Wife Jams Cucumber Up My Ass


I felt the cucumber pull but it did not seem to move. She pulled a little harder and it began to slide very slowly. The girth of the wide part deep inside was forcing my hole open from the inside as the cucumber moved out. "Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh.. Ahhhhh," I moaned as the cucumber moved past the thick part. I held very still and then once it was past the thick part it plopped out. My hole felt like it was wide open even with nothing in it. I could feel cool air inside.

"Oh baby, did that hurt? I guess that fat part of the cucumber is bigger than it looks. Let me feel the inside of your hole and check to see that it is ok before I put it back inside," she said as she slid a finger into my now slackened hole and rubbed all around. "I think you are ok, let's put some more lube inside your ass," she said pulling her finger out and placing one of the tubes of lube up to my hole squeezing cool gel up my ass.

"Ok baby, lets give it another try, open up for mommy." I felt the cucumber shove back into my ass. This time it sank in quickly with a slurp noise. I felt the cool gel run out of my ass and down onto my balls. She reached down and scooped it up with her fingers rubbing the lube onto my anus and the rest of the cucumber. "Ohhhh that slides in nicely with all the extra lube. Does that feel better sweetie?" She questioned. I nodded involuntarily yes betraying the fact that despite how kinky all this was, and the pain in my rectum, I was enjoying getting fucked by my wife.

She began twisting and turning the cucumber now and it was distending my insides. I could actually feel my bowels open deep inside to let the cucumber push deeper still. "Ohhhhh baby that is going in deep, that's good, relax that ass for mommy." She said as she pressed the cucumber deeper into my ass.

She began to pull it out just a few inches and then sink it back in. It was a steady rhythm in and out and the amount of force required to get the cucumber to move just a few inches like that was high. When she would push in my pelvis would sink into the pillows. And when she would pull it back out my pelvis would rise again. Instinctively, and without realizing it, I began to push my ass upwards when she would thrust.

"Ohhhh baby, you like me fucking your ass with the cucumber don't you? That's it baby, fuck your ass up in the air for mommy, yeah baby, take that cucumber deeper." She chided. I knew I was revealing my desire to take it in deeper. I could not help it. It felt good.

I got back up on my knees with my face still buried in my arms. I wanted it deeper. She sensed this. "Ohhh baby wants more. Here just relax sweetie, I'll give you as much as your ass can take." She said as she got up on her knees behind my ass. I felt the cucumber sink in even deeper.

"Yeah take it baby, take the cucumber up your ass for mommy, take it deep baby." She said in a determined tone. She began to fuck the cucumber in and out deeper. It never popped free like the last one. The fat part kept it embedded deep inside my ass.

"Are you ready to try the big one now sweetie?" she asked while shoving and twisting. I nodded yes. My eyes were closed tightly and my face was buried in my arms. I was in my own world now. My ass was quivering. It wanted more.

"Try to relax sweetie, try to relax. I'll push slow and just try to relax. This might be too big to fit in your ass." She said in a serious voice. I felt the cucumber slide out of my ass. It felt warm and the thick part did not even slow it from sliding out.

I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. "Ohhh sweetie, I think we have found a new sexual interest for you. Hold still and try to relax." She said in an excited voice. I waited patiently holding my cheeks wide in anticipation of the big cucumber. It seemed to take eternity. I could hear her slathering lube onto the large cucumber.

Finally I felt it press against my anus. I pushed back against it trying to somehow suck it into my ass. "Wow, this is going to be tricky," She said as she rotated the cucumber around making sure it was centered on my hole. "Here we go, take a deep breath," she said as she pushed hard.

Slowly I felt the blunt tip of the large cucumber wedge into my anus. It began to pry against my anus a tiny bit then came to a complete stop. I pulled my ass cheeks wider apart and pressed my ass open like I was trying to take a big shit. She began to push a little harder.

Suddenly, it sank in about five inches and stopped. It was excruciating and exhilarating at the same time. My ass felt like someone had shoved two handfuls of gravel into it. The cucumber did not feel smooth at all. It felt hard and like it had small rough knobs all over it.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed. "Are you alright?" She asked. I nodded my head yes. "Honey, your ass it stretched so wide the pink part of your anus is white. I don't want to hurt you. Are you sure it feels good?" I did not know what to say. I just sat there with my ass up in the air breathing heavily

"Here, let me just pull it back out and check your ass for a minute, and then we can put it back in," she said as she gripped the cucumber and began to pull on it. It slid right back out popping free. When it popped free I lurched forward. My ass convulsing and quivering from the sudden freedom.

