tagInterracial LoveWife Is Tricked Into Having Sex With My Black Neighbor

Wife Is Tricked Into Having Sex With My Black Neighbor


One of my biggest fantasies was to watch my wife have sex with my neighbor who is black but my wife is a bit prudish and doesn’t believe in having sex outside the marriage. So there I am stuck with a fantasy that will never happen. Until the day I came up with the perfect plan.

First let me describe my wife Sandy is 31 years old and only 5 foot 2 but built like a brickhouse. Long blond hair 34 d breasts not the upright kind like fakes but nice and soft. Nice round butt and a beautiful face that reminds you of Nicole kidman.

My neighbor Al is a big man about 6 foot 4 250 pounds, he use to play football so he is a big muscular guy with a huge cock at least 9 inches and he is 35. Al reminds me of the big black guy on NYPD Blue.

As for myself, my name is John, I am a little older then my wife just turned 40 about 175 pounds normal size cock 6 inches. Little pot belly but I am in pretty good shape myself.

Even though my wife is rather reserved when it comes to having sex outside the marriage she likes to have fun in the bedroom, we try just about everything. So when I suggested I like to tie her up and blindfold her during sex it seemed like something she wanted to try.

So the first night I tied her up we made love, it was my trial run to see how she would react. She loved it, so each night I got a little bolder and started whispering in her ear since we couldn’t have sex outside the marriage I would pretend I was someone else and it would almost be as good.

Gradually over time I introduced Al into my fantasy, and right from the first time her orgasms seemed stronger whenever I pretended to be Al. She was really getting into one night when we were fucking she kept yelling for Al to fuck her harder.

Finally about two months later I got the nerve to make it really happen. On the night that she fucked him, I told Al to wait outside until I came to get him. I tied Sandy to the bed all naked and spread eagled, she didn’t know it, on this night I set up the movie camera to capture the festivities.

I snuck out momentarily and let Al into the house. He undressed as I started to massage Sandy all over. As Al took of his boxers I saw the biggest hardest black cock I had ever seen, he saw me staring and just smiled knowing he would be soon fucking my beautiful wife.

Al and I switch places and his hands started to massage Sandy all over. I started taping the whole thing as Sandy was squirming under his touch. I watched Al pour warm oil on her legs and lowly massage her calves working his way up to her upper thighs. He then poured oil on her breasts and tummy and started to massage his way up, it was amazing watching his black hands caress her breasts and pinch her nipples. Sandy just loved every minute of it.

Al started to lick Sandy’s neck and moved downward toward her breasts, as his tongue circled her nipples you could hear Sandy’s breathing increase. He continued downward until he was licking all around her pussy without actually touching it. She was bucking her hips begging me to lick her clit.

I came close to the bed and told her “remember pretend I am Al”,

She said “oh yeah Al Please Lick my pussy I want you so bad”

When Al heard that he turned to me and smiled for the camera and started to swirl his tongue all around her clit.

She was begging “AL I need your big cock in me, please don’t tease anymore stick your big black cock in my pussy”

Again I cam closer to the bed and whispered in her ear “okay I am going to fuck you good in front of your husband”.

Al got up on the bed untied Sandy’s legs wrapped them around him and took hold of his cock and placed it next to her pussy and ever so slowly he rubbed his cock all over her pussy.

“Please AL fuck me put it in I can’t take it anymore”

Hearing that Al slowly inched his cock inside her filling her pussy with his cock.

She started to gasp and said “My god John your cock feels even bigger tonight”.

I said “honey remember I am AL”

“OH AL your cock feels so big fuck me hard baby”

Al grasped her ass and drove his cock deep into her and really started to fuck her, she was shaking her head back and forth and she started to scream as she came, but AL kept fucking her, he was going to give her a night to remember. I loved watching Al drive his cock into her pussy; I got closer with the camera and zoomed in on his cock splitting her apart.

Finally Al signaled me he was getting close and I zoomed in on his cock as he exploded inside her, she was cumming again as I watched Al ride her pussy one last time, finally he pulled out his cock and I filmed his slimy cock exiting her pussy with cum all over it. He got his clothes and left. Sandy was exhausted, and cum was dripping from her pussy, I got the sudden urge to lick her, so I put the camera on the tripod and crawled between her legs, I was watching the cum seep out of her pussy and I took my first lick, I let my tongue lick all the cum that was leaking out of her.

Sandy was going nuts “John what has gotten into you tonight”

I untied her hands and she grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her pussy as I licked all the cum out of her she had her third orgasm for the night. As I pulled my face away from her pussy her juices and Al’s cum was still on my face, as I made my way up she licked my face as I entered her pussy and fucked her for the first time that night, I also came the hardest I had ever cum because my fantasy had become a reality.

