tagBDSMWife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 04

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 04


The story continues: My BBW Rosie is continuing an all-weekend gangbang with a group of ten men at James' place, all fans of her "BBW Suzannah" website. She, on the other hand, is desperately trying to have another go with the six-foot seven Australian muscleman named Meat. James is videotaping the entire weekend for her website, which continues to attract new subscribers. During the hours James is not busy pimping her out, she is available for telephone engagements. Feel free to contact the author for details.


Rosie poured the last of the Foster's into a frosty glass. Some of the foam overflowed the rim and she wiped it with her hand. No time to look for a rag, every second she wasted waiting on them was another second she was out of the bedroom. Unavailable to James and his Australian pet, Meat.

She shook her head and chuckled nervously as she picked up the tray with the glasses and shots and walked back into the front room. Thinking of him made her knees weak but thinking of his name made her giddy. It was so appropriate, but it was so inane.

Rosie walked around from man to man, handing them their drinks while they stroked her thighs or pulled her close for a kiss. Every touch turned her on, everything was foreplay for Meat. Several times, she'd turned her head to sneak a glance at him, and every time, he caught her looking. Though she flushed with anger and humiliation, she felt more and more turned on.

It was four a.m., they'd been at her for over ten hours now, alternating in ones and twos in the bedroom while the rest of them amused themselves with poker, naps, and videos of themselves with her earlier. They'd high-five each other and comment on their own performances. It was turning into a sports event for them. For all of them but the Australian. Between Rosie and him it was a steady battle of wills. She desperately wanted him to fuck her again and he enjoyed playing it cool, watching her need build. Every time she looked at him, he winked, grinned, or gave her the 'thumbs up'. Playing with her, arousing her from across the room without the slightest touch. Each of the men who touched her while she handed them their drink was him. Their hands were his hands.

James had arranged to have the entire weekend videotaped for Rosie's "Suzannah" website. She was causing a bit of a stir in cyberspace, no small feat given the amount of bandwidth dedicated to young boys and lonely husbands wanking off around the globe to the vast array of offerings. Most of them were free, James charged admission to the Suzannah BBW site and was still getting hits in the tens of thousands.

Rosie approached Meat slowly. She'd saved his glass for last. She approached him eyes down, trying her best to appear sexy. She widened her stance and straddled his right leg, leaned forward to hand him the icy mug. He laughed.

"Didn't I tell you? You were so pissed off at me when I left you like that last night, all hot and bothered, but now you're crawling back begging for more, aren't you?" He paused, grinned. "I know, I can see it in your eyes." He turned to me. "They all get that look. That glazed, 'give it to me harder, deeper' look."

He slid his hand roughly between my wife's legs, pushing his thumb up inside her. She bent her knees and opened herself, ground her hips, fucking his thumb there in front of me and the rest of them.

"Come into the bedroom and let's see what else I can do for you," she purred, leaning closer and whispering. He smiled, removed his hand from between her legs and took the beer from her. He raised his foot and tapped her belly gently with his toe, nudging her back a few inches.

"Tell you what, luv. You have one more go-round with each of these boys, then we'll see if you can handle ol' Meat again, eh?" He smiled and patted his crotch.

She looked around the room. The Japanese tourists were still asleep, as were most of the others. Two of them was sitting in front of the television set, channel surfing, picking up bits and pieces of games they'd missed earlier.

Rosie dropped to her knees in front of Meat, leaned forward and nuzzled his cock through his silk boxers, then whispered "Are you sure you don't want me before them, while I'm still fresh?" He reached a big hand behind her neck and pulled her close. Her mouth was inches from his. She felt a flush of heat across her chest and between her legs. She opened her lips expectantly. He grinned and pulled back, staring her directly in the eyes. "Sheila, I'm guessin' you ain't been fresh in a whole lot of years."

She stumbled backward, embarrassed and aroused. "I'll be back". She crawled across the floor toward the two men in front of the television. One of them looked down at her and laughed. "Bitch in heart time?" He swatted the other man on the shoulder. "I can smell it from here. She's sure turned on by something in the room." He looked across at Meat and smiled. "I guess we know what that would be, eh?"