"Here come in the kitchen and bend over the table. I want to see your ass in the light," she instructed. I stood up slowly. My legs were wobbly. I went over to the table where she had placed a pillow on the edge of the table and bent over. She scooted a chair up behind me. "Spread your legs apart," she instructed.

I felt her fingers examining the inside of my ass. Her fingers slid in very easily and slid around inside my bottom. I rested my head on the table and placed my arms over my head and gripped the opposite edge of the table. It felt good to stretch after laying on the floor.

She began twisting her fingers around inside my ass. She was prying my cheeks open with her free hand. It felt good whatever she was doing. "Everything seems fine. Here, lets have you bend over the couch and I will fuck the rest of the big cucumber up your ass. You will need to be in a position where you can really relax," she said withdrawing her fingers from my ass and patting my butt cheeks playfully.

I walked over to the couch and kneeled down in front of it resting my chest on the cushions. I could see her pick up the cucumber and place the cloth tape measure on it. "Here, I will mark a ten inch line so we know when it goes in far enough," she said as she pulled a black marker from the kitchen drawer.

I reached behind and spread my cheeks again waiting for her to shove the cucumber back in. She slathered lube all over the cucumber and onto my ass. I was feeling intense. I wanted that monster embedded up my ass so bad. I can't really explain it.

"Ok, baby try to relax, " she said as the tip of the cucumber pressed against my hole. Again I pressed my ass out like I was trying to take a big shit. And she pressed hard. It did not go in right away. She rotated it around a bit making sure it was centered right, twisting and turning.

"Relax sweetie, take a deep breath for mommy," she whispered. She placed her groin on the other end of the cucumber and leaned her body into it to help her push harder. This allowed her to hold me by the waist with her free hand. I felt her grip me as she pressed harder still.

The cucumber sank in about four inches and stopped. "Ohhhh baby, that is so hot! Your ass is taking the cucumber. Yeah, baby, take it for mommy, take that monster cucumber up your ass for mommy!" she said in an excited voice.

She pressed some more and the cucumber wedged it's way even deeper into my ass. It came to a dead end. I felt it bump into something deep inside me and it would not go any further. "Ohhh baby, that it so hot! You should see how much of this cucumber is up your ass!" she said excited.

"You still have about three inches to go. Do you want me to work it around and see if we can get it all the way in your ass up to the ten inch mark?" she asked. I nodded yes.

Slowly she withdrew part of it, and then slowly she pushed it back in by pressing her groin up against the cucumber. I began to moan,"ahhhhhhhh...ahhhhhhhh...oh God aaaaaaahhhhh!" She shoved it in harder now and slowly pulled it back out.

I don't know exactly what she began doing next but I felt both of her hands reach beneath my chest and begin pinching my nipples. She began whispering in my ear. "Go with it honey, go with it, you are past the ten inch mark, go with it," she whispered.

I felt her hand reach down and grasp my raging hard on. She began to stroke it as she shoved the cucumber in deeper still. She had placed the cucumber between her legs and was clinching it with her thighs to pull it out, then pressing her groin against it to push it back in.

She began to swat my ass. The latex gloved hand made a loud "slap" when she brought it sharply down on my ass. "Take it baby, take the big fat cucumber for mommy, take it up your hot little ass." Fucking it in deeper, stroking my cock with one hand and slapping my ass with her other.

I lost it. I had a shuddering orgasm and shot my wad all over the couch. My ass convulsed and gripped the cucumber with each wave of orgasm. She gave the cucumber one last good shove and held it there deep inside me while she milked the cum out of my penis gently with her dainty little latex gloved hand. I was finally finished.

"Oh wow, that was amazing. You have at least 11 maybe even 12 inches of cucumber up your hot ass. Here, hold still, I want to mark it with my black marker. She pushed the cucumber a half an inch further into me and held it there while she drew a black line around it. I had to hold my breath with it pressed in that far. "Almost done," she said as she drew the last of the line.