The next morning Sandy was wore out and her pussy ached, Al had come over to visit and Sandy had a hard time looking him in the face even though she thought I had fucked her she was embarrassed that he was the one she fantasized about. I also noticed that even though she was embarrassed she was really checking him out.

Later that night she was ready to do it again. She was all excited to live out the fantasy so I again tied her up and blindfolded her, but this time when I tied her up, she was on her stomach, Al had come into the bedroom and got on the bed and started to rub her ass, he then bent down and started to lick her thighs and moved up higher with his tongue.

Al started to lick her butt cheeks and he spread her butt as his tongue made his way near her pussy. She was squirming all over the bed as his tongue entered her vagina and he licked and lightly bit her lips, then Al started to lick closer and closer to her butt.

Sandy said “oh Please lick my ass” as her butt raised higher.

Al obliged as his tongue entered her ass he played with her clit, and she had her first mind blowing orgasm.Al then untied her legs and raised her ass of the bed, he knelt behind her and aimed his cock at her pussy and slowly brought her ass back into him so her pussy was slowly devouring his cock. He had his hands on her hips as he pulled her into him was started to really fuck her.

I got right behind Al and asked her if she was enjoying being fucked by Al.

She said “of course I love it”

I said “no I want you to really pretend I am AL and I am fucking you’

She said “I am honey”

I said “then tell me”

Sandy said “oh Al I love your big black cock fucking my little pussy, please Al fuck me harder cum inside me I want to feel your hot cum”

As she was saying this I removed her blindfold, she turned around and screamed and said “what the fuck is going on”.

Al said “I am fucking you Sandy just like you told me to”

By now Al was really fucking her hard, and she didn’t care that it was Al not me fucking her.

She then said “AL I love your cock don’t ever stop fucking me”

I moved up to her face and stuck out my cock and she started to lick my cock as Al fucked her, she was giving me the best blowjob ever. Al said he was cumming and he and Sandy both orgasm at the same time as I kept fucking her mouth. He slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy and was rubbing his sloppy cock all over her ass as I started to cum in Sandy’s mouth.

She swallowed all my cum and Al continued to rub his cock on her ass, he kept rubbing it all over her tight pink hole and finally he started to push his cock slowly into her ass and she was gasping for air because he was so big, but she took it like a trooper as he pushed and pushed his cock deep into her ass. Soon he was really fucking her ass and I got the camera and watched my wife’s virgin ass taken for the first time.

Al exploded inside her ass and pulled out his cock, as he went to the bathroom to wash up Sandy flipped over onto her back and she asked me to come to her. As I approached the bed she reached up and took a hold of her hair and Told me to lick up her pussy clean, she said” you naughty boy, now I know why you licked my pussy last night, and now you will have to lick me clean every time Al fucks me.

As my tongue lick up her juices and Al’s cum from her pussy Al walked out of the bathroom with his cock swinging between his legs and walked up to Sandy and let his cock touch her lips. Sandy grabbed his cock and was admiring it as she rubbed it up and down and brought his cock to her lips and licked a drop of precum that was sitting on his head. She moaned as I licked her pussy clean and she licked Al’s cock all over the mushroom head.

She slowly let her lips glide over the head and brought his cock further into her mouth. He was really enjoying watching his sexy neighbor devour his cock. I crawled up Sandy and slipped my cock in to her pussy as she sucked him dry. I couldn’t hold out too long and pretty soon I was coming inside her as she continued to suck him. I got off the bed and watched Sandy really enjoying herself as she swallowed Al’s cock.

Finally he warned her that he was about to cum so she better pull his cock out. But Sandy grabbed Al’s ass and pulled him deeper into her mouth and she started to suck him faster.

Al Grunted “Sandy I am cumming, here take it all baby”

AS he exploded Sandy was taking all his cum, some of it dribbled out of her mouth, when he pulled his cock out , she got off the bed and frenched kissed me, so I would enjoy the feeling with her. As we kissed Al gathered his clothes.

I told him “ Hey AL are you free tomorrow night”

“ There is nothing in this world that can keep me away” and then he was gone as Sandy and I made love one more time that night.

I am a new at writing erotica so please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions or things you would like me to write about. And please don’t forget to vote

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I watched my wife get fucked by black cock.It was awesome watching it slide in and out of her wet cunt.it was glistening with her pussy juice as he pumped in and out ,faster and faster.she was thrashingmore...

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by Gigantic12/07/17

Bliss and Contentment

I just love these stories with a Black Guy and a White Wife. Keep writing them.

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