Rosie crawled closer, stopped just in front of him. She rubbed her cheek against the inside of his knee, turned her head, kissed his thigh. She tasted the musky mix of dried cum and her own juices from his visit earlier. She slid her hand up the inside of his leg and saw his cock stirring underneath the terrycloth robe he was wearing.

"Looks like your little soldier is turned on as well, hmmm?" she whispered. I watched her as she leaned forward and gave his cock a light kiss, then opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cockhead. His eyes rolled back and he relaxed into the chair.

"That sure feels good," he muttered. "I'm sure not used to this kind of service," he laughed, stroking the back of her head gently. Then, he reached his hand underneath her chin and tilted her head up. "I'll tell you what. If you can get one of the other guys to do you with me, I'm up for it. Otherwise," he said, turning his head, "I don't want to miss the Rams." He pulled his cock away and pulled the robe closed over himself.

Rosie felt the frustration building inside her. Did they have this planned? Was this all James' idea? Tease her and tease her until she exploded? She looked around the room at the sleeping bodies, all in various positions and states of exhaustion. Her movements were getting jerky, twitchy. She felt like it would be impossible to wait, like Meat had given her an unattainable task and that he knew it. By the time she'd roused each of these men and taken them into the bedroom, she'd be insane from the anticipation.

My wife looked at me with a desperate plea in her eyes, but I was already completely spent and needed to recuperate. Reluctantly, I shook my head.

"Isn't as easy as it seems, is it, dear?" laughed Meat. She tried to ignore him as she calculated her plan. She picked up two empty bottles from the poker table, stacked up some of the chips, trying to distract herself with minutiae. She couldn't keep her eyes from going back to his chair though. The ham-sized biceps, close cropped hair, tattooed skin all called to her. But her focus kept landing between his legs. Landing directly on the bulge resting underneath those red silk boxers.

He laughed, "obvious as hell, hun." With his left hand, he pulled the elastic waist of his boxers down, giving her a full view of the huge snake coiled there in his lap. Even limp, it was enormous. It lay there, resting, recharging, gathering up strength for its next onslaught. With another laugh, he snapped the elastic back into place.

"Why don't you make me a snack, little Quimby?" he laughed.

Weak kneed, she staggered into the kitchen. There was no way she could focus her attention long enough to prepare anything. She knew where James kept crackers and trays, but she couldn't focus. Everything she looked at was blotted out by the memory of those bright red boxers and the promise of what lay beneath them. She leaned against the counter and slid her hand between her legs. She'd never been this desperately horny in her life and certainly not for any one particular man. It was scary and exhilarating. She was still wearing the harem-girl outfit - they'd had her put it on each time she left the bedroom - and she slid her hands down underneath the wide belt. With a vision of Meat's naked body in her mind, she brought herself to orgasm quickly.

"Is this how we serve our guests?" she heard James' angry voice from behind her. He'd been standing on the other side of the kitchen with a camera in his hand, caught the entire event on video. "For the website," he announced.

"James," she whispered. She ran to him, wrapped her arms around him and started licking his neck. "Are you in the mood, dear? Did that turn you on?" His cock was large but nothing like Meat's. It would be good enough for now, though, she thought. She stroked him and tried to entice him but he was all business tonight. He pushed her away.

"Get the snacks out there," he said, then turned and left the room. She was on fire with frustration now. The hand job she'd given herself sated her for only a few moments, everything circled back to Meat.

Rosie found a box of crackers and smeared them with a variety of cheeses. She dipped her finger in the cheese and licked it clean, closing her eyes and remembering the same kind of licking earlier, cleaning the men in the other room. She reached for the bunch of grapes and touched each one lightly as she plucked it from the stem, tender little balls of sweet juice aching to spurt into her mouth. She sliced an apple, feeling its cool skin and watching the knife penetrate, separate, cleave it into wedges. She arranged the wedges side by side in pairs on the plate, small vaginas to be lifted with thick, tattooed fingers and eaten. She was feverish by the time she finished, the crotch of the harem pants moist with arousal.

