening to him. "You want to go in, don't you?"

I looked at him, measuring him. Did he suspect anything about me? Slowly, I nodded.

"Go on. Meat actually likes it. A show-off by nature, you know?" James grinned and waved me toward the room.

I tried to stand up but my legs were weak. I felt my knees shake slightly. It surprised me and I gripped the back of the chair for balance. "Must have drank a little too much," I bluffed. He laughed. "Don't worry, they'll be in there for a while."

"You know, none of us has even had a turn at her yet and he's in there twice already," one of the other men at the table complained. The others all turned to James. He leaned forward in his chair and took another big drag on the cigar. After a few seconds, he blew the smoke toward the middle of the group.

"Meat paid a whole lot more than any of you, so he gets a whole more access than any of you. Besides, you all looked so happy playing cards." He smiled, rested the cigar in an ashtray. "Relax, there's plenty of her to go around. You've seen." When nobody laughed, he nodded his head slightly. "How about we put in a video of her last go around?" That broke the mood and everyone nodded. One by one, they stood up and shifted positions, away from the poker table and toward the entertainment center. A couple poured themselves new drinks, one went into the kitchen for a fresh beer.

"It's rough not having our serving girl around," someone complained.

"You can't have everything. Not even here," James responded. "But you'll get pretty damned close!" He turned his attention back to me. "Well? Go on in."

I nodded, picked up my drink and drained it, then tried to stand up again. This time, I made it and walked toward the bedroom. "Should I knock?" James roared in laughter. "Are you serious?"

I smiled and turned the doorknob, pushing the door slowly open.

Meat noticed me immediately. "Eh, hon! We've got a visitor," he called out.

The sight was amazing and I was stiffening quickly. He was on his knees on the bed, arms holding my wife's legs open high and wide, pounding away hard at her cunt. Rosie's head and shoulders were hanging over the far edge of the bed, hands clutching his leather vest, grunting loudly with each of his quick thrusts. She couldn't see me, didn't know who had entered the room.

"Mate, could you do me a favor?" he asked without changing his rhythm.

"Uh, yeah, I guess" I managed.

"That's a good fella." He leaned forward just a bit and pursed his lips. A large blob of saliva gathered, then fell, splashing between her lips, drizzling upward toward her clit. "Can you get that for me, then?" I leaned closer. My wife's clit was swollen outside and shiny with his spit. "You know, her little pearl there?" I reached out my thumb and pressed it lightly. She nearly screamed and her body jerked upward, almost knocking me over. She saw that it was me and moaned again, her orgasms coming quickly one after the other while I rubbed light circles with my thumb.

"Ah, that's it, then, that's it!" Meat chanted as my wife's cunt squeezed and spasmed around his prick. He pulled her legs wider, shoved harder and in just a few seconds reached his peak, blowing his load deep inside her.

"Yeah," he grunted, shaking his head. He abruptly dropped her legs and pulled his cock out her. "OK, then Sheila, maybe we'll have you again later, hm?" He pulled her hands free from his vest, then stood up and picked up his pants from the foot of the bed. He looked at her face, saw the anger. "Just fuck you and walk away? Yeah, that's pretty much it, dearie. You're pissed now, but you'll come around begging for it in just a while, trust me. They all do. They all want the Meat." Without a backward glance, he walked out of the room and announced to the group, "Well, gen'lemen, she's pretty much used up now. You might want to give her cunny a while to shrink back up before you go in there, eh? Unless you like that kind of thing." There was laughter around the room.

Rosie tried to pull herself up onto the bed but couldn't. I circled around and pulled her to the floor. I cradled her head in my lap, stroking her cheek. She was soaked with sweat, but her hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit quick and hard. she was still masturbating and got off again quickly.

"Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," she mumbled weakly. Between shallow, panting breaths, she moaned "I've never, never been pounded like that before. Oh shit, get him back in here...get him back in here..." then she dozed off.

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