I felt her release the pressure on the cucumber and it slowly slid out all by itself until it popped free. She took the towel and wiped all the cum off the couch and off her hand. She wiped the lube off the cucumber and placed the cloth tape measure on the cucumber. "Oh my God! You had 11 inches of cucumber up your ass. That is amazing!" she exclaimed.

"Here come back in the kitchen so I can check and make sure we didn't hurt your ass," she instructed. I stood up slowly and walked half hobbling back over to the table. I carefully bent over the edge of the table. She scooted up a chair behind me and parted my ass cheeks. I felt her fingers slide between my cheeks and into my now very relaxed ass.

"Wow, I hope we didn't stretch your ass permanently. It feels very loose," she said as her fingers moved around deep inside me. I could feel her trying to pry my anus open with her two thumbs to see inside of me.

I laid my face on the table and moaned, "mmmmm... that feels good. Whatever it is you are doing is giving me another boner." I could feel my penis begin to harden.

She bent over and kissed up my ass cheeks. She reached down and felt my penis. "Oh you are really enjoying this anal stuff aren't you." She chided.

She began to stroke my penis and shove her fingers in deeper. I was relaxing and feeling another orgasm well up inside of me when suddenly I felt intense pressure deep in my ass.

"Just relax baby, just go with it, I have read about this, men like having a whole hand in their ass, just relax," she whispered. I felt even more pressure deep in my ass. My toes were curling up and I was gripping the far end of the table with my hands now. Was she really going to shove her whole hand inside my ass? My head was spinning again.

Suddenly, I felt her hand wedge tightly and press hard. It inched a bit twisting a little. I held my breath. Then I pushed my ass out like I was trying to shit and suddenly her dainty little hand slide home right up inside my ass! "Oh yeah baby, you did it, can you feel my whole hand up inside your hot ass?" she asked. I nodded unable to speak. My penis was swelling to the boiling point.

I could feel her hand twist all around deep in my ass, twisting and turning. My ass was making all kinds of slurping noises. My head was spinning. I could feel lube running down the insides of my thighs. I felt like a slut. Like a sex pig. Like I wanted her whole arm inside me. I pressed my ass back towards her moaning, "Oh God that feels awesome."

"Yeah baby, you like mommies hand deep in your ass don't you? Take it baby, take it," she moaned. She began to slap my ass and drive her hand in deeper twisting and pulling at my ass. Then she felt my legs stiffen up as I began to well up for a second orgasm. "Go with it baby, go with it," she whispered.

She quickly grabbed hold of my raging penis to stroke it to orgasm. With each stroke of my penis she withdrew her hand about half way and then shoved it right back in to the hilt I lost it. "Yeah baby, cum for mommy, cum for mommy."

My ass spasmed and convulsed around her wrist as my body shuddered in an intense orgasm. Amazingly, cum flowed out of my recently depleted penis. The orgasm was a long one, and the waves made my ass cheeks tense up and twitch involuntarily. "Good boy, that's it good boy."

After the orgasm finally subsided, she slowly withdrew her hand from my ass, leaving my spent body slumped over the table. She went over to the sink, removed her gloves, and washed her hands. She brought a warm wet washcloth over to me and wiped the lube off of my ass and thighs. She patted me dry with a towel and kissed my ass cheeks.

I hobbled back to the living room and sprawled out onto the floor with my head on one of the pillows. She snuggled up next to me running her fingers up and down my chest.

"Well, I guess you are right. The anus can be stretched much farther than I had ever imagined. But maybe instead of shoving your penis in my ass, we might want to think about buying a nice big black strap on for me to shove in your ass. I have to admit I enjoy fucking my little sweetie in the ass."

Again, there was not much I could say at this point. I had been discovered. My ass had given me away. There was no denying I enjoyed what had taken place. I liked having my ass fucked, and she enjoyed fucking it. Who would ever have thought such an adventure was out there to be discovered? Who would have thought this petite brunette would fuck me so intensely?

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/12/18

Great story! Having my wife do me with a strap-on with the other end in her is one of my fantasies. You do need some follow-up stories.

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by JasonClearwater06/25/18


Still chuckling here.

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by Anonymous05/02/18

Loved it

She can do me anytime

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