Rosie picked up the tray and brought it into the front room. Three of the men were awake and standing at the bedroom door, arms crossed. "Showtime, Suzannah," one of them called. She put the tray on the table in front of Meat, bowed to him, "your snacks, sir." She slid the elastic waist of the harem pants down slightly, exposing the top of her slit. "Do you promise you'll play with me later?" she asked in a rough voice. He waved her off, turned to me and smiled. I smiled back, thinking about how it would feel with her later. After Meat was done with her.

In the bedroom, the three tag-teamed her, mouth to cunt, cunt to mouth until they were exhausted. They opened the door and invited two of the other men we'd played poker with into the room. The five of them were in there for another hour or more. When they finally came out, they sent in the Japanese pair, who had been away for a while and were clearly angry for having been made to wait.

Rosie didn't relish the Japanese men at all. They were not fuckers, they were players. They made her kneel, sit, stand, squat, all the time poking and prodding her, pinching and stretching her nipples and cunt lips and spanking her bottom. They'd challenge and compliment each other, trying to bring the brightest red color to the surface of her thighs, calves, belly, anywhere they found flesh that they hadn't already worked over. They kept at it, listening to her moan and whimper, until they were close to cumming, then they'd push her to her knees and stick their stiff penises in her mouth. Their cum was sweet tasting and came in small spurts which she swallowed obediently, as they'd instructed her to do earlier.

As the men dressed, Rosie pulled her harem outfit back on. It was getting harder to keep her balance. Though none of the five men she'd had so far were particularly well endowed, they'd still given her quite a workout and she was feeling exhausted. She felt the cum oozing out of her and wetting the crotch of the harem pants, tried to ignore it. She opened the door and immediately spotted Meat. I saw her eyes widen and she stood just a bit more erect, pushing her chest forward. He looked at me and burst into a wide grin.

"How are we feeling, missy?" he growled. "Quim all slicked up and loose for me?" Her face froze and went slightly white. Embarrassment had turned into something else, something deeper. She was craving his abusive talk now, wanted him to talk about her like the slut she was turning into. He owned her and they both knew it, she'd do anything to get his cock back inside her body. I saw something wet trickled down the side of her mouth. Cum from one of the Japanese men? Or a new kind of Pavlovian response? I didn't know but whatever it was turned me on immensely.

"Why don't you give her a little tease?" I asked. My wife's eyes shifted, looked at me, but went back to Meat as he stood up and walked across the room. He ripped the tiny vest off of her, it came apart in three small pieces, he threw them to the ground. She nearly fell over. He picked her up and twirled her upside down, smashed her face against his boxers and held her there, her thighs around his head. She immediately fished his cock out and pulled it into her mouth. Her hands reached around the back of his tree-trunk legs and held tight. He thrust his hips forward, pushing deep into her throat, pumping five or six times while she sputtered and gagged. Then, he flipped her over again and stood her on her feet. Her eyes were watering and a flood of saliva spilled over her bottom lip and onto her neck and chest. He rubbed his hands against her, massaging the moisture into her breasts, fingers pulling at the nipples while she moaned. I watched as my wife pulled the elastic down, sliding the pants over her huge ass and letting them drop to the ground. She grabbed Meat around the waist and tried to pull him close, but he pushed her back and laughed. "Just a taste, the man said," he growled, turning to me. "Your turn."

"Hey!" one of the others said. "Two of us left, then Mr. Joy Boy over there."

I waved my hand, "fair enough, I'm still exhausted from last time."

"You limp-dicked Pussy! Come on in and see how it's really done!" he said, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her into the bedroom. The two remaining men went in together and spent nearly an hour with her. When they came out, they were dripping sweat and staggering.

I looked into the room. Rosie lay on the bed, legs spayed wide, arms limp. She tried sitting up twice but could only raise herself to her elbows before collapsing. The light from the room reflected off of her shiny skin as she struggled to get up. Sweat? Cum? Both? I smiled. Both, no doubt.

"Hey, Sheila! One more," Meat called into the room. I was torn, tempted to be merciful to my wife and just walk into the room, but more completely turned on by the idea of watching her stand up, attempt to put on her outfit, and stagger to the door. I reached for my drink and settled back into the armchair.

After two more tries, Rosie's feet were on the ground and she was standing beside the bed. She picked the harem pants up from the nightstand and sat back on the mattress. Each movement was taking forever, from raising her foot to slide it into the pants to pulling them up over her knees, thighs, ass, to standing up again to put on the bra. She lost her balance twice and fell back on the bed, both times looking out into the room. She didn't look at me, though. She looked at Meat. He was pushing all of the buttons and pulling all of the strings now. I felt my stomach knot. With a glance, she might have convinced me to come into the room and spare her the rest of this embarrassment, of this performance she was being put through, but no. She chose to make her appeals to Meat instead. Any sense I had that I might have gone too far was gone. The game was unfolding properly.

"I'm getting bored out here," I called. Meat looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, and if anyone gets bored, you might have to start all over again," he chimed in. I noticed that he was stroking himself as we watched her. I saw his cock - still only half-erect - and imagined it where it would be soon - deep inside my wife, hammering away at her with all of his animal strength and leathery-skinned vitality. I nearly came just thinking about it.

Rosie fastened the bra, then started sliding the inventory of gold jewelry onto her ankles, wrists, and around her neck. She sat with her hands propping herself up for a few minutes when she was finished. I saw her breathing deep and slow, gathering her strength for her entry into the front room. She turned her head again, I waited, but again her eyes went to Meat, pleading for the release she needed. I sat silently, fuming.

She stood up and walked to the door, leaned against it to steady herself, then raised a hand. She focused her half-opened eyes on me and wiggled her finger "come here". I shook my head and pointed to the floor in front of me. The smile vanished from her face and she looked at me with angry eyes. I ignored her and rested my arms on the armrests. She came closer, unsteady, trembling slightly with the effort to not fall over.

We were some fourteen or so hours into the weekend, which meant nearly 30 hours without sleep for her. Between the lack of sleep and the constant stream of men, she was fatigued and showed it. Something about the look in her eyes, the nearly completed transformation to a creature of pure lust, amazed me. I'd never seen anything like it before. Something deep inside her body had taken her over. A sexual auto-pilot.

When she was directly in front of me, I stood up and wrapped my arms around her. We started kissing, my hands moving up and down her body, touching the spots I knew she favored. I could tell by the response from her tongue that I was finding all of them. Her hands scratched up and down my back, another indicator that meant she was losing control, abandoning herself further to her body. She started swaying slightly, one of her hands slid around, sliding down my belly and into my pants. I looked at her and saw that her eyes were locked on Meat.

"You cunt!" I screamed, pushing her back. She caught her balance and leaned against the wall. "Fucking whore! You can't keep your mind off him, can you?!" I pushed my face close to hers. Something inside me was on the edge of snapping. "Spreading your legs for me and thinking of him!"

Meat jumped up and grabbed me by the shoulders. "Hey, now calm down, mate!" I heard his voice through the red haze and came back quickly. I needed to get control of myself, if only to keep James from getting suspicious.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know," I muttered, stepping back and walking to the kitchen. "I need a cold one." As I walked away, my wife reached for Meat, trying to pull him toward her, but he pushed her back and followed me into the kitchen.

I swung the refrigerator door open and pulled out a Corona. In a daze, I twisted off the top, sucked down half the bottle, then poured the rest out in the sink. The Australian stepped closer, leaned up against the counter next to me. "She really wants it bad."

I nodded.

"How about the two of us do her at the same time?" he asked, patting my crotch.

I smiled and shook my head. "No, I'm OK now. I just got, I don't know, a little carried away. She just can't resist you. It's kind of insulting."

Meat smiled at me. "Yeah, it happens. They're pretty much all the same," he crowed as he patted his crotch. "Once they get the big snake, they can't stop coming back."

I smiled and nodded, "hey, we can't all be hung like that."

"No, I guess not. I'm just a lucky guy! Listen, why don't you have a go at her and when you're finished, I'll move in and finish things off."

"Yeah, sounds good." I walked through the front room as calmly as I could with everyone staring at me. We went into the bedroom and closed the door. Rosie started taking off the jewelry, stacking it on the nightstand. "I'm so sorry about that," she whispered.

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